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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s wife exposes him…

My wife’s sister got married recently, and since her wedding, she has been acting weirdly around me, always giggling and laughing. I asked my wife a few times whats up with her, but she kept saying she had no idea. She hasn’t noticed anything. One day, my sister-in-law came over and kept smiling at me. I asked her why she was smiling she said, “No reason.”

When she left, my wife walked her to the front door and had her usual few minutes of chat on the doorstep. I decided to open the doorbell camera app to listen in. I heard her sister saying I was asking why she was laughing, and she wanted to say she was smiling because she knew about my micropenis.

My wife said, “Don’t you dare tell him that you know and stop making it obvious with that look you keep giving him.”

Her sister said, “Don’t worry, his little secret is safe with me.”

When the wife returned, I asked her why her sister was always smiling at me. She said, “No idea.”

I then asked her if she knew I had a tiny penis? My wife got very defensive, saying, “You know, I don’t talk about those things with anyone.”

So I played the door camera footage, and she still denied it. We didn’t talk for two days. Then she said she would confess as long as I forgave her and didn’t overreact.

I said, “OK, as long as it’s the whole truth.”

She said, “Well, you remember when I went to her hen night, we had the strippers, and both the guys had huge cocks.

“Yeah, you told me that, and you jerked one for a few seconds.”

“Later on, when we were home drinking with all the girls, we discussed those huge cocks. We were all bit drunk, and someone wanted to play a game where they had to find objects in the room that were as close to the length of their partner’s cocks or their last partner if they were single. So girls put TV remotes on the table or get bananas or carrots from the kitchen. My sister put a firestick remote in front of her, and she was getting laughed at because she had the smallest item.”

“What did you put?” I asked.

“I took the firestick remote.”

I thought, OK, she didn’t give my silver member dick the exact size. She went slightly bigger.

Then she added, “I took out the two AAA batteries from the remote and put them in front of me, and everyone started laughing. One of the girls said, ‘You’re supposed to give a representation of it hard, not soft.’ So I opened my handbag and took out a few coins from my purse and put them stacked on the table pointing to them and then to the batteries(indicating my soft and hard size), and they all fell about laughing. I’m sorry, I was drunk, and I could’ve been nasty and showed everyone the dick pics I’ve got, but I didn’t.”

I was angry, but I promised her I wouldn’t get mad, so I just said, “Don’t ever do that again and keep me away from your friends. I don’t want to mix with them, and thank you for not showing my photos.” (sarcastically).

Her expression changed. I asked, “Are you sure you didn’t show them?”

She said, “Honest, I didn’t show them all, just my sister, but we were drunk. I didn’t expect her to remember it the next day.”

Now I know why my sister-in-law sits there wanting to laugh at me. My wife told her about my small dick. She keeps making small penis jokes and doing small penis signs at me just to annoy me.


Another reader is trying to come to grips with the vagaries of sexuality…

Growing up, I remember hating change rooms and showers as I was embarrassed that the other guys would find out about my tiny penis. If comparing, I would be the smallest one there. Not even like second or third. You want to know that there’s at least one guy smaller than you.

I’m guessing that’s the main reason I’m into SPH. So far on the internet, I’ve noticed there seem to be different types of small penis humiliation; classic girl with thumb and finger close together, chastity SPH and even guys comparing with a huge dick to humiliate. Even though this was my fear when I was younger, it’s not what I’m interested in now.

For me, I love the ‘shock’ aspect. Girl accidentally walks in when you’re in the shower, towel falls, getting pantsed, etc. I also had an experience when I was very young of a girl who was close to my age who got pantsed, which left an impression. I don’t know how I came across SPH, but it started with watching videos or looking at pictures. Most content is planned out like porn and scripted, which takes away from the shock because it’s not real. But the extreme would be if I were to just strip naked in public and dance around, which would probably land me in jail, understandably.

That interesting double standard of when a girl does a pizza dare (purposely dropping her towel to expose herself) is OK. Still, if I were to do that to a female delivery person, I would probably go to jail or at least some sort of punishment. If your only intention is to flash someone like Chris Pratt did on Parks and Rec as a joke, is that considered rape? If so, is a woman flashing considered rape. I don’t know. I suppose you could say it depends on how it affects the person, but everyone is different.

