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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has a threesome…

We all picture threesomes (MMF) as this amazingly hot and heavy thing where the girl is on her knees, one guy is taking her from the back, and the other is stuffing her mouth.

I recently had a threesome experience, which was different. The girl is someone I used to date casually (met through Bumble) – let us call her Emma. The guy is someone she met through Bumble and is currently FWB with – let us call him Jay. We are all cool with each other and very friendly. Jay is quite hung, has a long penis, and is quite girthy, while mine is a Silver Member hard and thin.

The threesome started with Emma and me making out. Jay was not doing much, just leaning against the bed and touching her thigh. I tried to open her legs a few times, but she did not seem interested, and we continued to make out (second base – kissing and having my hand under her shirt).

I stopped kissing her after a while, and she switched to kissing Jay. A few seconds after kissing him, she lay down, opened her legs, and guided him there. He ground against her for a while and then started eating her pussy. During this time, I started kissing her. She was moaning in my mouth since he seemed good at eating pussy.

Then he penetrated her, and she lost interest in kissing me back. I was sucking her lips, and she was moaning, not kissing me. But guess what? He bent down, and she immediately turned towards him and kissed him so passionately. Now he was bent over her, and I could not access any part of her body. He was fully covering her. And both her arms and legs were tightly wrapped around Jay, so I felt very awkward. She forgot I was even there.

Then they switched positions. Emma was riding him. So I got a chance to kiss her again. This time she kissed me back and even jerked me off (it did not feel THAT good because it was half-hearted on her part). But once he started thrusting hard (I could hear their flesh slapping against each other), she stopped kissing me and just started staring at me in pain/pleasure, I don’t know which. He was fingering her clit as well, so she orgasmed and asked for a break.

So we sat down with each other for a while and started after a while. I figured it was my turn now. I asked Emma if she wanted sex, and she said, “Sure, but do you want to let Jay go first?”

I said OK. So she asked him to lie down and mounted him again. I was kissing her boobs and neck while she was riding him this time. He did not last much this time and shot his load in the condom while she was riding. She said, “Whew! That was fun.” She got off, touched my shoulder, and went to the bathroom.

I only got to kiss her and lick her boobs. Jay cleaned himself up and wore his clothes, and I did too. None of them even acknowledged that I never got to fuck. Emma still texts me and sends me memes and doesn’t even apologize or offer to let me fuck. Now I wonder if all threesomes are like this, with one dominant male and one passive male. Or is she discriminating since I can’t please her as much as him?

I will never do another threesome again.


Another reader is told her ex was the smallest dick ever…

I had an ex-girlfriend (a short thick, chubby in the right places Latina called Luna) who told me that her ex (Tye) had the smallest dick in the world, like she legit thought he might’ve been the smallest man on earth. Luna told me she never felt it, that she only needed two fingers to jerk him off, and that when they had sex, he fell out when she first tried to ride him, and she didn’t feel him at all in missionary. Their sex life was so bad that he had convinced Luna to try anal because she heard it would feel better with his small dick.

A few weeks into our relationship, I told Luna I was worried I might be small too. She reassured me that I was no smaller than the guy she told me about and that I was just insecure. Well, things got spicy one night. We’re making out. I’m feeling her up, and she’s feeling me up. I undress her and start on foreplay, fingering her, messaging her body, stimulating her nipples, making her cum at least once, and ensuring she gets some before she finds out.

Finally, she asks me to put my dick in her and undresses me. She gets to my pants, undoes my belt and jeans, pulls down my boxers, stops, and gasps. She grabbed it, laughed, and said, “There’s no way you’re hard, no fucking way you’re smaller than Tye.”

But I was. I was indeed smaller than Tye. The guy with the world’s smallest dick was bigger than me.

Luna laid back down with her hands on her face and told me, laughing slightly, “OK. OK, sorry, let’s do this already.”

