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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader runs into an old teacher’s crush…

When I was 19 and had left education, I bumped into my old teacher. She was beautiful. For the sake of anonymity, I’ll call her Miss Summer. She was in her 30s.

I often went to this gym, which had a mixed changing room area, but each area had its cubicle too. So you could be in a cubicle next to any gender.

I showered in the guy’s showering room and walked towards the changing cubicles with a towel around my waist and my small bag of showering stuff like soap etc. And I saw Miss Summer. Everyone had a crush on her. She was blonde, curvy, and had an ass to die for. She was still in her bikini, and I had to do my best not to get excited.

She was polite and said hey and asked me how I was doing, but I think she noticed how uncomfortable I was being damn near naked next to her. I’m an awkward geek, pale, skinny-fat, and I easily blush. She went to walk past me, but there wasn’t much room, and as she did, she bumped into me, and I let go of my towel. It fell.

I was still wet from the shower, and my tiny two-inch soft willy was in full view. She gasped and covered her mouth, giggling. This all happened BEFORE I found out I liked SPH, so I was so embarrassed. I stuttered a sorry and bent over to pick up my towel, but I didn’t think that through as I gave her a clear view of my pale butt.

She laughed and eventually said, “I guess the showers in there have run out of hot water?’ While looking directly at my tiny package.

It was so embarrassing then, but now I look back and love it!


Another reader had the perfect girlfriend in college…

During my second year of college, I was hanging out with this girl I was really crazy about. At that time in my life, I was self-conscious about the size of my penis. I avoided a lot of sexual encounters for fear of being ridiculed, and I needed to trust someone before I would take my clothes off.

Eventually, after flirting for the entire first year, it was finally happening, and she was in bed with me. My heart was beating out of my chest as we started to take each other’s clothes off. When she saw my little silver member’s erection for the first time, I could see the shock on her face, and it looked like she was holding back a laugh, but as she put me in her mouth, I forgot about it.

She stayed in my bed that night, and I found out in the morning that she had pulled my covers off and taken a picture of me completely nude with my tiny one-inch limp penis. When she told me, she said it was the smallest she had ever seen, and she couldn’t even feel it inside her. She said that she would post it on the campus groups so none of the other girls would have to go through that awkward sexual experience with me as she did.

I begged her not to, trying not to humiliate myself more by crying in front of her. I remember how cruel her smile was. She made me get out from under the covers and stand naked in front of her while she looked at my little flaccid penis. She mocked me and started playing with it while teasing me. I got hard. She took more pictures and then kept stroking me.

Eventually, I told her I was going to cum. She stroked my shaft a few more times and then took her hand away, but I was already past the point of no return, and I shot four ropes of cum all over the floor without being touched. It was the least satisfying feeling in my life, ejaculating like that without the sexual stimulation giving me a real orgasm. That was my first ‘ruined orgasm,’ something I had never heard of, but she knew all about it.

She said she wouldn’t show anyone the pictures as long as I let her tease and humiliate me whenever she wanted. She told me that a little dick guy like me didn’t deserve the same kind of sex that an average guy did. For the entire school year, I did not have one single real orgasm. She ordered a cage for me on amazon and made me wear it every day so I couldn’t masturbate. The only time I could cum was when she jerked me off and ruined my orgasm every time.

She did all sorts of cruel things. Sometimes she would edge me for days or weeks and leave me with blue balls. Sometimes she would have a girlfriend or two over to watch one of my humiliating jerk sessions. They would always giggle at me while she made of my little penis. Sometimes she would find a willing guy, always with a thick impressive cock, to fuck her while she made me watch. I had to lick her pussy clean right after he came inside. He was still in the room, shaking his head and laughing while he got dressed.

At the end of the school year, she told me she had had fun and finally set me free. She posted all pictures anyway and made sure the entire campus saw them.


