Our Readers SPH Experiences 222

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got pranked on a hike…

I went hiking with my girlfriend one day, and we stumbled upon a waterfall and a nice place to swim. We didn’t see anyone else while hiking, so we figured let’s do something exciting: swim naked and be naked in nature. So we stripped down and walked into the water together. It felt amazing being out there with nothing on and enjoying nature. We took sexy photos of one another by the waterfall rocks and made love beside the water. It was amazing.

We went swimming again and decided to call it a day and hike back. We left the water to find all our clothes (except our hiking boots) were missing! We looked all over to see if they got blown away but found nothing. We think someone saw us there and stole our clothes to prank us. We looked at each other and realized we’d have to hike back naked. Our car had to have been at least a 45-minute hike back. We put our boots on and got walking.

We didn’t see many people on our way back, but we ran into a couple of groups who must’ve thought we were nudists or naturists and gave some looks and giggles. We ran into one group of about four younger women who, upon seeing my shriveled-up acorn, made it known how small they thought I was. They laughed hysterically, referring to it as “a cute little shaved acorn” as they whistled at our naked bodies as we passed them.

When they made this comment, I looked at my girlfriend, and she was smiling a bit with them. We finally got back to the car when a truck with a few men and a couple of women pulled up by us. They got out and saw us standing naked as they laughed, pointed at me, and hooted at my girlfriend. We got in the car and drove off in shame.


Another reader wants to boast…

So my girlfriend’s sister Jan recently broke up with her boyfriend. I heard Jan saying to my girlfriend about how she was talking to another friend, and they got onto the topic of sex. One thing led to another, and her friend showed her a picture and video of her and her boyfriend. Jan was shocked at the size of her boyfriend’s penis and couldn’t believe how small her ex-boyfriend’s penis was in comparison. Jan broke up with her ex because of his very small penis.

Since then, Jan has asked her other friends to see and compare. I heard her tell my girlfriend, “You have a huge ass. He must be huge to get it past those cheeks.”

My girlfriend replied, “I’ll never complain because not only is he hung, but he’s thick too, and he can use it, and I love it.”

It made me feel so dirty because now I wonder if she’s seen our pics and videos. Hot too. I wonder if she was cock shocked. Hope you enjoy this, you shrimp dick losers.


Meanwhile, this reader doesn’t have much to grab…

Sometimes after I playfully smack my wife’s ass, she will grab my penis for payback. Sometimes if I’m just in my panties or underwear, she will miss, and she usually uses her index and thumb in kind of a pinching action than a grab. The other day I asked her, “ Why don’t you just use your whole hand and grab instead of trying to pinch my penis?”

Immediately she responded, “Because I’m trying to get your penis and not your balls!”

“Well, if you use your whole hand, you can do the same thing,” I retorted.

“OK, we will see,” she said. The next time she did it was about two hours later. She said, “See, I can’t even feel your penis. All I feel is balls, so it’s not what I am trying to do.”

So next time she did it toward the night’s end, she used her pinchers.

I said, “You missed. Should have used your whole hand.”

“Ya, I missed by six inches on your little guy.”

As she held up her fingers three inches apart. I about came right there. I’ve told her I would love some dirty talk, so hopefully, she takes me up on that, and I get some more SPH.


While this reader tries out a nude beach in Ibiza…

Some years ago I went on holiday to Spain (Ibiza). At that time, I had no relationship. I was quite frustrated after being humiliated by my last girl, who broke up with me, saying, “You have a short dick.”

I wanted to forget her, to have fun, and (especially)to have sex after months and months of sexual abstinence. One day, I decided to go to a nude beach (Es Cavallet) for curiosity (I had never had this experience). Before entering the beach, I saw a petite brunette, very, very pretty, hugging a muscular guy. She was dressed, and he, on the contrary, was wearing just a t-shirt and was completely naked for the rest.

He was big in everything. His semi-hard cock (something like 7×6) was bigger than mine hard, and imagining this girl fucked by that huge cock turned me on. I entered the beach, and all were naked. I started to take my clothes off, but I realized I had my dick hard like a rock, so the only thing to do was cum as soon as possible. I went behind a bush but realized I was not alone when I started to jerk off. Another guy was doing the same.