I obliged and started teasing her again. I put her in missionary, and I slid it in. She moaned or sighed; I couldn’t tell but assumed I was ready. I was a bit too excited because I came way too quickly, and she laughed and then told me we were not done until she got hers.

I tried again, tucking the pillow under to take her there, but she just lay there looking at my eyes disappointed, turning away, sighing, and then laughing. She felt nothing, but I kept trying. We tried with her riding. Of course, I kept falling out, and she kept putting it back every few seconds, laughing to mask her irritation. Lastly, we tried doggy, but because she wasn’t that flexible and her ass was so big, I couldn’t reach her pussy.

After a few minutes of me trying, she said, “I can tell you’re thrusting, but I’m not feeling anything. I’m just giving you a thigh job. When you finish, you can eat me out again.”

So I finished, and she sat on my face while I ate her out a few times.

After that night, things were different. We weren’t joking around with each other that much. She seemed less into me after several failed attempts at penetrative sex. Luna and I split up. Her next boyfriend will be told that I’m now the smallest dick in the world. Tye is off the hook.


Meanwhile, this reader learns size matters sometimes…

The penis size question came out casually a few months after the beginning of our relationship. I woke up with a strong erection, and my girlfriend (Kelly) was amused by seeing my erect cock.

“How about it?” I asked.

She put her hand several inches above my tip and said, “My ex-husband’s cock was this big.” (In other words, don’t flatter yourself)

Of course, I was curious and annoyed and asked her the size.

“I don’t remember.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Hmmmm. Nine inches. Visually it was like, wow, but I couldn’t take it all the way. Hitting my cervix wasn’t pleasurable at all. Don’t worry. Your small dick means I can now do it without hurting.”

“Penis size doesn’t matter then?” I asked.


With time, however, I realized that the truth was different. During a terrible argument, we started to insult each other, and she said, “Shut up, short dick.”

The truth came out when having sex in the spooning position too.

“Is It in yet? I don’t feel anything,” she shouted back to me.

I tried to push my dick as deep as possible, but after a few strokes, my dick began to slip out.

She said, “Don’t worry, let’s start again.” I tried to push again but without success. So she said, “OK, stop. With you, this position doesn’t work.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “But I think to know why.”

“I don’t want to tell you, but you understand, I think.”

“Unfortunately, I have a short dick.”

“In spooning, penis length matters, I’m sorry to tell you. It isn’t your fault, but having sex this way is frustrating for both of us.”


While this reader makes his wife’s pussy numb…

Fully barred up on Sunday morning, ready for a romp. Had given my dick three shots of Dental Lidocaine spray about an hour and a half earlier. Dodges the under thirty-second blows and wears off enough at the two-hour mark to cum if you pump away hard. Orgasms seem a heap more intense, and they require extra effort.

Straight off the bat, Mrs says, “Warm me up with your little dick first.”

So I leave the toys aside, slip in, and pump away for the next few minutes as she loosens up.

“Ready for my Big Cock now?” I asked.

“Mmmmm,” is the response.

So I pull out and roll on my two Sleeves. First gets me to a bit above average. The second to a thick eight inches. Then it’s the slow-paced deep pumping away along with the Womaniser drawing her towards the peak. As her orgasm snowballs, she likes an all-in merciless pounding with the full eight inches of Cock Sleeve slammed in balls deep.

As it settles off, I usually stroke slow, long, and deep after it’s finished before giving her a final minute or so of solid slamming to push her through the second one in a very short course. She’s then an over-sensitive mess for a few minutes with her mind stuck in neutral and gazing blankly in the air, making an occasional shiver.

She usually makes the statement when she comes out of the haze a few minutes later. “Fuck me with your little dick now.”

So then the Cock Sleeves come off. Always like to see the look in her eyes as I remove them. Roll the eight-inch Flesh color one off first, leaving the clear one on display with my cock visible almost two inches from its end, then peel it off, leaving my whole silver member dick standing thin and proud. Slip it in Sideways Scissors Style & start pumping away. On this last occasion, I can tell the Lido still hasn’t worn off enough for me to blow just yet, so settle in a slow pace.

