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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader takes stock of his life with a small dick…

I’m twenty-eight. It all started on February 4, 1994. My parents were surprised to see that I was a little boy, indeed on the ultrasound, they had been told that I was a little girl. But surprise, here I am with a small penis, too small even suddenly during the first years of my life, I was injected with testosterone to develop my penis.

Thanks to these injections, I’m now a bronze member of the small dick club. If I had not had these injections, I would certainly be a gold member.

My dick reached its final size around eight years old. During my adolescence, I didn’t gain in size. The only thing that changed was the hairs that grew.

When I was eight years old, and with the school, we went to the swimming pool, we were all the boys in the same locker room. At that time, I was not really aware of my small size, even though some classmates had told me.

Then around my ten years with a group of boys who were my friends, we discovered our bodies, we sometimes jerk off together, I had the smallest of the group, and some of my friends had told other people about it at my school, but at that time, there was no teasing. People especially felt sorry for me.

At the same time, my mother worried that my penis was not growing. She took me to see a doctor because she thought I couldn’t have sex and not have children, but the doctor reassured her about it.

Years go by, and I’m secretly in love with a girl in my class. I’m 13 at the time. One day I’m on MSN on a webcam talking to this girl who’s with a friend. We play games, and we give each other pledges, and the last pledge she gives me is to jerk off on cam. I do what she asks me, and once my little business is over, I realize that she is laughing and that she is making a sign with their finger to tell me that I have a small dick, and they cut off the cam. It excited me immediately. I loved being humiliated.

I’ve been single for years because I don’t dare approach girls, I’m shy, and I’m afraid she won’t see me as soon as she sees my dick. I even end up lying by telling my friends that I have already fucked when it was completely false.

Then comes high school, I’m 17, and I meet a girl with whom I stay for three years. She’s not very open sexually and has never told me anything about my height. At this time, during the breaks, I am mainly with girls, and therefore some talk about sex and dick size, and I realize that girls often like big cocks, and I love to hear that!

At that time, it often happened to me to go to the swimming pool in the summer, but the swimming pool was a complicated place. My bathing suit is flat, and I can clearly see the eyes of certain people. They look at my crotch and smile. It reminds me of a cousin making fun of me, saying that I must have a clit!

During this relationship, I discover the SPH and cuckoldry. But my girlfriend at the time is not the type to like it at all.

After this relationship, I was single for two years. I could have met girls because I’m pretty cute, but I didn’t dare impose my little dick on them, so during this period, I spent my time jerking off to SPH or cuckold.

I jerked off so much that I became precocious. I met a girl with whom I stayed for eight months, she didn’t tell me anything, but I saw at times that she would receive nudes from guys with big dicks after our breakup. She confessed to me that I was the guy with the smallest dick she’s known.

Then I get back into a relationship for two months with my first girlfriend. But now she has known another guy, and when I kissed her, I saw the difference she was much more open, less tight.

And I ended up meeting my current girlfriend. Before even formalizing our relationship, I told him that my dick was average, except that was not true. She clearly told me that she was afraid of not feeling anything. Before me, she knew boys with at least more than six inches. The largest was almost ten inches. The first times she didn’t feel much, we had to wait for her pussy to tighten up again. At the same time, she talks about it to our friends and all this in front of me. Her best friend doesn’t understand how she does it because she won’t be able to fuck with a guy like me. One evening she talks with my ex-girlfriend, and both say that I am the guy with the smallest dick they’ve known.

My girlfriend has never hidden that she would like me to be a little taller, but she does with it. The biggest problem is that I am precocious.

She had a few lovers who had bigger ones, who were more enduring, and who were good fuckers. She loved them.

She flirted with a friend of ours who is also a tattoo artist. She told him that I had a small dick and told him that he would introduce me to girls who liked it while he would take care of her.

We are still together. It will soon be six years. We will soon be the parent of a little girl.

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t had a testosterone injection just to get an even smaller one.


Another reader has a Tinder date he’ll always remember…

I was 19 at the time and was hooking up with this girl from Tinder. At the time, I didn’t know my penis was below average sized (Bronze Member). I always considered it to be a good size and still do. It was pretty late when the girl came over, so she had that end-of-the-day funk down there. I went down on her but had trouble getting hard because of the smell. Also, this girl didn’t mention to me that it was her first time, so when she started bleeding, it completely threw me off. My dick was completely soft at this point, and I was pretty upset this girl lied to me. She caught me at a vulnerable point when we were both cuddling naked, and she said, “I think you get upset at others because you have a little dick.”

At the time, I was too heated and not into SPH, so I asked her to leave and blocked her. But looking back at it, I wish I could unblock her and ask her if she’d be down to make fun of me while I ate her pussy again.


Meanwhile, this reader has a costume failure incident…

I was in High School. I spent afternoons at my best friend’s house. Her name is Cassie. We had been friends since basically birth. Cassie was smart, athletic, and drop-dead gorgeous. Why she hung around a chubby guy like me was mind-boggling.

