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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader has stamina but still can’t get the job done...

So when I lost my virginity, it was at a party. I met this pretty girl. We started making out, and she said to me, “Do you want to go upstairs?”

So I being a virgin, jumped at the idea and went upstairs with her. We continued to make out. We were both drunk at this point. She was way more experienced than I was, and she led everything. Anyway, she started taking off my trousers, snorted with laughter, and said, “Is that it?” She giggled a bit more and said, “I’m sorry. but that is the smallest one I have ever seen.”

I was so embarrassed I had no idea what to say. But then, I guess she decided to give it a go because she started to suck me off. She kept saying things like, “You’re lucky. Normally, I can’t get a guy’s whole dick in my mouth,” I think she was trying to be nice, but it was not helping.

Eventually, we started having sex, and my dick kept falling out and stuff, and we tried a couple of positions, and she kept saying, “This would not happen if you were bigger,” and other similar stuff. Eventually, after over an hour, we decided to call it quits. Neither of us had cum. She said my stamina was pretty good even though my dick was small.


Another reader has an encounter with her son…

I came home from work early on a Friday afternoon. I figured I was alone in the house because my 16-year-old son is usually out on Fridays, and we are the only ones that live together. So I just thought it would be safe to walk around naked so I could take a shower. I went to my room and stripped myself of my clothes. I then walked down the hall toward the bathroom. The next thing I know, I catch my son walking towards the bathroom, who is also naked and sees me doing the same. We were both frozen in shock as we looked at each other. My son couldn’t help but stare at my breasts while I couldn’t help but stare at his penis (which is relatively small for his age).

“Hey, mom,” my son said, trying to break the ice as well, trying hard not to stare.

“Hi, sweetie. I didn’t know you were home,” I said as I also was trying not to stare.

“I was in my room listening to music. I had my headphones on. I thought you finished work later.”

“I uh finished early. I was about to take a shower.”

“Oh, me too. Great minds think alike, I suppose.”

“Yeah, yeah, I guess.” I saw that he was getting an erection from the corner of my eye. “Oh honey, your little peepee is well growing.”

“I’m sorry, mom. I mean, you are …. well preserved for being a 45-year-old woman,” he said in a way that wouldn’t sound too weird.

“Thank you … sweetie. And you’re quite … hairy for someone your age,” I said, trying not to hurt his feelings.

I wanted to say that he was small instead of hairy, but he was both, so it was all right.

“Thanks, mom. Hey, you’re pretty hairy yourself,” he said as he pointed to my crotch.

“Yeah, I guess you get that from me.” We both laughed after I said that.

“Look, mom, this shouldn’t be awkward. I mean, you have seen me naked before. And I’ll admit that I haven’t exactly grown where it counts since then,” he said in an almost annoyed but truthful tone.

“You’re right, sweetie, I mean, sure, it’s been a long time, but this is isn’t our first time being naked together.”

“So we’ll put our clothes on and laugh about this when we’re older.”


We then returned to our rooms and put our clothes on, hoping we might laugh about the whole situation in the near future.


Meanwhile, this reader’s true size is exposed at last…

This happened about two hours ago, and I’m still processing it, but I wanted to get this down while it’s still fresh. I’ve already jerked off to this once, and I can feel myself getting ready to go again, but I want to keep writing while I’m turned on. Otherwise, I’ll leave it and dwell on the genuine embarrassment I will feel for a while.

A few things to know at the outset. I’ve married my beautiful wife, Eve, for about 15 years. We’re both closing in on 40, and while she’s outwardly a bit shy about sex, she can still get kinky after a few drinks or in the bedroom.

Her best friend is Meg, someone I’ve known since she was 15 but quickly became firm pals with Eve when they met. Now the dynamic is Meg is much more Eve’s friend than mine. Meg was married for a time to another friend from school, Ross, but she treated him pretty badly, and they split. Meg has never had an orgasm, one of the reasons being that Ross had a tiny dick (he was a short guy, so he was at least in proportion!).

Finally, and relevant here, back when we first dated, we were out with Meg during one of her breakups with Ross. The conversation had turned to dick size, and Eve, maybe a little drunk had decided to do some PR for my little guy. Out of the blue, she turned to Meg and said my dick was massive. It really isn’t. I’m a bronze member hard and two inches soft. Meg bought it entirely, though. She looked me up and down and said, “I thought you’d have a big one. You look like the kind of guy who would.”

I probably do. I’m over 6ft, so that you might expect that proportionally. Anyway, this was about 16 years ago. I remember that conversation, but I never thought that they would.

Fast forward to today. I’ve been sunbathing nude on vacation this past week, and now we’re back home. I wanted to keep that going. I’d checked all the spots in the back garden where neighbors might be able to spy through and blocked them off with windbreakers, so I headed back inside, stripped my clothes off, and found Eve, telling her I was going to sunbathe nude. She fussed about the neighbors, but I assured her no one could see. As I was heading downstairs, she shouted, “Meg is coming round in about an hour, so you better not give her a nasty surprise.”