Meanwhile, this reader is teased by a buddy…

We hadn’t seen each other in a while, but Tom invited me to play basketball and swim in his pool afterward. Sweet. I agreed. I wore athletic shorts for basketball (in hindsight, they were pretty short/revealing), and I brought an old pair of swim trunks for later (the trunks are way too small for me now)

No SPH comments at basketball, but it started when we got back to his house to change. I show him the old swim trunks I brought, and immediately he says, “I bet those would fit me fine.”
I’m relieved to hear that cause now I won’t be stuck with the small swim trunks! Right in front of me, Tom took off his shorts and underwear. His cock is still huge, at least six inches soft. He put on the old swim trunks. They did fit him perfectly. If anything, the crotch of the suit was a little too small because his bulge was massive.

I’ve decided to go in the pool with my athletic shorts (I took off my underwear, which was dumb in hindsight, but I did). We jumped in once very quickly and then got back out. Right before we jump in again, Tom gives me a look up and down, smirks, and says: “Little cold?” and then laughs.

It was the middle of summer, and I’m an idiot, so I completely missed that he was making fun of my dick to my face. I replied, “No, I’m warm like it’s a hot day, man. The pool felt pretty warm, too.”

He continued laughing and then jumped in. Right after he jumps in, I look down and notice my little guy must’ve been an inch Just resting on my balls and pointing straight out. My small penis was very visible in these shorts, especially when wet.

That’s the biggest SPH moment, but Tom would make little comments while we were swimming, like, “You’ve gotten pretty big since I’ve seen you last. Sadly, you still have your little acorn.”


While this reader’s first experience wasn’t too bad…

When I was about 21, I broke up with my old high school girlfriend and lived a single life for a while. Most of the single life for me was internet porn and video games on a lonely Friday night. I did this exclusively for about six months until my buddy from work had a birthday party at the bar. I went and drank and chatted and met this girl Rachel who had also recently broken up with her boyfriend of a few years. She was a year younger than me but much more sexual when we texted than I was.

She always initiated the sexy talk. At this point, I had watched enough internet porn to have stumbled onto cuckold porn. I saw guys with dicks about the same size as mine get humiliated for being tiny down there. I convinced myself that it was just a porn thing since they had other guys with nine-inch dicks then a normal-sized one would look small.

Then I saw pretty much the same thing in amateur cuck porn. Finally, I measured and googled. I realized that I was a silver member of The Small Dick Club hard, and when soft, I was less than two inches. When everything went well, that is, if I was sitting or cold, my softee was usually inside my body, and I was left with nothing but a smooth shrunken coin purse.

Over text, Rachel told me that she didn’t have a size preference and had been with guys on both sides of the spectrum. I never told her I was small, but I was reassured. I even convinced myself she wouldn’t notice how small I was. I was wrong.

She came over. We made out for a bit and did some heavy petting. Eventually, I got her shirt and bra off to reveal her great D cups. I suckled on them and nibbled them as I undid her pants. They came down, and her panties followed, showing a bald thing of beauty. I immediately worked a finger onto her clit as she came over to kneel between my legs on the couch.

She told me how great it felt, but she wanted to suck my dick. So she pulled my pants and boxers down to show my chubbed dick. Luckily it wasn’t hiding inside me as I expected, but it still didn’t look impressive by any means. Her first words. And I mean, immediately after I sat down, “YOU HAVE THE CUTEST LITTLE BALLS,” and she put my whole 2 inches in her mouth.

Now, as she tried to give me a blowjob, I could feel her laughing on my tiny member, which I could also feel hardening and growing inside her. I told her I was getting close, which made her smile as she got on top of me for one up-down before I spilled my seed.

“Oh, man. I hope your little guy is ready to go again soon. I got all riled up, haha. It’s okay. I get it. Smaller ones usually don’t last long.”

And then she kissed me, and we talked with her straddling me for 30 minutes before trying again.


