Our Readers SPH Experiences 207

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This Reader is caught in an embarrassing situation…

One year at college, I lived in an apartment-style dorm. I lived on one floor with four different dorms, and we shared one bathroom in the hall. These other three dorms were two women and then one man who was the RA. So I went to take a shower one morning, and I locked my dorm door behind me. As I finished my shower and came out of the bathroom, my towel got stuck on the door and yanked off me. It was stuck in the doorframe, and I couldn’t get it out, and my key was locked in the bathroom.

I was left naked in the hallway, not knowing when someone would come out of their room. I went to my RA’s room and tried knocking to ask for help, but he wasn’t there. Then both girls came out to see what the noise was about, and they saw me standing there with my little one-inch flaccid dick perched on my small testicles, and they laughed very loud. Then they said they’d call maintenance to help me, so they came and saw me naked, laughed too, and helped me in.


Another reader is the biggest of the bunch…

I was at a party with about ten people, about half guys and half girls. So we’re all getting pretty drunk, and the girls decided to go swimming and hang out back. The guys were hanging inside for a while, and we decided that we would all go streaking out in the streets because it’d be funny, and the girls wouldn’t even notice. So we all got naked and laughed because we were all kind of on the small side when soft.

So we left and ran out the front door completely naked. It was fun, but it was a cooler night, so we all got even worse shrinkage. We finally returned to the house, but our hosting friend left his key inside, and the door was locked. The only door unlocked was the back door, where all the girls were. We hid behind his bushes, walked to the backyard, and asked them if they could open the front door.

They asked why we were hiding, and of course, they came to check us out, and they saw we were naked, so they were laughing and pulled us out, and we were all covering up. They said they’d let us back in but only if we dropped our hands. So we did. I looked down, and we were all on the soft side. I got to say I was at the biggest, about two inches soft. My other friend was sadly at maybe one inch, and the others were about one and a half inches. They were all tiny.

The girls cracked up; even worse, they found our clothes inside and hid them. They were having too much fun with this and thought it was hilarious to make fun of us. One of them came up and grabbed mine and said, “Let’s see what this can do,” and started giving me a blowjob in front of everyone.

She told my friends that they should feel so ashamed about their little pinky peenies and see what a real dick is (at this point, I was fully hard, I’m average-size erect). My poor friend got hard, but he was a Gold Member of the small dick club. The girls cracked up at him, and so did the rest of us guys too. The smallest dick we’ve ever seen on a grown man.


Meanwhile, this reader discovers drugs are bad, mmmmmkay…

OK, so my dick is super tiny when flaccid, like an inch or less. It’s even worse when I use booger sugar, it turns inverted, and my balls shrivel inside me. So one night, I was doing the devil’s dandruff, and I needed to use the restroom. Right when I whip it out, my roommates and a couple of my friends come home, along with my crush of three years. Of course, my crush had to use the restroom, and the one time I didn’t lock the door, she opened it and saw me standing there, pushing my little dick out so I could pee.

She laughs and walks out of the bathroom. She knocked several times, but I was so messed up I didn’t hear it. I go back to my bedroom, and I listen to her telling everyone how she almost couldn’t see it, and everyone was laughing.

The following day was the most awkward experience I’ve ever had. Everyone was dead silent and didn’t want to make conversation. I didn’t want to mention it because I knew it would make it more awkward, even though I wanted to explain that I was on blow and my dick shrivels when I do too much, but that would’ve been pathetic.


While this reader loves teasing a small dick beta…

So I was at a party and had to go to the toilet. One of the urinals was already occupied and went to the other. There was a boy I already knew, but not well. Then I try to get my junk out of my pants, but it always takes a while, as my cock is huge and soft. I knew the boy and thought I’d chat with him. He was five seconds earlier at the toilet and had to take his dick out of his pants. While talking, I saw him always looking at me, like, why is it taking so long?

