Our Reader’s SPH Experiences 218

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader discovers he’s the alpha…

OK, I went skinny dipping with two girls and two other guys. One girl was all over one guy, and you could see they were hooking up that night. But at a certain moment, that girl asked everybody to go skinny dipping. I was on holiday with these two friends and met these girls there. First, both guys didn’t want to do it. But the girls insisted on it. We had already spent a couple of days with the two girls and went to a party with them, to the beach, and played sports with them.

So when we came to the beach, we went skinny dipping. We went all running at once and came back. When we returned to the beach, the girls looked at my soft dick. I said, “What’s wrong?”

The girl from the one friend said, “Oh my God, your dick is so big. Hahahah, his dick (the friend who was all over the girl) looks like a baby compared to yours.”

I looked over at him; it was small, two inches soft. I said, “Oh shit, man. Are you cold or something with that baby dick.” I took my big dick and swung it around. I looked over to my other small friend, about three inches soft. I said, “Oh, you’re small too. Hahahahaha.”

The other girl said, “How is that even possible? Your dick is so big compared to them.”

The guys felt ashamed and wanted to go home. Later that night, I fucked the girl who first got it on my friend. She afterward said again that the difference was huge. And she already expected it to be this big. I asked, “Why?”

She said, “We already were talking about your dick. When you move, that big thing moves in all directions in your swimming trunks and shorts. It was obvious you were hung, and they weren’t.”

“Why was it obvious the other guys had small dicks?” I asked.

“Cos they had no bulges in their shorts.”


Another reader gets some bad news from his new girlfriend…

When I started college, I met this girl that I adored. We hit it off and started dating. She told me she wanted to take it slow because guys kept screwing her over, and I loved that idea because I felt insecure.

After a while, I told her I was insecure because the last girl I was with told me I had the smallest dick she had ever had. She told me that she doubted I was small, that the other girl was just being mean, and that I should let it go. I couldn’t let it go and kept bringing it up.

I could tell it was getting on her nerves, but I couldn’t stop. Eventually, we were at my apartment, I brought it up, and she told me to pull down my pants. Now I show, but I do not grow. I get thicker when I get erect, but there’s no noticeable difference in length. So she looked down and saw a dick that was a silver member of the small dick club, soft and hard, and she told me I had nothing to worry about.

The only advantage of having a dick like mine is that it doesn’t look small when soft, so I can change in public without feeling embarrassed. It’s only when it gets hard that my secret is revealed. The secret is I’m a silver member of the small dick club. She held out her hand and told me she had a test for guys. They were long enough for her if they were longer than her hand.

Of course, I became obsessed with this. Went so far as to steal one of her gloves. It was bigger than me, which only added to my insecurity. The next time I saw her, I confessed to stealing her glove, and before I could tell her I was smaller than the glove, she told me that we needed to settle this. We went to my apartment and sat next to each other on my futon. She told me to remove my pants and started jerking me off.

She was staring at me with a look that said are you happy now? It didn’t take long for me to get hard, and suddenly her look changed to confusion. She looked down at me and asked if something was wrong. I told her no. She took her hand off and just stared at my hard cock. She asked why it didn’t get bigger. I told her I didn’t know, that it was always like that. She apologized for getting my hopes up. I asked if she thought I was small, and she giggled and turned her head away from me.

I asked if she still wanted to do the hand test. She burst into laughter and held out her hand. She refused to look at me and told me she already knew the answer, but if I had doubts, go ahead. I took her hand to my cock, and it was bigger. She just kept laughing.

I asked why she was laughing, and she turned to me and said that I looked ridiculous. That I wasn’t even proportional. I had big legs and a small dick, which looked off. She then called my dick cute and said I was like a fat mushroom man.

Hearing her say that made my dick throb. She laughed some more, then started jerking me off again. She asked if I liked being called a little fat mushroom man. Before I could answer, I started gushing out cum. She laughed and waited for me to be finished, then got up and washed off in the bathroom. She came back with a damp hand towel and cleaned me off. She told me she had to think about things, but at least I could cum like a real man.


