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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader finds the woman of his dreams…

I finally opened up to my fiancé about my desire to be submissive to her a couple of months ago. She loved the idea, as she is naturally dominant and bossy. She was excited and happy. She told me she was lucky to find a guy who is submissive and agrees to let her lead. More recently, I have opened up about my SPH fetish. At first, she was a bit nervous about hurting my feelings, but she is very sexual, and teasing comes naturally to her. Within a couple of days, she was already driving me crazy. We have been having so much fun and taking it even further. She has been driving me crazy with how horny she is making me.

We are going to buy a big dildo and a chastity cage soon. She told me that she is glad we aren’t pretending to fit into a traditional relationship mold anymore. She was recently visiting with her cousin and girlfriends. My fiancé and her friends/family are all from the Philippines. Her cousin asked if I had a big dick since I’m a foreigner, among other things. She says she chucked as she told them that I am submissive to her, I have a tiny cock, and I like to be teased about it. Her cousin and friend laughed and made jokes but said she was lucky to have a submissive husband. She has been saying things such as, “Are you in? I can’t feel it.”

The other night right before she was about to cum she moaned loudly, “I don’t want your tiny cock. I want a big dildo!”

And it pushed us both over the edge.


Another reader is enjoying his fiance’s dirty talk…

Tonight my fiancé and I were doing the dirty deed. I had my new cock ring on, and we were making out and touching each other down there. After I fingered her and she gave me a two-minute handjob, she whispered in my ear, “Grow for me,” all sexy-like.

I didn’t know how to tell her I was fully erect, so I just stupidly said, “It IS full grown.”

Then she whispered, “Are you ready?”

As she guided my cock into her lubed-up pussy. I plunged into her, and for the first time, I felt like I was not touching her walls and completely swimming in her Pussy. (She recently had a child). I was thrusting in and out, and she said, “That feels so good,” but I knew it was a lie, and she couldn’t feel me.

So I told her she was tight, which was also a lie. She then said something she NEVER said: “Fill me up,” while I was already giving her all my dick pumping in and out.

I COULDN’T fill her up anymore.

The humiliation from tonight started with my flaccid cock looking practically like an innie when I first got out of the shower. She asked, “Why is it hiding?”

I tried to play it cool and said, “Oh, I didn’t realize it was that small.”

She said, “It’s not small. It’s nonexistent.”

I fondly think about these three moments with pride about my small dick.


Meanwhile, this reader gets the chance of a lifetime…

Way back in the day, long before OnlyFans, Pornhub, etc. I met a guy in a chatroom. Yes, a chatroom. He and his wife wanted to start a website featuring pictures and videos of his wife and their sexual adventures. His problem was that he didn’t have any money, he didn’t have video equipment or even a digital camera, and he had zero computer or coding skills. He had an amazingly sexy wife who was also surprisingly kinky! Since I did have much of what he lacked, I started chatting with him. Frequently. Turns out, they lived about 30 minutes away from me, and after a few weeks of chatting online, one Saturday afternoon, he asked if I’d be willing to bring my camera over and take some pictures of his wife. After a little nervous thought, I said I’d be happy to.

That evening, I arrived, and he said, “Follow me. My wife is in the shower.”

So, being the guest, I follow him into the bathroom, and he pulls the curtain back and introduces me to his beautiful and very naked wife, Loni. Being somewhat nervous and having not known what to expect, and completely out of my element, I reach out and shake her hand and introduce myself. Over the next few years, Loni and I would become great friends and would frequently share a laugh about how we first met and what a dork I was at that moment.

Her husband, Don, then asks if I can get some pictures of her showering. So, 45 seconds after I meet her, I’m standing, fully dressed in the back of the shower, trying to keep my camera from getting wet while taking pictures of her lathering herself up. It sounds cool now, but I wondered what I got myself into then. After the shower, she dries off, and we move to the living room and begin shooting pictures of a bunch of poses he wants her to do. She didn’t seem comfortable, the poses were all awkward, and I’m looking at the pictures, and they are not doing justice to how sexy she is. This isn’t working. So, I suggest we have a drink or 5! I hadn’t thought to bring any booze; they only had a couple of beers, so I said I’d buy them and asked where I should go in their town. Loni says she’ll show me and throws on a pair of shorts and a top, grabs the two beers out of their fridge, and off we go in my truck with her giving directions.

