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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader hit a home run, kinda…

Back in the day, I was in a state softball championship game. I hit a walk-off homer to win the game. It was my second shot of the day. After the game, we went to the bar. A hot girl at the game came and sat next to me at the bar. She slid her hand down My shorts. She grabbed my crotch, looked me straight in the eye, and said, “Wow, you’ve got a tiny cock.” She got up and sat next to another guy, and five minutes later, they left together.


Another Reader participates in party games…

I had forgotten about this experience that I had a few New Year’s Eves ago. This new year prompted me. I’ve been enjoying the memory since. So I thought I’d share. I went to a small New Years’ Eve party with an ex and her friends. Three couples. We had a mix of people there. All the girls were friends, but the boys were just plus ones. We’d met before but weren’t mates as such. A relatively low-key. Dinner, drinks, games, etc. Nothing too extreme. That was the plan, but from the off, there was so much sexual tension in the room, everyone seemed sexually charged. Some drinks became lots of drinks, which then became loads of drinks, and then the games became more and more raunchy.

The games got to the point where we had men vs. women strip contest. Each couple had to perform a striptease down to their underwear. The other four would judge a winner. I was in pretty good shape at the time, so I wasn’t too bothered about this, as long as boxers stayed on! Not to boast, but my ex at the time was a beauty—toned, tanned, blonde bombshell with long hair, great bum, and perky tits. We went first, and both gave it our all, rubbing ourselves as we took items off, bending over as we took the jeans off. There was lots of whooping and hollering from our audience. My ex was wearing a gorgeous purple set, push-up bra, and french panties. So hot. I gave it as good as possible, but unsurprisingly, my ex was given the win. (Robbed! ha)

Next up, Penny and Tom. Penny was a fuller figure with big tits, and Tom was a tall skinny guy. Penny was a bit nervous, you could tell. Tom was keen as mustard. It turned out Penny was worried because she was wearing her comfy underwear. They were brown and not sexy at all! She said she was dying that she was being seen in it, especially given what my ex had just revealed. Comments were made that Tom wasn’t getting any that night, with lots of laughter. Still, her big tits looked great anyway. On the other hand, Tom just whipped everything off and stood in his black boxers, clearly filling them out as my ex shouted in admiration as he stood there! Tom was given the win.

Next up were Grace and Harry, who decided to strip each other off. It was very hot. Grace surprised me. I was not expecting her body to be that good. Great tits and long legs, all in some standard black lingerie. I suspected they may have been fake tits, but not sure. Harry was a broad guy and muscly, so this game played to his strengths. Theirs was more of a performance together and very sexy.

All in all, very funny and lots of laughter. We then went and topped up drinks. All still in underwear only! I realized I’d been sitting in boxers for a long time, and it was cold! As we got new drinks, I noticed the girls laughing together and going back into the lounge. As the three boys came back in, they were sitting in a line on the sofa. They said they had a plan.

They told us to line up and said, “Guys, we will take our tops off if you guys drop the boxers,” and then all burst out laughing as they could see our confused faces.

I suddenly was in full panic mode. I had been sitting in the cold for 10 minutes in my boxers, was angry, and was now nervous. I wasn’t sure what state the little man was in but knew it wouldn’t be impressive. So I tried to laugh off the situation and sit down. At which point, my ex asked if I didn’t want to see the goods?! I laughed, and the other boys behind me announced it was a deal. What Deal? HARRY AND TOM ARE STANDING NAKED before I can do/say anything, cupping their privates. And I am being shouted out from both sides to get on with it. I had no choice but to go along with it. The girls were whooping and ribbing us. But all in good fun. I cup my junk and take the boxers down. I can feel that I have shrunk right up to maybe an inch. I just wanted to get through this without anyone seeing it. So just grinned and got on with it.

At this point, I thought the ladies would go for the bras. But then Grace said that it wasn’t the deal. They couldn’t see anything of ours. If we wanted them to get the girls out, we would have to put our hands on our heads and let it all hang out. Again, Tom and Harry basically looked at each other, shrugged, and just went for it (why was I never consulted? FFS!). This caused an eruption in screams, whoops, and laughter from the three women.

Tom had revealed a bloody python. It must have been six inches soft and thick. Harry was a bit more average, about four inches soft but decent. Grace said, “Jesus, Tom,” with her mouth agape.

He just smiled confidently. My ex was taking it all in with a lot of excitement, cheering. Then I started to get the attention as I was still covering. Come on. I had to do it.