This reader is caught short in the comparison…

We were feeling frisky in the hot tub in our backyard on a Saturday. I took my swimsuit off so my fiancé could give me a handjob below the bubbles. I was close to cumming when she got a text. She checked her phone and told me her best friend Tammie was bringing her new boyfriend over for drinks and fun. My fiancé replied to Tammie that they could join us in the hot tub if they felt so inclined.

I had blue balls. I wanted to cum but didn’t want to get stuck without my trunks in case they joined us. I voiced my concerns, but my fiancé said they wouldn’t notice as she turned the bubbles up. Relaxing in hot water and the underwater handjob had me in bliss.

We heard the car drive up, and 2 minutes later, Tammie came out to hand my fiancé a drink. They started talking. Tammie told us about her new boyfriend, who was black. He went to the same high school as all of them. AND Apparently, he had an enormous penis. My erection got super hard when she said this, but my chances of cumming seemed low because my fiancé’s handjob turned into a half-effort finger job. She wasn’t even paying attention to me anymore. They were talking about her boyfriend, John’s colossal cock, among other things. She seemed invested in that conversation.

Eventually, Tammie went inside. My handjob had ended, but I stayed hard because of my cock ring. I was also thinking about John’s huge cock. My fiancé was busy drinking her Smirnoff red, white, and blue when suddenly, Tammie and John came out of the house towards the hot tub BUTT ASS NAKED. Tammie is obviously drunk, shaking her butt and yelling, “Skinny dipping! Whoooo!”

Tammie had a nice shaved pussy. John’s cock is swaying from side to side, and my fiancé is transfixed on it. I thought he must be half erect for it to be that big. My fiancé takes off her top, and the other two walk into the hot tub. Tammie says to me, “this is my boyfriend, John.”

He was standing in the tub, so I stood up to shake his hand, but that’s when it all started to happen. Everyone’s eyes shot to John’s and my cocks. I forgot about my boner, first of all. Second of all, his half-chub was bigger than my hard cock.

My fiancé whispers something to Tammie. Then Tammie says to her boyfriend, “Babe, can you not make him(Me) feel so threatened? Calm down with that massive thing.”

“I’m not even doing anything. This is how it normally looks. I think we all know he—well, no offense, man, but you’re probably hard, I’m guessing? And your thing is still shorter than me, but I’m soft. That’s ridiculous.”

The girls both laughed. I almost laughed, but then I said, “What the fuck, man?”

“Relax, I’m only joking, my friend.”

He slaps me gently on the back, and as he does this, his cock swings while mine is just poking out in front of me. Come to think of it. The whole situation was pretty funny.


Another reader has a great night on a cruise…

I went on a cruise, and after about four days, I got to know a group of people doing the same things as each other. Most people were the nightclub people and basketball and stuff like that. I had gotten to know these two guys. (Both are tall, probably around 6’4, black, and pretty lean). Each night I’d dance with a few girls. I’m a good dancer and can talk through things, so I’m still confident despite being fat. I even got twerked on a handful of times, and I managed to stay soft each time. That was until the last night, which was night five.

I’m walking to the bar, and a guy who’s drunk out of his mind says, “Hey, you wanna get twerked on.”

I was baffled for a second and was like uhhhh. And he tells a girl sitting to twerk on me. She looks at me, down and up, sighs, and rolls her eyes. I was a little turned on by that and got a little hard. She started to twerk, and it was the best yet. She was making moves on my dick I had never even seen before. It felt too good, and I couldn’t help but get a raging boner in my sweatpants, so it was very feelable. I’m a gold member, hard, yeah, a micropenis. She kept pushing hard and smacking her butt against my pants. After about a minute, all her friends and other girls are hyping her and recording.

She stopped and stood up. I was wearing a Hoodie and managed to hide my tiny boner. She turns around and looks down, and back up. She smiled and then lifted my Hoodie. Everyone is still recording and watching, and about ten girls, including the girl that twerked on me, start laughing and pointing.

The girl says, “So that’s why I couldn’t feel your dick.”

Another girl fell to the ground. She was laughing so hard. I just stood there red face not knowing what to do. A few girls walk away except her two friends.

