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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets some honesty from his wife…

Three years ago, my sister-in-law met a man. In the beginning, everything seemed nice, but she didn’t want to continue the relationship anymore. The reason? His penis size! I was astonished listening to the conversations on WhatsApp. “I’m sorry, but I don’t want to keep seeing him anymore because his cock is so small. For me, penis size matters.”

I was curious, of course, and I asked my wife, “Your sister would think I’m too small too. What do you think?” (Silver Member)

And she said, “I don’t know. But probably yes. I have only clitoral orgasms while she has vaginal orgasms and needs a deeper penetration, and unfortunately, as already you know, your dick is too small for deep penetration. It’s not your fault, of course, but this Is the reality. I don’t reach orgasms in that way, but she is different. Knowing well my sister, a demanding woman in everything, you’d be rejected in a heartbeat, but each woman is different. You’re lucky because I was used to having great sex before I met you. But I had to adjust to your small dick. Most women wouldn’t have done that. They would’ve dumped you once they saw your tiny dick.”


Another reader has a school reunion…

So, a couple of months ago, I (21m) got an Instagram DM from someone who I’d never seen or heard of before but had gone to my same high school. She (20f) messaged me, and I messaged back, “Who are you? Did we have classes together? How do you know me?”

We began texting back and forth, and I asked her why she messaged me in the first place. She said she was bored and wanted a sneaky link. I was down for the idea. So, a couple more days later, I ended up finding a time to link up.

We always teased each other with our looks and bodies, not much of just sending each other’s nudes or anything, just tease shots where she looks hot as fuck. We’re in her bed, and we start making out. Things get heavier as we take our clothes off. She feels at my boner and kind of just keeps going at it, maybe hoping for it to get to full mast, which I already was. She ended up pulling my underwear down and let out a small chuckle while looking away.

“Are you fully hard?”


“You’re telling me you’re that tall, that strong, and with that body type, and you have a small dick?”

“I guess.”

She begins holding it with her whole hand, basically covering it minus the tip showing me that she can wrap her fingers around my shaft with complete ease. She even put my entire cock in her mouth and complained that she couldn’t feel it touch her throat. She just kept wiggling it with two fingers, just in awe that she was going to have sex with me. So she ended up spitting on my dick and making me jerk with two fingers while watching her use her 8-9inch dildo, which, yes, I got off to it.

I didn’t think that would be the outcome, but I enjoyed the time with her instead. She’s beautiful and sexy with a toned yet thick body, so I’m glad I still got to see her naked. The humiliation was a nice thing to add since I wasn’t expecting it. We still flirt and tease at each other, but she’s made it clear that I’ll never get to fuck her.


Meanwhile, this reader’s wife fakes it for his benefit…

My Wife’s Multi-Orgasmic & usually cums three times during sex. It takes about ten minutes for the first to arrive, as I fuck her with my Double sleeved cock. Just on eight inches and two inches in width. The second is rarely more than a few minutes later, and it rocks her harder than the first. The third and final orgasm is when the cock sleeves come off, and I fuck her with my tiny dick. I’m a silver member hard.

Her third orgasm is overdramatized. It’s FAKE. She begs me to pound her faster with my hard little cock & her lack of satisfaction is evident. Usually, she has me blowing in 30 seconds, as she puts on an Academy award-winning performance. It’s hot SPH, as I know my cock is doing nothing at all for her.


While this reader’s wife is a real piece of work…

Last week my wife and I had a terrible argument. She is a hysterical woman, and we quarrel frequently. She screamed at me with the worst insults of all. At one point, she told me, “Be quiet, short dick man.” And putting her hand above my package added, “You’re little in everything, don’t forget it.”

This is her real thinking because our sex life is abysmal and unsatisfactory. My wife’s ex-husband was endowed (nine inches), and of course, her sex life was more satisfying by far. I’m a silver member of the small dick club, and it is a huge difference, unfortunately. I have troubles in all positions, and these are honest dialogues that I’ve had with my wife, a curvy woman, and the body structure, unfortunately, matters.

SPOONING (the worth position)

My wife: “Is it in yet? I don’t feel anything.”

ME: “Yes, it’s in.”