I didn’t see his face but only his dick and his huge load cum. It wasn’t very comfortable for both of us. I returned to the beach and walked among hundreds of naked people. Young and old couples, beautiful girls, gay men, and penises of many sizes. I was more relaxed, of course, and I swam.

All was OK? Yes, but After a few minutes, everything changed. I had lost my rented motor’s keys! Holy shit! How to return to my hotel? I was nervous and started walking along the beach naked. After half an hour, finally, I saw my keys in the sand! Wooh, and It was a high sigh of relief. I decided to have another swim thinking to have been lucky. However, the worst thing was to come. After I finished my swim, I saw a beautiful girl with a great body, perfect tits, and a perfect ass. She was smoking a cigarette, and I approached her.

Me: “Have a light?”

She: “Yes, of course,” and we started to talk.

After two minutes, however, I realized she was quite embarrassed and a little annoyed.

“If I were you, I’d do another swim,” she said angrily.

In that moment, I realized my dick got hard again!

Me: “I’m Sorry, excuse me.”

She: “No problem, but God, that’s a small one.”

I saw my small dick curved upward in its full silver member size and felt humiliated.


This reader gets the socks…

In college, I had plenty of humiliating SPH/cuck moments from my time in a frat and many drunken nights. I thought I had a big dick going into college until many others made me realize that my silver member boner was tiny and pathetic.

My first SPH moment was with the girl I lost my virginity to, Megan. She was this petite, super hot girl living on my dorm floor. She was also very promiscuous and constantly brought guys over to fuck or talk about sex. She even used to call guys ‘cucks’ all the time before I knew I was one. Anyways, we ended up hooking up one night. It was nothing special and full of the typical first-time awkwardness.

When I first pulled out my dick, she immediately got a grin. I immediately turned bright red when I looked down and saw that my dick wasn’t fully hard from those first-time nerves. I must have looked pathetic with my semi-hard dick on display. I mumbled something about how it gets bigger, and she responded, ” Well, I’d certainly hope so.”

We finally started fucking, but it became clear that I didn’t know what I was doing l. Besides constantly slipping out, Megan wasn’t making any noise as I thrust in and out. At that moment, I knew I didn’t satisfy her. Of course, that was the last time we ever fucked.

Later that day, I walked by her room and heard those unfamiliar moaning sounds. She practically screamed in pleasure while fucking another guy hours after our disappointing sex. I don’t know what came over me, but I was rock-hard thinking about her getting to fuck a real man after being with me. I ran over to my nearby room and jerked off my minuscule dick to the sounds of Megan getting pounded. I couldn’t help but think those screams of “YOU’RE SO BIG” and “IM CUMMING,” were somehow directed at my pathetic attempt to fuck her.

I later found out that she told everyone how tiny I was and how unsatisfied she was, so she had to call someone to do the job for me.

If that wasn’t humiliating enough, she constantly made jokes about my size for the rest of the year. She would l refer to me as the little guy or bring it up when we hooked up. The worst was when she approached a group of us hanging out in the hallway and asked to borrow some socks from me since she was doing laundry. I asked why she wanted my socks, and Megan said, “Well, I know you’re small elsewhere, so I know yours will fit my small feet.”

Everyone burst into laughter as I walked off to grab her my socks like the beta I am.


Another reader enters a dick-measuring contest…

I always knew I had a small dick. Still, this experience that happened to me in my senior year of high school was embarrassing. This superhot bratty girl in my class, Melissa, had the perverse idea to organize a competition between us boys to see who has the biggest cock. I didn’t want to participate because I knew I would probably be among the smallest. Still, the reality is that I had a crush on her. She managed to convince me with her teasing. When she kissed me on the cheek, I didn’t understand anything anymore and accepted.

Of the participants who agreed to be measured, I was the smallest. The winner was over eight inches, and almost everyone was over six. The second smallest was a bronze member, while I was the only silver member of the small dick club present. The bitchy Melissa wrote on a chart my small size to have fun humiliating me more. Melissa posted the chart on WhatsApp and also in an Insta story. Almost everyone in school saw it. Even the first-year boys and girls laughed at me. Thank God I went to university in another city.