Meanwhile, this reader gives his roommate’s girlfriend a show…

I went to a school where I didn’t know many people ahead of time, so I joined a fraternity to plug myself into the social scene when I arrived on campus. This ended up being a great decision for me. The first weekend of moving in, we threw a party straight out of the movies – a fire escape turned into a water slide, multiple hot tubs/pools, and an insane amount of shitty light beer. It was a crazy welcome to college, seeing all the hot young college women in their bikinis having a good time.

As I didn’t have much experience with drinking before college, I hit a wall at a certain point in the night, so I went back to my room to change my clothes and go to bed. I shared a two-man room with a senior in the house, but when I got to the room, the only one there was his girlfriend (who I had just met that night). She was sitting down on our futon.

We talked briefly about the party before I asked if she would step out of the room quickly so I could change my clothes.

“Oh, I’m tired of the party and don’t want to get up. I don’t care if you change. Go ahead,” she said with a devilish grin.

I didn’t know what to say to that. I was pretty inexperienced with women up to this point, and sober me would’ve been way too shy to strip down in front of a girl I had just met, but my newfound liquid courage and readiness for sleep made me decide to go ahead.

My closet/clothes were located directly in front of her, sitting on the futon, and these rooms were narrow – no more than 5-6 feet across. I was very self-conscious about my tiny penis, but I didn’t care if she saw my ass, so I just turned my back to her to change.

I dropped my swim trunks and grabbed my towel to dry off. As I was drying off my hair/face, I suddenly felt a sharp smack on my ass. I wasn’t expecting it at all, and in my drunken state, I dropped my towel, grabbed my stinging skin, and spun around to yell, “HEY!”

It was like the slap had made me forget I was naked. I stood naked before this beautiful woman, saying, “What the hell was that for??”

She, however, did not forget I was naked. Her eyes immediately dropped to my penis and got very wide.”Oh my gosh, it’s so cute and little!”

She reached out and gently flicked the head, which got me angry again. And then she said/did something I will never forget.

“It’s OK. I think your little dick is cute! Don’t worry, I have tiny tits too, see,” and she proceeds to flash her small perky tits to me.

At that point, I got excited and grew to my full gold member length.

“Awwww, he’s even cute when he’s excited,” she said with a smirk.

She proceeded to run a single finger along the length of my shaft. I stayed naked, talking to her for a few minutes, but then we could hear her boyfriend coming down the hall, so I quickly threw some shorts on and went to bed. She never told anyone else I knew of, but she would make little comments throughout the semester that drove me wild.


While this reader’s girlfriend knows how to play him…

My girlfriend and I had sex for the first time after I was out of commission with an injury. She asked me if I was sure I was good to go as I was getting undressed, and I gave an enthusiastic yes. After taking off my underwear, she looked at my flaccid state (I’m what you’d consider a small grower, so it is, by all appearances, tiny at that point). She openly laughed and said, “Doesn’t look it.”

Once the foreplay got going, it didn’t take long for me, given the time off, and I was begging her to ease off the little guy as I was already ready to cum. She giggled over her effect on me and turned toward begging me to keep fingering her as she was getting close herself. Concerned I was going to finish before getting to the main act, I just went right for penetration. This broke our momentum somewhat as we had an awkward transition trying to make the angle work, as it can be hard for my dick to reach her pussy.

As soon as I entered her, she started moaning, “Deeper. Go Deeper, I can’t feel it,” which she’ll say to get me off.

I climaxed in seconds, jokingly cursing her for messing with how horny and sensitive I was. She laughed with pride over her skills as I got her off multiple times, turning back to fingering her. For all my shortcomings between the legs, we have a great sex life and can love getting each other off so easily.

After it was over, I asked, “Why did you make that comment so soon and didn’t want the sex to last longer?”

