Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 221

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader does his chores in the buff…

Doing the usual weekend chores as usual, being naked most of the time, is the norm. Always have the shirt and shorts at hand for the tasks like lawn mowing and stuff in the front yard. Basically, over the warmer month, I’m clothed for not much more than an hour all weekend, bearing the times when there are visitors.

The wife goes about her stuff, gives me a hand occasionally, and I help her if she needs it. Just normal stuff going on. So I’m continuing with yesterday’s project. Sanding and re-varnishing the timber boards of the hot tub. Six boards lined up on some saw stool, getting a 2nd coat of marine varnish. Mrs. C. wanders over and watches, seeming poised to ask for a hand with something.

“What?” I ask.

A pause, then, “It really is.”

I look up but don’t get eye contact.

“Tiny,” she adds. “Your little dick.”

“Well, on days like this, it seems,” I said.

I follow her eyes to where they are focused on my dick, skin tightened to a perfect acorn, poking straight out from a bald groin. Right beside me is a tape measure on a work trestle. It seems the ideal time to grab it for a measure.

“Right on an inch,” I stated, adding, “It’s been hanging twice that length most days lately.”

“Suits you,” she replied. “It’s neat and tidy,” before turning away.

Admittedly the recent warmer weather had been seeing me hang a lot looser on most days, but Sunday mornings, barely 15°c autumn shade where I was working, brought the acorn dick on perfectly. Seemed like she’d become a bit conditioned to seeing a loose two inches hanging down, and the sight of the nubbed dick had slipped to the side of my mind.

That was maybe the hottest part of the day, and her small dick comment came right out of the blue. I put the whole event to the side of my mind and worked on plans to revisit the topic later. Those plans played out after 5:00, lazing over beers and a few gins in the hot tub.


Another reader gets a new roommate…

I have had an SPH fetish since about the age of 20. I was embarrassed about my size earlier, hoping that girls wouldn’t comment. I had an inkling that I was small. I had mostly tried to express this newfound fetish in internet chatrooms and the like.

Four years later, I moved into a share house with a woman. She was 30ish and had not too long ago broken up with her boyfriend of a few years. We got along pretty well, and after a bit of time spent together, I don’t even know how we started getting it on. I hadn’t tried to raise my fetish, but it all came out one evening when I exposed my penis to her, which I am prone to do with partners.

I was met with, “That’s a little thing.”

I was initially embarrassed but quite turned on. I approached her the next day or two and told her I was into the small penis humiliation. She told me that it was good, that I wasn’t as small as she was expecting (I didn’t know that women could tell) but admitted that I was the second smallest she had been with.

If I think back, she was probably a bit of a size queen and claimed to have been with quite a few guys. I had seen pictures of her ex, and you could tell that he would have been quite hung. I encouraged the verbal humiliation and berating and was provided with good outcomes sometimes. Some memorable examples were: She said she liked being penetrated from behind, on her side. Spooning, I suppose. I tried once, but it was coming out. I wanted to do it again, and she said, “You are too small.”

I once joked about something at the supermarket and said, “I’m a big boy.”

She said sarcastically, out loud, “A big boy? A ‘little’ boy more like it.”

I would encourage her to say disparaging things to me while we were being intimate. She once said: “God, your balls are tiny.”

That shocked me. I replied, “Really? I didn’t know they were small. I thought they were normal size.”

“Normal for an eight-year-old,” she said.

Gleefully one evening, as if she had come up with a good one, she exclaimed, “You gotta micropenis.”

Another time, sitting on the bed, conversing about my size, she said I was average. Sensing my disappointment, she said, “Average for a toddler,” and reached over to touch it.


Meanwhile, this reader has an incident at a urinal…

A few things to point out before I start here. The first is I’m straight. I have no attraction to men; I like women. I’m 18, and I just started working recently. So I work long hours and usually use the bathroom a couple of times a day, and nothing like this has ever happened before.

So I enter the toilet, almost desperate to pee as I wait as long as possible before going toilet. I enter the toilet, and no one is there, so I go to the urinal to pee. Half a second after me, an older man, maybe around 50-60, walks in and goes to the urinal directly to me. I take out my penis (one-inch flaccid) and start taking my pee. I quickly glance to the right as I anticipate the man next to me and see a monster, nothing as I’ve ever seen, around six inches flaccid, maybe more. It was a huge crazy, crazy size.

