Our Readers SPH Experiences 211

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has wrestled with his insecurities…

Back in high school, I was on the wrestling team. I have several instances of SPH during this period, some of which I’d like to write about later. This particular story was the first instance.

During practice, we would wear shorts and a t-shirt. When changing clothes in the locker room, I was always highly private, typically dressing away from others and never getting naked. I was self-conscious about my size, so I tried hard not to reveal my lower half. I’d rarely take showers there, and if I did, I’d have a towel wrapped around me, as goofy as that sounds.

Moving on, before our first match, we got our singlets. They were tight, light grey, and like most singlets, left little to the imagination. We all adorned our singlets and got in line to get weighed before our first meet. While in line and looking around, I noticed that everyone’s bulge was very noticeable from underneath the thin, tight material. There were varying sizes, but I could make out several shafts of varying lengths. This led me to look down at my own, only to see no shaft outline. Just a nub. A circle where my flaccid penis didn’t hang but barely extended out to make a tiny indentation.

I immediately covered this area, holding my hands in front of my crotch and trying to look natural. Unfortunately, this probably brought more attention to me, as it wasn’t long before one of the taller wrestlers noticed my acorn-like outline.

He dramatically said, “Oh Shit! You’re tiny!” (Except he used my name).

A couple of other guys, and the one girl on the team who was in front of him, looked at me and giggled. The rest of the meeting involved light hazing, which was not mean-spirited, as I was friends with most of them, and they were giving me a hard time.

One long-time friend asked me, “So, do you have a micropenis?”

And with him being a friend outside of wrestling, SPH leaked into my actual friend group.

Another teammate insisted on calling me “Baby Carrot,” which luckily only caught on with a couple of guys.


Another reader is not amused by his bouche…

Last night my wife pointed out that she added extra sausage to dinner because I complained there wasn’t enough meat the last time she made that dish. So I told her as a thank you, I would give her extra sausage later that night. She gave me a look and said, “Now, is that possible?”

So I said, “Well, no. But I could give you a sausage appetizer.”

To which she said, “More like a sausage amuse-bouche.”

I had no idea what she was talking about, and she had to explain that amuse-bouche meant something smaller than an appetizer. It’s just one bite size hors d’oeuvre.


Meanwhile, this reader got some unexpected smack from his wife…

My wife and I were going to move a piece of furniture from one room to another, and we realized it was taller than we thought and won’t fit in the new spot. She pointed out we both underestimated how tall it was and that it was almost as tall as her.

I said, “It isn’t that tall.”

She said, “It’s four inches shorter than me.”

“That’s a big difference.”

“Is it really?” she said and burst out laughing.

I shook my head and smirked, and she kept laughing. I love when she randomly makes little dick jokes like that.


While this reader gets pantsed at a party…

Compared to the rest of my friends, I was always shyer about my body than they were. This shyness is probably because of my size, but who knows? I’ve never been comfortable changing in front of others or getting naked in any scenario.

We were all at my friend’s apartment, drinking one night and just goofing around. It was mainly just a few guys, but two brought their girlfriends, and we were all hanging out together. Over the past year, my friend (let’s call him Shawn) had been known to pants people, which is a dumb prank where you pull someone’s pants down so everyone can see their underwear. He only did it a few times, but everyone always laughed, and I just stayed clear of it.

At this point of the night, I was a few drinks in and had come straight from the gym. I was casual, with just a hoodie, gym shorts, and some boxers. We are all standing around talking when suddenly I feel a sharp yank of my shorts as they are pulled down. I look down and immediately see that my boxers and shorts are around my shins.

I immediately hear everyone burst out in surprised laughter. My hoodie stopped at my waistline, so my dick was completely out as I stood in the living room. I scramble to pull my shorts back up with one hand while I have a bottle of beer in my other hand. It only took a few seconds, but it felt like forever. Shawn immediately apologized to me, but he was still laughing and looked so embarrassed on my behalf.

I tried to laugh it off, but the rest of the night, I swear I could see people looking at each other and giggling when they thought I couldn’t see them.


