Our Readers SPH Experiences 210

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen. *Warning: this issue has some Gay SPH experiences.


This reader has a day at the spa he’ll never forget…

I went to a local Asian spa for men, which usually has mostly older Asian males that frequent it, maybe 50-70 year-olds, but I guess with the holidays. Lately, it’s been pretty busy with many non-Asians checking it out.

After arriving, I stripped down and headed to the shower stalls. When I came, there were two European men already showering up. I had no idea if they were arriving or leaving, but even flaccid and soaped up, their soft cocks were larger than mine erect, with loose hanging balls bouncing around as they lathered.

They turned to face me as I approached the shower stall, checking out my lacking package. They all grinned and looked at each other, then again at my tiny dick, chuckling. I gave each of their cocks a long look as I was soaping up my dick, which caused it to get semi-erect. They were all five to seven inches limp, whereas I was less than two. I got off on the attention. I mean, there’s not much I can do about the situation. My tiny dick is what it is, and I have come to terms with it.

Once I finished showering, I headed to the steam room, which at the time, was empty. I sat down and closed my eyes. I heard the door open and some conversation from the men barely above a whisper in a language I didn’t recognize. One guy sat opposite me, and the other took a seat to my left. While it was steamy, the lighting was bright enough to make out their cocks. Without soap and shower water covering their junk, I could see they were both uncircumcised, with their pink cockheads peeking out from under their foreskins.

They continued their foreign language conversation with only the three of us in the room. I could see them pointing and gesturing to my small cut dick, which brought it to a state of arousal. This brought further ridicule. One of the guys made that universal small dick sign with his thumb and forefinger, followed by more laughter.

At this point, I could see them start jerking their cocks to erections, possibly to show me how much larger they were from me hard. This had me feverishly jerking. Only my dick was done growing. When they were done, their cocks were easily more than eight inches. This was more than double my erection, now dribbling pre-cum like a broken water fountain. At this point, they walk over and start jerking their meat with their big guns pointing at my small pistol and, within seconds of each other, unload ropes of thick jizz all over my little throbbing dick.

As I’m still jerking my little silver member dick, they push me out of the steam room to make that long walk of shame back to the showers covered in their thick jizz while all the older Asian men stare and laugh.


Another reader is set up by his mean girlfriend…

I’ve been caged on and off and pussy free For the last year (actually, I’ve been pussy free for life) at my girlfriend’s (who we’ll be calling Anne) request because I’m very tiny and she ‘likes me better without a penis.’ To my knowledge (until recently), we were the only people who knew this. I femininely dress because I’m a twink/femboy

About a month ago, Jess was flying back home for a break, and my girlfriend wanted to hang out with her because Jess goes to school in Canada, which is far from our state. She asked if I wanted to go to a party with them later at her college. I agreed because it sounded fun, and we drove up later that week to meet her.

At first, the party was going fine. It was pretty small and just Anne’s friends. But about an hour into the party, Jess walked over to me and talked to me for a bit. It didn’t seem too weird until she yelled, “Oh my God, what’s that?”

She pointed up at the ceiling. I obviously looked up, but when I did, she grabbed my pants and undies and pulled down, exposing my tiny (not even an inch big) pink chastity cage in front of this whole room of girls. I start panicking and try to pull my pants up, but she pushes me back before I can, and I get tabletop’d by Anne.

People noticed this, and after they realized what was happening, they started laughing. My face turned beet red, and I tried to get up, but Jess grabbed my pants from around my ankles and pulled them off before I could. I got up to chase her, but my tiny pink bouncing cage made people laugh harder. Once I did catch up to her, she started playing keep-away with them and passed them to a few people around the room.

I had to get on my hands and knees and beg her to give them back to me, which she agreed to as long as I kissed her shoe in front of everyone, which I did. I had gotten turned on and leaked noticeably by the time I bent down to do it, everybody saw it, and some of the girls snickered when they saw.

