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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This female reader tells us her experience with a small dick…

It was the smallest penis I had ever seen. I fought back my amazement, hoping he didn’t notice. I didn’t know what to do; I was frozen in place, shocked at something so small when the rest of him was so chunky.

I sat there speechless, looking at his tiny penis. Maybe it wasn’t hard yet? But I didn’t think that was possible because he had previously been kissing me and fondling my breasts under my shirt before pulling it off me and removing my bra. He had to be hard after sucking my nipples and licking every inch of my breasts. I guess this was all he had. I’ve heard of guys with tiny dicks, but I never thought it was true.

I was face to face with one now and still not moving. I was eager to get his shorts off and see what he had. I was looking forward to sucking a healthy cock, to feeling the throbbing vein-lined shaft and sizeable bulbous head in my mouth. Wet with anticipation, wondering if I would be able to swallow most of him, but now seeing it, I could swallow him without a second thought.

In my head, I was freaking out. ‘Your dick is tiny. What the hell?’ I knew I couldn’t just sit there and stare, so I moved my hand forward and cupped his small testicles, which matched his small penis. It was so strange that his little boner was sticking straight up only two inches if that was smaller in diameter than my ring finger! I put my thumb and index finger on the small shaft. It felt like a little plaything instead of a man’s cock. Stroking it up and down almost made me laugh again, but it was covered up with his moan. I couldn’t believe I was using a thumb and finger to stroke him off when I usually use two hands or at least all my fingers and thumb.

I wondered if he even knew how small he was compared to average men. I kept up the ruse, acting like nothing was wrong and never letting on how small I thought he was. I went so far as to drop my head and take him into my mouth with ease. I completely let go with my hand, gripping his narrow shaft between my lips and sucking up and down the entire length like sucking my little finger off. It was pathetic, but what else could I do? He liked my sucking and swallowing his dick, putting his hands on my head, and helping me move two inches.

Since it was so easy and never started to make my mouth sore, I had him on the verge of climax very rapidly. Unfortunately, he stopped me before he ejaculated. I guess he wanted to have sex. I wondered if it was even possible with something so small, especially if I would feel anything.

When he laid down on me after removing the rest of my clothes, I knew I would have to fake everything. Not only an orgasm but any pleasure, for that matter. I was used to five to eight-inch cocks, and wide ones. Cocks filled me up and took my breath away when they entered the first time. Cocks that pounded deep and spread me wide. I could hardly feel anything. There was no depth of penetration, no feeling of fullness, or my lips spreading open and clinging to the hot shaft. I got more pleasure with my fingers than his small cock gave me. His thrusts were tiny, and I could feel his body hitting mine and slightly annoyed, like an itch in my pussy. I wondered if he was getting any friction from it, or was I just too wide and worn in for him to have pleasure? I guess he was because he moaned and exclaimed how good it felt while fondling my breasts, which was the only pleasure I was getting from it. I figured I’d put in a few moans, urge him on and act like I was cumming when he was. Girls can fake much easier than guys. We don’t have to ejaculate or anything.

The problem was, he decided he wanted to try all sorts of different positions, from doggy style to me on top and then modified missionary when my legs were up over my head. Nothing felt any better, especially with me on top. I kept going too high, and he’d fall out, and I wouldn’t be able to tell until he said something or tried to get it back in. I finally feigned being tired so he would change again even though I was far from tired. I usually love riding a large cock, bending it where I want it, and driving down hard over and over. This one wasn’t worth the time.

It was hard to stay in the moment. My mind kept wandering away from sex, going as far as thinking about work tomorrow or what was on TV at home. I was bored, his penis was doing nothing for me, and there is only so much breast play a girl can take before it becomes lame. Finally, after doggy and me on top, he bent me over on my back and stood over me, driving his tiny penis in as deep as it would go. I almost suggested he stick it in my ass so I could feel something, but I held my tongue. He was working hard, and generally, if a guy were thrusting as hard as he was with an average dick, it would have been heaven, making me cum at least two times by now, but I wasn’t even close.

Sweat was dripping from his forehead, and his body was shiny with sweat. I urged him on, going as far as telling him to fuck me harder and faster to get him to cum already. Seeing he was getting close, I figured I’d get some pleasure out of it and began to play with my clitoris, hoping to have a small orgasm, so this wasn’t a complete waste of time. Seeing me playing with myself pushed him over the limit because he said he would cum seconds later.

I felt his load ooze into my pussy, dripping deeper than his penis ever did. He cursed and shook, holding his small penis inside me while it convulsed. I pretended I was cumming, screaming, and shaking until he backed away. He had a little semen dripping down his narrow shaft. The odd difference between the rest of him and that small penis was something I knew I could never get used to it.

Hugs to all, Tracey


Another reader’s girlfriend is coming out with the smack talk…

For the 4th of July weekend, my girlfriend and I went to a nearby lake to have a cookout with friends. We arrived a day early (lousy communication), and we decided to have fun. We went swimming in the lake and had a lovely time. While I was changing, she said, “It looks like a newborn’s. You really are a shrimp.”