“Show us what you got,” said Penny with a wicked smile and a wink (did she already know I was small).

I moved my hands up to my head and just closed my eyes. It was deadly quiet for about 5 seconds. I opened my eyes, and everyone was looking at what was essentially just the head of a penis, no shaft. Grace was biting her lips, and Penny was covering her mouth wide-eyed. At which point, my ex just burst out laughing and broke the ice. She said, “It’s not normally massive, but what the hell has happened?”

And started pissing herself laughing. Everyone started laughing again. I wanted the ground to swallow me up! Comments were flying on all three of us, but a few exchanges stuck with me.

Grace said: “We have the whole range here. Small, medium, and large.”

My ex chimed in with. I think you mean: “Extra-large and extra-small.”

My ex also said, ” Well, I think we can safely say Tom will be getting some tonight!” She was admiring his size!

Eventually, when I had been stripped of all self-respect, the girls got up and did their part of the deal. OMG, the boobs were incredible! I saw my ex’s all the time, of course, but the size and shape of Penny’s and Grace’s were amazing. My ex even grabbed Penny’s, juggled them, and said, “Fuck, I wish I had tits like this.”

The show was incredible. The soft pink nipples, the hard dark nipples. I loved it. Probably not worth the humiliation and complete embarrassment, but a good offset, at least.

After that, the night tailed off pretty quickly as everyone coupled off and disappeared to bed. I remember my ex coming up to me, kissing me, and giving my cock a slight tug as she said, “Don’t worry, I love him.”


Meanwhile, this reader nearly made a home run…

This happened years ago, it was my friend’s birthday, and we were out camping on the farm he worked at. Being a beta Asian boy, I didn’t expect any female action, of course, but out of nowhere, this white girl started flirting with me and eventually even made out with me when she got drunk. I thought I had the luckiest day in my life when she invited me to her tent, but also very nervous since I knew I had a small dick (Gold Member). My heart was racing as she pulled my pants down, and I still remember the look of disappointment on her face. I thought she would be too drunk to notice, but she did laugh at my tiny Asian dick.

She asked, “Are you a virgin?”

“Yes,” I said.

This made her laugh hard. She was kind enough to give me a pity blowjob, but I couldn’t hold it and came after like ten seconds blowing in her mouth unexpectedly. She couldn’t believe it and kept saying, “Oh my God. What the fuck,” and then asked me to leave.

All the girls knew about it the next day, probably the most embarrassing day of my little dick life.


While this reader discovers men aren’t created equally…

It was my birthday, and my girlfriend and I decided to spend the whole afternoon fucking, but unfortunately, there was only one condom left. Once used, we still wanted to fuck. My girlfriend exclaims: “We can use one of my brother’s condoms.”

I reply: “OK, go get one.”

She came back with the condom and started giving me a blowjob, and when I was ready, she opened it and put on my dick. It was huge. It was embarrassingly wide. She laughed: “It’s too big for you. Haha, anyway, come on, let’s try to fuck anyway.”

She makes me lie down and climbs on top of me. I put it in, helping me with two fingers at the base to hold the condom and avoid it slipping away. After a few strokes, she asks me: “Why are you holding it like that? Take your hands off it. I can’t go all the way down.”

She forces me to take my hands off the condom, holding both my arms over my head. After a couple of movements, the condom slipped totally off my dick and stuck inside her pussy. She looked into my eyes, laughing. “Now I understand why you were holding it with your hand. Your breadstick dicklette is too thin to hold a 15yo’s condom. Put two fingers inside to fill it. I hope that’s enough for you.”

I was too horny for the situation and humiliated like all hell. I did it, but after ten seconds, I climaxed, and she laughed again. “Good boy! But such small dick with no stamina.”


This reader is denied spooning sex…

Last night my wife and I were lying in bed spooning before we fell asleep. Me big spoon and her little. I asked, “have we ever had sex like this?”

“No, love, we haven’t.”

“We should sometimes.”

“Love, your too small you wouldn’t reach me for me even to feel it, so no.”

“Ya, I guess your right.”

With that, we kissed and said goodnight, and yes, I was super hard.


Another reader gets some honest feedback…

So last night, I and my girlfriend had been getting ready to have sex, and she was jerking me off and kept looking at my dick and laughing. I asked, What’s so funny?”

She replied, “Nothing.” So I let it go, and after a few minutes of her jerking me off, she looks at my dick and goes, “I can never get over how small your penis is.”

That’s when I realized I have a small dick, so now I’m going to try to see if maybe she wants to try bigger than me.


