Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 220

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is the talk of the town…

This story is potentially mean, but I’m secure enough to tell it. Years ago, I had a one-night stand with a friend’s friend. She was gorgeous but perhaps not in the right frame of mind for a relationship. We had some crappy drunk sex once and didn’t message much afterward. It was all a bit awkward. We bumped into each other on a night out six months later. Her friend was accused of fucking around on a friend of mine. My friends and I got defensive that this one-night stand wasn’t more critical of her friend’s behavior.

In the smoking area of a club, she said, “You a bit upset, little boy?” before making the small penis sign with her fingers in front of everybody.

I am a bronze member of the small dick club.

She later sent messages to one of the girls in our group about my lack of size and what the one-night stand was like. I did later get an apology text some two months later. I also got a text from the girl who got told about the one-night stand consoling me, saying something like, “Your dick isn’t that small, and besides, she has a big pussy anyways.”

I can’t work out if this is very humiliating or hot that my dick size is being so openly discussed. I think this is one of those: ‘You either use it as trauma or as a fetish moment.’


Another reader can’t get any love…

This is all a true story, as ridiculously humiliating as that may be. When I was 22, I was dating this 21-year-old chick with whom I had gone to high school. I’ll call this girl ‘Mia.’ She was tall, blonde, and had perfect tits. Mia didn’t have the biggest ass, but her long legs made it work. She was known for being easy throughout high school but was sexy, so I didn’t care. Early in talking, she said she had sucked at least 25 guys off. I don’t know why she told me. I think she was trying to intimidate me.

I am tall and muscular, but I probably couldn’t hide my small dick energy. The first time she went down on me, I couldn’t get hard, and she just smiled and played with my soft two incher for a few minutes. She said, “Don’t worry, I’m not like most girls. How big does it get hard?”

I lied, saying, “I’ve never measured it.”

The next time I saw Mia, I told her I measured out to six inches (I’m a silver member of the small dick club), and she giggled and said, “That’s cute.”

After that experience, Mia made subtle comments about small dicks being funny/unsatisfying. She had slept with one of my friends in high school, and one night Mia told me I knew from the locker room my friend was a good two inches bigger than me. Mia never touched my dick again. The most I got was sucking on her tits. But this girl was very sexual, and I found out later she had been cheating on me with a coworker the entire time we dated (only a few months, but still). After we broke up, she slept with several of my best friends. None of them realized I knew about the last part, but I figured it out. Moral of the story: dick size matters a lot, and small guys don’t get any love


Meanwhile, this reader gets a drive-by moment…

Back in high school, I didn’t talk to many people, and I just floated by unnoticed. I wasn’t popular or well-known, but I did get picked on. One day I was pantsed in gym class in front of many people. That became a big thing in my school; everyone talked about it and knew I had a tiny penis.

Years after high school, I ran into a girl I went to school with. She was a tall and attractive brunette. She looked like a mean girl but was nicer than she appeared. We recognized each other, but I tried to ignore her. Until she approached me and said, “Hey, aren’t you the guy who got pantsed in high school and has a really tiny dick?”

Embarrassed, my face reddened as I said, “Yeah, that was me.”

She laughed and said, “Good times.”

We then went our separate ways.


While this reader gets off exposing himself on cam…

I like to go onto Omegle for SPH. I love the reaction of girls when they see my tiny penis. The usual reaction is, “ITS SO TINY!” or, “OH MY GOD, A BABYDICK.” Both of which I love. I’ll also get lots of: “EWWW” and giggling. Sometimes girls will ask me about it or make me shake it. I love knowing that it is pathetic and hilarious to them.


This reader has a night to remember…

This past weekend I returned to my college town for a work trip. I still knew some friends there, so naturally, I went out with them to the bars. While at one of the bars, I decided to buy a round of drinks for my friends as drinks were incredibly cheap compared to the large city I work in. So I bought a couple of drinks, and a girl walked up to the bar next to me. She was a bit shorter than me, around 5’3” or so, wearing a blue body suit and white pants. I noticed her smaller boobs were pressed against the tight top.