Meanwhile, this reader shared a room with a hung friend…

I’ve always wanted to tell of when I shared a room on a long weekend with a mate! I shared with a guy I’ve known for years, and we’re pretty comfy. I knew he had a non-descript ‘big cock’ from overhearing a conversation between his ex and my ex, but that’s all. I wasn’t expecting how big or willing he was to flaunt it.

When we got to the room, it was barely thirty minutes before he stripped off and revealed the largest cock I’d ever seen in real life. It hung off him like a donkey’s dick and was easily larger than my hard, despite being flaccid. I’m on the smaller side of things, perhaps two inches soft. After a cold shower, I estimated that just one of his balls was the size of my whole package, dick, and balls included. Although maybe not in my normal resting state.

As the long weekend drew on, he was naked constantly the time we were in the room. I could see him subtly staring at mine as we changed; it felt like a comment was on his tongue. By the last afternoon, I remember deciding to time his nudity to see how much time he spent undressed. After a day’s excursions, we returned to the hotel at 4 pm. His boxers hit the deck at 4:08 pm, and he didn’t put new ones on until 6:53 pm, seven minutes before we were due to meet for dinner. He was nude in between.

Despite what you might think, I had no problem with this or being naked. For various reasons, size comparisons or breasts, balls, and cocks are quite hot to me. I loved the gentle humiliation of being the smaller person in the room and our stark differences. In my hornier moments in the hangovers that followed, I thought about how it would go down to have us change together in front of our respective girlfriends. How they’d react to the size difference and what they’d say to one another.

He often showered with the door open and deliberately dried off in the room as if to show off. The bravado to do that was very hot! We were discussing celebrity crushes one day as we got changed. I mentioned mine was Taylor Swift. While not on his ‘top 3,’ he mentioned, “Good choice, man, she’s fucking hot. I’d love to give her a bit of this.”

He laughed before slapping his penis sideways onto his thighs. The thought of Ms. Swift de-pantsing him and how she’d react to what she found was very hot! Sadly I’ve not shared a room with him since, but in my hornier moments, I wish we did so I could tell my girl what I’ve seen!


While this reader gets punished for cheating…

I cheated on my ex, and she found out, so I got what I deserved; I have no doubts about that. At a party, I cheated on my ex and went to this girl’s room with another guy for a threesome. While we had the threesome, the girl realized that my mate had a much bigger cock than me and fucked him for the rest of the night. So that was not great. And it was the first time in 24hrs the week that I got humiliated.

Then somehow, what happened got back to my girlfriend, whom I had been going out with for four months. She broke up with me over text. The next night she sent me a snap at 1 am. I opened it to see a video of a guy telling me how I was such a retard for cheating. Then the camera flipped to my ex with his cum on her face holding her middle fingers at me.

She then said into the camera that I at least now she didn’t have to pretend to like my small dick anymore. And that there were way better and bigger guys out there than me. Then she told all of her friends that I had a small dick, and she seemed to get in contact with any girl I seemed interested in and tell them that I have a tiny dick and am terrible in bed.

So now, three years later, I have a new girlfriend and a cuckold kink and inferiority complex that I don’t want to tell her about. But I imagine my current girlfriend cheating on me or cucking me and having way better sex with guys with big cocks.


This reader is coming last…

My buddies all have bigger dicks than me. I know this because my girlfriend and her best friend have had sex with all of us. I was playing online with all my buddies one night, and my girlfriend overheard (I didn’t wear headphones) one of my friends bragging, “We all know I have the biggest dick.”

She smirked at me and whispered, “He’s right.”

Later that night, I asked her if she knew their sizes and could rank them. She did and explained why she knew. Ultimately, she looked at me seriously and said, “The last and the smallest by far—YOU.”