It was a hot summer day. We were about to go swimming in her pool. I was in the bathroom changing into my swimming suit. She burst in, scaring the shit out of me. Needless to say, I dropped my suit. There I stood, flaccid. Basically, a microdick, my dickhead turtled up and disappeared. I was too stunned to cover up. She had the most surprised look on her face.

“Is that it?” she asked, trying so hard not to laugh.

I was nearly in tears with embarrassment. I nodded. She began to laugh. To my amazement, my dick began to stiffen. The head popped out, ready to play. Cassie noticed.

“Are you getting hard?” she asked. I shrugged, not knowing what was happening.

Why was her laughter getting me hard?

“That’s the smallest dick I’ve ever seen!” Cassie said, but she wasn’t looking at me. She was looking at my dick. It began to become erect. Fully hard, I’m a Gold Member of the small dick club. Flaccid, I was under an inch. Cassie began to tell me how small I was, how her baby brother was bigger. All the while, she was staring at my growing erection.

“You like it when I tease you about your small dick?” she asked, finally looking at me.

I realized how turned on I was. I nodded. She smiled. She grabbed my tiny boner in her hand and squeezed.

“You have a tiny dick!” she said with a huge smile on her face as she began stroking me.

It didn’t last long. She laughed some more when I ejaculated in her hand, forty seconds later. That was my introduction to SPH. We’re still best friends, but to this day, she’s never admitted whether she knew what SPH was or if it was just a happy accident. But she changed my world that day.


While this reader is the victim of school pranks…

This story happened when I was in 8th grade, on my cross country team’s annual overnight trip for a race. While killing time in the hotel, the rest of the boys’ team and I eventually ended up talking to strangers on Omegle.

After a while talking to a group of girls our age, one boy asked the girls if they would rate our dicks one at a time. Immediately I moved to the back of the room, as I had never shown my penis to anyone before, let alone multiple. I was beginning to hit puberty and had never shaved, leaving a large bush around my boy dick, which certainly did not help its appearance.

The laptop was taken to the bathroom with the volume up so we could hear the reaction and scores from 1-10. The girls enjoyed this very much and made sure we were properly ranked in order of size. As we all took turns, the lowest score of my teammate was 6/10.

Resigned to my fate, I was last to have my dick rated by the girls. My nervousness prevented any erection that every other boy made sure to have before their rating. When it was finally time to drop my pants and display, I was immediately greeted by loud laughter and ridicule from the Omegle girls. Hearing the reaction spurred another round of laughter and humiliation from my teammates in the room. The initial feeling of embarrassment faded to a feeling I hadn’t come to understand yet, but for that trip, I mostly felt ashamed of my pin-sized dick.

Back in the room, I was newly nicknamed shrimpy, a nickname that stuck for the rest of the time with that team.

While this was my first true SPH experience, the excitement of it came the next year in high school when some of my same teammates exposed my tiny dick to a group of the girls’ team.


A year had passed since my online humiliation resulted in my cross country teammates nicknaming me Shrimpy for a dick rating contest I very much lost.

The nickname was mostly used in teasing and jest, but in my shame, I decided to lie and pretend the Omegle girls were exaggerating about my tiny size. As both the girls and boys teams practiced together daily, eventually, the girls’ team found out about my nickname and wanted to be in on the joke.

It started with the occasional, “Hey, Shrimpy,” that I could easily enough laugh off and act like the whole situation was some sort of misunderstanding.

This worked well enough for a while, but sure enough, curiosity got the better of my teammates eventually. The boys’ team never actually saw my dick. They just heard the reaction and saw my embarrassment from the contest. This speculation simply was not enough for a few of the girls on our team. Our teams always were close and talked about many things and occasionally pulled pranks on each other. Entering high school, sexual topics had begun to cross everyone’s mind, so they hatched a plan to get the confirmation they wanted.

For a usual weekend trail run, a smaller group with some of the more serious runners on our team drove together to a local state park. The trails were muddy, so after finishing, we used the park’s showers to clean off before heading back. I had made a habit of going last in these situations, so everyone else was finished by the time I started my shower.

Any hot water available was clearly gone by the time I showered, in what I would later discover was the plan. Shortly after beginning my freezing shower, the door burst open, and laughing teammates of mine stole my waiting clothes and towel, leaving only a small hair towel for when I finished. Initially, this annoyance seemed like the usual prank. However, I still had no idea what was really in store for me.

Exciting the shower, I used the small hair towel, which covered up the absolute minimum. The real surprise was when I entered the changing room to discover waiting for me was 4 of the girls and two of the guys giggling and laughing. They had a proposition for me and seemed to be very excited about the entire situation.

The offer was this, the price of getting my clothes back agreed to do team laundry for the next month, or I could drop the towel and let them decide if I was to remain Shrimpy, I nickname at the time, I still insisted it was a mistake. As a freshman, I had no way to get out of laundry duty if it was assigned to me as well.

While contemplating, I became visibly nervous and embarrassed. My shifty nervousness caused the small hair towel to drop to the floor, making my decision for me. In my shock of being completely naked in front of six completely clothed teammates, I could look nowhere but right at my small, cold, and retreated dick.

