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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


One reader shares two amazing nights of SPH with his wife…

Night 1

My wife agreed to give me a handjob in bed. I mentioned that I had pictures/videos on my phone of bigger penises for her to compare mine, so she told me to show her.

The album had quite a few comparison stuff with thick and small to average penises. I snuck in a hard and soft pic of my dick in the album’s middle. She noticed it was mine straight away, but her reaction to it surprised me.

She just blurted out that it was tiny. I told her it was actually mine, to which she replied she knew straight away but honestly didn’t realize just how small it was until she saw a picture of it after seeing pictures of ‘normal size dicks’. Her honest and harsh reaction was so genuine that I could feel myself twitching between her two fingers!

She asked if I was hard in the picture. I told her I was. She just seemed shocked and said she would be embarrassed if anyone found out. I asked what she would do if anyone she knew saw it, she said she would have to tell them I had lots of money, and that’s why she settled for a small dick then laughed at it, all while stroking with two fingers.

It was almost like looking at these videos. She remembered all the big dicks she had before me (I’m the smallest she’s been with of seven).

I got to one particular video of a curvy girl teasing a guy about being small while another guy was there with a thick 10-inch lump of a cock that she was comparing it to. This has been playing over in my head and getting me hard ever since. She was shocked, telling me that the small penis soft was bigger than me hard but also that she had a dick as big as the large thick one.

I was in shock, I knew my wife had some big dicks before me, but this thing was a monster! I asked if she was teasing, but she told me she was being honest and couldn’t believe how much smaller I was.

I came not long after that, but my wife being mean when she saw cocks bigger than mine was new to me and got exciting! Even little things she did, like when I went to grab one of her boobs just as I was about to cum she slapped my hand away and said, ‘not for you, you’re too small to touch them.’

Night 2

So I was feeling horny still from the last handjob my wife gave but didn’t want to push my luck asking for SPH, so I asked if she would give me a handjob, to which she said she would.

When we got into bed that night, she told me she had a made-up scenario to say to me. We were on a game show that had me and all her exes, and to win 1 million euros, she had to pick me out of the lineup. The catch was she could only see our penises.

I got hard pretty quickly, not sure if it was tiredness, the way I was lying in bed or what, but my full-on erection felt much smaller than usual. My wife must have noticed, too, because she quickly went straight to two fingers.

She started by saying we were all behind screens, and they lifted one by one showing just the soft penis, and she could guess who it was or had one pass. Screen one raised, and she said he was about this long (measuring from the base of my boner to somewhere on my leg). This made it hot because I wasn’t expecting her to show compared to mine!

Dick one was half as big as me hard when he was soft. She said ex, and the host said correct and on to the next screen. When it lifted, she said her eyes went wide, and even the host commented on how big and thick this one was soft. When my wife showed the length soft against mine, I had to pull the covers back to look. It was longer, soft than me, hard, thicker too. This drove me insane, so I had to ask.

“Was he really that big, or is this just for the story.” She just smirked and said, “No, honestly, he was that big.”

I sheepishly said, “Yeh, but he probably didn’t get much bigger when hard.”

She didn’t even speak. She just measured from the base of my cock to what must have been about 10 inches. She then made a grip like she was holding a Pringles tube and moved it up and down my cock but going up to the 10-inch mark, she looked at me and said, “That’s what he looked like in comparison.”

When she got to the third screen, she said the host started laughing at how small the cock was, maybe an inch and a half, and she began to get very embarrassed because she knew it was mine, and it looked tiny after seeing the first two. She used ‘pass’ on me hoping one of the other two was smaller.

The subsequent two screens opened, and to her shock, both were way bigger than me. She said she was mortified, but we needed to win, so she told the host her husband was the small one behind screen three. She said that all the camera operators and staff were sniggering that I wasn’t just the smallest but the smallest by far.

To try and let me get some dignity back, she told everyone that I got much bigger when hard. This led to her getting pressured into getting me hard in front of everyone. She started to jerk me off, but everyone started to pressure her to get the big one hard.

So here she was in a room full of people jerking off her husband with two fingers on one hand and her ex’s giant meat rod with the entire other hand. She told me that the excitement of being humiliated about my size and the sight of her jerking a much bigger cock got me too excited, and I came in front of everyone to a giant laugh.

Now I didn’t last much longer after this story but just felt it was something worth sharing with the sub as I was expecting a quick handjob before bed and got this (in my opinion) masterpiece of SPH.


Another reader has an SPH-based affair with a coworker…

When you work in a male-dominated job, it’s immediately noticed when a woman shows up for work. The first time I saw Jill, I put my gear on the truck and checked my equipment. She walked around the ambulance in the next bay and introduced herself to Joey, a paramedic who had been on our shift forever. She was his new partner.

She wasn’t the typical type you’d see in a firehouse, that’s for sure. She was on the smaller side, maybe 5′ 4″, long brown hair, not exactly petite, but not thick either. While she wasn’t ugly, she wasn’t the angelic figure most people describe in stories like this. She looked worn, for lack of a better term, maybe tired. Some acne scars on her face and wire-rimmed glasses probably weren’t helping her outward appearance, and it’s not like you’re gonna get all dolled up to immerse yourself in the sick and the wounded all day.

