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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s wife thankfully sees beyond naked attraction…

I watched a TV show called ‘Naked Attraction’ with my wife last night, it’s a show where a naked woman or man picks a partner from six contestants, and they are naked too.

The first episode has six guys naked, and surprisingly, all of their soft dicks were bigger than mine. Some of those soft cocks were bigger than my hard dick (Bronze Member).

Unknown to my wife, this show was incredible for the SPH comments she was making. She would say things like, “I’d get rid of the first guy. He’s the smallest,” or “Wow. Look how big that guy is. It’s just swinging when he walks.”

After three episodes with her, I realized that when soft, I am WAY smaller and thinner than every man on the show, even smaller than the female contestants found small. I always knew I was on the small side but didn’t realize I was that much smaller than randomly selected guys, every one of them. It came as a hot SPH moment because my wife looked like she realized it too!

When we were finished and heading for bed, I told her I noticed I was much smaller than all the guys on the show. She just laughed and said she noticed that too. I asked if she noticed how short my dick was the first time she saw it. She laughed again and just said, “Oh, God, yes, I noticed. It was hard not to notice how small you were. I guess I just liked you for who you are.”

I went to bed hard that night.


Another reader doesn’t enjoy family movie night…

One night we went to Mallory’s older sister’s house to watch movies with her sister and her mom. Mallory got up to go the bathroom at one point. There was a scene in the movie of a guy in his underwear who was obviously huge.

Her sister and her mom both cheered, and her sister said, “Damn, that boy is packing!” Her mom looked at me and said: “I heard Joe is packing.” They both laughed. I just laughed along.

On the way home, I said, “So your mom told me Joe is packing.”

Mallory: Wow, what a bitch! I’m sorry about her.

Me: Well, is he?

Mallory: What? (She looked at me shocked)

Me: Is he packing?

Mallory: Shut up. (As she laughed)

Me: I’m serious.

Mallory: Why do you want to know that?

Me: Simply curious, I guess.

After a brief silence, I started playfully poking her and laughing and said: “Come on, is he?”

Mallory: Okay! Yes! (Laughing)

Me: How big?

Mallory: For why do you want to know?

Me: Just tell me.

She paused and then held her fingers what I would guess was eight inches apart. “How thick?” I asked. “I don’t know. It looked like a fucking shampoo bottle!” she said. It seemed like she didn’t want to have that convo anymore, so it ended there.

My cuckold thoughts were taking over now that I knew how big Joe was. When we got back to her apartment, she said she was tired and went right to bed. I stayed in the living room to watch TV.

I was one-third watching TV and two-thirds thinking about Mallory with Joe. It was driving me crazy. Looking back, my next move was not my best one, but I couldn’t help it anymore. I pulled out my phone and hopped on Literotica to read some cuckold/SPH stories.

I settled on a story and slowly started jerking off. I was halfway through the story and had really started to pick up some speed when I heard Mallory laugh and say, “Babe! You could’ve woken me up if you’re so horny!”

I covered up and dropped my phone. I didn’t even know what to say, but I did manage to let out a nervous chuckle. She sat next to me on the couch and started to jerk me off.

Mallory: What were you watching?

Me: Ohh. Nothing. Just porn, you know.

Mallory: I know that! What kind of porn? (Laughing).

Me: Normal stuff. (Laughing).

Mallory: Come on, babe. Don’t be shy now.

I was torn. I wanted to show her, but I was so embarrassed. I didn’t know what to do. She kept asking, so I caved. I handed her my phone, so she took her hand off my dick.

Mallory: Ohhh. It’s a story. (As she continued reading). Cuckold and SPH? I don’t know what either of those things are. (Laughing.)

Me: Keep reading. You’ll figure it out.

Mallory: Small penis humiliation? (She was confused.)

Me: Yes. Keep going.

Mallory: Wait. This man is going to fuck this other dude’s wife, and he’s cool with it? You’re into this…? Oh shit. Joe. That’s why you asked.

Me: Yes, I’m into all of it.