As the bartender made my order (one of the drinks was a ‘pretty’ drink for a friend), this woman asked me what I had ordered. I replied with the drink’s name and told the bartender to make her one too. She thanked me, and we parted ways.

After spending time with my friends, I returned to the bar, where she was, ordering another drink. I then came up behind her and asked her what her name was. She replied: Hallie. I reciprocated as well. After we got our drinks, she grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor.

We danced a bit, I threw my arm around her, and she backed into me, slightly grinding. My hands worked their way down to her waist and hips. Hallie then turned around, gave me a small peck on the cheek, and asked me, “What year are you?”

I told her I was an alumnus here on a work trip and graduated in 2021. Hallie told me she’s a sophomore. As we’re dancing, our hands keep exploring each other’s bodies. I then tell her I’m staying at a hotel a block from that bar and ask if she wants to return.

Hallie agrees, and I lead her out the door, and we start walking towards the hotel. As we walk into the elevator, I lean in for a kiss, and she kisses me back while putting her hands on my chest and working their way down. I stop her as we get off the elevator and enter the room.

As soon as we got in, she shoved me down on the bed and got on top of me, kissing and working he hands around. She took off my shirt and then went for my belt and pants. She pulls them off, leaving me in my boxers. Those didn’t last much longer, and she reviled my member. I’m on the smaller side, a bronze member hard. She got a little smirk, grabbed my rock-hard dick, and started stroking, asking me if I thought I would end up with a college girl tonight.

I hadn’t. Hallie then tried to use her second hand but didn’t succeed. While holding onto me, she starts kissing me again, immediately rolling her over and lift her top off. I then focus on her nipples and start sucking/biting them. I make my way toward her jeans and pull them and her thong off simultaneously. I’m met with a fresh, slightly stubbled, damp, 19-year-old pussy. I part her legs and kiss her thighs, slowly moving toward her soaked pussy. I gently kiss her lips, tasting her sweet juices for the first time. I start eating her out and making her moan by focusing on her clit while inserting a finger.

She moaned, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh,” as she cums and her pussy tightened around my finger.

After a few minutes of resting, I move onto the bed, and she gets on top of me and lines up with my dick. She slowly lowers herself on me and starts to bounce. After slipping out a few times, we finally got a rhythm going. She arched her back while thrusting. Hallie hopped off and presented herself to me in doggy. I lined up and pushed into her. As I pick up speed, she rubs her clit and moans uncontrollably.

I feel myself getting close and ask her if she wants to ride me again, we swap back, and she gets on and starts riding and squeezes her pussy on my dick. I tell her I’m going to cum and ask her where. She breathed heavily and replied, “Nooo. Not yet. I’m close. Cum in me.”

I buried my seed deep into her. In my bliss, I see she looks unsatisfied. I ask her if she came she shakes her head no. I ask her if she wants to cum again. She nods yes and raises her body off my softening dick. I put my hands on her ass and guide her pussy, dripping with our combined juices and drops, onto my waiting mouth.

As I start licking her lips, I feel a large glob fall into my mouth and more cum gushing out. I continue licking and sucking all my cum out of her. I brought her to her second orgasm of the night. She pulls off my face and lays next to me. We chatted a bit and drifted off to sleep.


Another reader discovers a drunk wife is dangerous…

My wife (28F) started a new job around a month ago and gelled instantly with her colleagues. Her manager seems to be her best friend as they’re similar ages and have much in common. My wife needed it as her closest friend moved out of the area, so she doesn’t see her half as much.

Last week she came home excited about being invited out for drinks and wanted to introduce me to them. I (29M) did all my partying in my early 20s, so I’m a little past it now, but I agreed as it is important to her.

Last Saturday night, we met up with them in a bar around 7:30 with the plan to have a few drinks and come home, but as will most nights out, once the drinks flowed, we didn’t want to go home! My wife rarely drinks alcohol, so by 9 pm, she was already pretty drunk, and her filter slowly faded away with the confidence it gave her.

