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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader shares his SPH moment…

When I was in college about 25 years ago, I had an SPH experience I have never forgotten. It was my junior year, and I became friends with Amber, a brunette girl with short hair two years older than me. She had just started grad school, and for some reason, we shared a class. She was a super friendly, positive girl, someone who makes every person she meets feel good. She had a cute face and curves. However, she did have some extra pounds on her. I was a shy guy who was extremely fit. I worked out regularly and had a great muscle tone. Most people would have probably considered me good-looking. However, I wasn’t very experienced with girls because I was hung up about my small penis. It was about 4 inches and thin. It also was a grower, not a shower. I was embarrassed to take showers at the gym since it was so small in its flaccid state.

Amber and I would hang out after class as we each had over an hour’s break before our next class. We started studying together after class and got to know each other. Soon I got to know Amber’s best friend, Michelle, who also had a break in between classes then, and all three of us started studying and hanging out together during that time. Michelle was also two years older and in her first year of grad school. She, too, was super nice and sweet. She had short dirty blonde hair and was a little tomboyish and had some extra pounds too. Our hanging out was just a campus thing then. We hadn’t done any hanging out off-campus.

One day Amber and Michelle asked me if I wanted to join them for a Saturday morning hike. They said they sometimes hiked at a state park nearby. They said they loved hiking 45 minutes to a lake and then hiked back. I was really enjoying our friendship, so I agreed, thinking it would be fun to spend more time with them. They said their friend Josh always joins them because they don’t want to be two women alone in a remote part of the forest. You never know what kind of strangers are out there. They said they liked hiking early to avoid crowds and the heat, so I met them at 8 AM at the trailhead.

I was the first to get there. About 10 minutes later, all three of them arrived together. Josh introduced himself and shook my hand. He was super talkative, outgoing, and nice. He was probably around their age and was already balding, and had a very average-looking body. He didn’t have much muscle tone, but he also wasn’t large. We got along great as we talked and hiked to the lake. I didn’t know their backstory, but I could tell from their conversations that the three of them were extremely close.

When we got to the lake, it was a beautiful small lake partly surrounded by small rock cliffs. It was sort of like a quarry with water. It was a very secluded spot, and nobody else was around. Josh started to take off his shoes and asked if we should go for a swim. Amber and Michelle both said yes, and started to remove their shirts and shorts to reveal that they had bikinis on. Josh looked over at me and said he doesn’t have a suit and asked whether it was cool if he took everything off.

At this point, I was still comprehending what was happening, and I just muttered, “Yeah, go ahead. No big deal.”

He then stripped completely naked and walked into the water. Amber and Michelle didn’t show any shock, meaning that they had done this before and that this wasn’t the first time they had seen him naked. I couldn’t help but notice that Josh had a small penis like me. I was amazed how he had no fear of it. I then sheepishly said I don’t have a suit. Amber said it’s no big deal and that I didn’t have to swim. So I stood by the side of the lake as they swam and played in the water. After about 2 or 3 minutes, Michelle said they would turn around if I wanted to get undressed and join them.

Surprising myself, I said yes. My heart was racing as all three turned around. I quickly started removing my clothing. There I was, buck naked, folding my clothes neatly into a small pile on top of my shoes. I then walked as quickly as I could to the edge of the lake. I then waded into the water. It felt cold at first, but it was refreshing because it was already humid that day. As soon as they heard me swimming towards them, they turned around.

We swam around, splashed water, and talked. I felt so free and alive at that moment. I was sporting a hard erection in the water as I talked to Amber and Michelle, who were just feet away. Then Amber swam around my back and grabbed my shoulder, and Michelle did the same with Josh. Josh and I pulled them around like we were giving them a ride. It felt incredible having a full-fledged erection sticking up between my legs as Amber was on my back with her arms wrapped around me.

That continued for a while, and then Josh said it was time for jumps. He swam back to the shore, onto land, and then over to a rock about 20 feet down the shore. The rock was about 6 feet above the water. I was amazed how Josh was casually walking around naked in front of Amber and Michelle with his small dick clearly visible for all to see. Then Josh jumped into the lake. He swam back to shore and did it again. He then asked who else is going. Both Amber and Michelle then swam back to shore and jumped off the rock too. This continued for about 5-10 minutes, and then Josh put me on the spot and asked if I would go. Amber and Michelle both cheered for me to do it. I played coy and said no several times.

So much was going through my mind. Would I be embarrassed forever, and would it ruin our friendship? Would I ever get another chance in my life being cheered on by two women to be naked in front of them? I continued to pretend I didn’t want to, and then Josh told me there is nothing to be shy about.

He then said, “Amber and Michelle have seen my small dick plenty of times. So it is no big deal.”

