Our Readers SPH Experiences 169

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader plays strip pong and loses in more ways than one…

So last night, me and my girlfriend invited our good friends (they are a couple) over to the house to drink and hang out. We all were drinking and doing lots of shots when we decided to play some beer pong. At this point, we were all pretty drunk, and it was guys versus girls. After a couple of rounds, the girls said, let’s make things exciting and play strip pong. Everybody agreed, and I was worried but didn’t want to seem weird, so I acted like I was game. I was nervous inside because I had a pretty small dick. I am about 2 inches with big balls that make my dick look even smaller when soft. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club but have a very skinny girth when hard. My girth is only 3.75 inches (lead member territory). When erect so not only is my dick not long, it’s thin.

The first round was a close one, with my male friend winning with only our boxers on, and the girls had to pull their panties down and chug their drinks. They demanded a best two out of three after, so the clothes went on again, and the girls took an early lead. Once again, we were in our boxers when the girls sunk a shot. My male friend’s girlfriend made the shot, so he removed his boxers while I kept mine on. He dropped his boxers and revealed a dick probably about five inches soft and thick. My girlfriend’s eyes lit up, and she had a look on her face like she was very impressed. Anyway, she missed the shot, and when they shot again, she sunk one, leaving me to remove my boxers. I dropped them to reveal my little guy, and the room went silent for a second, followed by a giggle from my buddy’s girl.

We stood side by side, butt naked. Then we chugged our beers naked during round three. My girl commented on dicks being weird because they all look different and are different sizes. My male friend said, yeah, they are different sizes elbowing me and saying some are small and some are big. The girls started laughing. I said I’m a grower anyway. My girl went on a beer run, leaving me naked, while my friend was only shirtless. Then we made a beer run, and his girl was completely naked, and my girl only had panties on. At this moment, I felt my little guy starting to chub up staring at two naked girls, and before I knew it, I was rock hard.

My friend’s girl laughed hard. My friend said, “I thought you were a grower?”

I was so turned on by being humiliated like this, and we ended up losing the round my friend dropped his boxers to reveal his soft dick that was pretty much the same length as my hard dick and much thicker. The girls were having the best time out of this, and my buddy was feeling pretty proud. That ended strip pong. The rest of the night, my girl kept eyeballing my friend.


Another reader is used by a woman…

A few years ago, there was a girl I liked. She was super hot, filthy, and the girl who always talked about sex. We got super close, I would text her constantly, and she texted back. Things were looking perfect, to the point that we might start dating and getting together. We hung out a few times in person, though usually four of us (me, her friend, and my friend).

One day she told me she preferred to stay friends. I was shocked as she seemed really into me when she told me. The only reason she had got close to me was so she could get close to my friend. She told me she’d never go out with me because she prefers men with big cocks, and she knew I wasn’t well hung (like my friend who reportedly had nine inches). I’m a bronze member of the small dick club. She and my friend had a formal date, and she fucked him that night. They had sex three or four times before he dumped her and moved on to the next girl.

When he dumped her, I laughed in her face. “That’s what you get for being a size queen,” I said to her out of spite.

“I’d still never date a guy like you,” she said. “I don’t want no short-dick-man, that’s for sure.”


Meanwhile, this reader finds out his daughter likes them big…

I went on a family holiday, and my teenage daughter asked if her boyfriend could come too. While there, we went to a water park, and once we were done, I went with him to get changed in the men’s changing rooms. We went to the showers, and everyone else was naked, so we stripped off, and I saw his cock, and he saw mine. He was around six inches soft compared to my one-inch softie (Silver member hard). He chuckled when he saw my small dick. A sixteen-year-old boy hung like a horse laughed at my tiny dick. That blew my mind, and I wondered if he’d say anything to my daughter.


While this reader’s sense of humor exposes his little secret…

I talked with a friend, and I made a ‘that’s what she said’ joke. Then she added, “But not to you.”

I laughed and asked, Why did you say that?”

“Because you have a tiny penis,” she said.

I asked why she thought that, and she said, “Because of the jokes you make.”