When I had my cock out of my pants and started to pee, he suddenly stopped talking, and he didn’t say much anymore. I looked at him and saw him staring at my cock. I thought about what was going on and looked at his urinal. He had a tiny dick. His dick didn’t even hang over his balls, and he couldn’t pee. I think my dick was four or maybe more times the size of his little dick.

This did give me a little ego boost and gave him an even better look at my big cock. I had a firm and long beam and held it with one hand. Then I shook my cock. I didn’t want to say anything, but I said, “Won’t it work, ‘little’ friend?”

He responded with, “Stagefright, I guess.”

I then walked away.

This boy did have a pretty girlfriend, and she was also at the party. I had also heard that things were not going well between them. I then chatted with his girlfriend and said, “I just talked to him while peeing,” and I started laughing a bit.

Then she also had to laugh a little and roll her eyes. Other than that, I didn’t speak to them again at the party.

I met them at the gym a few days later and chatted with them. I could tell he wasn’t comfortable with it. And that she got a little flirty with me in front of him. They were standing at the let-pull-down, and when I arrived, they were both sitting on a bench. I also wore gray sweatpants that day, and where I have a big bulge in. So when I arrived, they were at eye level with my bulge, and I saw them both looking. Then she just kept looking, and I felt good about that.

So, after the urinal encounter, I encountered them in the gym. I saw them both in the sauna. I first saw her again in the gym. At that moment, I was wearing gray sweatpants and freeballing. I chatted with her again and saw her constantly looking at my bulge/outline. I also talked about talking to her boyfriend at that party while we were peeing next to each other. Then I asked her how she and her boyfriend were doing.

She said, “Things weren’t going so well.”

I said, “That’s too bad for the ‘little’ man.”

Then four days later or so, I went to the sauna on my own. I returned from steaming and went to the pool, where I met them. My softy moves in all directions when I walk, and they immediately look at that. They also saw me, and we had a chat. They immediately looked at my big softy, which was now extra big from steaming. She looked surprised, and I saw that he was also impressed again.

We talked about whether they did it going to the sauna more often or not and if they liked it. Meanwhile, they kept looking at my cock again and again. At one point, I looked at his dick and asked if they had just come out of the ice bath. Of course, I was referring to the fact that he has a tiny dick. Especially compared to mine.

He said, “No, I just got out of the shower.”

I responded with, “Was it a cold shower?”

His girlfriend started laughing. We hadn’t talked further, but I saw her walking a few times more, and she kept looking at me in a certain way. I know we’re going to have sex. But I’m not done teasing the little man yet.


This reader enjoys a day at the spa…

It’s the weekend, and my girlfriend and I decided to go to the spa. Due to the cold weather and the upcoming holidays, we thought relaxing would be good. The spa we visited has a sauna with a few pools and massages. The spa area is separated from the other areas because people are nude and only wear bathrobes between the sauna and the pool/shower.

We got undressed and went with the bathrobes to the sauna area. My dick is relatively small, especially when it’s soft, and even though in the sauna itself it’s pretty hot, my dick still doesn’t grow. Also, the breaks between the saunas, where you take a cold shower or dip in the cold pool, don’t favor my size. Although people don’t stare at you in the sauna and respect everybody’s naked appearance, one still can’t avoid getting a glimpse of other people.

This didn’t happen unnoticed, given that my dick shriveled quickly in the cold water. My girlfriend was with me in the pool and talked to another girl we met there. We swam a bit, and my girlfriend and the girl decided to leave the pool. I went a minute later. As I took the pool ladder to get outside, the two girls stood there, still chatting and grabbing their bathrobes.

The other girl said, “Brr, that was cold.”

My girlfriend looked right down at my ‘package’ and said with a smile: “Yeah, fortunately, it doesn’t do too much to us girls as it does to the guys.”

The other girl followed the glance of my girlfriend and ended as well, looking at my hiding dick. She couldn’t stifle a burst of laughter. “That’s true! Maybe it gets a little bit better when it gets warmer?” she said.