I’m at the point now where my dream situation would be nude modeling for a female-only art class, but that only seems like fiction, lol. Trying to think of ‘normal’ situations where a woman might see you naked like a doctor’s office, dermatologist, nude beach, public nude events, nude massage, coed spas like saunas or steam rooms, etc.

The problem is I feel super creepy when it’s a professional situation because I don’t want to make it sexual, but at the same time, I’m simply turned on by the fact that she now knows, which got me thinking about my experience at a nude beach. I’m going to appreciate a woman’s body. Still, I’ll do whatever I can to look for as little as possible because I’d like to be polite even though my mind is always focused on sex. Luckily, I love being nude even when I’m by myself so going to the beach, laying in the sun and going into the water is enjoyable with or without people there. But like I said, the fact every woman on that beach now knows DOES turn me on, but making a woman feel uncomfortable is my biggest turn-off.

When it comes to male change rooms or showers these days, I’m happy because I don’t care if a guy sees my tiny penis, as being into SPH ironically gave me strange confidence. Not just that, but I realized that in real life, adults, for the most part, don’t care about your body, but obviously, some people find little dicks funny. I don’t think it would turn me on if a guy laughed, but the fact that someone finds it funny is what turns me on. Is it probably the closest thing to a gay experience? And as I’m writing this, I’m curious if it’s considered gay if a man wants a woman to put a dildo in his ass? It’s certainly not considered gay if you put your penis into your girlfriend’s ass. I guess having assholes are the one thing that truly brings us together?


Meanwhile, this reader goes to a nude beach with his girlfriend…

My girlfriend and I went to Miami for a vacation last week. We were right by Haulover nude beach, and one day we decided to try it out, so we went and got naked. We first laid out on the sand, followed by a walk along the water from the nude boundary to the other. There were more people than either of us expected and almost all naked, and it was about 70-80% guys, of which I believe I was the smallest on the beach. A couple of guys could compete for that title, but I think I was smaller than everyone. We saw a guy packing, and I said to my girlfriend, “Shit, I’m smaller hard than he is soft. That thing is big.”

She replied, “I saw a couple of guys like that.”

That turned me on big time, and I felt my little guy start to chub up, and before I knew it, it was at full staff, and she was like, “Oh my God, control yourself, dude.”

We started walking back to sit down again, and we passed another dude, and she said again, “He’s way bigger soft than you are hard.”

The whole experience was horrifying yet such a turn-on.


While this reader will never get this…

My girlfriend and I watched Borat last night; she’s missed a lot of films that I believe are a rite of passage of your teenage years. The movie doesn’t hold up as well now when you’re older, but it’s still funny at times.

My girlfriend found it funny when Borat mentioned his sister teasing his brother by stripping for him and shouting, “You will never get this. You will never get this,” because it reminded her of me. I’m not allowed to fuck her. It didn’t go any further than that last night, though.

Every morning I watch her get ready for work; I’ll be laid across the bed so that my face is pretty much beside her, her ass and pussy being about eye level. When she was entirely stripped, she sat on my face, smothering me, and started shouting, “You will never get this. You will never get this.” She didn’t stay on for too long. When she stood up, she picked up her dirty thong, pressed it against my face, and said, “This is all you get.”


This female reader finds out it’s quite easy going back after black…

I was a freshman in college, and I was talking to this guy Darnell. He was tall and played for the basketball team. I spoke to my friend the day before, and I told her I was worried. I’ve never been with a black guy before, but I’ve heard that black guys are big. The biggest I’ve had was five inches, and I’ve seen porn where black guys are enormous! So, I overthought this whole situation. We had a date night, and I made sure to wear a skimpy tight dress showed my boobs and fit my waist to my booty. I’m five foot four with D breasts, a tiny waist, and big booty. Well, Darnell was six foot two.

After dinner, we went to his apartment. I was nervous! We start kissing, and he picks me up and takes me to the room. He’s strong too because I was about 130 pounds then. He puts me on his bed, and we take our clothes off. I was wearing a pink thong and a white bra, and he had some tight underwear, and I could see a bump coming out.