I look down and notice my little one is getting stiff like I am semi-hard now, and I get a bit nervous, no idea why. I notice the old man staring right back at my semi-erect and pointy boner, and I quickly look away to avoid all awkwardness. When I try to pee, I can’t force anything out, which is so strange as I could feel great pressure in my bladder but after 30 seconds and nothing.

Meanwhile, this guy and his mister pee is a long pee. He was probably just as desperate as me. I think I will wait for him to finish and then be able to pee; however, he finishes peeing but does not leave. My heart begins racing as I still cannot pee. This has never happened before. This standoff continues, and I feel his eyes glaring at my now silver member erect cock. It’s pointing upward, fully hard. I only can wait. Surely he would go soon.

I glance at his cock, and sure enough, he is starting to get hard, almost enjoying my embarrassment. I push so hard on my bladder, and finally, a little pee release but just short spurts. It must have been like five minutes. This man stands there next to me, and his giant cock has become fully erect, and he starts to jerk it slowly. Seconds after this, someone else walks in. He quickly puts his monster away and exits. I accept defeat and pull my pants back up, but as I do so, I violently cum all in my pants as if I had just done a wank in them. This is the first time anything like this has happened to me, so I felt the need to share.


While this reader goes to a memorable party…

It happened years ago. I had this girlfriend working in the same small town where I worked. Her name was Julie. She and I had begun having sex fairly soon after meeting, and I felt everything was great. After a few months, Julie would return to her hometown in another state, and I could not go with her. So we mutually agreed to break the relationship off.

A few weeks later, I went to a party with friends and began flirting with a girl there. As I flirted with her right before everyone, she said, “Julie says you have a tiny little dick.”

My jaw dropped, and the entire room went silent, and I heard one of my friends say, “Oh, that sucks, dude.”

I left in utter embarrassment.


This reader lacks real estate…

My girlfriend was selling her home, and the real estate agent was her best friend’s mom. We see her a lot and are very close to her. So we gave her an extra key for open houses and stuff like that. I knew an open house would be that day, so my girlfriend and I had to leave. So I was showering a little before it and finished up and dried off. I walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen (naked) to make a quick coffee while I got changed.

As I stood in the kitchen, I heard a gasp behind me, I turned around, and the real estate agent was standing there staring at my naked soft little penis. She said she had let herself in to ensure everything was ready before the open house and knew I was showering but to not be embarrassed as it was nothing she hadn’t seen before. Though I did see her let out a little smirk as she looked down at it.


Another reader has a nice day at the beach…

My girlfriend and I went to the beach with two friends and her friend’s pretty cool mom. Her friend has a private beach, so we often get together there. My girlfriend, her friend, and her friend’s mom were all tanning, and her other friend, let’s call her Rebecca, and I decided to go into the water. We swam out a little bit and threw a ball around each other. The waves were getting pretty big, which we enjoyed.

We decided to head back in, so we were swimming back, and then a big wave came down on both of us, caught us off guard, and pushed us both under. We got pushed closer to shore, stood up, looked at each other, and were completely naked! The wave had stripped our bathing suits right off of us. Then we heard cheering and whistling from the other three as they saw us standing naked next to each other and some laughing as my penis looked a little small from the cold water.

Rebecca had also glanced down and laughed a bit at my small size. I quickly got hard, though, seeing her beautiful naked body, which was hard to hide (I’m a bronze member of the small dick club), and she took my boner as a compliment. We both tried to hide our naked bodies as we ran back toward their house as they continued to hoot and cheer for our nakedness.

Rebecca and I got inside and took another look at each other as she said, “You need help taking care of that?” motioning toward my erection.

I said, “I might.”

My girlfriend is OK with me doing stuff like this so long as it’s not sex. She grabbed it and led me toward the bedroom while still holding and stroking it slowly until I came onto her breasts. Then I was back to a small limp size.

She smiled. “There’s the cute little guy again,” she said as she cleaned up.

She put on her underwear and returned outside, leaving my limp little guy and me to find clothes.