I said, “But they’re only jokes.”

“Yeah, but every time you make a joke about being big, you said, ‘just joking.’ But you don’t say that when you make jokes about being small.”

I hadn’t realized that, to be honest. We talked about whether you could ‘tell’ whether a guy was big or small. She seemed somewhat confident in her ability. She mentioned it is about how a guy talks about it, how he carries himself in general, things like that. She asked at one point how tiny I was, and I got a little embarrassed and asked, “Do you want to know?”

She perked up a little bit and said, “No, wait! Let me guess!”

I said, “OK, go for it.”

“Four and a half inches hard?”

I laughed. “Wow, good guess.”

I mentioned that I was closer to five, and she snorted and laughed and said, “No, it’s not. Don’t lie. It’s more likely closer to four.”

“If you say so.”

“Huh. I guess I’ve just been lucky. All of my partners have been much bigger than you.”

“All of them?” I asked.

“Yeah, all of them.”

A bit later, we talked about how many partners she’d had. I’d guessed two or three, and she laughed and told me it was a lot more. She unintentionally told me she’d been many guys who were all bigger than me. My size was the first size she’d correctly guessed when she was guessing the size of my tiny penis. I haven’t had the chance to yet, but I’m sure I will get off on this memory pretty often for the next little while.


This reader compares himself to others in a communal shower…

I was on an eighth-grade school trip to the mountains for skiing. The housing was separate cottages of six people each, with an open shower room with four heads. Coming back from skiing, we would be so sweaty and stinky under our suits that everyone would shower, even towel dancers like me. The realization that I was the smallest of those six hit me like a freight train. I remember it vividly. Worst of all, two guys in there didn’t even have pubes yet, who were much shorter in height, but their dicks were still two to three times my length.


Another reader compares himself to Tarzan…

At age 18/19, on holiday in Croatia with a group of friends. There was one guy in the group that I hadn’t known before the trip. He belonged to a different friend group. One of the nicknames the people who knew him had for him was ‘Tarzan.’ One night, in a campfire situation, his buddies, for some reason, started teasing him and egging him on to show the group why they called him Tarzan. He was drunk (and, I’m assuming, proud) enough to get up and drop his trunks without a lot of hesitation. Everyone gasped. It seemed to reach past the halfway point to his knees. Tarzan moved a little to make his dick majestically swing from side to side like a vine and performed the Tarzan scream.

The place exploded with laughter, but mine probably sounded a bit strained. A girl in the group that I liked and had already made out with a few weeks before. I didn’t see her reaction at that moment, but I was acutely aware that she had seen this absolute unit from that point on. Tarzan himself was there with his girlfriend, and it didn’t help that she was proud and always up for the constant innuendo.


Meanwhile, this reader hears some gossip, making him feel self-conscious…

When I was in eighth grade, one of the football players was pantsed in the middle of the hallway during lunch break. Not only was his pants pulled down, so were his underwear. I didn’t witness it, but a girl I sat next to in class (who I kind of had a crush on) saw it, and it was the only thing the girls were talking about.

“I can’t believe how small it was,” she said.

One of her friends asked how big it was, and she held her fingers about an inch apart, and all the girls laughed.

“Those are supposed to start growing by now,” one of the girls said once the laughter calmed down.

I didn’t say anything because I had seen this guy in the changerooms, and soft, he was bigger than me. I realized those girls had much loftier expectations than what that football player and I were packing in our shorts.


While this reader has embraced his inadequacies…

So I got busy with the Mrs. this AM. She measured me at my usual silver member hardness. We were telling each other naughty stories as I fingered her. After getting her into her happy zone three times, she said it was my turn. I climbed aboard, and my little boner slipped right in. She counted seventeen pumps. A guy with a small one like mine must be less than fifteen seconds. DAMN, life is good when you are small and quick. Man, I love being small. I do.


This reader’s girlfriend admits, he’s not big enough for her…

My girlfriend knows I like SPH and humiliation and has been using it more often. We were in bed, and she grabbed my dick and started stroking it. I was still soft and tired, and neither of us wanted to do anything, but she just enjoyed touching my dick.