After I kissed her shoe, my girlfriend wouldn’t kiss me for the rest of the night and sat in Jess’s lap and made out with her in front of everyone. I just sat in the corner and watched while I rubbed my clit. Jess made eye contact with me for a sec while she gave my girlfriend a hickey and flipped me off. It only turned me on more 😖

Eventually, one of the girls approached me and told me my girlfriend had been talking to Jess about my size and that I was locked in chastity and everything. They had been planning to get pay back on me all semester. Anne got her friends on board but didn’t tell them about the cage, only that I was tiny so that all of them would be genuinely surprised and laugh when they saw it.

After people started going home, Jess and Anne walked up to me and told me that they were gonna sleep over there but that I was allowed to go home and use the vibrator if I wanted, or I could sleep on the floor while they had sex. I chose to stay, but they didn’t even let me watch. I had to keep my head on the wall or the floor the whole time.

I don’t think I’ll ever be viewed the same by anyone there. My girlfriend knows I got turned on by it, too, so she’s been teasing me a lot about it. 😭


Meanwhile, this reader gets accosted at a urinal…

One of the most humiliating SPH experiences was when I was 19 and in my first year of university. I was at a bar with a group of guys I was getting to know. I went to the bathroom, and some drunk guy walked in, stood next to me at the urinals, and started waving his huge cock about. He leaned over, stared at mine, started laughing, then shouted, “Haha, that’s such a small dick! Oi, boys, look at this tiny pecker.”

His two mates suddenly walked over and stood on either side of me, looking at my dick, laughing and shouting things about me having an embarrassingly tiny cock. It was packed in there, and I could hear other guys chuckling about what they were saying. One of the guys whipped out his fat cock and said, “That’s what a real man’s cock looks like, shrimp dick.”

I was so humiliated that it made my dick shrivel even more, making them laugh harder. I finished pissing as quickly as possible and, as I turned to leave, saw that one of the guys I was out with was in there too.

I went to the bar to get a drink, and two guys that had been in there at the same time saw me, pointed and laughed, then gestured maggot dick with their little fingers and turned to speak to other guys around them who laughed too. When I returned to our table, the other guy was already talking, and I could see them all laughing. As I got near, they all looked and stopped, but they still kept shooting each other looks and smirking at each other.

There have been worse experiences of humiliation, but that one got to me the most because of my age and the fact they were guys I barely knew and was starting to make friends with. I was so embarrassed I avoided hanging out with them after that.


While this reader hooks up with an alpha bull for some intense SPH…

This experience happened to me about two years ago and was one of the hottest but most humiliating experiences I’ve ever had, and it profoundly affected me. At first, I kept it secret for months after it happened out of embarrassment but eventually ended up sharing it with some guys online I was chatting to who had huge cocks, and I was seeking SPH from.

They loved it, so gradually, I started talking about it more openly, eventually even admitting it to my one close gay friend. As an aside, telling my gay friend was a huge step because it involved acknowledging my small dick and showing him the proof. He was kind, and that helped. So posting it here is the final cathartic act of getting it out there once and for all, and I’d be interested to know what other guys think about it and who has been through something similar.

I never bother trying to hook up with apps because I rarely get any interest from guys I’m attracted to. But I was having a bout of low self-esteem, coked up and so horny, and yet simultaneously wanting to be rejected to validate my negative feelings. There was this hot, athletic 23yo black guy I was matched with on Grinder. Pretty much immediately, he showed me this dick pic of his huge cock and asked for mine. I immediately felt insecure and said I had a small dick, and he probably wouldn’t be interested.

I told him I was only around two inches soft and a Bronze Member hard. He laughed, said it was small, and asked for a dick pic, which I sent. Then he asked if I was into him. I said yes, but he said he was only up for it if I was into some SPH. I was desperate, coked up, and horny, so I said sure and made my way to his place.

When I got there, he was naked as he answered the door, this six-inch hairy soft cock swinging about and cute, pert arse as he walked down the hallway to the front room. First, he made me strip down and ‘judged’ me. He laughed at my dick and said he couldn’t believe its size. And that he’d never seen a dick that small before and that he was embarrassed for me. He went on criticizing me like that for a while.