One says, “Your dick isn’t even a shrimp dick. It looks like a big clit.”

I said, “I know,” and quickly hid it and went to leave.

Before I do, the drunk guy says, “Hey, are you a virgin?”

I said, “Yeah.”

He says, “Stay here.”

He goes to the three girls, one being a huge booty black girl who twerked on me, a Latina with a medium booty and medium tits, then a mixed girl who was pretty petite. My two friends walked over, and they were saying some things like at least you had a baddie twerk on you. The guy comes back after a min and says, “How would you three like to come back to our room?”

We all said yeah, and we went, the seven of us.

We get to her room, and she tells me to get naked first. I do, and everyone is just laughing and calling me names. She leans into my ear and says, “Wanna get cucked? If not, leave. If you stay, I’m gonna treat you like the bitch you are.”

I said, “I’ll stay,” she immediately hit my balls, and I fell to the ground.

She says, “Stay on the ground and watch, bitchboy.”

All six get naked, and the three girls put their panties in my mouth. They fuck for about thirty minutes, and then one girl says, “Come here white clit.” I stand up and walk to her. She then says, “Compare your junk.”

I’m still rock hard, but not even half the guy’s cock, and he’s way thicker. She laughs and has the others compare. One guy was around six inches, and the other nine. They go back to fucking. The Latina girl says, “I’ll let you jerk off, little boy.”

I only lasted about twenty seconds and burst all over the bed, and some hit her boobs. She then says, “Lick it up,” and I hesitate. I’d never actually tasted it. She grabs my hair, pulls me down, and screams, “Lick it now, bitch.”

I cleaned it all and even got to lick her tits. I told her I’d never touched boobs like that before. She gets up and says, “Yeah, I think you’ve had too much fun.”

She grabs my clothes and throws them in the hall, then she and the guy push me out, and she punches my balls before closing the door. I looked around and quickly got dressed. I returned to my room fast and jerked off probably ten times to what had just happened. I still can’t believe what happened and still jerk off to the idea all the time. I’d pay so much to get to do it again.


Meanwhile, this reader is exposed on a group trip…

Last month, my wife and I went along with two other couples on a trip up northern Pennsylvania to view the autumn leaves. We stayed at a hotel for two nights. We were exhausted the first night and went to our rooms after dinner. Our rooms were connected: John and his wife on our left, and Rich and his wife on our right. We were in the middle suite.

I told my wife I was going to take a shower. She said she would be in the living room. As I was drying off, I heard a commotion in the living room. I thought it was the TV she was watching. So, completely naked, I casually walked out of our bedroom into the living room. To my surprise, the couples and my wife were drinking in front of the TV. I froze as all five heads turned toward me, looking me up and down.

The women chuckled.

Joan said, “Oh, you are right. He is small”.

My wife said, “come here, honey. I want them to see what little I have been putting up with for the first few years.”

The first few years, meaning she decided to make me her cuck. She sounded pretty drunk. I walked over, and she grabbed my gold member dick and held it up for all to examine.

“Wasn’t I right? Tell me I was right.”

They all shook their heads and laughed.

My wife said, “Honey, how big do you think Rich and John’s cock is?’

I shrugged.

My wife said, “Rich is 7 inches hard, and John is over 8 inches. How do you measure when you are hard, honey?”

The humiliation was making me hard.

She said, “Oh look, girls, there it is, fully erect. Look, it’s not even bigger than my pinky,” as she put it next to my dick.

Even the guys were laughing.

After drinking until midnight, I thought everyone would forget the following day, but they didn’t. We went to breakfast and saw Joan, Sue, and their husbands at the table. The ladies waved their fingers at us while nudging their husbands, making them wave.

John leaned over to me and said, “My five-year-old boy has a bigger one than you.”

Loud enough for everyone to chuckle.

The six of us are going away for thanksgiving to a resort with a total group spa. I’m sure there will be more humiliation.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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