This reader had his dignity dissolved…

My best friend had given me a gift before a party she was having. I opened it, and it was a nice bathing suit. She told me to put it on for her and wear it for her party, so I undressed (she teased me for my size as she usually does), and it fits just right. So her friends came over, and we all got in her pool. I went out to get a drink, and I heard her and her friends start laughing, and I looked down, and some of my bathing suit was falling off!

I didn’t realize what was happening until the whole thing came off suddenly, and I stood there with my tiny little bald peanut hanging out for them all to see. It was met with a resounding laugh from all of them, and they commented about how they could barely see it and for the shrimp to come back in the water. My friend then revealed that she had bought me a dissolving bathing suit as a prank. It was one of the best pranks I had ever been a part of.


Another reader gives the neighbor an eyeful…

My girlfriend and I have a fenced-in backyard with a lot of privacy. I often go back there and skinny dip or sit there naked afterward. She doesn’t know as much. She’s worried about being seen. But I convinced her to come tan with me nude outside. So we’re out lying down, enjoying the warmth together. Then suddenly, I heard our neighbor (a middle-aged woman) say, “Well, check you two out.”

And then I realized there was a piece of fence kind’ve broken that gave her a clear line of sight right to our naked bodies. I stood up to block my girlfriend and gave her a full view of my teeny weeny, and she said, “Well, it’s not cold, so that’s a real shame,” and laughed.

My girlfriend laughed, too, because soft I am small.


Meanwhile, this reader also gives his neighbor a show…

I was taking a shower one morning, finished up, and wrapped the towel around my waist. I usually do this and then go into the kitchen and make a coffee. But when I entered the kitchen, my girlfriend was there with our next-door neighbor. They were talking because she wanted my help with something around her house. I was caught off guard, and so was she seeing me in a towel, and I must’ve motioned weirdly because my towel came undone and dropped around my ankles.

So I’m standing there butt naked with my tiny little shrimp on full display, and I had just shaved, so it was perfectly bald right for her to see. They were shocked at what happened, and my neighbor looked at my girlfriend and kind’ve gave her a look of shock and laughed.

My girlfriend smiled, laughed, and said, “It does get bigger, don’t worry.”

The neighbor said, “Oh good, feel free to come over later like this then, and we’ll see.”

My girlfriend said, “Sounds good.”

She likes watching me have sex with other people and embarrassing me naked.


While this reader gets the ass from his girlfriend…

My ex-girlfriend and I were always very close as friends, and she developed feelings for me. She told me that she liked me and that she wanted to date. I had never been with a girl before. I was too embarrassed about my size. But I worked up the courage to go out with her. I figured if it were anybody, it would be her.

However, anytime she invited me over to her place, I always made an excuse as to why I couldn’t. I only hung out with her in public. She got distraught, and eventually, I had to give in. I went over, and we cuddled on her bed when she crawled on top of me. She ran her hands down my stomach to my shorts. She slowly slipped her fingers underneath my waistband and pulled down my shorts. She began started caressing the outline of my penis through my underwear. This is when she smirked, looked at me, and yanked my underwear down so fast I had no time to react.

She burst out laughing and yelled, “I knew it! You got a tiny dick. ”

I was completely naked in front of a girl for the first time, and she was laughing so hard at my tiny penis. I’m a silver member hard, and she said it was the smallest she had ever been with.

She wanted to have sex to see what it would be like. It kept slipping out of her vagina, and she would sigh and laugh at how pathetic it was. Finally, she told me because I couldn’t fuck I was going to eat her ass instead. She shoved her ass in my face and started rubbing it up and down, covering my face with her stinky cheeks. She farted on me to humiliate me and called me micro pp. She told all her friends, and they made fun of my tiny penis.


This reader also has a sausage moment…

My wife and I were lying in bed last night, and I cuddled her. Me big spoon and her little. She said, “Can you please stop poking me?”

“Love, I’m not even hard,” I told her.

“Well, I know anatomically where your little hotdog is.”

“Hotdog?”I asked.