Meanwhile, this reader also had a urinal encounter…

Several years back (pre-Covid), my wife and I and another couple went to Cancun in January for a little fun in the sun. Wives lay in the beach chairs sunning, and buddy and I got hot and decided to swim, but we noticed there weren’t too many people in the water. Soon as we hit the water, we found out why. It was freezing, but we were hot, so we decided what the hell.

We swam for about 20 minutes and then returned to the beach. He lay on one of the chairs, and I needed to hit the bathroom. The hotel had several beside the beach, so I ran in one stall and two urinals. The urinals did not have dividers, and I normally use the stall because I’ve got a pretty small dick, about 1-1.5 inches soft, but someone was occupying it. So urinal it is.

Anyway, I pull down my shorts to pee and realize that my dick has retracted into my body (it does that if I get cold or nervous). About that time, another guy comes in to pee, comes up to the urinal next to me, and starts peeing. He glances over at me, just standing there, not peeing. Now I have full-on stage fright, but before I could flip up my shorts, he glances down and sees my retracted dick. Just a little bit of skin where my dick should be.

He turns his head quickly, finishes his business, and heads out. I finally pee and walk out, heading back to the beach. On the way, who do I see? The guy from the bathroom sat next to his wife/girlfriend, laughing his ass off and telling his girl something. She then starts laughing. I turned seven shades of red when I walked by.

I get back, and it’s just my wife and I. Buddy and his wife had gone to get drinks. My wife, of course, asks, “Why are you so red? Are you OK?”

So I then told her what had happened. She starts giggling like it’s funny. I was like, “It was embarrassing, babe. I had no dick, and he saw it while pissing out of his big floppy cock.”

She said, “Sounds to me like he didn’t see anything, right?”

Turned out to be a great accident.


While this reader gets lost in the bush…

When my girlfriend and I first started dating, she had a very well-kept landing strip, but after we became sexually active (she let me have sex with her once, the rest of the time, it’s always just oral and toys), this turned into a fully grown bush. I love her bush, I’ve always loved them, but this was never something I’d ever mentioned to her until after she’d grown it out.

A couple of days ago, I asked her if she ever had a bush before me, and she said that no, she’d always been very well kept down there, either going fully bald or having a landing strip. I then prodded some more and asked why she decided to have a bush when she got with me.

She replied, “I shaved it for the real men who fucked me. The one’s with man-sized cocks who could make me cum. Maybe I’ll shave when I start getting regular sex again.”

My little dick stood at full mast only to be denied.


This reader has a cool secretary…

My office lady has a dirty mind, and I have nude selfie calendars on the wall. She often takes opportunities to make regular small dick jokes about me. They are often very witty and out of the blue. Going back about three years ago, I pranked her about Easter. I bought a penis-shaped chocolate mold for her and my wife for Easter. I’ve known her for nearly 40 years, and she’s worked at my home office for over twenty. She counters my nude calendars with her prints of well-built hairy studs.

There are plenty of body-based comments, and her ideal man is hairy, muscled, with a big fat cock. She’s quite open to exchanging those comments. So when I mentioned ‘custom-made chocolates,’ she immediately said, “Don’t tell me you made dicks?” Knowing what was coming.

So I then present it to her on a bread plate. She picks it up in two fingers, looks, then gently wraps her other hand around it. “It’s friggin huge,” she says, leaving me lost for words. “Holy shit,” she adds without thought.

I can only sit there with a stupid look of shock at her admission as she studies what’s in her hand. She held in her hand this erect chocolate cock, maybe five inches long. The chocolate dick was not even thick, just a thin chocolate penis. Then she realizes she’s just given a full confession that’s in comparison to her husband’s small dick.

My secretary vaguely confirmed that he’s unhung, concluding he’s got a Silver Member dick. Which also meant I was bigger than him.


Another reader gets mauled by his crush…

Over winter break of my junior year of college, I met up with some friends at a bar for New Year’s Eve. My biggest crush Stephanie was there with her friends. She was outspoken, especially about sex. She had a skimpy black micro dress that showed off the large curves of her short-toned body. She flirted with me for most of the night. She loved how tall and ripped I was.