She said, “I wanted to get the focus back on me.”

The not-so-subtle implication is that penis-in-vagina penetration is something we do for physical pleasure only. For her, this is a tiny nuisance of an intermission between her getting off.


This reader decides to go for broke…

My girlfriend and I went to the mall one day to shop for clothes. Our store was dead, and no employee was in the dressing room area. So we decided to go into one together and try stuff on. She and I stripped down completely naked, and I watched her try on some clothes. At one point, we’re both standing up and posing in the mirror together naked.

Then our curtain is pulled wide open as a female employee stands there with another woman behind her, looking at my girlfriend and me standing there naked. Their eyes got drawn down to my penis, which was two inches soft, and they laughed at it. My girlfriend jumped behind me to hide. But I thought, ‘Fuck it. They’ve already seen it, so let them look.’ I stood there fighting my instincts to cover my genitals and let them get a good look at my small soft dick.

The female employee said, “I’m sorry. You didn’t use the sign to say this booth was occupied. So I thought this booth was empty. I had no idea you were in here.”

Meanwhile, the curtain is still wide open. We’re both still naked as these two strangers stare at my dick. And then, as if coming to her senses, the female employee closed the curtain and went to another stall. My girlfriend and I put our clothes back on and walked out of the store. Just before we exited the shop back into the mall, I saw the female assistant smirking at me. Then she held up her pinky finger and waggled it at me.


Another reader compares with his roommate…

I’m straight, but one day at nineteen, to pass the time jokingly, my best friend and I decided to compare our cocks. I knew he was quite well-endowed, and I was a little curious. He was sitting before me, and we took off our pants. We both had a strong erection and got as close as possible. He won the contest, of course. (He had a seven-inch cock hard significantly longer than mine, a bronze member of the small dick club) What struck me was the different shape

His cock was straight, like an arrow with a big mushroom head. Conversely, my dick is strongly curved upward and seems even shorter than it is to the naked eye. The girth was the same. I wasn’t surprised, of course, but a bit humiliated, yes, and he noticed the difference too.

Me: “Your cock is a lot longer than mine. Visually I didn’t expect that much of a difference.”

He: “Yes, but my size is nothing special.”

Me: “Have you ever received positive or negative comments? What do women think of it?”

He: “All the women I’ve been with commented on my size. Most of them say I’m OK, but not always. Last year, my ex-girlfriend admitted that her ex was bigger than me by far, and it pissed me off.”

Me: “So penis size matters?”

He: “Absolutely, yes.”

Me: “Do you usually touch the bottom?”

He: “Sometimes, yes, depending on the position. But all women take my entire length quite easily and so I don’t know what a pussy’s depth is. My ex-girlfriend told me she could take a nine-inch penis without effort.”

Me: “Is there a correlation between penis size and female orgasm?”

He: “Mmm, I don’t know. I am lucky because I can last long without ejaculating, and I think this matters more than size.”

In the following years, I’ve thought many times about that day. An inch and a half was a significant difference, and I can’t Imagine my dick compared to a bigger one. It would be humiliating.


Meanwhile, this reader is undone by a meme…

My girlfriend shared a meme where a guy said he sometimes likes to use two hands while masturbating to imagine it’s a threesome. It took me a second when I was trying to wrap my head around the visual of fitting two hands on my dick. (I mimed interlocking/overlapping fingers). My girlfriend sheepishly explained that other guys were long enough to fit two hands like you would on a baseball bat. It was incomprehensible as I couldn’t fit one whole hand without completely covering my shaft and head, and my confused silence was an admission that I have a small dick. I joked back that I’m too classy for a threesome which is why she always has her pinky out when giving me a hand job.

Less explicitly sexual examples are me, for the longest time, being baffled by tailors asking if you dress to the left or right side as someone who doesn’t ‘hang’ in any direction but pretty much pokes straight out.