“Ya, you keep poking me with him,” she said.

That made me laugh. “I’m sorry, love, but thank you for the hotdog compliment,” I told her.

“I meant breakfast sausage is more like it. I guess more like sausage links because you are not that thick.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I told her.

“Just put him away. I don’t want to do any finger play tonight. I’m sorry.”

“No worries, love. You’re the best,” I told her.

Then we fell asleep.


Another reader is turned off by her feet, or is he…

Last night my girlfriend accidentally rested her foot on my dick. I moved her foot off of me, and she said, “What? You don’t want a footjob?”

As desperate as I am to have my little dick touched at any time, feet aren’t one of the things I’m into, so I replied, “No, you know I don’t like feet.”

She said, “I don’t like little dicks either, but here we are.” She placed her foot back on my crotch and said, “I knew that would get you hard.”


Meanwhile, this reader is pantsed frequently…

This was during the summer break of 9th grade, and my friend and I were at the public pool. Being males, we were very interested in all the girls at the pool. There was a group of three girls that were college age that we kept making eye contact with and shooting looks to. One was tall, white, with black hair and the perfect size tits. Another was a hot blonde with a great ass.

My friend thought pulling my swim trunks down would be funny to make them laugh. And laugh they did. They got a complete look at me naked and my soft two-inch penis, as did everyone else at the pool. I made eye contact with the girls, but it was no longer a flirtatious stare. This was a pure embarrassment as I turned red in the face, and so did the girls, but because of extreme laughter. They sat there laughing uncontrollably at my tiny soft penis, and so did a couple of moms who I could hear say, “He must be so embarrassed, having all those girls laugh at his tiny pee-pee.”

The girls gave me pathetic looks as they knew I had a tiny penis that couldn’t satisfy them. They gave me the small penis sign 🤏 and I pulled my trunks up and ran off.


Another incident happened toward the end of the school year. I had a bully on my school bus that would always pick on me, to the delight of our peers. He’d given me wedgies on the bus before as everyone would chant, “Wedgie! Wedgie! Wedgie!”

This time it was much worse. It was a hot summer day, and I had gym class last period. I didn’t want to change after class, but I was all sweaty and sticky. I was uncomfortable, so I quickly removed my underwear and put it on my gym back to be more comfortable and free.

I got on the bus, and my bully followed right after. He waited until we were in the middle section of the bus in the aisle, and then he pulled my gym shorts down. And because I had no underwear, I was completely naked in front of the back half of the bus. I saw my shorts around my ankles and my two-inch soft penis exposed. A couple of girls heard the laughter and looked up to see my tiny penis.

They were shocked but then started laughing at me. I don’t know if they were shocked because someone was naked or if it was so small. Everyone got a good look at my tiny penis and laughed at me. The wedgies and pantsings became more frequent as I was humiliated for the rest of the year.


While this reader exposes himself on the trail…

I went hiking with my girlfriend once in the summer. We got to the top, which had a beautiful view, and I decided I wanted to take a photo up there completely naked, as you see online. My girlfriend was taking the picture and cautioned me to hurry so no one would see me naked, so I went toward the edge and got ready. Then I heard laughing, and I looked around, confused, and realized that there was a trail below where I was posing, and three women were walking it and looking up at my tiny little dick.

We didn’t think anyone would be there because it was a random day of the week when people were usually working. One of them looked up and said, “Look at the cute little acorn!”

And they all laughed so hard at me. Then I heard my girlfriend say, “Oh no!”

And I saw my pants blow past me as a big breeze came and took them over the edge, falling right next to the group of women, which made them laugh even more. So we walked down to them, hiding my acorn with my shirt. I grabbed my pants back from them and put them back on, ashamed as they waved goodbye to my little acorn.


This reader has a day he’ll never forget…

I was at my good friend Michelle’s house, and she had another friend over. Her friend was beautiful with a fantastic ass. We were going to go swimming, and I was excited about seeing her friend in a bikini. Michelle told me I could change upstairs, so I got my stuff and went. She didn’t say which room, so I picked a random one and closed the door. I took everything off, then dropped my underwear, and right as I did that, I heard the door open, and Michelle’s friend was there with Michelle right behind her, both in their bikinis.