I was totally in shock. I couldn’t believe he just admitted that out loud. Knowing that the girls consider that size to be small, and if I got out of the water, they would see I’m the same, they would know I am small too. It was turning me on and scaring me at the same time. All three continued to try to persuade me. Josh then said he would do it with me.

Finally, I said fine. Amber and Michelle gave out a cheer of approval. After saying I would, there was no backing down now. I slowly started making my way to the shore, and Josh followed me. I felt ground below my feet, but I stayed low in the water as long as possible. Then Josh stood up, and I knew I had to too. I stood up. Amber and Michelle were giving me shouts of encouragement. I knew they could see my bare ass at this point. I’m walking up the shore naked next to naked Josh. I notice him looking me over. He just checked me out. I held my left arm still by my side as I turned left towards the rock, which gave me some extra seconds of cover. Then I reached the rock and had to turn towards the lake.

Josh was waiting there for me. I was debating just running off real quick and being done with it and hoping that Amber and Michelle wouldn’t get much of a chance to see anything. But, I ended up embracing the moment and walked to the edge of the rock and stopped there. Amber and Michelle were both hooting and hollering. Josh then stood right next to me. I looked out at Amber and Michelle, and they both had the biggest smiles on their faces. We both then jumped off.

It was such a rush. I felt alive. The fear had prevented me from having an erection moment before, but now I started getting an erection after I did it. I swam over to Amber and Michelle, and they told us to keep doing it. Josh immediately swam back to shore and jumped off again. I slowly followed. This time I was sporting about a 50% erection. I again covered it with my left arm as I walked to the rock, and this time I just turned towards the lake and ran and jumped, with my semi-hard dick bouncing. I was so turned on.

When I reached Amber, Michelle, and Josh, they abruptly stopped laughing and talking with each other, and they had smiles on their faces.

Then Michelle blurted out, “Hey, looks like someone was happy there on that last jump.”

All three burst out laughing. They could tell I was embarrassed, and they tried to make me feel better by saying not to be ashamed, and it was no big deal, and that it was natural and I should accept it. I was so turned on but continued to pretend I was so embarrassed by what they said. They continued to tell me not to worry about it. Finally, they said go with it.

Amber and Michelle said they felt flattered. Then they said to embrace it and enjoy it. They told me to go again in my state of glory. Here I was being encouraged by two older women to be naked with an erection in front of them. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I do things I normally wouldn’t do when I get turned on. I then said okay and went back to the shore with my dick sticking straight up. This time when I turned left, I didn’t keep my left arm still to hide anything. I felt alive and free. I then turned and faced them on the rock, and they were cheering. There I was, completely naked with my hard little dick sticking straight up. I then jumped off the rock.

We continued for another 10 minutes before we went back onshore and got dressed again. I felt so embarrassed on the walk back to the cars, yet I was still turned on.

Sadly, we never hiked together again, but we continued to hang out to study after the class for the rest of the semester. After that semester, I would see them on campus from time to time. We would briefly talk, but we never really hung out again as our lives drifted apart.


Up through my 20’s, I was terrified of being seen naked since I have a small penis. Then, around age 30, I found SPH stuff online, and it turned me on. I would fantasize about scenarios in which I would be exposed in front of women. Then, about 7 or 8 years ago, I discovered online that my city had a naked yoga class. It was at a yoga studio in the young hip part of town. Based on my research, it appeared that the studio was owned and operated by three women (probably in their 20s or 30s), and the naked yoga class was just once a week on the weekend. The class description laid out the rules, and just reading those turned me on because it meant it was real.

According to the class description, it was co-taught by a male and female. I found a picture of the female instructor on their website, and she was a cute curvy athletic woman. She was built strong. For weeks I would read the description but never got the courage to go. Then one day, they put on their website that they would have a question-answer session 30 minutes before that weekend’s class for those who want to learn more. It said there was no obligation to stay for the class.

I finally decided that I would go to the Q&A. I wasn’t committing to the class just yet, but just in case, I masturbated about 90 minutes before to decrease the chances of getting an erection. I arrived about 5 minutes early, and I was surprised to find that I was the first person there. The three women who owned the studio (I recognized them from their website photos) and a guy was there. All four greeted me with smiles and hellos. I very sheepishly said that I’m there for the Q&A without saying the words Naked Yoga because I was too embarrassed.

They said great, asked me my name, and started asking me questions about my yoga experience and whether I had ever done naked yoga before. I told them that I did yoga regularly but had not ever done naked yoga. However, they said I would love it. The guy there was walking around talking to the women confidently, so I figured he must be the male instructor I read about. The woman offering the class was named Josie. It was surreal as she continued to ask me questions because I was thinking about how I could see her naked if I stuck around for the class.