I laughed, and she grabbed it we kissed. We went to a local restaurant to grab dinner, and around 10 pm, we decided to go skinny dipping. While stripping down, she told me, “Now the fishes get to see your little man.”

We were swimming in the pool for a while, and while playing with a beach ball, she grabbed my little man and told me, “You really must be cold in here if it becomes that small.”

We both took a shower and went to sleep. The rest of the trip was full of small(pun intended) jabs at me, and we did end up having a good time. I love this girl and have many stories of situations where she gets me off on my fetish.


Meanwhile, this reader doesn’t like the comparison…

While staying a few days in the hospital during the fall, I needed assistance going to pee. The nurse in charge of me wanted assistance, so she paged the desk for some help, and two younger girls came in.

The old nurse decided it might be a good teaching experience, so she walked through what to do for one of the two younger girls. The nurses in training couldn’t be older than 21. Well, I had to go bad, and when they uncovered me without realizing it, I shot urine straight up in the air.

The older nurse quickly reached, pointed my penis down, and said, “Remember, just like when you are with babies, if you don’t have a handle on it, the little penis will curl up and shoot all over.”

I probably turned two shades of red.


While this reader hits the jackpot when he’s honest with his girlfriend…

My dick is small. Over the years, my partner has figured out that my dick is smaller than average and has made subtle comments mocking my little dick. After all the feedback to my post about enjoying her subtle SPH and how much her words turn me on, I decided to open up to her a little more about my SPH fetish.

So last night, during sex, which always starts with me getting her off with either my hand or mouth (rarely both) because my little dick doesn’t do the job (I’m a fast cummer, too), she made one of her subtle comments about not stretching her pussy out too much, or she won’t be able to feel me. Right then, while I was still fingering her, I decided it was a good time to tell her how horny it makes me when she comments about my little dick.

I thought she was upset at first because she grabbed my hand so I’d hold still in her pussy and asked me what exactly I meant by that. I told her it was hot when she made fun of my little dick. Her little comments turn me on, and I’d like her to do more if she’s comfortable. It was like a switch flipped in her, telling me to get between her legs and eat her pussy while I stretched it out. After two orgasms on my face and hand for her, she told me she wanted it doggy style to see if my little dick would even still stay in her pussy.

It did, barely, but that was all I needed for one of the best orgasms of my life. When we got cleaned up and cuddled afterward, we talked about SPH some more, and both decided we needed to keep exploring our boundaries. Excited to see what those boundaries might be.


This reader’s wife is honest with her husband…

The other night, I sat on the couch with my wife and asked for a handjob. She told me 30 seconds starting now. So I got naked, and she started stroking me. About 15 seconds in, I asked her to use two hands. “How?” she asked.

“Just put them on top of him,” I begged.

“Ya, I get that, but how? It won’t work, love. Your dick doesn’t even go past one hand. It’s only a two-finger stroker.”

“Please, just rub the head,” I begged again.

“Fine, but it’s just too small for a proper handjob,” she said as she used her two fingers and then rubbed the top of my head with her index finger.

Seeing this, I came almost instantly all over her hand. I usually don’t shoot my load as it’s more of a dribble out, so it got all over her hand, which she wasn’t too happy about.


Another reader goes skinny dipping at a festival…

So my girlfriend was at a festival with some friends and their partners last weekend. We had fun, drank a bit and so on. We had our ‘camp’ near a small lake where we could swim. When it was late, we sat together enjoying a few beers and decided to take a refreshment at the lake. As we headed there, my girlfriend asked the group why we did not go skinny dipping as the festival was dark and nudity wasn’t unusual. I turned red as I knew what my girlfriend was aiming to do.

I don’t know how it is with you guys, but when I drink, my dick tends to shrink a bit, even though it is warm. The others liked the idea of skinny dipping and started to undress. I couldn’t pull back as this would have brought up questions. I decided to quickly undress and then head straight to the water, which I did. When we were in the water, I could enjoy it and have fun, but I always had in mind how to get out without anyone noticing my small package. I decided to go first, so they see my back and get quickly back into my boxers. I implemented my plan and headed out of the water first.

But when I wanted to grab my boxers, I couldn’t find them. My girlfriend followed me out of them and said: “Oh, you looking for your boxers? I put them right next to my clothes over there.”

She pointed to our clothes which were right under a lantern. Getting there would have meant losing the coverage of the dark and people seeing my cock. I tried slowly getting to my clothes while the others left the lake. One of the others asked me why the hurry. I looked behind me and saw him coming out of the water, and his dick was soft bigger than mine hard, and mine did shrink due to the water and the beer.

When I was about to grab my boxers, the others came closer, and I couldn’t prevent them from seeing my dick. One of the girls said with a grin, “The water wasn’t that cold!”

My girlfriend jokingly said, “Don’t blame the water for this!”

The other girl said, “There are growers and showers,” pointing at us guys.

We all dressed up again and went to our tents. My girlfriend whispered in our tent, ” You’re neither a shower nor a grower. Your dick stays tiny.”

As I got hard, she started to jerk me off (we had a tent for us alone). She just said, grinning, “You’re welcome.”