I explained that as soon as she rang the bell, I’d hear our two dogs bark, and I would head back in before Eve could even answer the door. Yes, I know you know where this is going, but I did think I had everything covered (while being uncovered)!

I settled down on the sun swing, put my iPhone down next to me, a little music playing quietly from it, and closed my eyes. The barking dogs woke me from my doze. Quick as a flash, I opened my eyes and swung awkwardly up off the swing. I was still in a semi-hunched position, reaching back for my iPhone when Meg’s laughing voice completely threw me.

“Oh my God! Ryan!” Meg said.

What I now realize had happened was this. I had dozed for about 45 minutes before Meg arrived early. Having only just got over Covid, she didn’t want to come in through the house, and seeing that our recycling bins were still out the front from vacation and that the back gate was now accessible, she’d come in through the alley at the side of the house, knocked on the lounge window to let Eve know she was here and caused the dogs to start barking. She hadn’t even seen me in the garden until she’d turned around to sit on the garden sofa and saw me standing sideways, completely naked, some five meters away.

“Fuck me,” I jumped, taking a step back in shock.

Everything now seemed to happen at once, and it was only afterward that I managed to piece the events into place exactly.

Firstly, Meg threw her hands to her face in laughter, turning away toward the conservatory door (which was closed to keep the dogs in). I quickly grabbed the swing and sat back down, crossing my leg over to cover up my dick, just sitting there, limp between my legs. Then Eve opened the conservatory doors allowing the dogs to burst out. Meg was shaking her head and laughing, but I couldn’t hear what they were saying over the barking of the dogs. I had to sit there for about fifteen seconds for the dogs to calm down before I could even hear or say anything. The first person I heard was Eve, looking at me with a mix of laughter and also a look that said you are in fucking trouble.

“I warned you!” she said, standing in the doorway, glaring over at me.

Meg was looking away. Still, two dogs smothering her. “I thought he had something on to start with,” she said, still laughing.

“No, he’s being an idiot,” said Eve, still giving me that look that said we’ll talk about this later. “Are you going to get inside?” she asked me.

Meg laughed again as one of the dogs ran over to me, over-excited. “Better make sure the dogs don’t bite it off,” Meg said, still not looking over at me but instead paying extra attention to our eldest dog.

“Can you just get me a towel, then?” I asked Eve with a dry voice, shooing the dog away.

Our dogs are idiots, and I wouldn’t trust them not to cause an injury, but at that point, I just wanted to be covered up. My heart was racing from the shock and the embarrassment, and as a consequence, my dick had shrunk back into my groin to about an inch and a half. I don’t know what was going through Eve’s mind right then. She knows I’m into SPH and has entertained me with it several times in the bedroom, but when I once drunkenly asked her to tell Meg the truth about my dick size, she said she wasn’t going to involve our friends in this because it would be weird.

So, I was not expecting her to say the following: “No, you can wait there. I’m getting Meg a drink first. What do you want, Meg? Gin and tonic?”

“God, I think I need a double,” said Meg, shaking her head and playing with the dog. “I’m all hot and flustered,” she said, laughing nervously.

So I just sat there, feeling ridiculous, as Eve disappeared inside.

Meg broke the awkwardness, finally looking back over at me. “At least this makes us even now. You’ve seen me naked loads of times.”

I’d never seen her fully naked, but I’d pieced it all together from her being topless in a thong when we’d gone on holiday as a foursome in our 20s.

“Yeah, when we were in our twenties,” I said. “If I still looked like that, it wouldn’t have been so bad.”

Plus, I now realized that when she’d first seen me, I was still hunching over, my dick retracted back into my body in its smallest state. So comparing it to her in her naked prime was no comparison.

Eve came out with a drink for Meg. “Don’t listen to him, Meg. I think he secretly wanted you to see him.”

Meg did a cheeky “Oooh, did he now?” and laughed again.

“I’ve been warning him all week he was going to get caught,” said Eve, going back in to grab her drink.

“I thought she was going to ring the doorbell,” I protested.

“It’s alright; I didn’t see anything anyway,” said Meg. “It all happened so fast.”

“Let’s face it, there’s not much to see anyway,” said Eve, laughing, as she sat beside Meg with her drink.

I’ve no idea whether she was saying that because she was pissed at me, whether she was trying to downplay everything, or if she was indulging my SPH. I’ve not had the chance to talk to her about this yet, so who knows.

My wife threw a tea towel down onto the lawn. “That’s all I could find,” she said flippantly.

