Our Readers SPH Experiences 199

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got pantsed…

This is one of the few times I had serious, genuine SPH. It’s one of the experiences I still fall back on as it was an absolute knife to the side.

In high school, I had two male friends with whom I drank almost every weekend. We would chill in the basement of one of their places and try and polish off a handle of Captain and Orange Juice while playing video games. It was always a good time. One of them is still my best friend to this day, whom I’ll call Marcus, and the other was my friend Ty.

I was standing up, focusing hard on a MegaMan level, and Marcus decided it would be funny to pants me and my basketball shorts. Well, I was focused. He grabbed it, yanked it down, and caught my boxers. Leaving my one-inch flaccid dick to point forward. Marcus was laughing and smiling about having pantsed me, and his response felt like guys having fun. He’s even been supportive of my genital dysphoria over the years.

On the other hand, TY had a serious look and a slight devilish smirk. With a voice drenched in superiority said, “Aww, that’s a cute little dick, isn’t it?”

The words cut into me hard. There was genuine cruelty in the way he said it at that moment. It was as if he had an unspoken dislike of me and just got one over me forever.

Later, I discovered that was true as we both slept with a girl I was convinced was my soul mate. He relished sharing the details about that conquest.


Another reader has an encounter with a female coworker he can’t forget…

I’ve known and fetishized my small size for years, but one girl solidified it forever. I’m going to refer to her as Sarah for this story. Sarah was my coworker’s girlfriend(weird, I know). I’ll call him Bryce.

I met her when I went for drinks with coworkers after work. She is a blonde bombshell, and Bryce is a tall, handsome guy, so it makes sense. Incredible body and smile, slightly taller than me, maybe 5’9. Just wow. And we hit it off, just a friendly conversation about a few things happening around the city, sports, etc. We only really talked as a group, but we dominated the conversation.

A few weeks later, Bryce had a party, but the thing is, nobody came but me and one guy, and Sarah. We just played some drinking games at his apartment. Got tipsy and had fun. She was wearing this tight, low-cut top and little shorts and knew what she was doing to us bending over to pick up ping pong balls and shit.

Eventually, Bryce goes to his bedroom ensuite to pee, and we find him ten minutes later crashed on his bed and passed out. The other guy hits the couch and is snoring in like thirty seconds. He’s cool with Bryce, so he’s just staying there. I’m like, all right Sarah, fun night, good to see you again, yada whatever, I’m leaving. She hugged me, which surprised me, but we were drunk.

I’m halfway out the door when I know it’s going to take me thirty minutes to get home on the train and pee, so I turn around and go into the hallway bathroom. The mirror is on the wall to the right, with the toilet on the right side just past it. It puts you on display to anyone who might open the door. I think you see what’s coming. Sarah opens the door and gets a full and clear view of my flaccid penis while I’m peeing, two inches soft.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry! My toothbrush is in this bathroom,” she said.

This piss feels too good, and I’m too drunk to stop or hide anything. But this is the part that drives me nuts to this day. She doesn’t close the door or look away, gives me a full look in the mirror, fully opens the door, and walks in to grab her toothbrush.

The toothbrush is on the shelf, eye level in front of me, over the toilet. She puts her hand on my shoulder and grabs the toothbrush while standing beside me, almost pressed against me.

“Sorry, I’m so drunk I feel like I’m gonna fall over,” and she giggles, then the laugh goes on for a few more seconds.

I look over at her, and she has this smirk on her face looking right at me, hand on my shoulder. I finish peeing, the splashing stops, and she looks straight down at my dick, which is now starting to get hard in my hand. (I’m a low-end bronze member hard.)

“Well, I’m gonna go sleep with Bryce,” she said and left.

I leave to go home to jerk off. Only worked that job a few more months and saw her one more time, she never mentioned or alluded to this at all, but it’s all I could think about.


Meanwhile, this reader couldn’t compete with the big boys…

I was cuckolded in my first-ever sexual experience. I was a teenager, and some friends and I were at a girl’s house. She was known as a local slut. Lots of guys had fooled around and gotten blowjobs from her etc.

Two brothers I hung around with had a reputation for being extremely endowed. They were a little older than me. Rumors were the older one had a ten-inch cock, and the younger one was eight inches. We were drinking and smoking a bit, and they started getting the local slut to fool around with them, one brother was getting a blowjob, and the other was getting a handjob. Blankets covered them so that we couldn’t see each other.

They urged me to get in on the action. I wanted to seem cool and got under the blanket by the girl’s free hand to fit in. She started to fumble with my soft little penis. When hard, I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club. It was the first time a girl had touched me there, so I came in a minute or two.

After that, my cummy little penis went soft in her hand, and I just stayed there as she tried in vain to make it hard again. I didn’t get out from under the blanket as I didn’t want everyone to know I came so fast. My anxiety kicked in, and I couldn’t get hard again for my life. My dick shriveled to just a few inches and was covered in cum. She played with my soft penis while the horse-hung brothers were still going strong.