She started teasing me and pushing my buttons to get me hard. Calling me “Daddy” and saying stuff like, “I like stroking daddy’s cock,” and,” I love daddy’s dick.” I started getting harder but still wasn’t 100% hard.

Then she said, “But it’s still kinda small.”

Then I was as hard as I was going to get. She noticed and told me that I get more noticeably turned on when she makes fun of my dick. I said that I like it when she praises me and humiliates me.

She said, “Yeah, but you get really hard when I say you have a small dick.”

Of course, my dick twitched. She noticed and giggled. I said if she wanted to drive me crazy, use daddy with it, and she did.

She was like, “Oh, like if I said Daddy has such a little dick, it’s so small in my hand, there’s not much to stroke.”

I was curious and asked her to honestly answer if she wished my dick was bigger. She didn’t hesitate and said, “Yes, not a lot, but maybe an inch or two or three longer, and a little thicker.”

My dick twitched more, and she said answer honestly and asked me how I felt about that. I told her I didn’t mind. After that, I went from not wanting sex to needing it. Of course, she was teasing, and we didn’t have sex that night.


Another reader reveals a very interesting marriage…

My wife and I talked on and off all night about penis sizes and her making a few comments about guys she’s seen at work (she’s a nurse), which led me to ask a serious question. I paused the TV and said, “Babe, what do you think your perfect size penis would be? And you can’t say me because that would be a lie.”

She giggled and said, “Yeah, your right. What’s your size again?”

I said, “I’m a bronze member of the small dick club.”

“And what’s the average?”

“Five and a half to six, I think. Two inches bigger than me.”

She thinks for a few seconds, “Yeah, I’d take those two inches extra plus a little more.”

“So you’d like six to seven, or is maybe eight?” I asked.

“Yes, seven would be perfect, I think. Not too big, but big enough to hit all the right places.” She smiled.

I said, “So, like three inches bigger than me?”

“Yup. That would be my perfect size, I think.”

I said, “OK, if you ever want me to get a better feeling extender (we have a cheap one that’s not good silicone and is like nine inches), just tell me. I want to make you feel good, which could help.”

“Yes, your probably right, but I just don’t know. I like the feel of a real penis and not plastic.”

“Well, they make ones that feel more realistic if you want me to get you one of those,” I told her.

“Alright. Sounds good. Let’s finish the show so we can go to sleep. Im tired.”

Then we went to bed, and I asked for sex a few times, and she finally said yes. “You only have forty-five seconds to cum. Im tired,” she told me.

I said, “I’m pretty sure I can do that.”

She laughed. “Ha-ha. I know you can. It’s just a matter of if you will this time.”

So I got on top and slid inside, and got to work. I don’t know exactly how long it was, but about forty-five. After finishing a very intense orgasm, she says, “I said forty-five seconds, not fifteen! I was enjoying that a little.”

“Babe, that was at least thirty-five. More like forty-five. But I got it, and I came when you said!”

She got up to go to the toilet. “Yes, but I figured your little guy would last longer than twenty-five seconds. And that’s me being generous.”

“Well, thank you, love. It was wonderful.”

“Uh-huh,” she called out. “Now, put your panties on and warm up my side of the bed. I don’t want to see your little penis for twenty-four hours.”

I pulled my green bikinis up and warmed up her side of the bed, then cuddled and fell asleep.


Meanwhile, this reader finds his little soldier can’t harden up…

So the other day, I had to drive my son to a meeting about an hour away from home. It would be a few hours, and I didn’t have time to go back home, so I started to drive around the city looking for a place to waste some time.

A short few blocks from where his meeting was, low and behold, I spot a strip club. I’ve had success with SPH from strippers in the past, but I figured I’d pass the hours looking at some tits and ass.

I wasn’t there long when a girl came over and sat on the side of me, we chatted for a bit, and she asked if I wanted to go for a lap dance or into a VIP room. I asked what I got in the VIP, and she said anything goes. We negotiated a price and headed back.