I tried to see what I was getting into, but I couldn’t see it. He went down on me, and he could eat pussy! I’ll give him that. I put him on his back and started slipping his boxers down. I take them off, and I swear it was like an inch! Maybe he wasn’t hard yet, so I put it in my mouth and started playing with it sucking it and putting his balls in my mouth. And it grew and got hard, but my hand was bigger than his fully erect penis. I was confused. I asked him, “Are you ready, or is there more?”

I didn’t mean to come off bitchy, I swear! He said, “I’m ready, baby, are you!”

OK, in my head, I laughed because this guy was what you call on this site a silver member of the small dick club, but I was wet and ready! I get on my back, and he slides in it was good for a while until we switched, and I got into doggy style. (I don’t blame him that much for this part. I mean, I do have a big booty. My friends and ex have always told me I’m thick, and I know I am, but still, this was sad.) I’m waiting for him, and I can feel him trying to put it in. He got the tip in and stroked me, and I even encouraged him.

“Come on, daddy, give it to me. Harder, Harder!”

He fell out and out it back, and this happened three more times, and I was over it. So, I got on top of him, and I couldn’t bounce and twerk on him, so I moved around. I came, so I gave him that, and he said he would cum, so I got off and sucked him and swallowed his cum. Mind you. This was like 5 minutes of sex. I wasn’t impressed I didn’t orgasm; I just came a little, mostly from mashing my clit into his body, not because of his cock. He was out of breath and sweating, and I lay down.

He asked, “That was great. How did you like it?”

“Honestly, I expected more. I thought black guys were supposed to be hung.”

OK, that’s mean! But I didn’t mean to come off like that. I was curious! And well, he called me a bitch and told me to get out. I called my girlfriends, and we laughed so hard about this. But hey, he got laid, so good for him. But girls get blue balls too! Just saying!


Another reader drops his towel…

Over the weekend, I went to my girlfriend’s parents’ house to their pool. Swam and hung out in the pool for a few hours, and then everyone got out. Everyone but my girlfriend and me go inside. She tells me to take off my shorts, leave them on a chair outside, and wrap a towel around myself. She starts walking to the door, and just before she gets there, she asks me to grab a box full of wine and liquor off the table and bring it in. I drop my shorts, wrap the towel around me and grab the box. As soon as I step in the door, my towel falls off, leaving me completely naked. I see her stepmom’s stepsister sitting at the kitchen island with the box in my arms. I quickly set the box on the island and didn’t bother picking up the towel. Just ran butt naked upstairs to find clothes. When I got upstairs and looked down to check the damage, it was terrible. Major shrinkage. It looked like an acorn, and my balls were almost completely gone. It was a very embarrassing experience.


Meanwhile, this reader doesn’t measure up…

Last night I was doing some measurements on my dick in the bathroom when I left the tape measure out. My fiancé finds it when showering, so she asked if I was measuring myself to see if it got any bigger when she came into the room. She asked, “Well, did it?”

I didn’t answer, so she took that to mean no. To which I agree. She laughs and sweetly says, “Aw, honey, you know I love you just like you are!”


While this reader decides to talk to his wife about his dick size…

My dick is small, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been an exhibitionist. This is going back to four or five years old. This has long since passed as an adult can’t be exposed, even accidentally, in this day and age.

I developed an interest in wife/girlfriend sharing, I believe, because of a nudist magazine that I found of my brother’s. There was a man and wife in one of the sections, which appealed to me. Well, it shocked me, but then it grew on me.

This next thing sounds weird, but it probably relates somehow. I have a half-brother that is hung like a porn star. Reportedly close to 9 inches and very thick. I remember seeing it in my youth, and it was just huge, and this was, of course, not hard. I think his thickness, when soft, would take some getting used to for most women.

There was a female friend that I fooled around with when I was 13. We didn’t screw, and she never said anything disparaging about my dick to me. A few years later, I ran into her twin sisters, and they were going. Jill said you had a tiny dick, teasing me and wanting to see it. That shocked me. Though I knew my dick was small, it never occurred to me that girls would talk about it. In the back of my mind, I still thought it would grow into average since I was so young, but that didn’t happen.

On a good day, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club.