“Unfortunately, not too much,” my girlfriend replied, with both girls laughing.

I looked down, and my dick shrunk to less than an inch. The other girl was pretty hot, which made the situation even more embarrassing. We ended our spa day sometime later and arrived at our flat. My girlfriend asked me if I liked the tease. I did, but I didn’t want to commit to it because it was embarrassing.

I told her, “I think the cold water didn’t do me justice.”

“Oh, come on, honey,” my girlfriend said with a smirk. “Don’t blame the water. I saw a lot of guys at least double your size leaving the cold water compared to your tiny dick in the hot sauna.”

I blushed, and my girlfriend put her hand on my crotch and said, “But it’s OK, honey. I know it turns you on when we girls notice your baby dick. Today we noticed.”

My dick became hard (silver member), and we ended up having sex with my girlfriend using her vibrator when I finished, which is about double my size.


Another reader gets blackout drunk…

I was invited to my friend’s sister’s after-prom party in high school. I had never gotten drunk before, so I didn’t know drinking vodka straight would make me blackout. I have no actual recollection of this story, but I had to be told by other people.

There was a point where I was so far gone that I was unconscious, throwing up all over myself. I was carried to a bathtub and stripped of all my clothes. My friend’s mom was trying to make sure I didn’t die of alcohol poisoning or anything crazy, but there was no way she didn’t see my tiny dick. I was soft so it couldn’t have been bigger than an inch, basically a clit.

My friend’s mom was also this smoking hot Italian MILF, and I had fanaticized fucking her plenty of times. I was told that during this whole process of her trying to help me that I told her I wanted to fuck her. I have no clue how detailed and disgusting I got trying to say this to her, but I still like to use my imagination when thinking about it. All I know is that I did not fuck her. But I love thinking about her touching my naked body while my tiny cock was exposed.


Meanwhile, this reader also has a bad experience because of booze…

OK, so a quick backstory. In 7th grade, a kid in my class pantsed me in front of all the three hottest girls. This was in December in the morning when it was freezing outside. I’m talking to the girls, and he comes up behind me, yanks my sweats (and underwear) down to my ankles, and holds them there for a few seconds.

The girls immediately start laughing and pointing at me. I was 11 years old and was maybe starting puberty. I’m 22 now, and I’m three inches soft and above average hard. But back then, I was perhaps an inch soft. They couldn’t spot the difference between my dick and my balls. For the rest of the two years I was there, they all called me baby dick and would laugh at me nonstop.

So fast forward a few years down the road to when I was 18, and most of the kids from our middle school class were all out at my best friend’s house for a New Year’s Eve party.

As the night went on and everyone was drunk. (Myself heavily included, a nearly full bottle of whiskey) one of the girls who saw my dick when I was pantsed came over to me and started whispering in my ear.

“I’m glad you came tonight. I’ve had such a crush on you for so long, and I want to see if you still have a baby dick.”

I was over it by this point because I knew I had a nice dick from puberty. I immediately took her by the hand and went upstairs to my friend’s room. I start eating her out and notice I’m not getting hard. Fuck. She gets on top of me, pulls my pants down, and starts laughing loudly.

She says, “Wow, you still have the same baby dick I saw when we were younger. That’s so fucking sad.”

I tell her I have ‘whiskey-dick,’ but she doesn’t believe me and keeps laughing while looking at my groin. She also said my balls were bigger than my dick and laughed.

She put on her clothes (I was naked at this point) and started to suck my dick. Nothing is happening. As she wrapped her tongue around my two-inch softie, she reached her right hand to my asshole. She starts to massage my prostate, and I can feel myself about to cum, but I’m still soft. After two minutes of her doing that, I start to cum. She stops sucking right as the cum begins to ooze out of me. She gave me a ruined orgasm, spat on my dick, and told me how pathetic I was. She also told me that maybe I can only cum from anal and that she wants to start pegging me.