While this reader also decides to make the most of it…

For my girlfriend’s birthday, we had about four of her closest girlfriends over. We were all drinking and playing games and probably had too much to drink. Two of her friends took their shirts off while we were playing games, and one of them took her pants off (as I said, we were all very drunk). I’ve known them a long time and have seen some naked or in underwear, so they don’t care too much.

At one point, I stepped away to use the bathroom and heard one of her friends tell me from outside the door that they were going to skinny dip in the pool. She told me to strip down and meet them in the kitchen first. So I removed all my clothes, left them in the hallway, and strutted into the kitchen completely naked with my shaven little peanut on full display.

When I got out, they were all standing in towels covering their naked bodies, and I was the only one naked. They all looked down and started laughing at my tiny little pee-pee, and one told me, “Oh, for fuck’s sake, I meant to tell you to have a towel on too!”

And they all laughed so hard, even my girlfriend did a bit. At that point, I owned it and stayed naked the whole night (the alcohol probably helped that but probably didn’t help the size), and many jokes were made throughout the night about my small dick. I loved it.


This reader gets hammered by his girlfriend…

There have been a few occasions when my girlfriend talked about my size to her friends while I was present. Each time this happens, she tells them I’m eight inches hard (I’m a bronze member of the small dick club). Thankfully none of her friends have seen it, though there have been some close calls.

I finally asked her last night why she did this, thinking her reason was to save me from embarrassment. She told me she didn’t care about my embarrassment as she knew it’d turn me on. The real reason she lies is that she’s ashamed of my size and doesn’t want her friends to know that she’s dating a man who’s a member of the small dick club.


Another reader picks up and is then put down…

I met a lovely woman at a party a couple of years ago. We talked for hours, and it turned out she was a friend of my brother-in-law. I flirted with her and went to her place for some drinks. With us came a buddy of hers and a woman he picked up. All three were a couple of years older than me, so I felt confident when invited to hang out. After the drinks, we ended up in a hot tub. I made out with the woman I was hitting on, and she quickly wanted us to take things to the bedroom.

I ran through the shower to wash off the water from the hot tub and got to her bedroom. On my way there, I could hear the other two getting busy. I told the woman, “It sounds like they’re having fun.”

She looked at me and smiled as she took my towel off. She immediately returned it to me while it looked like she was trying not to laugh. She responded, “I don’t think it’s gonna be as fun for me. Your dick is too small for sex.”

I was embarrassed and felt humiliated. She offered to let me sleep with her, and we could cuddle. She touched my dick several times and giggled, telling me it was the smallest she’s ever seen each time. What a night.


Meanwhile, this reader gets the escort treatment…

So one time, I came home from clubbing. I was 26, high on cocaine, and horny as fuck. I called an escort and went to her place. She was a 20-year-old woman, a little chubby but sexy. She was wearing sexy lingerie, got on her knees, and started blowing me, I got semi-hard, and she put a condom on me. The sex worker stripped me while kissing my body and pushed me onto her bed.

A really hot situation, but due to cocaine, I kept going soft when she tried to slide me in her vagina. After several tries with her going down on me to get hard and again trying for penetration. I asked if she could jerk me off instead. She said yes, sat beside me on the bed, still dressed in her sexy outfit, and seemed annoyed.

I asked to see her boobs, and she showed me one, but when I went with my hand to touch it, she pushed my hand away. I asked, “What’s wrong?”

She said, “I’m just not in the mood for it.”

“Why? I can pay extra.”

She said, “Your dick is too small, and I don’t want to go on because your baby dick is such a huge disappointment.”

My silver member dick got rock hard from that comment and its implications.

She noticed, smirked, and said, “You know, I think you’re the smallest dick I ever saw.”

I came instantly all over my body.

She petted my head like you would a cute dog and said, “You’re so cute. Now please leave and never come back, baby dick.”

She threw my clothes into the hallway of the building, and I had to dress quickly, still with my cum on me, before the whole building saw me naked. God, that was humiliating.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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