The situation was a blur, but I remember hearing a loud voice say, “Dude,” from one of the guys and both laughter from the girls alongside. “Shrimpy!” and, “Oh my God, I didn’t think it would be THAT small!”

What happened next was a sexual awakening forever changed me. Amid the very public humiliation I was receiving, while I did feel very embarrassed and ashamed, I had become noticeably aroused, with my dick a Gold Member hard. Twitching at the insults hurled my way, this inspired a further round of laughs and amusement from a few of the girls.

As the prank was over and my teammates began to leave the changing room, one of the girls was amused by this revelation and asked for a picture to share with her friends.

I was confused, embarrassed, and horny, so I obliged. It was a new app making its way around the school Snapchat long before the days of stories. I had no idea how many friends would see this, but I would later learn many based on the giggles and looks I received in the hallways of school the coming Monday. Alongside my new permanent and well-deserved nickname, Shrimpy.


This reader likes some junk in the trunk…

We were out driving over the weekend and came to a red light. At the crosswalk was a group of cute young girls. One of them was a short, thick Latina. I’m talking REAL thick. So thick her big ass cheeks were shaking and jiggling on different wavelengths when she walked.

My fiancé said, “God damn, look at that thing! Do guys like that?”

To which I replied: “I probably couldn’t even get past her cheeks.” (I’m a Bronze Member).

She burst out laughing and quickly responded: “Ya let’s be real, you can barely get past mine, and I’m skinny. This girl is a BBC’s wet dream.”


Another reader gets a rap he didn’t like…

Recently, Souljah Boy (the rapper) leaked his nudes, showing his massive cock to the world.

My wife: “I looked up the Souljah Boy pics. He definitely leaked the nudes himself.”

Me (jokingly): “Women always look up the guys with big cocks.”

Her: “Well, yeah, obviously, honey.”

Me (going fishing): “I’m starting an OF for silver member guys.”

Her: “Is that really what you measured?” (cringe face.)

We then talked about how I make her orgasm 30% of the time from sex. She truly thinks this is a good number and was trying to compliment me. 🤣


Meanwhile, this reader ponders the ultimate questions…

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to have a big dick?

To have someone look at your manhood with lust rather than amusement.

To be able to wrap your entire hand around it to jerk off.

To not have to worry about urinating on yourself when it’s cold outside.

To be too big for a chastity cage.

To have your wife not need to secretly masturbate after you have sex.

Or is it just me? 🤣 (Bronze Member)


While this reader finds he was the little spoon all along…

I’ve indicated to my wife in the past that I like some amount of lite SPH, but it’s mostly been along the lines of—yes, I’ve had bigger than you before. No real humiliation.

In an other-wise kink-free fuck session recently, I was a big spoon, the wife was a little spoon, I was thrusting hard, holding her by shoulder and waist, and said, “Is my dick going to make you cum soon?”

Out of nowhere, she said, “If you had a cock, maybe.”

I stopped and leaned over her and asked, “What does that mean?”

Her: “A COCK would make me cum like this, sure. Unfortunately, you only have a little dick, so it’s not gonna happen.”

I’m a bronze member.


This reader gets a reverse ‘Is it in yet’…

My ex-girlfriend and I were together for a couple of weeks. We had sex maybe three or four times before that. All of you who have a little one know that the penis often falls out when the woman is on top. That’s what happened to me and my ex. So my ex was riding me when my penis slipped out of her vagina. I thought she was going to put it right back in, but she just kept moving. After a few seconds, I said, confused, “Wait, let me put it back in.”

She looked at me equally confused and said, “I didn’t even realize it fell out.”

I don’t think she realized what she was telling me at first. What was the real message? My boner must have felt like almost nothing in her vagina because she didn’t even notice when it was out of her. My ex-girlfriend was very sweet and a bit shy, and I think she was sorry afterward.

When she guided my penis back into her vagina, she said to me, “Please let me know if it falls out again.”


Another reader hits the SPH jackpot…

So last week, I randomly found an old coworker on social media and followed her. She messaged me, and we got to talking a bit, and I was super nervous she was gonna be creeped out that I was looking at her nudes online. However, instead of getting creeped out, we got to talking about sex and kinks and everything else.

Now I’ve never told anyone except a few randoms on social media about my SPH kink, but I thought what the hell and opened up to her like a damn book.

Then the most amazing thing happened. She mentioned that she has played in SPH and offered to help me explore! I sent her a picture of my dick, and she dove right in, humiliating me. Some highlights:

She told me she felt sorry for my wife for having to fuck me.

She showed me her dildos that were much larger than my dick.

She made me take a video jerking off and tell her all of my friends and coworkers who I thought had bigger dicks.

She called me names like bitch boy, tiny dick, acorn dick, and sissy.

She made me list things that were bigger than my dick.

She sent me a picture of her making the SPH sign with her huge tits covered.

She sent me a picture of a guy she was going to fuck with a dick 2-3 times bigger than mine.

I’m sure I probably missed some, but we played for a couple of days, and I have never been so turned on, and I wanted to share it.

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