Once in the small room, she stripped down and rubbed all over me. She unbuckled my pants and slid them down. The next thing I knew, she put a condom on me and took my little nub in her mouth. I’m 100% honest when I say this has never happened before, but I couldn’t get hard.

I apologized (I know, right, I’m paying her and still apologizing for disappointing her). Thinking maybe a little size talk would get me going, I started asking her how I stacked up. She tried to play nice at first but admitted it was tiny. It wasn’t long before she called me a pathetic limp dick while stoking my semi-erect peen.

I ended up cumming without ever getting fully hard, and the image in my head of her smirks and laughs as she teased me will be in my mental spank bank for a while.


While, this reader tries to man up and fails…

This weekend I decided to go to a Super Bowl party with a girl I had met on Tinder. When we got there, I realized it was at a sorority house, but it was pretty decked out and was fun until the incident. There were about a dozen girls and only four guys. Being one of the only few guys, I was very popular, especially since many girls didn’t know much about football. They had a pool in the backyard with a makeshift high dive, probably 15 feet in the air.

All the girls kept trying to get one of the guys to go off it, so finally, I decided I would try to impress them and be manly or whatever. I took off my shirt and shoes, climbed up, and got up there, and it was not very safe as it was not stable. Because of this, as I went to jump, I slightly slipped, causing me to land head first in the pool. The moment I hit the water, I felt shocked as the water was freezing. We were in Florida, but I felt like I had just jumped in a lake in Alaska. Thinking only of the cold, I quickly swam to get out as quickly as possible. I heard light laughter but figured it was from my awkward jump and reaction to the water. Once I climbed out through the laughter becoming thunderous, but as I was so cold, I completely ignored it and went to the girl holding the towel for me.

Instead of giving me the towel, she tossed it to her friend, and they all started playing keep away. I then noticed them taking pictures and listening to what they said. It hit me. My shorts slid off when I hit the water, so I stood there in only my underwear. But not just any underwear, I was wearing tighty whities. Because they were soaking wet, they were completely see-through, so they could see my gold member package, which from the cold was almost entirely shrunken up inside me and had maybe half the head sticking out at best with the girth around the size of a battery.

When I looked down and realized it, they started laughing even harder. I then went to turn around and bend over to grab my shorts in the pool, but the girls already had me beat. One insanely and unexpectedly strong girl grabbed my waistband to pull me back, giving me a massive wedgie, while another girl grabbed the shorts from the pool.

Apparently, during this, they noticed that I also had a slight skid from the super tight white briefs, to which a couple grimaced, but everyone laughed even harder. One of the girls said I should jump back in and clean up and then tried to push me into the pool, but the other girl still had the grip of my waistband, making the wedgie so much worse. I begged to get my shorts back, and finally, after a few minutes, they said they’d give them back if I took off my undies.

I figured I might as well since they could see my shrunken member clear as day through my underwear, and they had pictures to prove it. There was more roaring laughter as I did, and one of the girls quickly grabbed my undies from me. I impulsively went to grab them but accidentally missed and touched her right in the boob, which pissed her off, and she slapped me right in the nuts.

This made me stumble back and fall into the pool again, which was freezing. I got out again, but my dick was completely inside me this time, making the girls laugh even harder. One of them commented, saying I looked like them downstairs as there was just a hole there at that point. They kept saying feminine jokes at me, and then one suggested that I needed to be dressed like one since I was a girl. They said if I put on one of their bras, I’d get my shorts back, and at this point, I was willing to do anything.

I put it on, and obviously, there were more pictures and laughter, and finally, I went to get my shorts. Instead of handing them over, they decided to throw them over the fence into another backyard. Finally, I had had enough and just decided to sneak back to my place. However, the girls had let all the other frats and sororities on the street know.

They all came outside to see me running down the street with my nonexistent dick on display and wearing nothing but a bra. So many of them got pictures and videos, and they just spread like wildfire. This whole week has just been me getting laughed at by everyone on campus, with plenty of wedgies and getting pantsed. All the girls on campus just hold up the small dick sign and make jokes every time I walk by, and I keep seeing the pictures posted.

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