“Are you going to put it in properly” she asks. “Or just rub it around outside?”

“It’s in already,” I reply, with a few deeper thrusts, getting all but the last inch in.

She slips her hand down to check, squeezing it and getting a confused look in her eyes. Over the next five minutes or so, I can feel the Lido finally wearing off and start increasing the pace, and finally finish off with a short, stoked, fast pace.

During the last few minutes, she felt down about four times to give my dick that quick feel to check it was inside her pussy. After blowing my load, I stay in until I shrink down and fall out, then roll off, my now inch’ish soft dick on display, and usually, she makes a few little dick comments. This time’s a bit different; she is processing stuff in her head.

Then what had transpired over the past twenty minutes starts to come to me. That first few minutes of: ‘Warm me up with Your Little Dick’ changes things. The Lido Numbing spray on my dick was rubbed inside her pussy during the warm-up poking. So it was pretty much guaranteed that by the time I got my dick in, the inside of her cunt would have been numb. She would have genuinely not felt my dick at all. The last amusing bit was that as I put all this together, I saw my cock growing again.

“Too soon to go again,” she says. “Maybe you can wack it, and I’ll watch a bit later. Coffee Time now.”

Somehow, I can see this happening again.


This reader gets some frank feedback from his wife…

Two years ago, my sister-in-law June started a relationship. Initially, everything seemed nice, but after a few weeks, she didn’t want to continue the relationship. The reason? His penis size! I could listen to the conversation on Whatsapp.

‘I’m sorry, but I don’t want to keep seeing him anymore, and then has a small dick. For me, penis size matters. I prefer a well-endowed man, you know it,’ June wrote.

I was astonished, and I started talking about it with my wife.

“I’m guessing my size wouldn’t be good enough for June,” I said, smiling.

“How would I know? I want a well-endowed man too, but one can’t have everything. I settled for what I could get.”

“Thanks,” I said, feeling like shit.

“Don’t be stupid. You know I only have clitoral orgasms, so a well-endowed man is no different from an under-endowed man to me. On the other hand, June has vaginal orgasms and needs deeper penetration, so your small dick wouldn’t be pleasurable enough for her.”

“But you said you’d prefer a well-endowed man, too,” I pressed.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like deep penetration, but it doesn’t make me cum, so your small dick doesn’t bother me. However, June is different from me. She needs a big cock to go deep to make her cum.”

“So, back to my original question, I would be rejected for my size by June?” I asked.

“Yes. Many women break up with a man because of his small dick but prefer not to tell him the truth. They spare his feelings. It’s more difficult for a hung man to be rejected by a woman. That’s just how it goes. Think yourself lucky I loved you for more than just your small dick.”


Another reader has an interesting time at a nude beach…

We happened on a nude beach in Spain by chance five years ago. At first, my wife was surprised and quite annoyed. “If I had known about this, I would have never wanted to come here. This sucks!”

“What’s the problem?” I asked. “It’s just a beach. A nice one too.”

“OK, I’ll stay. But tomorrow we will go to a different beach, all right?”

My wife stays topless (sometimes) on isolated beaches but has big tits. She doesn’t like being naked. She was embarrassed. At least 70% were gay couples, and only a minority were straight couples. After our swim, we walked along the beach hand in hand among dozens of naked men of many penis sizes. Whenever my wife saw something interesting (bags, jewels, persons, etc.), she had a habit of squeezing my hand. She did it all afternoon every time we walked next to a well-endowed man.

At least four of them had a flaccid cock longer than mine erect. I’m a bronze member hard, and I’m only about two inches soft. They all seemed to have bigger soft cocks than me, so my small dick stood out. Seeing all these huge cocks humiliated me. I got annoyed, of course, but I realized she was intrigued.

When we returned to the hotel, she said, “I have seen more dick this afternoon than I’ve seen in my entire life. They were all bigger than yours, but some had very, very long ones,” which was true. “I was quite annoyed initially, but I admit it turned me on a little.”

