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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader enjoys some online cuckolding…

I have a hard time getting SPH experiences. I don’t wanna do it in real life. Online everyone wants money for mediocre and lame SPH. So either I find a girl that likes my attitude and will humiliate me, or I get a bored girl on Omegle that really wants to hurt me while thinking I don’t enjoy her calling my dick small.

I’m under a bronze member of the small dick club with the thickness of a pencil. I’m a muscled dude, 200lbs, so proportion doesn’t help my size.

I was scrolling through the usual horny dudes on Omegle that want the same thing as me until a guy offered me to watch him bang a chick he brought home for a hook-up. I was skeptical at first, but I wanted it to be real. It sounded just like the cuck experience I could get off to. Hard to imagine a guy on Omegle getting laid and want to share the view with some random guy over Skype. But I agreed, sent him a friend code request on Skype, and waited almost 3 hours for him to call me.

I lost faith, but he actually called me. They just wanted a crotch shot of me on my office chair. His camera was aimed at his bed. The guy (Alex), pretty average looking, was sitting on his bed with this unbelievably stunning girl (Emily), with golden blond hair and long model legs. She was wearing a masquerade mask, but you could see that her face was just as stunning. They were clearly tipsy. He was wearing a basic button-up half undone. She had this sparkling tight gray dress.

We started with small talk, asking me simple questions like where I’m from, how old I am, and a little about my SPH fetish. All while they were starting to feel each other all over. One question led to another, and Alex told me to take my pants off (pretty aggressively). I assume he wanted the ego boost, and I had no objections. I took them down, flaccid I’m under 2 inches, and it looks even smaller when sitting.

Alex commented, “Holy shit, you call that a dick?”

And Emily covered her mouth while trying to laugh modestly. Alex took her dress off to reveal she had no bra or panties under it. Emily started to unbutton his shirt and quickly went straight to his pants. For a second, I think they forgot I was even there. Now both naked, Alex’s cock is massive, I don’t know the size, but Emily made a point about it being her whole forearm in length and girth.

Emily is clearly in woe, and I’m rock hard with my pencil-thin bronze member dick. Emily says, “Clearly, we have a winner in this competition. Though it’s not much of a competition,” while running her hand on Alex’s cock while he gets hard.

“Well, shrimp dick,” Alex says. “How often do you get girls to your house?”

I tell him it’s been a while.

Emily says, “I don’t doubt it with a dick that small,” with a slight giggle.

They start kissing with slight moans while their hands down the other parts. A quiet few minutes for me, but I won’t deny enjoying the act. They stop making out for a second. Alex tells me to start jerking off because he knows I want to. I put my hand on my dick.

Emily says, “He’s a good boy, right?”

Alex replies, “Oh yeah, he’ll be a cuck in the future.”

I tell them about a cuckolding experience with a crush that friend-zoned me and was telling me in detail about the guys she hooked up with. I couldn’t help but silently enjoy it.

Emily says, “Wow, your crush is one evil girl. Does she know you like her?”

I tell her, “No, I accepted my place as her BFF.”

Alex jumps in to tell me how pathetic I sound. And I tell them I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t. They both laugh.

After that small talk, Emily climbs onto Alex’s lap, he adjusts his monster dick under her, and she starts to slide down his shaft with her back to me. Emily makes out a moan I never heard from any girl I’ve been to bed with (a total of 3). I’d probably erupt after one touch from a girl like that, but she kept going up and down, with hands around his head, her gorgeous tits in his face. You can’t help but feel jealous of Alex. At one point, she looked back and grinned. I don’t think I’ll be as aroused as this smile made me.

It was so fucking hot. Emily made sure to comment on how small I am compared to Alex. Alex occasionally asked, “You cum yet, cuck?”

Emily laughed at every comment Alex made. I felt so humiliated in the privacy of my room. The whole thing lasted like 10 minutes. Alex picked her up, put her tits on his bed, and told me, “That was great cucky, I’ll finish up with her privately, see you,” and hung up the call while I had my dick in my hand.

I wrote him immediately that I wished to do this again. He replied only 2 hours later, ‘IDK, we’ll see.’ I opened the cuckold images and GIFs here at The Small Dick Club to cum to captions of the same nature.

This is the best thing I experienced in this realm on SPH cuckolding shit. I would love to relive it. Hope you enjoyed the read! I hope Alex writes me back the next time he brings a girl over!


Another reader is outed by his wife…

We were seated at a big table with friends and family at a restaurant. We had ordered an appetizer platter for the table to share, and when the gorgeous young waitress brought it to our table, it was huge. It caught the eye of nearly everyone in the room, and it got quiet as they watched her almost struggle to carry it and place it on our table.

One of the women at our table said, “Oh my God, that’s so big!”

And I, being somewhat childish at that moment and spurred perhaps by the fact that one of my college buddies was sitting next to me, said loudly, “That’s what she said!”

My wife immediately and loudly retorted to the room, “Oh, no, honey. Trust me, no woman EVER said that about your tiny thing.”