Meanwhile, this reader gets a bad case of party dick…

Back about a decade ago, when I was an 18-year-old, a silver member-wielding virgin, I had a pretty much nightmare scenario play out in my first genuine attempt at losing my virginity. At the time, it seemed permanently scarring, but now I feel it is hilarious.

So 18-year-old virgin never too good with the girls, mainly due to insecurities, the main one being my small penis. I worked at a local restaurant and had been there for a year. We had just hired a new girl. She had pale skin, dark hair, dark features, a resting bitch face, short, average weight. On what I would guess be her first or second weekend working there, she approached me after the rush and looked at me with a stern look and said, “Let’s hang out after work.”

I agreed and was fucking ecstatic because the intentions were obvious. Giddy and delighted, I stepped outside for a smoke. Being dumb kids, we often partied while we worked, which can sometimes have adverse effects on the male genitalia. While I was outside grinning ear to ear, enjoying my smoke, my buddy and also the delivery driver pulled up and got out of the car. Not even two seconds go by before I’m bragging about how the new girl wants to fuck me.

He responds, “Oh nice, I hope you don’t get party dick.”

Party dick? I had no clue that was a thing. I went inside and beelined to the restroom to scope the situation. Limp and lifeless, absolutely nothing there. I tried several times to reschedule our hangout for the next night, but she was adamant, she wanted it tonight.

After we got off, we went over to Bdubs for a bite and conversation. She was very straightforward with her slutty endeavors. Even in her late teens, she seemed to have been around the block once or twice. Meanwhile, I was freaking out, tugging my soft cock under the table, trying to find any sign of life, nothing, it was flaccid and useless. One part of the conversation I have engraved in me is when she mentioned that she isn’t particularly attracted to black guys, but they usually had big cocks was remarkable.

Eventually, we left and went to my house. We went to my room, and I knew I had to play it usually. We got straight down to business and started making out, and we rushed foreplay because she just wanted the dick. She was completely naked, and it was time for me. I pulled down my pants (but left my shirt on the whole time, lol) and revealed my limp tiny useless penis. I still remember her reaction, an eye roll. A dirty, slutty, disappointed eyeroll. I hopped on top of her and tried as hard as I could to shove my limp penis inside of her, no use. I couldn’t even push it in there, and it was too small and too soft to make any penetration. After a few minutes, we gave up and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning with my teenage rampant morning wood, eager for a second chance, she was gone, and I couldn’t blame her.

Word quickly got around with all the other girls at work, a lovely staff, might I add. There were many giggles and laughs at my expense over the following few weeks. I am confident it caused multiple other girls to keep our hookups to first and second base. It’s pretty much what you would consider a nightmare first sexual experience, and be honest, and I love it.


While this reader is advised to get a second opinion…

I had an embarrassing moment when I was called up for my mandatory military examination. A fifty-something female doctor carried out the examination. A younger female assistant (mid-twenties) made the documentation. After the general questions/tests, the doctor drew a curtain so that the assistant couldn’t see anything. She then told me to undress completely. Then came the prostate exam. So I had to bend over, and she stuck her fingers in my ass. After that, she asked me to turn around. She examined my penis and testicles. When she had my testicles in her hands, she said: “You should have them examined by a urologist. They are tiny.”

The young assistant couldn’t see anything because of the privacy screen, but she heard everything and wrote it down.


This reader becomes the booby prize…

As I recall it now, this is where the story gets a little harder for me to believe, being twenty years older. But here goes. I was with some friends one night hanging out at home. We discussed our evening without any weirdness. Then we all agreed to have a moonlight swim. It was only about 75 feet from our front door to the start of the small beach, but we had to cross the street. We did it wearing nothing but large beach towels.

Once at the water’s edge, we shed our towels and ran into the water. The water was colder than we had anticipated, causing a couple of shrieks and laughs on the way in. We were soon in deep enough water to hide our lack of clothing. We jumped and swam like a bunch of kids. The girls` breasts looked great when they were out of the water, their nipples were so erect, and they had shiny beads of water all over them.

A car passed on the street, which made the girls want to call our swim short. So Greg ran out of the water, put on his towel, and walked into the water holding the towels for the girls. I lingered behind them, getting a good look at the girl’s butts when they walked to him and their towels. Jan had a cute tan line that I hadn’t noticed except in the moonlight; Rachel`s looked rounder while it shined with water. I got away with gawking at them, except Greg saw me. So, with Rachel leaving the water last, he turned with her carrying my towel, and they ran toward the street.