One of them laughed and asked how I was doing, to which I replied, “I was just getting started.”

She hummed, “Nnn. Mmm. (her mouth was full) Like no, he isn’t.”

Everyone laughed.

As I lay there with a soft, shriveled penis in her hand, I pictured the contrast against the giant cocks in her other hand and throat. It was pretty humiliating.


While this reader doesn’t inspire his wife anymore…

I was brushing my teeth half-naked in the bedroom ensuite, wearing an XL shirt and nothing on the bottom to let my little guy breathe and be free after a day of work.

“Jeez, most guys have their cocks hanging past the bottom of their t-shirts, but I can’t even see yours even if I try to look,” my wife says as she shows me a photo she just took.

I closed the door to get some privacy.

“You close the door as if I’m going to see anything. You’re just that small, honey.”

Embarrassed, I quickly finished brushing as I stroked my dick to make it look bigger. I opened the door to save face.

“Oh, honey, you’re a little too late. I’m not in the mood anymore. Tomorrow maybe?”

I just reluctantly said okay.

I waited until she was asleep to get a hold of her phone so I could delete my candid photo. As I unlocked it, the first opened window was from her watching porn hours ago. I browsed through all five vids of just men with massive cocks fucking. I realized why she wasn’t in the mood because she had already masturbated (I encouraged her to do more of it). I then quietly looked at her dildo drawer and found her eight-inch king cock was slimy and wet.

I jerked myself off to sleep that night, thinking about how she cucked me with a toy.


This reader was so scared he became impotent around girls…

One of the cutest girls in high school, a beautiful short blond with decent-sized tits, had a crush on me. She was super cute and very sought-after by the guys. She was hot. We ended up fooling around after a house party, and by now, I had extreme anxiety and a performance complex.

My dick is a Bronze Member when hard. The overwhelming anxiety caused my dick to shrivel to like an inch soft. It was frigid and lifeless. She touched it and played with it. Nothing could overcome my mental anxiety, and it never got hard.

The feeling of this fine babe holding my tiny soft penis between her thumb and pointer finger while fighting back a big grin was too much to bear.

Waves of horror and humiliation reverberated through my body for not being enough of a stud to get hard for this fine girl, and for having this impossibly tiny and lifeless nub exposed, and all the ramifications that would come with it (she will tell people, be forced to find a more sexually capable guy, etc.).

This happened to me with multiple girls. Some of whom were some of the hottest girls in the school. My sexual reputation was that of a dud as they, of course, told lots of people.

The first girl became my girlfriend several years later, but I could never make her cum via vaginal intercourse. Situations like this have led to my SPH/cuckolding fetish. How could it not?


Another reader is exposed to his friends…

Back in high school, I knew I was on the small side but thought I was probably overreacting. I was in pretty good shape, so I considered myself desirable. After a basketball game, I went back to my house with my two friends (let’s say, Tom and Mark). They showered and changed first, so I told them to go downstairs while I showered.

I got out of the shower with my towel around my waist and went to my bedroom, where my clothes were. Of course, I find them hanging around there playing some Nintendo games. I asked them to leave, and immediately they started teasing me about being a prude. I play it off and ask them to give me some privacy. Mark gets up to leave, and just as he is passing me by grabs my towel and rips it off.

I froze for a second before I covered myself with my hand and grabbed a pillow to cover myself. Tom is roaring on the bed, laughing, calling me the one-inch wonder. I tried to say it was a cold shower, but they could see how steamy it was.

I was so embarrassed. The worst part was that they told the team I never showered with everyone after practice because I was ‘still developing down there.’


Meanwhile, this reader realizes that fantasy and reality are very different…

When I was in college, my friend Sarah discovered I had a small penis. She was very sex-positive and open about her sexuality, and she had a way of making everyone feel comfortable, even if they were shy. One day, we were chatting about sex, and the issue of dick size came up. I ended up just blurting out how small I was. She told me she was not surprised, that I gave off ‘little guy’ energy (I’m also very short at 5’4″) but that having a tiny one would not prevent me from having a healthy, fulfilling sex life with the right person. She was charming and non-judgy about it, even after I confessed that sometimes I was aroused by teasing about my size.

Several months later, Sarah told me she had started making some amateur porn videos. She was trying out different stuff to see what she liked and would be popular: some solo play, some JOI, and even a couple of intimate videos with her boyfriend, Brandon. She came to me because she was thinking about doing some humiliation videos and wondered if I would be interested in co-starring in a few.

Honestly, I got very excited about this. I was still a virgin with basically no real-life experience, and I also liked the idea of being humiliated, especially in a somewhat safe environment. So I told her yes, I would love to, and we scheduled a day when I’d come over to her apartment.

The plan was to shoot about five or six videos, about five to ten minutes each, in one day and post them online and see what kind of traction they got. Her roommate Brooke would be there to operate the camera, and Brandon would be in a couple of videos themed around cuckolding.