Before long, I overheard her discussing bedroom stuff with her now also tipsy boss, and that’s when I got outed for being undersized 🙈

Her boss was talking about her favorite positions, and my wife, without hesitation, said, “Oh, we tried that, but he’s not big enough to stay in me. He’s got a little dick, but I’m happy to call that little guy mine!”

Her boss burst out laughing and glanced over toward me. I didn’t know where to look and tried to pass it off as a joke, but my wife reveling in the audience, carried on with the narrative, telling me there’s no shame in being small and that she loved me.

The rest of the night was a little awkward, and since they’re her work colleagues, I can only imagine they think of me as the guy with a small dick when she brings me up in conversation.

In the taxi on the way home, her boss/new best friend sent a pic of her boyfriend’s cock to my wife. Again without filter or volume control, she instinctively shouted, “Holy shit, look at the size of that monster. I bet he doesn’t have to use a cock sleeve like you, babe.”

The taxi driver glanced back in his mirror with a smirk, and I apologized for my wife’s rowdiness.

I still can’t stop reliving that night in my head.


Meanwhile, this reader gets schooled…

It happened a while back. I was 19 and had an online friend with benefits where we’d always swap nudes.

After a lecture one day, I talked with my teacher about a book I had read but needed clarification on the title. I had a picture of it on my phone, though. First, I need to say that this teacher was a tall, white, stick-thin brunette with that strict teacher feel to her, but she was nice.

Anyway, I show her the photo of the book, accidentally slide the gallery, and show a full frontal view of myself and my 2-inch soft package. I yell and drop the phone. She laughs and says, “It’s fine once you’ve seen one. You’ve seen them all.”

But then she kept struggling not to laugh for the rest of our conversation, and after that, for the next week, she made the occasional ‘small’ joke like, “That research’s a little on the small side.”

I was not too fond of it then, but now I get so turned on thinking of how she saw and laughed at my tiny dick and then mocked me for it subtly.


While this reader did the walk…

I dated a girl from a different public school in my city early in high school. Ariana was a short, curvy, and pretty girl with strong desires. We would mostly hang out on the weekends when I had time to get a bus to hers and her parents were out of the house enjoying their day.

This lasted about five months, and I came into it not being a virgin while she still was. Despite this, we spent much time experimenting and engaging in oral sex and mutual masturbation, sixty-nine (though we never had penetrative sex). Because of her prolific libido, I rightly or wrongly assumed she was not impressed by my skinny, bronze-member dick.

One Saturday, I went to Ariana’s house. After we ran out of stuff to talk about, we started going at it like animals. After we hooked up and went down on each other for some time, we started spooning. Even though things were on the outs, I still thought she was attractive, and we were both horny, so I wanted to re-ignite the energy.

While caressing her voluptuous ass and giving it a nice squeeze, I turned to Ariana and said, “I really wanna go all the way with you sometime.”

She rolled over and started stroking my stomach and down around my groins and then slowly rubbed my pulsating and throbbing cock. Somewhat excited, she responded, “How would you fuck me?”

I whispered in her ear, “I wanna bend you over and give you doggy while I’m grabbing that phat ass.”

After a short giggle, Ariana said, “I know you’re not a virgin, but do you really think your dick is big enough to fuck me from behind?”

My worst fears were confirmed that she was not blind and thought my dicklette was pathetic. At this point, the shot to my ego felt fatal, and my once raging hard-on retracted into the little mushroom it normally is. I turned away, and after a little while, we started talking awkwardly. Eventually, I got my clothes on and explained I had to go.

Girls who leave a man’s place and go home after a night of getting fucked think they have the walk of shame. I begged to differ that day.

A few weeks after Ariana determined I was too small to take her from behind, we met at an art museum in the city. When I caught up to Ariana, who was already inside, she informed me that her friend Devin would join us. This was an unwanted and unexpected curve ball. Devin was also an attractive girl, who I’m sure was also quite sexually mischievous for our age. I assumed they fully disclosed to each other their sexual escapades: including my tiny situation.

While waiting for Devin to meet us, thoughts swirled through my mind about why Ariana was bringing her; was she going to break up with me and wanted someone to accompany her after?