I swam a lot even though I wasn’t on the team anymore. I revealed to her that I still kept my body hairless. She seemed aroused by that. After dancing for a while, she led me to the bathroom. We started making out once inside, and she ferociously started to hook up with me. She pulled her dress above her big bubble butt and below her large breasts. She told me she was sure I had a nice cock as she undid my belt and reached inside my jeans.

She abruptly stopped kissing me when her hand found my package. “That’s it?” she asked, trying not to laugh at me. She rushed to pull my pants down. “Oh my God, it’s tiny,” she said before holding her phone up and taking a picture, flash on. She got my face and body in one. She held her hand next to my erect silver member dick and took a close-up.

“It’s not that small,” I protested, feeling a rush of ecstasy.

Stephanie tried not to laugh. She gave me a look like she felt sorry for me. “It’s the same size as my ring finger,” she said, holding her small soft hand close to my boner. “Sorry. Also, it’s weird that you have a thong tan line.”

She kissed my cheek and went out to the bar eagerly. She immediately showed her friends, and soon everyone saw my little package.


Meanwhile, this reader puts on a show…

My sister was having a sleepover with three of her friends (all of us were over eighteen). Our parents weren’t home, so she had them come over to hang out. I mainly hung out in my room and occasionally went down to hang with them. I went to shower for the night, finished up, and was drying off. I had my towel wrapped around me, and my sister barged in suddenly, saying she had to use the bathroom, and shoved me outside.

When she closed the door, my towel got caught and ripped off as it was stuck in the door. Panicked, I tried getting the towel unstuck but had no luck. I was on the bottom floor completely naked and had to get to the top floor without them seeing me. I snuck around a corner, saw the stairs, and tried to get up quickly, but the three came out from the living room and caught me bare-ass-naked with my peanut pointing out.

They all glanced down and started cracking up, saying, “Is that your penis!”

And, “It looks like my thumb!”

As they kept cracking up, my sister came out, saw everything too, and started laughing and said, “I guess it hasn’t grown much since you were a baby,” which made them all laugh.

I cupped my little thumb in one hand and ran upstairs as one of them slapped my ass and said, “Next time we see you, maybe hide the little guy,” and laughed as I ran away.


While this reader gets sprayed…

My girlfriend and I had been dating for two months and recently decided to make our relationship open. This means we agreed that we could have sex with others, but we don’t share our sexual escapades. The other day, I was at her apartment, and we were getting ready to have sex. As we started with the foreplay, I couldn’t help but notice a new oral spray in her drawer. It was designed to make deepthroating easier by numbing the throat and providing extra lubrication in the mouth.

As we heated things, I removed my pants and revealed my silver member erection (non-bone pressed) and thin manhood. My girlfriend got on her knees, and I asked if she needed the oral spray.

She replied, “God, no. I don’t need that for you.”

Without hesitation, she proceeded to deepthroat with ease, driving me wild.


This reader’s humiliation at school has made him fearful of sex…

I had been friends with this girl named Amy throughout high school. We were really close but never romantically involved. She was attractive, but I was too scared to push a relationship because of my small penis (bronze member hard). She had a good amount of sexual experience by the time we reached our senior year.

One night toward the end of our senior year, Amy and I fooled around at a party. We made out, and she played with my dick, sucking it for a minute or two. Nothing more happened that night, but I was hopeful I’d be able to lose my virginity to her soon.

A few days after that party, Amy and I were texting, and she told me, “I would’ve had sex with you if your dicklette wasn’t like three inches.”

I push back, lying, claiming to be double that size. Amy asked me to send a dick pic with a ruler as proof. I refuse, and she makes fun of me a little more for being small. I played it off like it didn’t bother me, but it was extremely hurtful, and I stopped feeling as close to her after that.

One of my best friends was dating one of Amy’s friends then, and it didn’t take long for Amy to share my secret with that girl. Within a week, my friends were making fun of me for having a small dick, and most of the school heard about it. Amy felt bad about being the one to start this rumor and tried to tell people she was joking, but the damage was done.

I’m now 22 and still haven’t lost my virginity because I’m scared something like that will happen again. It doesn’t help that Amy slept with a couple of guys in my friend group after we graduated. She has been on my mind ever since

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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