Mallory: Wow, I didn’t know this was a thing. I don’t even know what to say.

Me: Well. Now you know. You probably think I’m a weirdo, huh?

Mallory: No, no, babe. I guess it’s kinda hot. (Laughing)

Me: Really?

Mallory: Kinda. So like, what got you into this?

Me: Wow, are you really ready to have this convo now? (Laughing)

Mallory: I mean, we might as well.

Me: Okay, well, first off, I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m not the biggest down here. (Pointing to my crotch laughing)

Mallory: True. (Laughing)

Me: And I’m sure you remember what everybody was saying about me in middle school?

Mallory: I do remember the rumor that you were only an inch. (Laughing)

Me: Exactly. So one night, I found SPH, and I was immediately into it. Then after Hanna cheated on me with Cory is when I got into cuckold stuff.

Mallory: Damn, that’s a lot to take in. So you want me to cheat on you and make fun of your dick?

Me: No, I don’t want you to cheat on me, but it does turn me on to think about you fucking another guy. Especially thinking about how much bigger he is than me.

Mallory: Wow. This is going to take a minute to get used to. (Laughing)

Me: I feel you. I honestly can’t believe I just told you all that. (Laughing)

Mallory: It means a lot that you did. I’m glad you feel comfortable enough.

Me: I guess there are no more secrets. (Laughing)

She laughed and then reached into my pants to grab my hard dick and said: “And this can be our little secret.”

I laughed and said, “Well, this is a good start.”

I will admit it was slightly awkward at first, but she was trying. She continued playing with my dick and said, “So, like, what do you want me to say?”

Me: Tell me my dick is tiny.

Mallory: Your dick is so tiny, babe. (Laughing)

Me: Do you wish it were bigger?

Mallory: Yes?

Me: Tell me you wish I had a bigger dick.

Mallory: I wish you had a big dick.

Me: Like Joe?

Mallory: Ohh.

Me: It’s okay. Do you wish my dick were big like Joe?

Mallory: I don’t know, babe.

Me: It’s fine for real. You can tell me.

Mallory: Yes, I wish you had Joe’s dick.

I came right after she said that. Like I said slightly awkward, but it was a great warm-up for both of us.

Mallory: Well, we got that out of the way. (Laughing).

Me: That was amazing. You have no idea. (Laughing).


Meanwhile, this reader’s ego isn’t massaged…

I get a regular massage (legit, no happy ending) from a nice Filipino woman named Joyce. This happened earlier this week. I had gotten a COVID booster the day before my appointment, and frankly, it kicked my ass: I was tired and sore. I almost canceled my appointment because I didn’t want to drive to the office. I figured I shouldn’t cancel so close to the appointment, so I ended up going. We had our usual pleasantries: I told her I felt like garbage, and she assured me that I’d feel better after the massage. We did our usual: I got naked and laid face down on the table while she got all her oil and towels prepped. It was all hazy after that until she asked me to flip over for the rest of the massage. I did as she asked, and the massage went by as normal for about another 10 minutes when she said to me, “You must feel really bad.”

I asked why she thought that, and she replied, “You haven’t said anything since you laid down.”

I apologized and said I just felt awful.

Then she laughed. “I know you’re not lying because your friend is small. If you didn’t have hair, I’d think you were a boy.”

While I’m not huge when I’m hard (Bronze Member), I’m definitely more a grower and then a shower (1.5 inches soft on a good day). She rubbed my thigh and laughed some more, then went back to the massage. While it was arousing for me in hindsight, it wasn’t enough for me to get even remotely hard at the time.


While this reader makes the most of it…

When I’m horny, I go to my wife and tell her that I’m in the mood. She usually lets me grope her breasts and jack off. I’m a gold member of the small dick club and not very thick, so we spoke about this pretty early on in our relationship. She said it was fine and she wasn’t very sexually ‘charged’ in general, and I could just fuck her whenever I wanted to. If she was horny, I ate her out or used toys. About three years into our marriage, and I pretty only get to fuck her once a month or so ( after a date or a good day usually ). So yes, it’s fine though, jacking off while being ignored is hot as fuck.