It didn’t take very long for Jill to get recognized as just one of the guys in the station. Her jokes and innuendos were as raunchy as worse as most of the guys and her pranks were on point. Soon she was meeting with us for after-work drinks and off-duty shenanigans and was part of the crew.

This was all at a particularly rough time for my marriage. My wife had lost all interest in physical love. It didn’t help that she was out of work and had difficulty finding a job, making my home life stressful and my drinking more intense.

One night after work, I was really tying one on, and as the night wore on and the boys were all starting to head home, the last few of them wanted to get to their families but didn’t want to leave me alone. Jill stepped up and said she’d make sure I would get home ok, wouldn’t let me drive, etc.

Once it was just the two of us, I broke down to her. I spilled all my problems, and I focused entirely too much on my sex life or lack of one in my state of lowered inhibition. I told her how my wife had lost interest and how I felt it was my fault for trying to push my kinks and fetishes on her.

She was intrigued, so I talked more about how I had size issues, enjoyed sph, and wanted my wife to cuckold me or be a hotwife. (In my line of work, this getting out would be a disaster in the workplace, I’d be the laughing stock of the department) I told her about my desire to be dominated, to be used. She just listened intently and asked lots of questions.

We stayed at the bar until closing, and for the last couple of hours, Jill had gotten me to switch to soda water, so I was beginning to sober up a little, and it was starting to hit me how exposed I was. She insisted she still wasn’t comfortable with me driving, so she wouldn’t give me my keys, and we walked to the corner of the lot where she was parked. I knew she made the right choice when we neared her car, and I slipped and almost fell, grabbing her arm to keep my balance. We ended up standing face to face, her looking slightly up at me, which doesn’t often happen for me as I’m pretty short myself.

It was surreal. Looking into her eyes, she slowly raised, and our lips met. The next thing I knew, we were leaning on her car, tongues intertwined, hands exploring each other’s form. I slid a hand up her shirt and was surprised by how firm her breasts were, not huge but more than a handful, usually well hidden by her loose-fitting uniforms. I distinctly remember feeling her nipples for the first time. They were bigger than I was used to, like the eraser of a pencil and hard. If we weren’t outside, I don’t think I would have been able to keep my mouth off them.

However, reality crashed in when Jill’s hand slid down my body and grabbed my hard cock through my pants. She stepped back, breaking our kiss, a kind of odd smirk on her face. “Oh my god, you weren’t kidding!!! Your dick is tiny”. My heart sank, a mix of humiliation and excitement, the feeling I both love and dread. “We should go,” she said, “I need to get you home.”

My head was a mess the following day, my mind replaying the parts I could remember. I jerked off in the shower to the thought of her, picturing that grin as I climaxed, I loved the thrill, but in my post-orgasmic clarity, I began to fear the consequences. If she talked at work, I would be ruined. All the respect I had earned through the years would be gone.

It was almost lunchtime when my cell rang. It was her. She opened up with, “I know it’s our day off. I didn’t know if you were busy” I told her I had nothing pressing going on, playing it as cool as I could. “I think we should meet up and talk,” she offered, and I agreed and told her I could use a ride to pick up my car anyway. She picked me up, and we decided to get my car and then hit a local sandwich place for lunch.

Conversation at lunch started slow, but she eventually broke the ice. She told me she enjoyed bonding with me and not worrying; she would never betray my trust at work. I was relieved but a little disappointed, as it seemed like she was shutting down any future hookups. Boy, was I wrong?

As lunch ended, she mentioned how one of the guys told her I used to work as an electrician. I told her I had done it as a side hustle my first few years in the department but that I had gotten lazy in recent years since my firefighter salary was enough to live on. She told me she had a light switch that wasn’t working and would I mind looking. I agreed, and we headed to her house.

Long story short, there was no electrical problem. As I walked in her door, she grabbed me, and we kissed passionately. “I had to try that with both of us sober,” she said. “Please don’t be mad,” I answered by pulling her in for another kiss.

She broke the embrace and led me by the hand to her bedroom. We alternated kissing and shedding clothes while exploring each other’s bodies. She fell back on the bed, and I kissed my way down her chest and stomach. I worked my tongue around the waistband of her panties. Slowly sliding them down as I did, her arching her back to allow them to slide off. As her foot came out of the leg hole, I caught it and began worshiping with my mouth. Slowly kissing my way back up her leg till her thighs spread before me.

I don’t know how long I tongue her, passionately kissing her lips, sucking her clit as I fingered her. I lost count of how many times she convulsed and squeezed my head between her thighs or pulled my hair between incoherent mumblings. I MAKE UP FOR what I lack in dick in oral skills, and I was determined to put it all on display.