Then he took pics of us comparing cocks: soft/soft, soft/hard, hard/soft, and hard/hard. He told me it was hilarious and sent them to some of his football teammates for a laugh. He said everyone knew he had a huge cock, so he didn’t care. He just wanted to show his friends and me how small my dick was compared to his.

To prove it, he showed me their responses, laughing, strings of crying with laughter emojis, and calling it a pathetic little dick. One replied with his dick pic and told him to show me that so I’d seen a proper cock. He let me start tugging on his dick but said he wouldn’t let me suck him off until I stood at the front room window utterly naked with my dick exposed to the street and waited there to be seen by someone. I must have been stood there for ten minutes or so, not allowed to do anything until someone went by.

It was incredibly humiliating because the more embarrassed I felt, the more it made my dick shrivel. I reckon I must have been an inch maximum, and I’d been doing coke, possibly even less.

That’s when this bunch of drunk straight guys walking back from the pub came past. One saw, pointed, and laughed, then told the others to look. They were all laughing hard, and one said, “What the fuck is wrong with you? You should be too ashamed of your pathetic little dick to let anyone see it.”

One of them started filming me on his phone, presumably to show to other guys. Finally, the third one whipped out his huge fat cock, waved it around, and said, “That’s what a real man’s cock looks like.”

They couldn’t stop laughing and joking about it. It must have been at least a few minutes before they got bored and moved on, but it felt like forever to me. The whole time this guy just sat at the back of the room and aggressively stroked his cock as he watched.

He let me do a line of coke off his ten-inch rock-hard cock. Then I start sucking him off at last. He fucking loved it. I give a decent enough blowjob, but probably nothing that special. He was swearing and moaning loudly, and when he climaxed, his legs wouldn’t stop quivering, and he came like a fountain. I like guys cumming in my mouth and face, but he was cumming so much I needed to pull his cock out of my mouth and let him blow the rest of his load in my face and hair because I had a hard time keeping up swallowing. I’ve never taken a load that big before or since.

This is not a fantasy or a story for some specific reaction. It was genuinely, without a doubt, the most demeaning and humiliating experience of my life, and so totally out of character for me to get myself into as a shy and insecure guy. I’ve never felt so small and ridiculed and ashamed. But at the same time, I knew I was somehow getting off on it, and I loved giving up all power and control to him. It turned me on even more, to know that he was getting off on having that power over me too.

After he came, the situation became surreal. We had a cup of tea and a normal conversation for half an hour, like any other couple of guys, before we said thanks, and I went home. It was the best, worst, most intense, and most satisfying experience with another guy. But it’s left me a bit fucked up!

I’m not sure if I’d ever have the mindset to let something like that happen again, but looking back on it, I’m glad I did it. I love online verbal SPH, but that was my one voluntary sexual experience, which confirmed I get off on it.


This reader has some fun at Camp…

I always knew I was below average, but I was always reassured by it. I played rugby in middle and high school, and showers after practice gave me enough experience to know that I was pretty small, at least when compared to the other guys on the team. No one ever teased me about it because that would mean they were looking, and the torment would be unceasing. I mean, of course, everyone was looking. We were all still growing up, and everyone was curious at that age.

I was never apprehensive about it because I was sure that when I met the one, it wouldn’t matter, and we would love each other despite our flaws, faults, and shortcoming. Also, when I was younger, I didn’t understand this. I was turned on by the idea of having a tiny dick. Those feelings would develop later.

Anyway, after my second year of college, I got a job as a camp counselor at a summer camp in the mountains. A camp counselor is an overstatement. They hired me to work at the lake. I maintained the boats, worked as a lifeguard, and taught swimming lessons. That was where I met Melissa or Missy.

Missy was about 5’6”, had sandy blonde hair, and a set of small, soft tits. She was very plain-looking, so most other guys never gave her a second look, preferring the stacked blonde ditzes that worked there to pass around. Missy did, however, have a fantastic personality. She was lovely and warm on the surface.