It might as well have been miles away, and to make matters worse, one of the dogs grabbed it and ran off with it, thinking it was a game. I wasn’t thinking straight at this stage, so I went to my standard defense mechanism of humor. I looked down at my dick and gave it a sneaky pull behind my crossed leg to make it look less like a child’s. Then holding it in one hand, I covered it with my iPhone, sucked up my stomach, and got off the swing, walking fast towards the two of them. Just as I got near the conservatory door, I pulled the iPhone away and jiggled my dick at Eve’s face before pulling it away at the last moment.

“Put it away!” screamed Eve as Meg spat her drink back into her glass, laughing hard.

“Look at what you could have won, Meg,” I joked (as we almost dated when we were 15) before quickly jumping into the conservatory door and heading into the house.

Eve shouted something after me, but I didn’t hear it. I ran upstairs, grabbed some shorts from the bed, and headed into the bathroom. My heart was racing, I was breathless, and my hands were shaking as I quickly made notes on my phone, remembering as much of the conversation as possible. I hoped that Meg would have been more impressed with the helicopter than the tiny baby dick she’d have first seen. Whenever she’d stayed over, I would fluff myself into a semi and step outside my room in my boxers at night, hoping she’d get a glimpse, but it had never happened.

Once I’d finished making notes, the reality of things crept in on me. Firstly, Eve was probably pretty pissed that I’d let her best friend see me naked. Secondly, any illusion Eve had created of me being massive was gone entirely. It would have been reversed completely. I could hear them both still laughing in the garden and didn’t want to go back out. Then I had the brainwave to go to the upstairs backroom where the windows were open. This was right above where they were sitting. I pulled a chair up to the window and sat, trying to make out their conversation. I took a peek and saw it was just Meg and was going to abandon the plan in case Eve came upstairs, but just then, I saw Eve come back out with fresh drinks for them both.

I heard Meg asking, “Is the flasher alright?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Probably upstairs being weird.”

She wasn’t far off. I got my phone out, switched on voice record, then worried that it wouldn’t hear them, so I just switched to making shorthand notes.

Eve had apologized for probably the second time now.

Meg was calm about it. Then she laughed and said, “It just gave me flashbacks to Ross, that’s all!”

“Oh God,” said Eve. “Poor Ross.”

I got a cold in my stomach, and my heart started beating faster. This genuinely turned into one of those nightmares where you eavesdrop at the worst of times. Meg had just compared me to the guy she left for having a small dick. They sat silently for about 10 seconds, and Meg spoke quietly. I genuinely just caught the words “big one.”

“When was that?” said Eve.

“I don’t know, years ago. You said he was massive.”

“I don’t remember,” said Eve.

My mouth was dry at this point. Though I know now that they were talking about when Eve had bigged me up, I thought she was talking about an ex-boyfriend for a second. She’s always said mine is the biggest she’s had, so I had a real fear that I would find out some horrible truth.

“We were in the car, and you said his cock was massive. You didn’t wear glasses back then, did you? Or magnifying glasses more like.”

They both laugh.

“I probably did think it was big back then.”

“Massively shrunk,” giggled Meg.

Oh my God. I had known this girl since we were fifteen, and she was savaging me like I still was. This was fucking nuts.

“The ones he’s shown me on his porn,” said Eve. “They are massive. I don’t think I could take one of those.”

My luck finally ran out on one of the perfect days you could probably have because just after Meg said, “You know who did turn out to have a big one?”

The dogs erupted again from downstairs as an Amazon delivery arrived, and I had to go downstairs to get it and missed out on Meg’s mystery man with the massive cock revelation. Meg and Eve have gone into the city for a girlie lunch, which has taken well over an hour to write. My balls are aching, and I’m going to jerk off one more time before they return. Maybe if they’ve had a few more drinks, Meg might even be savage to my face when they get back.


While this reader contemplates taking the next step…

So I’ve been in a relationship for over a year now. I haven’t told her I’m into SPH and cuckolding yet, but I’m thinking now is the time. She went to the club with some friends and returned home drunk. She ended up talking about how nine guys came up to her, hitting on her, and she admitted to liking it. But that’s not the only thing that has happened. Recently we were watching porn together, and in the video we watched, this guy had a huge cock, and the girl was struggling to suck it, and my girlfriend said, “I wonder what it would be like to suck a schlong that big.”

I didn’t even know how to react. But now I think maybe I should mention my fetishes to her and see what she thinks. I don’t know how to go about doing it.


This reader has some holiday fun…

We went on a family holiday, and my daughter asked if her fifteen-year-old boyfriend could come too. While there, we went to a water park, and once we were done, I went with him to get changed in the men’s changing rooms. We went to the showers, and everyone else was naked, so we stripped off. I handed him some body wash and noticed his cock. I couldn’t help but stare at it. It was around six inches soft and very thick. I’m two inches soft (at best) and a silver member hard and very thin. He noticed me staring at his big teen cock, looked down at my dicklette, and chuckled loudly. “Is the water cold?” he asked me like a smartass.

It was so humiliating. A few others were in the shower room, and when he laughed, a couple looked over at me and smirked.

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