She tells me to turn here and there and gives me a tour of their little town, and I realize she probably isn’t guiding me directly to the store, which makes me think she isn’t in a hurry to get back to posing for pictures. I do my best to apologize for the strange introduction and for the fact that i’m not a very good director for the photo shoot. She says it’s not me. It’s just that Don has all these ideas of what he wants and makes everything weird. We drove around for the next 20 minutes, finished the two beers, and had a wonderful conversation. I also began to get an idea of what she found hot. At the liquor store, I had her pick out what she liked and then noticed the store had a smut magazine rack in the back, so I asked if she liked porn, and she said, “duh!”. I grabbed a few raunchier-looking magazines, paid, and we headed back.

Don was pretty irked that it took us so long, but Loni said we had to wait on two trains, and he calmed down and wanted to start working on his list of poses again. I could feel the mood going south instantly, so I asked him if we could try a couple of ideas I had first. He reluctantly agreed and kind of went and stood in a corner, brooding a little bit. I asked Loni to sit in her favorite chair, mixed her a drink, handed her the magazines, and asked her to pick one that interested her and relax as if nobody was around. She begins looking at the pictures, sipping her drink, and I quietly take pictures. After a few minutes, I asked her if the porn turned her on, and she said it did. So I suggested it would be really hot to see her touching herself. Before long, she was naked again, fingering herself and playing with her nipples, and was getting into it.

When her drink was gone, I handed her the camera to look at the pictures and mixed another drink. When I returned, she was sitting on Don’s lap, and they were looking at them together while he was fingering her pussy and rubbing his crotch. I asked if they liked the pictures or wanted to keep going or call it a night. Don whispers in her ear, and she asks if I would be ok taking pictures of them together. I said I’d give it a shot if they were ok with it.

I put an empty memory card in the camera, and we move into their bedroom. I start taking pictures as they stand there making out, and she works her way down to her knees, undoes his pants, and pulls out his dick. Dick? Did I say dick? No, no, no, I have a dick. What she pulled out of his pants was a cock. No, it was a COCK! It was huge! Porn star HUGE! This thing was 8-9 inches long and very thick! It was instantly rock hard and had veins running here and there. Even though I was dressed, I was immediately embarrassed and felt Inferior. And instantly wanted another drink or 3.

For the next 30 minutes and drank and filled the memory card with pictures of Loni stroking, sucking, sixty-nining, and riding on Don’s ‘cockzilla.’ It took me a while to get out of my head and start making suggestions for what they should do, etc. But we got some amazingly hot pictures! Until I was down to only about ten pics worth of space on the last memory card, I’d brought with me. I asked if they had any memory cards, which they didn’t, or if there was anything else they wanted before I started transferring the pictures to their computer. I’d forgotten to bring a card reader, so I’d have to use the camera to transfer the pics, and my last battery was going about dead as well.

At this point, Don whispers into Loni’s ear, and she smiles and shakes her head up and down to indicate she likes what he says. I give them a ‘what?’ expression, and Don says, “We want some threesome pictures. Something like her holding a cock in each hand or maybe getting spit-roasted.

I said, “OK. It’s getting kinda late. Do you have another guy close by?”

Loni says, “Not really, but you’re here.”

Um. Ah. SHIT! OK, remember I thought having a drink or five was a great idea? Well, it wasn’t! I searched my booze-addled brain for a good excuse and could only come up with, “Yeah, I’m more of a behind-the-camera kind of guy.”

Don replied, “Come on, you can do both!”

Then Loni hits me with her beautiful, sexy eyes and this slutty, playful voice that pries at my soul, “Please?”

Blink, blink, googly eyes.

Argh! Then the clincher was Capt. Morgan whispered in my other ear, ‘You pussy, you know your want her! Just do it!’