My wife: “OK, but if you don’t try to push, I can feel nothing.” After a few thrusts, my penis slips out. My wife: “Come on, start over again.” I start over again, but my penis slips out another time after a few thrusts. My wife: “Holy shit! I’m losing my patience! Are you able to push deeper?”

ME “I’m trying.”

My wife: “Push a little more if you can.”

ME” I’m trying to do it.”

My wife: “Stop, stop. There is nothing to do. With you, this position doesn’t work.”

ME “I know it, I’ve got a short penis.”

My wife: “I didn’t want to tell you, but unfortunately, it’s true. A longer penis works much better than a shorter one in spooning, and I know what I’m talking about. I’m sorry for you, but you probably already figured that out, didn’t you?”

ME “Yes.”

My wife: “This isn’t your fault, but it’s frustrating for both of us.”

DOGGYSTYLE (my favorite)

My wife: “Fuck me and push deeper! I love being filled.”

ME: “I’m doing it.”

My wife: “No, you’re only putting your heads and a little more.”

ME: “I try, but it’s already all inside, I promise.”

My wife: “You must try to go deeper. I like longer strokes.”

ME: “I know it. I’m trying to do it. I swear.”

My wife: “It’s not enough. I know you’re not able to bottom out in me but at least try to move less slowly.”

I had sex in doggy style many times, and no woman I’ve been with ever reached orgasm.

No woman who experienced a big/long dick can easily adjust to a smaller one. She always will say, ‘Penis size doesn’t matter,’ or, ‘You’re average,’ to compensate for your insecurity. But at the same time, she will try to repeat this experience. It’s not all positive, of course. A long dick (so my wife says)often hurts.

“I hated having my cervix being hit, and most times, he couldn’t go all the way in,” she once told me. “However, I must admit that when I was ovulating, and my cervix was higher and softer, sex was great, and he made me crazy.”

During her first marriage, she had sex almost daily, and she orgasmed regularly and quite quickly in all the positions. “Yes, I was well used to having great sex,” she told me. “I must admit it. So definitely, a big/long dick is better than an average or small one.”


This reader is haunted by THAT song…

So, my girlfriend has recently come across the song ‘Short Dick Man.’ I’ve heard it quite a lot over the past few days just from her scrolling through videos. I think it’s doing the rounds on Tik Tok currently.

One morning a few days ago, when I was getting dressed, she put the song on when I started getting changed and was recording me; she said it wasn’t to show anyone. It was just a funny video for her to have.

She also insists on playing the song on repeat whenever I get any sort of sex. I managed to turn the volume down while she was sitting on my face stroking my tiny dick, but she slapped me in the balls and said, “When the music stops, I stop.”

So I have no choice. It won’t be long until I have to cum before the song finishes. Who am I kidding? That usually happens anyway.


Another reader shares some holiday snaps…

One day after high school, I showed a few friends some pics of my family and me on vacation. I gave my friend Jessica my phone, and she zooms in on the pic and comments on it. Then all of a sudden, there’s a long pause, and she keeps asking me questions.

Jessica: “How long were you gone?”

Her smile gets extra big.

Me: “Only a week.”

She leans over to show Courtney and Emily the picture on my phone. Jessica: “Where was this?”

They all start giggling.

Me: “What’s going on?”

Jessica: “Ha-ha. Nothing, nothing. Now my last question, was it cold outside?”

Then she shows me that they’ve been looking and laughing at the dick pics that I send my girlfriend

Courtney: “Dude, you gotta delete after you send it.”

Me: “You shouldn’t have scrolled!”

Emily (laughing): “Answer the question. Is it 4 inches?

Me: “I’m six.”

Courtney: “Don’t lie, shrimp dick.”

Me: “On a good day.”

Jessica: “Ha-ha. It must’ve been a bad day then, a terrible day.”

Courtney: “Asian males indeed have tiny dicks then.”

Then the school bell rang, and the girls left giggling.


Meanwhile, this reader’s new uniform reveals too much…

My football team earned enough money to buy new uniforms in high school. Picture day, and they were finally delivered. All Nike, super tight, so people can’t grab on to you. I was one of the last people out of the locker room. Two girls in my grade talked while waiting for soccer practice, and I decided I wasn’t in a big hurry, so I stopped and told them too.

Kristin: “hey, new uniforms? Give me a twirl!”

Gabby: “Looking good.”

