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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader enjoys being cucked by his girlfriend…

Years ago, I had a girlfriend who turned out to be a big cock slut. We were living together, and I was always very jealous, probably because I was insecure. I was always worried she would think my dick was small (Bronze Member Hard). Anyway, this guy was part of a group of friends we were hanging out with one night at a bar. I got jealous because he was flirting with my girl all night, and she was going along with it. I snapped when they started dancing, and she was grinding hard against him. We ended up fighting outside. He beat me pretty badly. Fast forward a few days, I saw my girlfriend’s phone in my car. I guess she dropped it at some point. I looked through my girl’s phone (I was even more insecure at this point) and found pictures of her with the most enormous cock I had ever seen.

It was crazy. I was fuming mad but also super horny. I ended up jerking off to the picture and, after I cooled down, decided I would confront her. I came home early, but my heart sank when I walked in the door. I could hear her moaning loud and knew what was up. I walked down the hall and saw them inside our bedroom. He was on his back on the bed, and she was on top of him, facing the door, although she didn’t see me yet. Again, I got just an insane mix of anger/jealousy and sexually aroused. I knew why I was mad, but the sight of her big tits bouncing up and down while she had her eyes closed and just fucked herself on his cock was too hot not to get hard. I don’t know how long I stood there just watching, but eventually, she saw me and gasped.

The guy she was on top of turned his head, and my stomach turned for the second time when I realized it was the guy from the bar I had fought with the other day. He looked worried for a second, but then, after realizing who I was, I guess, just smiled and looked back at my girl. She didn’t know what to do. She had slowed down her bouncing but was still grinding her hips on his cock. When her shock of seeing me wore off, she decided she should probably stop. My girlfriend started to lift herself off this guy’s giant cock, and my mouth just fell open, seeing how big it was. It seemed to take minutes for her to pull herself off him, but at least it was over. Or so I thought.

Just as she got to the end and this nightmare was going to be over, I saw the hesitation on her face. She looked up at me, opened her mouth in shock, and then got an evil little smile. I realized that she had just seen my dick. I was rock hard and had a slight bulge against my pants, betraying how hot I thought the whole scene was. She looked up at me, bit her bottom lip, whimpered, “Sorry,” then dropped her pussy back down on his giant fucking cock.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she came right after that. After that, they just kept fucking. He got off on the fact that I was right there, and my girlfriend ignored me. I left after a time. My girlfriend later apologized (kind of) and told me it was just because he was SO much bigger than me. Since then, I have been obsessed with girls going after big cock and trying to incorporate it into my dirty talk during sex. It’s always met with positive feedback (sometimes TOO positive) and may have gotten some of my girlfriends TOO curious about big cock, but I can’t help myself. Anyway, thought I would share since I love your website so much.


Another reader gets an SPH handjob from his wife…

So this happened a few nights ago and has been the best SPH I have ever received from my wife! Sorry for the long read, but I started as a lurker on this website years ago, but when I confessed my interest in SPH with my very understanding wife, my stories have grown from there, and I never thought I’d be posting a true story like this.

My wife had a doctor’s appointment that involved a quick check below. When she came home, she told me she was too stretched and sore for sex but would give me a handjob. She was all business for the handjob, more so than usual. She lay me on the bed and yanked my boxes down. Then she sat straddled across my legs beside my two-inch soft cock. She grabbed it with two fingers and started frantically jerking up and down without pulling the foreskin back over the head.

From the way my legs were pulled tight together from her sitting across them, my erection looked so small that it even surprised me. It barely made silver member status. She noticed and laughed at it. I love SPH from my wife because it’s someone I love, but when she’s facing me, and I can see her as she’s talking to me, it makes it humiliating and hot.

She told me that she had to strip off everything from the waist down in the doctor’s and lay on the bed with her legs up. She usually has a female doctor but was shocked when the door opened, and she heard a male voice but couldn’t do anything with how vulnerable she was. She said the doctor stood between her legs and poured lube on his glove fingers. He gently inserted his fingers to get her ready for the larger tool he needed to use but told her that she was extremely tight (which is very accurate!)

He asked her how she could be so tight if she were married, and she told me she outed me to him and explained that her husband had a tiny penis while she slowly glanced down at mine with a smirk. She said he asked me into the room and got me to show him at this point. She whipped mine out, and she said it was as small and faded as it usually is but with embarrassment, it’s shrunk more, so probably about an inch and a half. They both had a good laugh at it.

She said she started to stroke us both to get us hard and showed me his size compared to mine with her hands. Mine only needed two fingers, and she looked down at what she was currently doing to me. She couldn’t wrap her hand around his; it was twice my size. She stroked up past my tip by about 4 inches and back to the base without her hand touching mine.

I was already hard, but that had me throbbing! She also went back to stroking mine with two fingers while pretending to jerk his with the other hand. The sight of her jerking my cock and an imaginary, much bigger one was starting to be too much for me. I was getting close.