Three more guys showed up before they started the Q&A. I was sort of disappointed there weren’t any other women there, but Josie was so personable, I felt like she was enough for me. The Q&A covered how the class operated. There was no set cost, but a $15 fee was recommended, and we were free to pay more. The room would be dimmed. Everyone would line up their yoga mats in a circle, so no one was looking directly up someone’s backside. The male instructor was named Jason. Josie and Jason then went through commonly asked questions. They smiled and laughed as they said we need to talk about erections. They said erections are natural, and if they happen, you should go into a child’s pose.

I and several of the men smiled in embarrassment. We were a shy bunch. We didn’t have any questions. At that time, Josie said she hopes we all decide to stay for the class, and if we do decide, just come up to the counter where either she, Jason, or the other two women will help us. The other three guys walked up there, so I followed. I saw one guy pay $15 and another $20. Josie then jumped in to help me, and for some reason, I decided to give her $30. She looked me in the eye, said thank you, and gave me a beautiful smile.

I then returned to a seat, and then more people started coming in. In the end, there were 15 people there for the class (12 guys and 3 women). Two women were probably in their 20’s, and the third one was probably in her mid to late 40s. They all knew each other, so they must have been regulars.

The regulars took their yoga mats into the studio, and I followed their lead. Everybody put their yoga mats in a circle, as Josie described in Q&A. I was next to the woman in her 40’s. Josie then turned on some blue lights and dimmed them down, and said we would get started. She was almost directly across from me in the circle, and she told us all to lie on our mats, and we did some deep breathing exercises for about 5 minutes. Then she said it was time to remove our clothing. Everybody started taking off their clothes and putting them at the back of their yoga mats. My heart was racing. I was going slower than everyone else as I observed others. I saw Josie remove her sports bra, and her beautiful, voluptuous breasts appeared. I then took off my shirt.

I looked to my right, and the woman in her 40’s had her top already off, revealing medium-size perky breasts. She then put her thumbs in her yoga pants and, in one swift move, had them down by her ankles, panties included. I could see her naked skin along the side of her entire body. I looked around, and I saw several men already nude. Most of the men were in their 40s and 50s. There was one probably in his 60s. I knew I couldn’t keep holding out without drawing attention, so I removed my shorts and underwear too. I hunched over as I put my clothes at the back of my yoga mat to give myself a few more seconds of privacy. I looked across the circle at Josie, and she was completely nude.

She was a brunette with a full bush. It was incredible. I looked for the other two women who were probably in their 20’s, and they were both extremely skinny with small breasts. Both were either shaved or waxed. One had several tattoos. I then stood up tall like everyone else, totally exposed for anybody to see. Unfortunately for me, my guy was shriveled up pretty small in its flaccid state at that moment.

Josie had us go through a few motions standing up to get started, and I peeked around the room as we did. I soon realized I had the smallest penis of all the guys there. Most of the guys had big ones. I bet they were proudly showing off. Jason was in incredible shape with a very thick, medium-length penis. I looked over at the woman to my right, and she was a strawberry blonde with a beautifully trimmed bush that matched. We then did some warrior poses, and when I faced her, I got a full view of her butt, which was in great shape for her age. Josie and Jason took turns leading the instructions. I made eye contact with Josie a few times, and each time I quickly looked away.

Josie and Jason took turns walking around the room at times as they gave instruction. One time Josie walked right in front of me. I would get better views of people during certain moves, like Mountain or Tree pose. After a while, I stopped looking around and focused on myself. The 45-minute class flew by.

When class ended, everybody quickly put their clothes back on, and then the lights were turned back on. The woman on my right asked me how I liked the class. I said it was terrific. I was still thinking about what had just happened and was unable to articulate it better. She then told me how much she loved the class and how long she had been going there. Her name was Elaine, and she said she hoped to see me again the following week. During this time, Josie and Jason returned to the lobby.

When I left the studio and entered the lobby, I saw all three women who owned the place talking together, and as soon as they saw me, they looked at each other, got big smiles on their faces, and asked me how I liked the class. I again said I really liked it, not knowing what else to say as thoughts raced through my head about what they were talking about. Did Josie say something about my size to them? Josie told the other two women that I did great. They then said they hoped to see me next week.

The following week I was out of town, and for some reason, I didn’t get up early to go the weekend after that. I was then planning on going again the week after that, but their website said they would no longer offer the Naked Yoga class. People in the neighborhood complained, and the city threatened to shut them down if they continued to offer that class. However, the place was a legitimate yoga studio, so they just proceeded with regular yoga classes.

So I did it once, and it was a thrill. I still think of the experience often.

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