And the whole room laughed and stared at me for what seemed like forever. I was unable to speak. There’s no defense you can mount when the only other person there who would be able to know just told everyone the truth about your tiny, worthless penis.

That’s not the first time she talked about my small penis in front of me and others. Still, it’s the first time I remember her doing it in a way that was deliberately humiliating and meant to put me in my place.

We had dinner at another couple’s house sometime before this incident occurred. The two ladies were part of a larger group of friends who regularly discussed their partner’s size, stamina, prowess, etc. I didn’t know its extent until we sat at the dinner table with this couple. My wife and the other woman somehow got on the topic of our penises, mine and the other guy’s.

But it was all very matter-of-fact, like a normal conversation between them, like something they were used to discussing. Because I found out it was. While it was quite humiliating to hear that my friend’s penis was at least twice as long as mine and to know that they and their other friends had already discussed that in great detail, they weren’t making fun of me.

In fact, if anything, they were teasing the other guy about his big cock, which apparently looked skinny because of how long it was. I learned that it was still somewhat thicker than mine, but again twice as long.


Meanwhile, this reader also got outed by his wife…

The first time my wife publicly humiliated me for my tiny penis was very public and very humiliating. I didn’t expect it, didn’t like it (at first), and just wanted to escape, maybe even cry.

But minutes later, when everyone in the room had finally stopped laughing, and they were back to normal, I noticed something. My little penis had been trying to get hard in its cage, and my panties were already soaked. I had to excuse myself to avoid leaking into my jeans.

And I waited. It had to have been another week or two before my wife unlocked me, and the first chance I got, I masturbated to that memory. And I have masturbated to that and many other similar events ever since.


While this reader gets some bad news from his doctor…

I went to the doctor’s office for a physical one time. The nurse told me to strip down and put the robe on, so I took all my clothes off, threw it on, and kind of tied the back but didn’t do a very strong knot. The nurse came back in to do my vitals and all that. She asked me to stand up and reach down to touch my toes. So I reached down and started to feel my knot loosen. Then I straightened up, and it came loose as I came up, and my whole robe fell off with the nurse sitting in her chair directly in front of my shriveled-up penis. The doctor’s office was cold, so I was probably at about one inch.

She didn’t laugh, but I saw her hide a smile as she said, “Well, I don’t see any big problems.”

I asked her if I should be concerned with my size.

She said, “Medically, no, but you can certainly ask the doctor,” who also happens to be female.

As I stood naked in front of the nurse after she made her comments and hid her smile, I picked up my robe to put it back on. The nurse said, “It’s fine. You can leave it off. The doctor needs to look under there anyway.”

So I left the robe off with the nurse still in the room and sat down. When I sat down, my little penis looked even smaller, so I cupped my hands around it, and the nurse said, “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” I removed my hands and left my small dick and balls exposed. She looked at it and said, “The doctor will be in small, err, I mean, shortly,” and kinda chuckled as she left.

The doctor finally came in, and she was a woman. I had never been to this doctor before, so I didn’t know if it was a man or a woman based on the last name. She gave me an up-and-down look as I sat there naked, introduced herself, and was all nice, and then she looked down and said, “So what seems to be the problem today?”

So I asked her if I should be concerned with the size of my penis, and she asked me to lie down so she could look at it. So I laid down, and my little guy stood pointing up at a little over one inch.

She said, “It’s certainly small for a flaccid penis on a man your age, but it’s also cold here, which may be causing shrinkage.”

So she started feeling around me doing her normal checkup stuff. Then she started touching my balls and penis to check for lumps. The way she was bent over, I could see her underwear, and mixed with her touching my penis, I got turned on a bit. My penis got super hard, and I saw her stare at it again, really sizing it up.

Then she looked at me and said, “That’s very small for a man your age and physical size. I can refer you to a Urologist to get another opinion if you want. But since you’ve passed puberty already, that little penis will never get any bigger. Sorry about that.”

She hid her smile and told me to get dressed.


This reader gets it rubbed like a girl…

My wife and I were sitting on the couch, fooling around. It was getting hot, and I tried to progress things by feeling her boobs. She reciprocated by reaching toward my crotch to feel me up. She seemed to be teasing me, but she was brushing across the tip while searching for my dick. I’m small on a good day and downright internal when sitting on a couch.

“Quit teasing me,” I said to her.

“I’m not. I can’t find you,” my wife said.

“I’m right here,” while placing her hand.

“OH, uh, there’s nothing to jerk with while your sitting. Do you want to move, or can I just rub it like a girl’s clit?”

Right then, she did just that and rubbed it like a clit. Between the pressure and teasing, I came suddenly.

“OH, babe. Didn’t know you liked for me to rub it that way that much. Guess that makes sense since it’s closer to a girl’s clit than a man’s cock,” my wife said.


Another reader wished he was a real fucker…

In college, I was head over heels for one girl. I posted a story about her a while back. She’s the hand test girl. Anyways after that, things went pretty well. We got along really well, and we were messing around a lot. She seemed OK with my size and often joked about it, which turned me on. Honestly, I think I just really enjoyed hearing her talk about my dick as we messed around. I really thought everything was great.