I stop in front of them, and they’re closely examining the jersey. They look down and start smiling.

Kristin: “The pants are a little tight, don’t you think?”

Me: “What do you mean?” I look down to see my dick visibly pressed against the pants. Me: “Whoops! Too noticeable?”

Kristin: “LOL. It’s pretty obvious.”

Gabby: “Yeah, you’re hanging to the left. Might want to move it, so the rest of the girls don’t see.”

Me: “Eh, I got nothing to hide.”

Kristin: “Honestly, you look like you’re pretty cold.”

The girls start giggling.

Me: “I’m a grower.”

Kristin: “That’s great and all, but it’s what, two inches right now?”

Me: “I’ve never really measured it soft.”

Gabby: “You should probably wear a cup, or else people will know you have a small dick.”

Me: “It isn’t small.”

Gabby: “Sure, it isn’t, buddy. We gotta go to practice.”

With that, Gabby runs off.

Kristin: “I’ll wait after practice if you want to show me you aren’t small. Till then, bye, little guy.”


While this reader needs to pick his game…

My girlfriend and I have been together for seven years, and she’s always told me that I am the biggest and the best guy she’s been with. My dick is girthy but only a silver member long (hard), so I always suspected she was lying. Lately, she’s been much more open and honest about our sex life and finally admitted this week that she wants to go slow so that she can get off too. I was stunned, and after some prodding, she finally admitted my dick is too small to make her orgasm, but she loves how hard I try. This girl made me think I was making her orgasm regularly. Come to find out, in seven years, she’s climaxed less than five times, and it’s because I’m too small to get her there. My dick has never felt so tiny, but I was so turned on too. I can only hope her friends know my dick is too tiny to please my woman, but she loves me all the same.


This reader thinks he’s bigger than his best friend…

One of my best friends accidentally sent me a blowjob video he recorded with his neighbor girl. That’s my first time seeing his dick and that girl. His dick was tiny. I’d say he’d be a silver member of the small dick club hard. I felt naughty and saved it for later to make fun of him. Yesterday I remembered this video, and I wanted to show it to my girlfriend because she made fun of my small dick. I sent it to her and said, “Do you see that dick? It’s way smaller than me.”

By the way, my friend’s face didn’t reveal in that video, nor did I tell her it was him. Then she replied, “ It’s exactly your size. You aren’t bigger than him. To be honest, your dick kinda smaller than his.”

I was shocked and aroused at the same time because that was unexpected SPH, and I seriously thought that I was somewhat bigger than his dick. Then I replied, “Are you mad? See how easily that girl is taking his dick inside her mouth?”

Then she replied, “I could do that to you even more easily.”

I was embarrassed and didn’t tell her that my best friend was in that video. My girlfriend wasn’t planning on humiliating me. She was just being honest and shattered my few minutes of joy, feeling bigger than my friend.


Another reader is a prejac…

My wife was in the shower tonight, and I got naked and went to hop in with her. “No, I don’t think so. You didn’t ask, and you’re not bringing any gifts,” she said.

With that, I ran to the fridge to get her more wine. When I came back and poured her some, she said, “It’s like half hard right now. Guess you don’t want anything.”

I responded, “My half-hard is some guys full hard, OK!”

“Yeah, OK,” she scoffed. “And your full hard is most porn stars soft.” With that, she grabbed my entire penis in her hand. “Could you imagine having a cock that big”

“No, not really. I think it would suck to have that flopping around all the time.”

“Yeah, maybe for you,” she said and laughed. With that, she started stroking my penis and said, “This isn’t going to be like a five-minute thing in the shower, OK.”

I giggled and said, “Have I ever lasted five minutes?”

“Oh, definitely not, but I just wanted you to know this better not take long.”

About forty-five seconds later, my bronze member dick came.


Meanwhile, this reader doesn’t like being compared to his girl’s ex…

So, this isn’t a story I’ve never really told anyone. I apologize ahead of time for not being the most eloquent, but aside from being rejected due to size, it’s my only real SPH encounter.

So first to set the stage: I was a timid kid in high school. Tall, in decent shape, but got bullied a lot for being the weird quiet kid. Like many of you, I also had significant insecurities about my lack of manhood.