“I’m not surprised,” I said. “You’re a curious woman, but what matters is the size of the erection. There’s no relationship between the size of a penis when flaccid or erect.”

“No, you’re wrong. A long flaccid penis is also long when hard. No doubt. I know it very well. Don’t say what you don’t know. You’re small, and that’s fine with me, but the truth is different. I don’t want to hurt your feelings. But among the men I’ve had sex with in the past, you’re the smallest by far.”

“I know. You tell me all the time.”


Meanwhile, a female reader enjoys teasing a guy she knows is small…

A friend of mine hooked up with a guy (Matt) we met out. The next time I saw her, I asked how everything had gone. She confessed he was a nice guy but was so small she couldn’t feel much. We laughed, and she told me he seemed sensitive about it.

I was waiting for a drink at a bar a few months later and looked over to see Matt. I re-introduced myself, and we started talking. He was a nice, funny guy, and I knew why my friend liked him. He asked me for dinner the next night, and we had fun. I suggested we go back to my place, but he tried to say he wanted to take things slow. I knew he didn’t want to show me his small dick yet.

I convinced him to come home with me, and after he ate me out, I sat beside him on the bed and kissed him. I whispered in his ear that I needed to be fucked, and smiled at his reddening face. When he removed his pants, I ran over his boxers and asked if he was hard yet. I squeezed a bit, and he moaned and started leaking. A few more comments about how small he was and how disappointing he ruined right in his underwear.


While this reader finds SPH therapeutic…

I have an innie when I’m soft, so I’m scared to have my pants off unless I’m chubbed up. Anytime I have to get checked at the doctor’s office, I try and disappear out of my head so I don’t have to feel the humiliation coming from the doctor, especially a pretty blonde doctor. So, I’ve been told about my little dick and have always been ashamed to go into the communal showers.

My balls are fairly big, so I had on sweats once, and they were riding up, and a guy came over and said, “Why don’t you loosen up those sweats? It looks like you have pussy lips.”

My wife says she doesn’t mind about it, and when we are done having sex, she’ll say, “OK, little guy, go back into your home.”

She says that my dick is scared of the dark, and that’s why it’s scared to come out. Once, I was trying to compliment my wife by saying she had big boobs, and she came back with, “Well, you have a little dick.”

I’ve never had a relationship with a woman for more than three weeks without them cheating. I’m a big dude that looks pretty mean, so women don’t typically say anything about my size. But their actions tell the story. It used to hurt me to the point where I just wanted to die, but now I’ve found SPH helps me not to feel so awful about myself.


This reader also goes to a nude beach…

I had always been self-conscious about my little penis. I tried everything from pumps to pills, but nothing worked. Eventually, I decided to take a risk and visit a nude beach alone to feel more comfortable in my skin. As I made my way to the shore, I could feel the eyes of others sizing me up, and it only made me feel more embarrassed.

I heard a familiar voice behind me as I was about to dip in the water. It was Lauren, a girl who had a crush on me in high school. She had always been a bit of a tease, but I never thought she would show up at a nude beach. Lauren started teasing me about my little penis, and before I knew it, she was walking me around the beach, showing me off to all the hot girls. I tried to protest, but Lauren had too much fun humiliating me.

Finally, she dragged me into the water, and I could feel the cold waves crashing against my body. As I emerged from the water, I could hear the laughter and whispers of those around me. I was mortified, but I couldn’t deny that some of me enjoyed the attention. I had never felt so exposed before, and it was a liberating experience, even if it was humiliating at the same time.

After a while, I saw some friends arriving at the beach. They were shocked to see me walking around with Lauren, showing off my little penis to everyone. At first, they thought it was some joke, but when they realized it wasn’t, all they could do was laugh. They immediately started taking pictures, which I knew would get sent around and embarrass me even more.

I tried to hide from them, but it was too late. The pictures were already taken, and I knew I would never live this down. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life, and I knew I could never return to that beach again.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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