Meanwhile, this reader has an ‘Is it in yet?” moment…

There’s a fairly standard routine to our Sex Sessions these days, but Sunday night was a bit different. It’s often suggested that Mrs. G wake me up when she turns in an hour or two later; this time, she did. I vaguely heard the shower run; the next I knew, she’s flopped on the bed.

Slightly Tipsy from the wines earlier, she boldly stated, “Where’s my buzzing thing? I need an orgasm”.

I reached to the drawer and passed her ‘Womaniser,’ which she promptly worked into the right place on her clit.

“Get your little dick out,” she demanded. “I want to watch you wack your little dick.”

Sitting against the bed head, I kneaded away at my soft dick until it became hard, and its tip could poke out the end of my hand. Barely a few minutes in, her eyes closed, and a few moments later, she drew the deep vocal breath that indicated her orgasm was about to roll in. Right then, I ripped the ‘Womaniser’ away.

“What are you doing? You made me lose it.”

I told her I wanted to stick my little dick in, slid under her left leg, wrapped my legs around her right, and pushed my dick hallway inside. I gave her some short strokes before returning her clit sucking vibe to her hand and pulled my glans back, so it just rested at the entrance.

She had it back in place in a moment, and within a minute, that about to cum breath was drawn in. Then it was on.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck,” she let out.

With that, I plunged as much as I could of my silver member dick into her cunt, able to only use about half of its length in the position we were in. With the short, shallow strokes I could manage in that position, I pumped away as hard as possible. That’s where her vocals got even better,

“Push it in. Push it in. Put your dick in. Push it in. I want it in now.”

All while I was already in there and pumping away.

“It’s not in. Get your dick in while I’m cumming. Get it in before I finish.”

The usual minute rolled before her orgasm leveled out while I pumped away with the short, shallow strokes.

As she settled, she said, “You should have put your dick in me while I was cumming”.

My answer was simple. “I did. It’s still in there.”

Sex usually involves some deliberate SPH on her part after she’s already orgasmed once or twice before my little dick goes into her cunt. But this was a completely different case the normal.

In this instance, when her orgasm hit her hard, the power of it coming from her clit was so intense that she didn’t feel my cock go in at all. I was in there maybe two inches at best, pumping away for all I was worth. All this while she genuinely thought I was still poking to find the spot.

Probably the most intense and True SPH I’ve had to date. I sat back against the bed head again, beating away furiously as the numbing spray wore off.

A few minutes in, she went to her regular role to get me off, resorting to her familiar words guaranteed to make me cum.

“Wack that little dick. Beat that little dick faster. Look at that little dick with its shiny head poking out your hand.”

With that, I erupted two feet in the air, five or six shots of cum falling to my stomach and chest.

Then she makes her usual closing comment.

“Good job, little dick. Well Done”.


While this reader finds a chapter dedicated to his tiny dick…

Recently I (28m) got an email from my ex-girlfriend (25) with the subject line: “I did it thanks to you!” The email had an attachment. The attachment was a manuscript. The manuscript was an autobiography written by my ex-girlfriend. The autobiography’s title instantly took me back to when my ex-girlfriend and I were still dating.

I was sexually inexperienced in those days, whereas my ex-girlfriend had more than enough sexual experience. We enjoyed talking about past relationships and what sex was like. It was never a thing in our relationship. Just casual conversation. My ex-girlfriend had more stories to tell, which were entertaining. I remember joking about how she should someday write a book. We laughed and made love, and a few months later, our relationship ended. It was sad, but alas, life continued.

We’re now back in the present. I finished reading the manuscript an hour ago. There were 72 chapters. Each chapter was about a person my ex-girlfriend had known sexually. No real names were mentioned. Only character labels. Like The Surfer, The Biker, The Jock, The Older Man, etc. I remembered some of the stories and “characters” based on the details my ex-girlfriend shared with me during our relationship. Others were new. But new or not, it was fun to read until I made it to Chapter 39. My chapter. ‘The Turtle.’

Keep in mind that all the sexual partners my ex-girlfriend mentioned in her manuscript had something specific about them that made the sex memorable for her. For example, The Surfer always smelled like the ocean, which never failed to turn her on. The Biker had gang tattoos from the neck down, but the one tattoo that always made her rip his clothes off was his pet hamster tattoo. Then there was me. A guy who couldn’t swim, let alone surf, had no tattoos, and with practically zero sexual experience at the time. What was so memorable about me?

According to my chapter, the answer was my ‘adorably small penis.’ My ex-girlfriend described how she had almost forgotten what it felt like NOT to choke during oral before she met me. She compared my penis to the head of a baby turtle, thus my chapter and character name. Based on what I was reading, not only did I have the smallest penis compared to all the other people she’s dated, but I also had the only penis that somehow managed to look ‘too innocent’ for sex.

It didn’t come across as if my ex-girlfriend was purposefully trying to insult me, but I think most people can understand what a sensitive topic penis size can be to any guy who’s not hung like a horse. I still need to contact my ex-girlfriend and provide feedback, but I need time to process what I read. It’s not every day someone writes a book about your small dick. Welcome back, insecurities I didn’t think I would have at this age.

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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