Now, imagine there’s a reasonably attractive girl constantly pursuing me. I think it’s weird, and I don’t know how to deal with it. Anyhow, I eventually gave in, and we became an official couple. Being two young horny teenagers, the topic of sex comes up often. We’re both virgins, and she’s pretty sheltered. Often told me she’d NEVER go down on a guy, etc. Of course, I’m nervous as hell and very excited about the prospect of getting naked with her.

Anyhow, we were together for two years. She became more adventurous in bed, with absolutely no coaxing from me, but she also became weirdly focused on my size. Constantly saying things like, “I think it got bigger.” Or, “It feels bigger.”

I figure she’s just trying to make me feel better but think nothing of it. We ended up parting ways but still kept in touch because my best friend at the time was dating her sister.

Fast forward about a year. Her boyfriend, we’ll call him John, left her because he felt like she was never over me. She ended up calling me for consolation, and I went to pick her up and brought her back to my parents’ house (who were actually on vacation in the middle east at the time). It 100% feels like no time has passed between us. We’re in my room, sitting on my bed, joking, laughing, etc. One thing leads to another, and we’re now lying down and making out. She starts going for the button on my pants.

At this point, I’d been alone this entire time. I’m going to jump at this opportunity. I reach down and throw my pants off in seconds. I’m already rock hard and ready to go. She slides my boxers down, kind of stifles a chuckle, and says, “Oh, I remember this little guy.” I start feeling a little defensive and give her a little quizzical look. She says, “Oh, nothing. It’s just John was huge in the cock department.”

Now, I’m a timid young dude. What little confidence I had was completely shattered. We proceeded to have THAT awkward conversation with my hard dick in her hand. “What do you mean?”

She giggles and says, “Well, the first time I had sex with him, he was so nervous he bought like six different types of condoms. I recommended the trojan ultra-thins because I remembered that we used to use them. It wouldn’t fit. So then I saw he had a box of magnums. I told him to try those. He was having such a hard time getting it on. It was so funny. He was just too thick.”

STILL holding my silver member’s hard dick in her hand, mind you. I’d never felt more emasculated in my life, but still hard. So we do our thing, she would randomly giggle and throw out little jabs about me not being able to do certain positions she’s now used to, and stuff like that. However, we got back together despite all that, and things progressed from there. She sat there reminiscing and giggled to herself when she was done telling me all about how impressive John was.

Looking back, I’m pretty sure she was a domme without knowing what a domme was. I was also utterly oblivious to the fetish lifestyle, but my experiences with her are 100% what led me down this path.


While this reader has trouble impregnating his wife…

Penis size matters? In this case, YES. This experience is 100% true (and I have a personal opinion about it). During her first marriage, my wife became pregnant. Thanks (perhaps) to the long cock of her ex-husband). Why? Her husband suffered from asthenozoospermia (an alteration that affects sperm motility). Her gynecologist told my wife that there was a chance in a thousand to get pregnant. The doctor recommended having sexual intercourse every other day, choosing the proper position, putting sperm as close to the cervix as possible, and putting her legs up during and after intercourse for half an hour.

She told me, “It was really hard to stay in that position for half an hour. In addition, his cock sometimes tended to slide past my cervix, so he had to be careful not to penetrate deeply (about 2 inches had to stay outside her vagina). My ex-husband could control the penetration depth very easily, and when ejaculating, he pushed his head directly against my cervix. Most times, we had mutual orgasms, and my uterine contractions may have helped the conception.”

After a few months, my wife became pregnant. Her ex-husband always suffers from this alteration, but from his second marriage, he had another son. I tried to do the same with no result. Same sexual position with my cock inside as deep as possible but without success.

She asked me, “Can you go deeper?”

I said, “I’m trying, but I’m already balls deep.”

“Try to put your tip as close to the cervix as possible. I don’t feel anything.”

I tried hundreds of times but unsuccessfully. Perhaps my jizz was weak or too far from her cervix? Moreover, in this position, she reached orgasm quite rarely and only with clitoral stimulation. Her ex-husband had a slight advantage. His sperm didn’t have to go too far. He was ejaculating directly against her cervix. Is It a coincidence? Maybe yes, and perhaps no. If her ex-husband had my silver member size, he probably wouldn’t have been able to impregnate my wife. I’m fertile, and I don’t suffer any pathology. I have a daughter from my first marriage. Of course, a man with a small penis can have sons anyway.

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