I bent back up, and they were both looking down at my bald little cashew and started cracking up and pointing at it, laughing. I covered it up and begged them to close the door, and they did right as they took all of my clothes, leaving me naked. I went to see where they were, looked around the house, and saw them both outside in the pool. I went and begged for my clothes back, and they said they’d give them after we were done swimming, so I spent the entire afternoon butt naked with them teasing my tiny cashew the entire time.


Another reader is the victim of a college prank…

I was in college and lived on a coed floor for one year. There were two bathrooms, one for boys and the other for girls. I went to shower one day, and someone took my towel off the door while showering. So I opened the curtain, and no one was in there. I had my keys and shower caddie, so I finished up quickly. I walked out slowly and looked into the hall; no one was there.

To get to my room, I had to cross by the common room where people likely were, but if I hurried, I could try to run past it without anyone getting a good look and open my door before anyone did. So I ran past it without seeing if anyone was there and got to my door. As I tried to open it, I dropped my keys because I was rushing. Then I heard the elevator door open, and five girls emerged and caught me.

And then, three more girls came from the common room to see who the naked person was. So I turned around and had eight women staring down at my tiny pinky dick, and they all burst out into laughter with comments like, “Oh my God, it’s the tiniest thing I’ve seen!”

And, “Wow, that’s pathetic.”

I finally opened my door and hid there, mortified but also turned on like never before.


Meanwhile, this reader is also showing off to the neighbors…

I was with my female friend during the summer, and we were tanning out in the sun. She looked at me and said we’re gonna tan naked because we got bad tan lines, so leave your clothes inside. And so we did. We walked out naked (her backyard is fenced in) and were tanning. As I laid on my back with my penis out, she glanced over and mocked me for how small and shriveled it was and said, “It’s kinda like a raisin all small and shriveled up,” and laughed.

I was getting aroused at the sight of her naked body. She saw my silver member boner in all its glory too. But then we went back inside and realized the doors were locked. Her sister had gone to work and locked the door without knowing we were outside, naked, with no way in. She told me her neighbor had an emergency key and we could get it from her.

So we walked across the street, covering ourselves up when the coast was clear. We knocked on her door, and the lady neighbor opened it with a large grin at two naked people at her door. We explained what happened, and she got the key and threw it to me, so I caught it and revealed my ‘tiny raisin-like dick’ to her, which got her and my friend laughing again.


While this reader feels inadequate skinny dipping…

A few years back, we often would party at a friend’s house with a nice secluded pool in his big backyard. One time as the party was winding down, it was just our core group of about seven of us. Four guys and three girls. One of them was my wife (girlfriend at the time), who was arguably the most attractive of the girls. At the time, she had a new boob job that came out perfect. We were all pretty drunk, and one of the guys suggested topless chicken fights in the pool.

The girls agreed, stripped down, and got in the pool, to my surprise. All my friends were excited to see my wife topless and flopping around in the pool with her. Then one of the girls said it wasn’t fair and we should strip down, and all be skinny dipping. My heart sank as they all agreed and started taking off their swimsuits. I tried to fluff myself up without being obvious, but the beer and anxiety didn’t let it happen.

It was so small from the cool water. Although the other guys were all shapes and sizes, I was by far the smallest and the only uncircumcised. As we stripped down, the girls were glancing at all of us. My friend ‘R’ stripped down the fastest with confidence and must have been six inches soft. The girls were impressed, making subtle comments to him, but that changed to giggling as they watched me quickly pull my suit down and jump in.

My soft dick is barely an inch, but it does grow to average when hard.

R and another friend stayed out of the pool and had a pool noodle fight chasing each other around the deck. The girls, including my wife, seemed fixated on their long soft cocks flopping around. Meanwhile, it was pretty obvious why I wanted to stay underwater. My wife felt terrible that I was so embarrassed but thought it was cute.

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