Another reader got pantsed by his sister…

So I was chilling in my room, and my mom invited six of her friends over (all females), and I usually wear shorts at home. So after I went outside to say hello, my sister came behind me and yanked my shorts and underwear down in front of them. They all saw my tiny soft penis and kept laughing while my other sister recorded it, so I ran crying to my room. Now, every time I see my mom’s friends, they hold their thumbs and index fingers apart and laugh at me.


Meanwhile, this reader gets a handjob from his wife…

Last night my wife and I were crawling into bed, and I asked her for a handjob. “Are you kidding me? I want to go to bed,” she almost yelled.

“I’ll be quick, I promise!” I begged.

“You have 30 seconds to cum,” she said as she grabbed my limp dick.

“I’m not even hard yet, though….”

“30, 29, 28, 27, 26,” she started counting.

I, unfortunately, didn’t cum in the thirty seconds, so I asked again, “Please, I’ll cum now, I promise! He’s so big and hard now.”

She laughed a little and said, “You better! Last chance. 15, 14….”

“Can you talk dirty to me?” I asked.

“Like what?” she asked.

She has never been into dirty talk, but we were both tipsy, so I figured I would fish for it. “Can you tell me how small I am?” I asked.

“Your really small. 13, 12…” she continued to count. “Like really small?”

I fished for more.

“Like tiny. 11, 10, 9, 8…” my wife kept going.

“Oh, you don’t actually believe that?” I said.

“You have a minuscule little dick. Smallest I’ve ever been with. 7, 6, 5…” she casually said.

“How many inches do you think I’m at right now?” I asked. Getting close to cumming.

“Four… Um, you’ve got a micropenis. Two…One. Cum, little dick!”

I came hard in forty-five seconds, from soft to hard. I cleaned up and told my wife thank you. “You did a great job with the dirty talk!” I complimented her.

“Yeah, I’m surprised I could think of so many words for small!” She laughed.

“I appreciate it, love. Sorry if it’s weird you saying that,” I said.

“It’s fine if that’s what gets you off, but I’m not doing that every time,” she said.

“That’s fine. Don’t think I would want it every time,” I told her.

And with that, we kissed and went to bed. Even after cumming I was rock hard and replayed that repeatedly in my head.


While this reader teases a guy she met online…

I was chatting with a few guys on a few dating apps this spring and hit it off with one guy. He was witty, and we had a lot in common, so I agreed to exchange numbers. We started swapping flirty pictures, and our conversations got a little risqué. He told me he was hard, and I asked to see. He sent me a picture of him in his boxers.

‘I thought you said you were hard?’ I text back.

‘I am hard, lol.’ He immediately responded with a picture from another angle. ‘See? 😜’

I could sense the embarrassment there, the desire to tell him it was my mistake, and I could see that he was hard now. But I thought it would be more fun to tease him, to embarrass him some more.

‘Stop sending me flaccid pics if you ever want me to sleep with you,’ I text him.

This time he took his boxers off. He sent me a picture of himself naked, in better lighting, and with an obvious erection. It wasn’t even incredibly tiny, just a bronze member. But I was having fun. I went to bed right after sending the message and woke up to several more pictures and angles sent throughout the night.


This reader got drunk and passed out with his dick out…

Some friends and I were out drinking on a Saturday night. I was 18 at the time, as were my friends. We got drunk and went to two friends’ houses to sleep and rest. Early the next day, when we woke up, I heard some laughter. I was very confused because I had drunk so much. I felt a pain in my head as if I had been hit. I found out that I hit my head, they told me I went to the bathroom to take a piss in the middle of the night, but I didn’t remember anything.

The more they told the story, the more they laughed, and I began to fear what might have happened. So they told me I fell while pissing. I fell and hit my head with my dick out. They went to help me while I was with my tiny dick out! Imagining the scene of them seeing my shrimp dick gave me a lot of anguish. I was desperate inside and didn’t even remember it.

It wasn’t easy to understand everything. The laughter didn’t stop. The other day they even spread it to some girls. They talked about it with others before me. I even saw him making the sign and talking about me to a girl. It seems my respect is as small as my dick now. It still comes to mind nowadays, but I’m accepting who I am, and now I understand that small dick betas are always made fun of at some point in life.

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