I cautiously called out to them not to alert any neighbors, but they laughed as they ran. I delayed thinking they were just fooling around, but they weren’t. They were in our front yard looking back, waving me towards them teasingly. I could hear them as I made my way towards them, thinking they would get the neighbors to look out and see me. I ran through the sand. It seemed to take forever, especially with them watching me. Once out of the sand, I was able to run more freely, only 75 feet, I thought; I held my breath, crossing the street, hoping another car wouldn`t be coming. I made it to them as they were walking into the house, forcing me to go all the way into the house naked.

Jan grabbed the towel from Greg and was heading for me, saying, “You poor thing, you must be cold.”

Greg and Rachel laughed. I instinctively covered myself, noticing I was showing the effects of the cold water. I was down to almost just a mushroom cap. Jan quickly said, “That`s not what she meant. She meant that I was still so wet.”

Greg said, “Yeah, sure.” He removed his towel and tossed it to me, saying, “Here, you really need to warm up.”

With that, I looked his way and noticed he must be semi-erect. It was already larger than mine ever gets. Rachel countered by saying, “Jan must have drained you so much. It needed rest.”

Jan looked at her and said, “No, he couldn’t get it hard.”

Rachel looked at me curiously and asked, “Is that true?”

I said, “Yes.”

At that point, Greg was prancing like a peacock, and it seemed to give him a pleasure to know he was the only one that had fucked them. I was feeling so flushed and embarrassed, like I was weird or something, when all of a sudden, I realized I was aroused. Of all the times, I thought.

Rachel suddenly pulled the towel off me, revealing my cock. She said, “There it is now.”

Jan came over to see in the well-lit kitchen. I could have died. The girls touched it and said that it must have been shy earlier. Feeling left out, Greg came over asking, “Has the little guy finally woken?”

With that, he poked his now erect huge cock right next to mine, facing me. His head was nearly at my body, while my head barely reached halfway up his. The girls took this opportunity to compare them first hand, as it were. Greg was eating it up, as they noted the fact that his dick was at least four inches longer than mine. They were handling both to make a case for my girth, but Greg won that easily.

They also added that because I was a big guy, 6`2″ and 200 pounds, it made my cock look smaller. On the other hand, Greg was much shorter and thin, which made his cock look so much bigger. They both agreed mine was suckable, I know they meant it as a compliment, but it was back-handed at best.

As embarrassed as I was, I was so turned on. My cock had pre cum oozing out of the head. Jan smeared it in with her thumb. Of course, Greg jumped on their suckable comment, saying if I’m suckable, then his dick must be fuckable. I thought I was going to cum when both girls agreed with him.

Greg grabbed the deck of cards from the kitchen table and said to the girls that they cut the cards and the high card fucked him. The low card sucked me. They were telling him, “You’re nuts,” but they laughed.

Then Jan said, “Fuck it,” and cut the cards.

She drew the nine of diamonds. Rachel looked at her, and she coaxed her to try it. She cut the cards and drew the Jack of hearts. Greg said, “Look, you won,” and took her by the hand, and they went over to the couch.

He plopped down and pulled her onto his lap. Both Jan and I watched for a minute to see what happened. They started to make out. Jan said, “Well, let me take my second-place prize.”

She sat me in the chair across from the sofa. She got on her knees and started to suck on my hard cock. It felt good. I was afraid I might finish too quickly. I tried to think of something else, anything else. Every time I looked forward, I saw Rachel riding Greg’s long cock. I saw a gorgeous blonde sucking my little cock if I looked down. I tried to look at the ceiling, but the sight of Rachel bouncing up and down was too hot to ignore. I was so hot, so ready. Jan got up off of me and sat Rachel too.

She was holding my cock. The way she kept touching it made me feel small. It`s hard to explain, but sometimes it was with two fingers. Periodically it was measuring me against the length of her fingers. She asked if I was enjoying watching Greg fuck Rachel. All I could do was moan in reply. I tried not to look at Rachel and Greg, but the moans were intoxicating. I was trying to kiss Jan`s neck, but she was not letting me.

She was telling me it wasn’t her that had me hard. It was the thought of Rachel getting fucked by a big cock, and how she responded to it. She said, “Don’t worry, Greg has a huge cock, and knows how to use it.”

With that, I lost it, and I started to cum. Jan just laughed. She leaned into my ear and said, “Small dick guys are so pathetic.” With that, she walked toward the couch, saying it was time to switch.


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