She was so drunk that she passed out with her clothes on in the room. I put my clothes on and went downstairs as if nothing had happened.

The next day she said she couldn’t remember what happened last night. I told her neither could I. Haven’t spoken since.


While this reader has an SPH experience with his wife…

It’s been a while since my wife has given me any, so I jumped in the shower with her. I asked if we could have sex quickly, and she responded, “This isn’t as big as our old house, so you can’t sit down.”

I said, “It’s OK, Babe. We can stand and do it face to face.”

“Well, I can’t feel you that way, so no.”

I asked, “How about if I bend you over, and you can feel it then. You love it that way,” as I make out with her.

“No, there’s not enough room for me to bend over far enough to make it feel OK,” she said. “You can have a quick handjob. Thirty seconds max, or I stop.”

“OK fine. I’m sure I’ll last a lot longer, though.”

“Yeah, OK.” She laughed.

She started rubbing me, and I asked, “Can you please use two hands?”

“How?” she quickly asked.

“You know, like two hands on him. Rubbing him up and down.”

This is probably the first time she legitimately laughed hard and said, “Babe, I can’t. There’s no place to put the second one. Just one covers your entire dick and then some.”

“OK, love. That’s fine. Just do it normally.”

“Yeah, you said you like with when I only use two of my fingers. Don’t know why you think two of my hands would work.”

She stroked me for another 10 seconds, and I came hard.

“Oh look, you could shoot some cum on the wall instead of just leaking out,” she said.

“Yeah, because it was amazing, love. Thank you.”

She got out, and I finished my shower.


This reader also finds a night on the booze has unexpected consequences…

I was staying at a hotel for a few nights while on vacation. I got pretty drunk with friends one night, returned to the room, and just crashed. I slept so well that night. It was amazing. But then I suddenly woke up to the sound of my room being cleaned. I looked up and saw the housekeeping lady dusting the shelves. She looked at me, laughed a bit, and said, “Sorry, I’m on a tight schedule to clean these rooms.”

I didn’t know why she laughed until I looked down and realized I was completely naked, and my tiny little two-inch shrimp dick was utterly exposed. I must’ve taken my clothes off during the night, and they were scattered all over the room. I got up to go to the bathroom and at least get a towel, but she left my room door wide open, and like three women passed and saw me standing naked and also got a crack out of it.

I closed the door and saw no towels in my bathroom because she hadn’t replaced them yet. I covered my tiny privates and tried finding pants or underwear but couldn’t find them. The maid said she had them and threw them to me, so I uncovered my dick to catch them, and that was her plan because she kept laughing at it when I showed it to her again. It wasn’t very comfortable.


Another reader has a condom conundrum…

I happen to have an extremely below-average dick. It’s a micropenis in terms of length and width. So I decided to try the smallest size condom offered by trojan one day to see how I sized up. It did not go well. The condom was too long and loose on me to the point that it was ready to fall off. I did my research and found a company called ‘Myone’ that made custom-fit condoms, particularly custom for smaller guys like me. The site had me enter my length and girth, and they suggested a condom code of e55. I googled that condom out of curiosity, and it turns out it is the smallest condom made currently.

I ordered it to prove I’m not as small as I may think. Oh, boy, was I wrong. Not only was the girth perfect for me, but the condom still was a little too long for me. It looks more like one of those blue rubber finger covers you see in hospitals than an actual condom, but it was the best fit I’ve ever had out of a condom. While I was happy I found a properly fitting condom, I was also pretty embarrassed to realize the smallest condom made to date still was a bit big in length for my gold member dick.

I’m not sure why I even bothered to spend the money on condoms when I never needed to use one. The moral of the story is if you think you are as tiny as me and need something to embarrass you even further, try the Myone e55 or whatever the new code is. If it fits, you have a micropenis like me.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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