I was very nervous and excited. The day of, I arrived. Everyone was ready to go. I was told not to do much: Sarah was the show’s real star. I just needed to sit there naked, tugging myself a little and looking humiliated while she teased me. We discussed some vague ideas ahead of time but agreed to improvise a little.

I stood in front of the camera and got naked for the first time, which was terrifying and exhilarating. Sarah started by wearing sexy lingerie. The camera was filming before I realized it, and Sarah began going off.

It became a blur, but she started making fun of how small and short I was, calling me a beta boy and a virgin. Brooke pushed in close with the camera while Sarah held her pinky next to my penis. While she had always been sweet, encouraging, and open-minded about sex, she became a different person for the videos: vicious and smirking, committing to her role and attempting to dismantle my masculinity completely. Before the first video was even done, I had gone completely limp. I felt beyond emasculated, like nothing I could have imagined.

This feeling got even WORSE when Brandon joined in. Brandon was much taller, he was pretty lean (he was on the swim team), and he had a long skinny cock. The thing is, Brandon was not even necessarily the fittest or best-looking dude. He was pretty average all around but easily surpassed me in every category.

I had agreed to do these videos, and I thought I could not only handle them, but I’d enjoy them. But the humiliation was so real and so raw. It was a visceral experience to be so close to actual sex, especially when Sarah finally got completely naked, but to still be denied it so forcefully. Sarah reminded me constantly that I could “only look, not touch.”

The last couple of videos we did were full-on cuck videos. I held Sarah’s hair while she sucked on his cock, and I sat beside the bed, watching when he finally fucked her. I can still remember how bad my face was burning when I felt Brooke turn the camera to me while I watched, naked and limp on the floor.

Afterward, Sarah told me that she wouldn’t publish the videos without my consent and that I should think about it for a few days. I think she could tell it was more than I bargained for. A couple of days later, I asked her not to put them online; to my knowledge, she never did.

I realized that day that I couldn’t handle real humiliation like that, although I still like it in porn. But sometimes, when I’m looking for videos late at night, a part of me wishes I’d stumble upon those videos and relive that crushing, terrifying, and exhilarating experience.


While this reader also had a towel incident…

So I’m M22, and I live with three women in a house share. They’re all around my age. We’re all good friends, and I thought they were all together for a relaxing day.

I had a shower after a run, and as I went downstairs in a towel to get my drink, I noticed they were all there and politely said, “Hey,” and then went to leave.

But as I did, my towel fell! They all burst out laughing and covered their eyes, but they’d already seen my lack of a package, and one of them said, “Anyone got a magnifying glass?”

That caused them to laugh even harder. I went to leave quickly with my towel not entirely around me (my bottom fully out as I just wanted to leave), but they thought I was gone and laughed again, saying, “Look at his skinny white ass!”

I’m never walking around in a towel again.


This reader is good with balloons…

When I was younger (before puberty), I enjoyed humping my pillow. This was my very first kind of masturbation. Cumming felt so overwhelming that I used to cum into the pillow, which was a problem, so I wanted to use condoms. I stole some from my Dad and tried them, but they were far too big and wide. So I tried balloons, and they fit perfectly. I put them on when I was soft, and when I got hard, they only got stretched slightly to the sides. The length was more than enough. Recently I saw these balloons again and just saw how small they are. And well, they still fit because I haven’t grown much.


Another reader gets pantsed at a party…

I’m a virgin beta who loves being humiliated for my tiny dick. One night I was at a party with a group of friends. It was more of a small gathering than a big party. It was my friend group (about ten guys) and another friend group of about eight girls. We were all drinking and having a good time, and we were all starting to get very drunk. I was forced to tell a story about hooking up with a girl during a drinking game. Much to my embarrassment, I did not have one, so it came out that I was a virgin. Everyone was laughing and giving me sad ‘Awwws.’

Later, one of my friends decided it would be funny to pants me, but he screwed up and took down my boxers with the pants. Everyone there saw my little one-inch soft dick, and they all had good laughs about it.

I heard one girl yell, “HA, it’s tiny!”

Anyway, they’re all super lovely, and I played it off very well with some self-deprecating humor, and all was good. Looking back, though, it was one of the most brutal nights of my life, and they all now know I’m a beta deep down.


Meanwhile, this reader is setting up a date for SPH…

I’m in my senior year but recently turned eighteen. I worked in my town’s Mcdonald’s but quit during football season. I still go back to mess around with my friends who work there. A new chick (I think about twenty years old) started there, and she is a whore and a half. I’m planning on meeting up with her later this week for her to prove to me her head game is as good as she says.

She asked to see what she would be working with, but I told her, “It’s a surprise. But that I’m cut and probably the biggest you’ve ever had.”

She told me, “My ex-boyfriend was eight inches.”

I said, “I beat that easily.”

I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club hard. So this should be good. This is how you get good SPH.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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