Eventually, Devin arrived, and we began walking through the exhibits, and everything was surprisingly normal. That is until we made it to a section on antiquities. Suddenly we stumble upon a large marble male statue in standard Greek style: chiseled body (literally) with handsome features and a lil ol’ baby dick.

As we began to move on to the next piece, Devin stopped us and insisted we take this one in more and ponder it. Inevitably, the focus of her analysis went straight down below the belt. “Why do you think the Greeks always portrayed such small penises?” While positing our theories, Devin interjects, “I mean, they’re so undesirable in every way. Even from an evolutionary point of view, well-endowed men are probably more effective and provide women real pleasure.”

Ariana chimes in. “Wow, so informative, Dev.”

The girls giggled and snorted.

In the split seconds this occurred, my mind went into overdrive, determining how to react. One thing I knew, I could not sit there awkwardly silent. Almost without thinking, I go, “I couldn’t imagine waking up every day and seeing that between my legs. I would be mortified to take it out for a girl and ashamed to have it exposed to my peers.”

At that moment, I knew that at least Ariana was aware I was lying through my teeth. I was doubly concerned this whole exercise was happening because Devin knew I was nearly a 1:1 model with that chodey-marble stump. I don’t remember exactly how the conversation ended, and we moved on, but once we finished at the museum, the girls split for dinner, and I took me and my little fella home thinking about the girls gossiping about my baby dick.

A week or so later, I called Ariana to break things off with her and wish her well. Things weren’t going well, and I had two consecutive run-ins with SPH before I knew how arousing and exciting it could be. I told her I needed to focus on school and swimming.

To my dismay, not long after we broke up, I saw a new black boyfriend/hookup appearing in her weekend Instagram stories. This further confirmed my suspicions she desired a more well-equipped man, and going black represented her best chance to find that. I developed a slight beta/inferiority complex to black guys and nearly always feel insecure and submissive when a partner and I interact with a black man.


This reader is pranked by his sisters…

Okay, so I was 19 and at home, and I greatly annoyed my step-sister (a few months older than me) and my older biological sister. This one weekend, they both had friends around as our parents were away, and as I left the shower, my older sister sneaked behind me and whipped my towel off! I was wet, cold, and naked. I’m a twink-body sort of guy.

She ran downstairs, and me being dumb, just followed her on instinct. I cupped my small package and balls with both hands and ran into the living room and…

I was facing my older sister, my step-sister, and a group of their friends. Everyone. EVERYONE laughed. I turned bright red and shouted, “Give me my towel back!”

And my older sister said, “Fine, but come get it naked, dude!”

And I ran to the center of the room for the towel, showing everyone my white, skinny bottom. People shouted comments and whistled.

I grabbed the towel, but by doing that, I exposed my package to half the room, and they all pointed and laughed, saying how small I was. I eventually ran upstairs, but the towel wasn’t fully wrapped, and I showed my butt again as it jiggled when I ran away.


Another reader does the walk of shame…

I went swimming with my girlfriend and two of her friends at a campground we were at. I forgot to pack a bathing suit, so I went in with my basketball shorts and no underwear. We drank a decent amount, jumped off a diving board, and had fun. I jumped off it and immediately got out to do it again, and as I was standing on the board in front of all three of them, they were laughing and pointing.

I looked down and saw my shorts in the pool as they must have fallen off when I dove in before, so I stood on top of the board with my little peanut on full display. I covered up, dove back in, and tried to get my shorts, but they got sucked into the filter in the pool. I was mortified as I got out of the pool, butt-naked, with all three laughing. We didn’t bring towels either, so when we returned to the tent, I cupped my little pecker the entire walk back.


Meanwhile, this reader talks smack to her man…

My boyfriend and I talked one morning after I had taken a shower. He kept making jokes about his dick and sex. Finally, when he made a joke about fucking me in the ass, I just had to respond with, “There’s just too much ass for that.”

This was me playing on my big ass, but I left the door open for him to realize his dick was too short to fuck me there. His face after saying this was priceless, and his recovery was awesome. He did seem slightly disappointed, but I could tell he would masturbate over that comment for a long time.

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