We both worked on the waterfront; consequently, our cabins were near the lake. Two other staff members- another man and a woman- worked there, but they were rarely found after hours, preferring to go outside and ‘hang out’ until after I went to bed. So, one evening, after dinner, Missy and I were working on restocking the lifeguard stand and one of our safety boats when the subject of skinny-dipping came up. I had never done it before; Missy thought it was the only way to get wet.

“No, it’s almost dark, and we have an early swim class tomorrow,” I told her, not wanting to go. It wasn’t because of the size of my dick or anything. I had never been naked with a girl before and didn’t want her to find out.

“Oh, come on, who cares if it’s almost dark? That means no one will see us,” she argued. “Also, don’t be a pussy.”

And, right on the beach, at sunset, she stripped off her tank top and shorts and shimmied out of her one-piece lifeguard suit. She stared at me with a half grin on her face as I drank her body in. I had seen her in a bathing suit before, so I knew the general shape of her body. I had never seen her naked before. Or any woman in real life, for that matter. As previously stated, she had small soft tits, already beginning to sag a little, despite being 19 and a wild bush, only really trimmed at the edges to keep from poking out of the sides of her suit.

“Now that you’ve seen me naked, you have to get naked. It’s only fair,” she said, with an air of half seriousness.

I could feel my face go red, and my dick got stiff. She was staring at me, waiting. ‘Fuck it,’ I thought and got with stripping.

I took off my shirt and then untied my trunks. I kicked my flip-flops off and then, pretending to be confident, theatrically pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them. I put my hands on my hips and displayed my body for her. I had been swimming, jogging, and dieting all summer, so I was proud of my appearance. Well, except for one tiny part of me.

And that was the part her eyes immediately went to my dick. I could see the disappointment in her eyes. Then the smirk on her lips. She wasn’t saying anything.

“Are you happy now?” I asked, trying to get her to say something.

“Um, yeah. You look, uh, great,” she lied.

“You, too. I like the, ugh, bush. Very, umm, radical,” I replied, trying to sound confident and sophisticated.

“Oh my God, your dick is so small,” she yelled, covering her mouth.

“Uhhh, is it? I think it’s a pretty normal size,” I argued back.

“Let me see, yep, it’s the same size as my pointer finger,” she said, pulling the head and putting her finger next to it.

And then it happened. For the first time in my life, I came with another person. The combination of her mocking my little dick, her nudity, and the minute stimulation of her pulling on the head of my cock was all it took. I shot my load all over her stomach and bush.

Feeling the pulsing of my orgasm, the hot splash of cum, and seeing my eyes roll back, she looked down at her belly and saw the results of my first handjob.

“Holy shit! That was it? That’s all it took? Oh my god, you’re so pathetic.”

Attempting to defend myself, I countered, “Well, your boobs are small.”

“Who cares? Look at that. Jesus, you’re tiny.” My dick was shriveling now that it had released its bounty of jizz. “Wait, it’s getting smaller? Wow. OK, now clean this up, or I’ll tell everyone what you’re working with.”

She took a step back, put her hands on her hips, and gave me the stern face she reserved for unruly kids in swimming lessons.

“What? How do you want me to do that? We don’t have a towel or anything.”

“Use. Your. Mouth. I mean it, all I need to do is tell Kenzie, and everyone here will know that you have a micropenis, and it took no contact, and you came. I could also probably make some other stuff up.”

She would probably do it, too. I couldn’t fight back, either. What would I do, tell everyone that she has small tits? A bush? No one cares about that. Fuck.

I stepped forward and squatted down. I licked the cum off her belly and got as much out of her hair as possible. My cock had betrayed me again, though. Being brow-beaten into serving her like this had gotten me riled up again.

Remember how I said at the beginning that I was turned on by having a tiny dick but couldn’t understand it? I understood now. And so did Missy. We had five more weeks at Camp, and then we would go our separate ways. We were both going to learn a lot.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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