Then somehow, the topic of fucking came up. I don’t even remember how it came up. It just did. I just remember she told me that she missed fucking. Something that caught me off guard because we were having a lot of sex. I told her we fucked constantly, and she laughed at me. Told me I was too small to really fuck her and too small for her to really fuck me.

Then she started talking about her ex. Her face lit up, and she seemed so happy and excited as she told me how her ex was a fucker for real. This made me bound and determined to fuck her. The next time we were having sex, I gave it my all. When we were done, I asked her how that was for a fucking. She laughed and told me that having sex with me was like having sex with a woman.


Meanwhile, this reader hits the locker room jackpot…

This is a story from back when I was 15 or 16. I used to play tennis and swim at a country club in my hometown that mainly catered to families. I would always shower/change after wrapping up there, but interestingly, the club had two sets of locker rooms. One was the larger one with seating areas, a hot tub, a sauna, etc. The other was a much smaller ‘pool’ locker room with a small changing area and two showers. I preferred the smaller one back then since it didn’t constantly have many old naked men walking around.

After a while, I noticed that people treated the smaller men’s room like a family changing room. Moms would just walk in and out without blinking an eye (and I even once had a babysitter or sister only a year or two older than I walk in on me naked once, but that’s another story). Being a horny teenager, I wanted to luck out and be in the locker room when one of these moms would walk in, and I finally got my chance.

I was in the shower when I heard a kid yelling for his mom. Sounded like the kid had made a mess all over himself, so she came in to help clean him up. These shower doors were blurred, but you could still make out rough shapes through them, so I could see her sitting right in the changing area outside the showers by my bag. I had my towel hanging over the shower door, so I figured if I made it look like the towel fell and got wet, I could open the door completely uncovered.

I was trying to gain the courage to do it but kept getting more nervous, which made my dick shrink even smaller than it normally was. I tried everything to fluff up but couldn’t get it past just the head showing. I knew my time was running out, so I decided fuck it and went for it.

I slowly pushed the towel so it fell off the door as I turned off the shower and lightly exclaimed, “Damnit,” so it would seem like an accident.

I then took a deep breath and opened the door to see the mom look up from drying her son. I was so nervous that I froze on the spot, soaking wet and completely naked, as the mom stared at me and put a hand over her mouth.

I saw her eyes go up and down my body, and then she said through a light giggle, “Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude on the ‘little’ boy’s room, but I had to help my son!”

I still remember that line because of her interesting choice to call it the ‘little boy’s room.’ I stood naked before this woman for about 15 seconds, and she said, “Just ignore me. I’m almost done with him over here. I promise I won’t look.”

I was still standing there uncovered when I finally managed to speak. “I-I just, uh, need to grab a towel.”

The towels were stacked right behind her on the wall.

“Oh my, of course! Here, here take this one,” she said as she reached behind her and grabbed a towel for me.

I walked forward to grab it, and as I did, she looked up at me and said, “And don’t be embarrassed, honey. I’m a mother, so it’s not like I haven’t seen a tiny pee-pee before!”

Her eyes pointed toward my shriveled dick and balls as she said, “Little pee-pee.” I was so nervous that I dressed faster than ever and sprinted out of there. While there was no direct comment on my tiny dick, thinking back on it over the years, I certainly think she got a good laugh at it after I left the locker room.


While this reader records his surgery to see if anyone comments on his dick size…

I had to get a laparoscopic hernia repair a few days ago. I knew I’d be fully exposed and unconscious, so I set my phone up to record to see if the nurses or anyone would make any comment about my dick size, and sure enough, they did.

Unfortunately, the audio quality sucks because of how the phone ended up far away. The rest of the recording during/after the surgery is too hard to make out what is being said, so I’m unsure if there was more or if this was it. There were five women in the room with me. Four nurses and one anesthesiologist. The nurses were all late 20s or early 30s, all fairly good-looking and fit, and the anesthesiologist was maybe 40. I’m not sure who said what, but it went like this about a minute after I went under sedation.

Nurse 1: “OK, let’s see what we got back here.”

Nurse 2: “Oooooo.”

Nurse 3: “Not too much!”

Again, the sound quality sucks, and it is only brief SPH, but at least it was real.


This reader is disrobed in front of his neighbor…

I was going to get the mail one morning. I was completely naked in my home and threw on a robe to run out quickly. I stepped out and closed the door behind me, and as I walked further, I felt my robe yank right off me, leaving me completely naked in my neighborhood.

Before I could collect myself and cover-up, I heard my neighbor sitting in her garage go, “It’s a bit of a cold morning today, isn’t it?” as she waved at me, smiling.

We know each other, and she’s seen my tiny penis before. Another woman was jogging by who heard and looked at my penis and couldn’t help but laugh as she kept jogging. I quickly grabbed my keys from my robe, unlocked the door, threw my robe back on, and got the mail. My peanut was still slightly exposed, especially as the wind blew the robe away.

So my neighbor said, “I can barely see it from here anyway,” and laughed more.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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