They get off the bed, and Don stands next to me, and Loni gets down on her knees and sucks his big cock while I try to get undressed as slowly as humanly possible. Finally, I’m standing there naked, looking through the viewfinder and taking three pictures. One: Loni, with both hands wrapped around Don’s cock with the rest of it in her mouth with my little semi-erect penis only inches away. Two: Loni’s hand wrapped around my now fully hard dick, completely obscuring all but the very tip, while she still had the head of Don’s cock in her mouth. Three: Loni with one hand wrapped around the base on Don’s COCK, holding my little silver member hard dick between two fingers and her thumb, as she looks up at the camera with the cutest little giggle/smile on her sexy face.

And then the camera battery goes dead. Thank god!!

It was an extraordinarily emasculating and humiliating experience! I quickly got dressed, got my camera plugged into its electric cord, hooked to their computer, and began uploading the pictures. They stayed naked, and we scanned through the images while uploading. I was so wholly humiliated that I just wanted to leave. But eventually, it dawned on me that despite my embarrassment, I had a raging hard-on through the whole process. Then to add yet more red to my face, when those last three pictures came on screen, I involuntarily came in my pants! Jeesh!

Now, I had always known that I was a member of the small dick club. In high school, a girl I had hooked up with told a bunch of her friends that I had a little thumb dick. I had always been thoroughly embarrassed and shied away from being exposed. But at that moment, holding the camera, digitally documenting my inadequacy, my brain took my biggest fear, fetishized it, and turned it into my biggest turn-on! The direction of my sexual life would be changed. I would become a cuckold and a devoted sub in an FLR and could not be happier!

As I said, Loni and I would become best friends, and over the next few years, I would take thousands of pictures and dozens of hours of video of them living out the sexual adventures. Including a gangbang she had with Don and two hung black guys. However, they would never again ask me to join the naked fun.


While this reader reflects that he was a cuck before he even realized what that was…

So, years ago, I had a friendship with this girl I used to date way the fuck back (I never had sex with her, though she would never let me, always made one excuse or the other). She was my first girlfriend and my first real sweetheart. One day, the girl was extra-horny, and she did a sexting session with me, sending me nudes, and I sent dick pics to her, jerking off, etc. But at the end of the session, she said, “I can’t do this anymore. I’ve had sex with many guys to see your dick as anything even remotely good enough for me. You’re just too small and embarrassing to look at, sorry. Should’ve had a bigger cock. I’m done with you.”

That crushed my heart, yet my dick was as hard as it could be. She then blocked me from all social networks and never spoke to me again.

A while later, I learned she was in a relationship with another guy (she always told me she would never date a guy again). I remember she told me about her sexual experiences, how she loved having her pussy filled to the brim with cum and hitting the cock deep inside her, the balls slapping at her pussy, making her moan and scream like crazy. I, of course, never had the opportunity to do that. Looking back then, I was already well on the path to being a cuck, just didn’t realize it yet.


This reader gets put back in his place…

So my wife walks in on me as I stare into our bedroom’s full-length mirror. It was undeniable what I was doing. I admired the bulge I had going on in my underpants before I put on a pair of shorts. My wife asked, “Are you trying to make your bulge look bigger? You know, your small dicklette ain’t gonna get any bigger!”

“It looks sexy this way,” I replied.

She approaches me and kisses me on the lips. Soon after, she grabs my underwear and pulls it. She glimpsed at my small soft dicklette and said, “Look how sad and tiny it is.” She then puts her hand in my briefs, pinches my dick, and tucks it in to flatten it. “There! we look like we both have the same crotch.” She has a very plump pussy herself. “I’m headed for work! Don’t touch it,” she said as she walked away.

And just like to obediently little dick dude I am, I didn’t. I went to the gym with my crotch looking as flat as a bench press bench.


Another reader is patronized by a date…

I’m seeing this girl who is way out of my league. We’re hanging out at a park, and she’s facing me on my lap. She’s far from my crotch at this moment, so she doesn’t notice how turned I am just to be so close to her. Things escalate a bit, and we start kissing. She ends up much closer to my crotch. I feel her rub up against me, hard as can be, and then she pulls back.