She said when we were both nice and hard, the doctor told her he wanted to stick it in to show her what a real cock feels like. She said she asked me, and I was that embarrassed and humiliated that all I could do was mumble yes and let him, so she lay back down on the bed, and he pushed it in.

She used words like stretched and filled. The part that sent me over the edge was when she said he was fucking her on the table, and I was standing at the side of the bed watching while she jerked me off with two fingers. This was the part I exploded, too, and will jerk off to for a long time.


Meanwhile, this readers wife loves to tease…

My wife calls me, among other things, ‘Little clit dick.’ She says my little knob is so tiny it’s a clit. She also calls me pussy dick because I get so wet with pre-cum. She unzips me, pulls my foreskin back, and tickles my little wet knob as she tells me about her plans for her next date. I cum in my pants, and she zips me back up.


While this reader chats online with a wife whose husband is tiny like him…

I had someone reply to a chat request. And not to say, “I only chat on OF.” It was unexpected. I could tell she was up for some fun.

In my chat request, I told it as it is: “I loved your photo, and it turned me on. I don’t want to bullshit you. I am just a little cuck. It turns me on to talk to a woman about what a naughty little boy I am”.

The chat request came back weeks later. It was a delightful surprise. We chatted for a while, and it was some excellent banter. I wanted to talk to an older woman married to a man with a little pecker like me. I could tell her about my experiences and see if she could imagine herself in my wife’s shoes! She was younger than me and single but had a few drinks and was great to talk to.

After a while, she asked about my tiny pee-pee’s size, and I sent a photo with a thumbs up. And my thumb was closer to the camera, and it’s much bigger anyway, but it looked massive compared to my little shriveled shrimp.

She said she laughed so hard she had tears. She said my thumb was much bigger than my tiny dick! I told her all my nicknames, and she found that entertaining. I told her I was a grower. That’s why he looked so shriveled from one inch soft to Bronze Member hard dick.

I told her how I was teased in the changing rooms at school. She said she wanted to give me a big hug! So nice. I agreed that kids could be cruel, but I was the smallest, and the water was cold! I told her what the other boys did and said. We had a good laugh.

I told her the history of how I began to enjoy the teasing. I told her about my first girlfriend, her reaction, and some embarrassing public experiences. Again, I made them as humorous as possible.

We had many discussions, and she was genuinely interested in how I had fantasized about being cucked. I answered her questions about how I did not satisfy my wife and how I tried to make up for it. I also explained how I hinted at my liking for SPH to my wife. Then how I encouraged her to flirt with other men, what she would say to them in my presence to embarrass me, and our role-playing fun. Our nude beach experience made her laugh. All the while, she joined in with her own SPH comments.

We got into all the details! I told her about our first two bulls and the anticipation that went with it. This turned her on, and I admit I had a rock little hard stiffy. I told her at the start how much it turned me on.

I told her when I took the selfie with my thumbs up. My ‘little cocktail’ was shaking, my heart was racing, and I was nervous and excited at the same time. Not dissimilar to how I was when I watched my wife with other men for the first time and on our first trip to the nude beach. Both times the nervousness took over, and I got severe shrinkage, and how my balls contracted. She joked and described my little penis as a ‘scared little turtle,’ trying to hide!

I told her about how I was into being dominated and spanked. I told her that when my wife gets home from a date, it always starts with teasing, then she gives me a spanking. I could tell this turned her on, so I detailed how she instructed me on what to do. I told her about the first time her boyfriend cum inside her and how she got me to smell his scent on her body and undress her. She told me to peel her panties off and investigate using my tongue.

I told her how her boyfriend compared to my little cocktail frankfurter. How nervous I was when I got to watch them together. I was dominated just by unzipping his pants. And how my balls contracted and his were so big, hung so low, and made me feel submissive.

I told her how I felt watching him fuck my wife with his massively thick cock. The noises she made as she whimpered as his huge knob entered her and made her gasp. The noise his cock made edged in, then in full stride—kerchunk, kerchunk, kerchunk. And how I felt, watching my wife lean back and take his entire length. How I felt when I saw and heard her cum with another man inside her! Something I had never been able to achieve. I came as I looked at her face as she came, without touching myself, and I was trying so hard not to!

I told her how her boyfriends would humiliate me while fucking my wife. I told her everything, even the most embarrassing bits I usually hold back.

We exchanged a few photos, and she said she could tell I was jerking off. She then told me what she wanted me to do, and I did as I was told. She said I was a good little boy.

It was amazing. I did feel strange after, though. I’m so used to focusing on making my wife cum, and I felt a bit selfish. I wish I had focused on her more. I felt a bit uneasy about the age difference – she was a lot younger, single, and hot.

I told my wife what a naughty little boy I had been. She said she would give me a big spanking, and I would tell her all the details. “You will wear the apron all day at the holiday house.”