At some point, she pulled my head up and told me she couldn’t take anymore. I worked my way up, and she kissed me again, with no regard for her taste on my lips. She was spent, sweaty and flush, I slid alongside her, and we spooned. I gently kissed her neck and hugged her right. It was nice to feel this intimacy again after so long without it.

As she came down from her heights of passion, she worked for her hand back between us and slowly stroked me. My cock was wet with precum from multiple cycles of going soft to hard while I was down, laying tongue on her. I was rock hard now, straining for release.

She maneuvered me to my back and slid down, taking me in her mouth. As with most women, she had no problem fitting me in entirely. She didn’t work with me for long. It was more a courtesy suck than a passionate header. After only a few minutes, she sat up and straddled me, guiding my dick into her as she did.

She rode me for maybe 15 minutes or so before rolling off. “is everything ok” I asked.

“I guess,” she said, “but I can barely feel you, so there’s no point to it. Can I jerk you off?”

I agreed, and she wrapped her hand around my cock, still wet with her juices. Knowing what works for me, I immediately asked her if she had been with someone this small before.

“Not even close,” was her reply, “most of my boyfriends were almost twice as big.”

I could feel my orgasm building. Her pace was perfect, the way she twisted her hand ever so slightly at the head, then she said it.

“I understand why your wife doesn’t want to fuck anymore. ”

That pushed me over the edge. I stiffened and shot a couple of bursts of cum which mainly landed on my stomach and chest. Then she did something I had never experienced before and wasn’t expecting. She leaned in and licked me from my body. Maybe it was new, or that she was so fucking hot, but it never occurred to me that she hadn’t swallowed. Before I realized what was happening, her tongue was in my mouth, and so was my load.

A mouthful of cum was swirled around our tongues, and we kissed intensely. We broke our kiss and stared into each other eyes as we both swallowed in what was probably my most intense sexual experience since I lost my virginity. We cuddled for some time. Before showering together, we talked in the shower about where this would go. She told me she didn’t want a relationship but was willing to explore things with me if I wanted to stay casual. I agreed, I knew I already had feelings, but anything she was willing to give me was better than nothing.


Meanwhile, this reader finds a novel way to show women his dick pic…

Today at work, I was talking to a female coworker named Lisa. Eventually, the topic of COVID came up. I asked her if she could keep a secret, and she agreed. I told her a friend of mine had COVID, and he was suffering from some side effects: shortness of breath, brain fog, and penis shrinkage. She called bullshit on penis shrinking, but I told her he had gone to the doctor about it. I told her he sent me Before and After Pictures as proof. She didn’t believe me, and I said I’d show her the pictures on my phone. I pulled up his Before Picture and told her that was his boner on before COVID (6.5 inches). Lisa just had a regular expression on her face looking at it. Then I swiped over to his boner After COVID (3.5 inches). Her eyes bugged out, and she yelled, “Holy shit! It’s tiny now! That’s crazy! How can that happen?”

I told her the blood vessels contracted from COVID and didn’t return to normal after he was better, and he doesn’t know if it’ll be permanent or not. Her response was, “God, imagine going through the rest of your life with such a pathetically tiny penis. I hope it isn’t permanent for his sake. Otherwise, no woman will ever want him again. Damn, that was a tiny dick.”

Now I need to explain it to you, the reader. I found a dick pic online of a roughly 6.5″ hard cock that really looked like a larger version of my silver member dick. The ‘before’ shot was that larger cock, but the ‘after’ shot was my small dick. I showed her my silver member boner to get her reaction. God, it was great.

I had a conversation with a different twenty-something coworker named Kylie a week later as she’d been off due to an illness in the family. Over the past two months, everyone (including her) in her household has had COVID. I asked her if she was having any symptoms of Long COVID or if anyone else she knew was. She said she wasn’t, thankfully, and neither was anyone else she knew. I mentioned I had a friend who had long COVID with the usual symptoms: brain fog, shortness of breath, and a bedroom issue. I don’t know Kylie as well as I know Lisa, so I was indirect about the last symptom, but she pressed me on it. I told her I didn’t believe it until I saw the pictures, but he said COVID made his penis smaller.

“Like, how?” she asked, not buying it.

I gave her the basics, i.e., the blood vessels contract and stay that way. Then she said, “You’ve got me curious. Could you show me the picture?”

I agreed as I said, nothing is distinguishing in the photos. When she got to the post-COVID picture (my small dick), her eyes went wide, and she said, “Oh, that’s horrible! It looks so sad in the second one. Poor man. Having a penis that small must be horrible.”

Unlike Lisa, Kylie showed more interest after her initial shocked reaction and asked a few follow-up questions like how much he lost, how his girlfriend was taking it, etc.

Eventually, she asked me, “Did the doctor say if it’ll be permanently like…THAT?”

I told her that he wasn’t sure, but it might be.

“I hope it goes back to normal, or he’s got a life ahead of being a loser who never gets laid. Show me that picture again.” I show her the picture of my small dick again. “Damn, that’s tiny. I pity his girlfriend. I’d dump him if he were my boyfriend.”

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