She’s much more experienced than me, and I think that and how small I am confused her a bit. ‘He can’t be that hard already,’ and ‘That was so small, it couldn’t be his dick,’ are what I imagine she thought as she pulled back.

She looks at my crotch and asks, “What’s that?”

I kind of feel shamed at being so hard at this point, so I try to laugh it off, but as I do, she realizes she did just feel my dick, and I AM that hard, and I am THAT small.

I see so much range in her face in just a few seconds. She’s shocked, she’s amused, she’s disappointed.

She looks me dead, smiles, says, “Awwww, baby dick,” and proceeds to pat my boner as you do to a child’s head.


Meanwhile, this reader learns the truth after 18 years of marriage…

My wife (F39) and I (M41) have had pretty adventurous sex in the 18 years we have been together. The frequency of sex has diminished considerably, but we’ve started to embrace more kinks, which has kept things interesting. Cut to a party for our 15th wedding anniversary. We had a backyard BBQ and pool party with almost all of our original wedding party. Many drunken hours in, one of the bridesmaids said to my wife, “You know what I still have after all these years? That video we made of you at the bachelorette party playing drunken truth or dare. I brought it!”

My wife instantly looked like she saw a ghost. I asked her what was wrong. She said the video was silly and embarrassing and would rather not watch it.

I said, “Oh, come on, it will be fun!”

My wife sort of turned angry and said, “No! We’re not watching it. Please stop.”

I dropped it. A bit later, I approached the bridesmaid and quietly asked if my wife had done something terrible on the tape that would upset me all these years later.

The bridesmaid said, “Well, that depends. I think she is so upset about a part where she talks about your sex life back then. Probably just didn’t want things to get too racy at the party.”

After the party was over and everyone had left, I reminded my wife of the video again. I said she told me. I understand.

My wife had a look like she was going to cry. “I’m so sorry. I should never have said that. I would never mean to hurt you. I’m so sorry.”

I was so confused. “Why would talking about our sex life hurt me? What is going on?”

My wife: because of that part where I said you have the smallest dick I’d ever seen.

After my wife revealed she had told her bridal party during her bachelorette, on video, that I had the small dick she had ever seen, I was shocked.

I had never thought much about my penis size before, or at least never thought of myself as small. I had been known to sleep with many girls in college (probably 30+).

So here I was, over 40 years old, learning from my wife of 15 years for the first time that she once said out loud to a room full of her girlfriends that I had the smallest dick she had ever seen.

I had so many questions!

“Why did you say that?” I asked

“I don’t want to talk about it, OK?” She replied.

“Well, I do! I feel like this is kind of big news.” I said. “Do I have the smallest cock you’ve ever seen?”

“Please, I don’t want to talk about this,” my wife said.

“Can you just answer that question? Was that true what you said? I want to know.”

“Yes. It’s true.”

“Wow, have you ever said that again to anyone?” I asked

“No,” she replied.

“What made you decide to say it then?” I asked.

My wife said, “I can’t remember exactly what the truth or dare was. It was so long ago, but the question I feel was, ‘Truth: Rate him in bed because you’re only getting one dick for the rest of life?’ And I replied, ‘He’s pretty good considering he has the smallest dick I’ve seen.’ I remember everyone in the room screaming, and someone said, ‘Quick, turn off the camera.’”

I then asked my wife a bunch more questions. I was equally nervous, and a little turned on as the conversation with my wife continued; we probably talked for 45 minutes.

I asked her if she had ever thought about my dick size other than that video.

She said yes, not a lot or anything, but sometimes she thinks about it.

Of course, I asked when.

She said, “I think about it when we have sex in positions other than missionary or cowgirl. In those other positions, I just don’t get the stimulation I need from you, and while it’s been so long since I’ve been with another man, I do remember liking doggy style and getting spooned from behind once upon a time, but you just aren’t built for that. I also think about your size sometimes when you ask for handjobs. Your size becomes noticeable because so much of you gets covered up by just one of my hands.”

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