We do this a lot. This means I’ll be the maid for the day – cleaning and cooking all day and wearing only my short frilly apron. She will tease me, get me hard, spank me and not let me cum. I have to clean all the floors on my hands and knees. And when told to, stop, and lift my apron for a spanking, tease, and a feel. I have to stay hard as long as possible. To keep me hard, she constantly gives me SPH, reads her text history from her boyfriends, and feels herself, and I’m not allowed to touch her. She usually stands me up and jerks me off into a wine glass. She has red wine, and I have my special white wine.

She said because I had shared with another woman, it’s only fair we invite our beach house neighbor over for wine! “Last time we were down, we had a few drinks and a little chat! She doesn’t believe a guy over six feet could be as small as you. I even told her how you like to be teased. This will be so much fun!”

I wasn’t sure if she was joking about this. My balls tightened up as soon as she said it. But the way she smiled was telling me she was serious!

She gave me a good spanking, told me what to expect, and didn’t let me cum. I’m looking forward to our little holiday!!


This reader isn’t packing much…

One time I’m hanging out at my ex-girlfriend’s house, lying in bed with a shirt and a snug pair of Calvin Klein jocks underwear. I’m only a silver member hard, so when soft, there’s zero bulge. Her friend comes over to drop something off and comes into the room, and we’re all just talking. We start talking about me playing sports, and I am talking about how I’m pretty average-sized for my specific sport.

I said, “Well, I’m not the biggest guy, ya know?”

And her friend pointed to my underwear and said, “Well, I can see that,” and everyone started laughing.

After she left, she texted my ex and said, “Don’t have too much fun with (my name)’s baby dick.”


Our last reader gets cucked by toys…

So I just want to start and say that my wife has never been into being dominant whatsoever. She was always submissive. Sometimes too much to be enjoyable. (AHEM. The Starfish Pose) So I started to become more adventurous in the bedroom. Now my measurements are about two inches flaccid (Sometimes smaller if it’s cold), and I’m a Bronze Member hard. My wife has always hidden the fact that I’m so small. She’d say things like, “You’re so big!” or, “You know what else is big?”

To add to matters, my wife has only had me. We are high school sweethearts. By the way, she is 22, and so am I.

Fast forward, I could see through her uplifting comments. I know this because when we first started getting sexual, she never saw me flaccid up until one night. We just had sex, and she was pretty disappointed. That changed quickly when I gave her head, though. Anyways we were lying down on our stomachs and talking naked. And it was a pretty chilly night. So, when I roll over, I expose my two-inch soft dick in all its glory.

I’m also uncut, so the bottle cap was visible. She immediately laughed and put her pinky next to my dick, saying it was smaller than her pinky. I’m so flustered my entire face turns red. I try to play it off like the cool guy. I know she expected so much more, considering I’m six feet tall. I hear her and her friends joke about taking BBCs all the time, too. So, this doesn’t help.

Fast forward to a few months ago, when I started introducing my wife to different sex toys. This was the same time she almost stopped having sex with me. We began with toys that were the same size or smaller to get comfortable with. It quickly spiraled into, “Maybe I’ll give one more inch a try, baby! You’re the same size,” while she’s grabbing a fireman’s seven-inch dildo.

Every night my wife turned into more of a dominant person. She started by pushing me down on my knees to give her head. Each time more and more aggressively. She quickly took control when she noticed I wouldn’t hesitate to submit. Grabbing my neck. Pushing me around. It ended with her fucking big dildos while I played with myself on the side. I wasn’t big enough to feel a thing. The only thing she loved about me was my tongue when she pushed me down to my knees.

One night she comes home with a ‘surprise.’ This was after weeks without sex and being a good boy. Eating her ass, pussy, and sucking her toes. All of this is usually while she’s taking a dildo somewhere else. She comes with a bag saying she just came from the sex shop we typically shop at together. She pulls out a tiny cock cage. I have never seen these, and just looking at the size of it, it was so comically small. Even I wanted to giggle.

But sure enough, it fit like a charm. At first, I was hesitant, but my wife quickly put me in check by grabbing my neck. She told me I had two minutes to put it on. I return to the living room as fast as possible, naked in my cage. She was waiting with two friends who were outside the door. My whole world went upside down. They all had phones out taking pictures. I was frozen with shock and embarrassment, and fuck me for saying this, but a bit turned on.

The cage quickly stopped that from happening. I ran inside the bathroom while I heard the laughter filling the room.

“It was sooo small!”

“No wonder you need a nine-inch dildo!”

They eventually left while I dressed quickly in the bathroom. All my friends know I have a tiny dick and a pathetic cage. I got sent so many messages with laughing emojis and screenshots. I was ultimately humiliated but turned on.

Later that same night, my wife was telling me about a cucking fantasy with me. She wants me to watch her get fucked by a black guy. I told her I would do anything for her. I guess I’ll update you guys soon! My nub is getting hard thinking about it!

*These SPH experiences have been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the stories have remained the same. Erect dick sizes have been edited to be either Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Average. The opinions/views expressed in these SPH experiences (and in any comments) are those of the authors and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech.

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