This reader gets timed…

My wife and I were sitting on the couch, and we were talking about something, and I had to adjust myself, so I reached down into my panties and did so. At that time, she said something about getting something up and looked at my hand in my panties, and said, “Don’t get him up!”

So, I pulled everything above my waistband and let it sit there. I was soft, so my balls hid all but one-half of my penis. My wife laughed and said, “Wow, your balls actually look kinda big, and your penis looks so tiny, babe.”

“My balls don’t usually look this big?” I asked.

“Ha-ha. No they are very small.” (She’s a nurse, so she definitely knows)

With that, I started getting hard.

She goes, “No, babe, don’t get him up,” and stares at me. “Penis’s look so weird.”

“Do small penis’s look more weird or big penis’s?”

With that, I grabbed my penis and then moved my hand about seven inches above my dick to show probably a 9-inch cock.

“They all look weird, but small ones like yours just don’t look right. Especially with your thighs. Kinda like that Vanderpump ratio thing. You should definitely have a bigger penis to look normal.”

I was rock hard, obviously, and asked if she would give me a pity handjob.

“You have thirty-five seconds. No more. I’m not joking.”

I ripped my shorts and panties down, and she went to work. Fifteen seconds later, I started cumming.

“Oh God, babe, really? That was like ten seconds,” she laughed

“I’m sorry that was just really hot, and I hadn’t cum in like four days.”

“Clean yourself up and put your panties on,” she told me.

“Thank you very much,” I said.

“You’re welcome. Now no more begging for like three days since I was so nice.”

And then we finished watching a show and got ready for bed.

I hope y’all enjoyed it! I know I did.


Another reader finds he’s in a lesbian relationship…

My girlfriend never fucks me due to my size (Gold member) and her having quite fat lips; we’re pretty incompatible, not that I’d be compatible with anyone. If I’m lucky, she’ll grind on it, rubbing my little dick up against her clit.

The first time she did this, it felt so good. She was warm and wet, about as close to actual sex as I’ll ever get. She’d probably rubbed up against me for 2 or 3 full strokes, and I was so close, endurance has never been my strong point.

The tipping point was when she said, “I’ve never had to do this with any of my other boyfriends. Even the smaller ones were still man enough to fuck me. We might as well be lesbians, rubbing our clits together.”

I erupted immediately all over her pussy and bush, and I’m fairly sure this was her intention as she seemed pretty pleased with herself. She got off my lap, moved up the bed, kissed me, and then whispered, “I didn’t finish,” then adjusted herself to lower her pussy down onto my face.

I went to town on her, lapping up her juices along with my cum; bringing her to orgasm multiple times. She eventually got off me, kissed me again, and told me I was a good little boy. I got hard again, but it was ignored. I’ve always been turned off by cum-eating. I find it pretty gross. I’m not sure what came over me. Maybe it was how dominant and confident she was about it. I could’ve thrown her off easily if I wanted to, but I didn’t. I did exactly what was asked of me. I’m such a beta wimp, really.


Meanwhile, this reader is traumatized in gym class…

I remember back in school, after gym class. This one girl came into the boy’s locker room. One guy was standing pretty close to the door, naked. And she pointed to his dick and laughed. As she ran out, she screamed, “It’s so tiny.”

The guy was mortified. All I remember thinking at the time was this guy had a bigger dick than me. I was glad I wasn’t the one standing there when that girl came in.


While this reader remembers art class…

I took an art class in college. It was a drawing class, and most of us thought we were going to be drawing objects and fruit and such. But the first day, the instructor – a portly man in his mid-fifties, introduced us to a young man who was to be our model for the class. The class had about twenty women in it, and I was only one of five guys. The model got on a pedestal in the center of the class and did a few poses fully clothed while we were drawing him. About an hour into the class, he got nude.