My kinks always ran toward girlfriend/wife sharing, and I shared a few girlfriends in my single days. That was hot. When someone wanted your girlfriend, that was an affirmation that she was a quality woman. If he was well hung, even more affirming. My fantasies and later activities ran toward my girl fucking a large dick. There were so many emotions and feelings in those acts that it was impossible for me even to attempt to communicate them. Simply put, we all had a real good time!

My sex life, in my single days, was pretty good, even with a little dick. I was in good shape, attractive, and charming enough to get more pussy than I deserved in my youth.

My sex life since marriage hasn’t been as good, and that’s depressing. I’ve long wondered if she would have been more sexual if I was better hung. She’s never had an orgasm from me fucking her, but she was able to with larger guys in her single days. Nope, never shared her but always wished I had.

Due to our lackluster and not nearly frequent enough sex, I was left on my own for sex. Before this, I was already firmly entrenched in wife sharing fantasies, and then the internet came along. You didn’t have to pay an additional fee to see there were pictures and stories. I mastered one hand typing at the dawn of the world wide web.

Sex with my wife would come and go. An occasional spurt where she was receptive for a while and then no interest for long periods. There were years in my 30s when I was only getting sex with her 15-20 times a year. (It’s worse now) This led me to more and more fantasy facilitated by the internet. Lots of cybering, etc.

Once, a very long time ago, when my wife and I had gotten drunk, and she was on a rare horny streak, I asked her opinion on my dick. It was something like. I know my dick is small. What did you think when we first started having sex? Would you have preferred it to be longer or thicker? What did you think? That night, she was in the perfect zone, and she told me she had noticed it was small and wished it had been longer or thicker or both. She, of course, didn’t remember this conversation, and I never mentioned it. Given my kink for thinking about her fucking bigger dicks, this fed into that, knowing that a bigger dick would physically please her more.

No, that didn’t hurt my feelings. I knew it was small, and she had a lot of different sex partners in her single days, so I knew she knew it was small too. She never had an orgasm from me fucking her but had with larger guys when she was single. I wasn’t worried about this because I could give her an orgasm other ways, and I at least could always deserve an A for effort. My opinion was, yeah, my dick is small, but I’m a good lover anyway.

Fast forward to 2006ish. My wife is transitioning to work for a company I owned full time. She, at the time, was working a part-time job with a friend of hers. They had two managers there, Dave and Bill (all names are changed), and her friend was Beth. Dave, the main manager, was easygoing and didn’t ever talk down to anyone, from what I’ve been told. Bill, the assistant, was the opposite. He was somewhat abusive and threw his power around for no apparent reason. One day, my wife Sheila came home, and she had to tell me this funny story. Bill had been whining and bitching all day, and after he had been going at it for a while, Sheila and Beth were in Beth’s office.

After one of Bill’s outbursts, Beth said, “God, I hate small dick men!”

My wife thought this was hilarious and somehow thought I would appreciate it. More on that later. I calmly unpacked her theories on this, and this was that since Dave, the main manager, was calm and respectful, he probably had a big dick. She said (I never asked if her theory involved her bulge looking but whatever). On the other hand, since he worked so hard to assert authority, Bill had a small dick. Hmm

A month later, she is at my company working full time, and we’re returning from lunch. Someone driving a Humvee was driving recklessly, and she said, “He might as well have a sign on that saying he has a small dick.”

Both of these things were unlike anything she had said before. I assume this was how Beth talked because they came out of the blue. It would be one thing if she had slipped up and said them drunk, but she was sober each time. As you can imagine, my feelings were hurt. We both knew my dick was small. I knew it, and I knew she even though she claimed I was average since she did not remember telling me the truth about her honest opinion of it from years earlier. I thought I was a good lover who just had a small dick. I’m not temperamental, don’t drive poorly, and don’t compensate with a powerful car/truck. These people exhibited lousy behavior and therefore had a small dick. Since the behavior was terrible and they have a small dick, having a small dick must be bad. But I have a small dick? My tiny dick must be a bad thing.

All of this led me down rabbit hole six on the 13th level. It wasn’t long before I got immersed in SPH. No, we do not practice it at home, and she doesn’t know I’m into it, though I’ve sure hinted about it.

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