I was so embarrassed for this guy. He was about 22 years old, lean, about 5 ft 6 inches tall, and he had a dark bush of hair that his tiny little dick head was peeking out of. After about 5 minutes, his tiny wiener was sticking out as hard as could be. It looked about 3- 3.5 inches erect and was about the thickness of a grown man’s thumb. This guy had nowhere to hide, and most of the women were quite amused by this. Even the instructor was enjoying it. After about ten minutes of being naked, he turned to his next pose, and his dick pointed straight at me.

As I began to sketch him in this pose, I could see he was starting to cum. Three big wads of juice dripped from his tiny dick and made a little puddle right in front of him. I could see most of the women were in shock, and the instructor just came over and wiped the mess while we continued drawing. I had so many mixed emotions about it. After the class, most of the women stuck around, and we giggled at how small the model was and the mess he made.

For the rest of that semester, before every art class, I saw our model in the men’s room, and I guess he was jerking off before the class because he never shot his load again. But he would go hard and soft throughout the entire class. I always marveled at his bravery for standing up there like that. I’m an average size guy with a 6-inch hard dick, and I’d never do it. I always felt embarrassed for the guy but had to admire his courage. He was more of a man than me for getting up there every week.


This reader is humiliated by a sex worker…

A group of friends and I decided to go out clubbing one night. We ended up getting pretty drunk and decided to walk home. After passing loads of burnt-out cars, we were approached by a prostitute. She was about my age (21) and really skinny. She was wearing a tracksuit top and a miniskirt that barely covered her pussy. And this was all in December. She asked my friend (6’1, well built) if any of us wanted a fuck or a blowjob. My friends all huddled, blocking me out, then organized a collection for me! I was secretly overjoyed but had to put on a disapproving tone and try to deny I wanted to fuck her.

Eventually, I was ‘persuaded,’ and my friends pushed me at her and walked off laughing, saying they would see me in the morning. I was left with this anorexic prostitute in a very dodgy part of the city. She sensed my nervousness and grabbed my arm, pulling me towards a row of boarded-up houses. When we got around the back, she pushed me against the wall, then opened her top. Her tits would have fallen out of her crop top if she had any. She put her hands on her hips.

“Right then, you sad fucker, what do you want?” she asked me.

I mumbled, “A blowjob,” as I could give myself a handjob anytime, and I wanted my first fuck to be a bit more than a screw in an alley with a whore.

She tutted and went to start undoing my jeans. I reached down and tried to push down her top to expose her breasts, but she stopped me: “Do you know how fucking cold it is? Tits out will cost you another fiver, cunt.”

I handed her some change, and she reluctantly exposed her tiny boobs and erect nipples. I tried to fondle them, but she pushed my hands away. She was now on her knees and expertly pulling down my flies. Her hand snaked inside my pants, and I heard her giggle. She looked up, smiling. “Is there anything in here?” she asked.

Then she pulled open my button and wrenched down my trousers. I tried to hold up my boxers, but she got them too. As my tiny little dick bobbed out, she screamed with laughter, pointing. “What?” I asked.

“Oh my God, your dick is fucking tiny,” she yelled.

“Well, it’s quite cold,” I said red-faced.

At this, another girl came storming around the corner, having heard the noise. I desperately covered my tiny dick. “Are you alright, Cherry?” the new prostitute asked.

Cherry nodded, her hand over her mouth, pointing at my groin, “His… (she bursts out laughing) His… Dick…”

The new girl was bigger and older, so she wrestled my hands away easily, again exposing my penis to the two girls. Cherry fell over. She was laughing so hard, while the new girl (I found out she was called Kelly) burst out laughing too. After a few minutes, Cherry calmed down and went to touch my dick. “Sorry, baby dick, you’ll have to get it hard, or I can’t even wank it.”

“It’s already hard,” I said, feeling ashamed.

They laughed again, harder than ever. Both were saluting with their little fingers, but even they were bigger than my wiener. After a while, Cherry composed herself enough to jerk me off but did it with thumb and forefinger, as if holding a teacup, while Kelly watched and laughed. I had the last laugh, though when she made me climax, I came on her top. Of course, it was only a dribble, barely a teaspoonful, but it was the most I managed before or since.


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