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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s encounter in College outed him…

This story took place a few years ago when I was still in college. The night of my birthday, I ended up going out and clubbing with friends, where I met Gemma. She was about 5’4″, olive-skinned with brunette hair and a curvaceous body that supported D-cup Size tits and a fantastic ass. She was flirting with a guy I knew on the dance floor, but one glance and you could tell he was boring the fuck out of her, so I decided to chance my arm and make a move on her – and I was successful. To cut a long story short, she ended up back in my bedroom and not his, and we fooled around for an hour or two. Her body to this day is one of the greatest I have ever seen. Her skin was silky smooth and glowed with it, with her tits hanging in a perfect teardrop shape. She would have made Aphrodite hang her head in shame.

I went down on her for a long period of time before even removing my boxers. Being incredibly insecure about my penis size, I try to make a girl cum at least once from oral before attempting to have sex. We never ended up having sex because I didn’t have a condom, but Gemma said we could, “Still have fun,” and went down on me for a good while.

Unfortunately, I never ended up cumming, and had to call her a taxi eventually. I never saw her again until a year later where she humiliated me.

The second part of this story takes place almost exactly a year later, where I bumped into her in another nightclub. I met her at the bar, and this time I was absolutely shitfaced. She was standing with a friend and immediately recognized me while I took a minute to clock her because of how fucked I was. What followed was one of the most humiliating SPH conversations I’ve ever had:

Gemma: “Please tell me you recognize me.”

Me: “Hm? what?”

Gemma: “…” glaring at me this point

Me: “OH FUCK! YEAH! We had sex on my birthday! Aww man, we should do that again because…”

Gemma: ” No, no, no, definitely not haha,” she started laughing with her friend

Me: “How not? I thought I remember making you cum.”

Gemma: “You didn’t. I faked it all.”

Me: “Nah, you didn’t!”

Gemma: “Yes, I did! Honestly! haha”

At this point, our mutual friends had come over to the bar too, and the conversation stopped for a few minutes. But here comes the kicker. I remember standing on the edge of the group, not really paying much attention and still reeling from what had just happened with Gemma. Suddenly she edges over to me from part of the group with a wry smile on her face.

Gemma: “******, you’re bisexual, aren’t you?”

Me: “Oh yeah, how come?”

Gemma: “Hmm, maybe you should stick to having sex with just men,” and her smile was as wide as could be at this point

Me: “What? Why?”

Gemma: “You know…”

I stared at her for a few seconds blankly, not knowing what she meant. That’s when she gave me the small dick pinky sign, with our group of friends only a few feet away and in clear view, all the while smiling up at me like butter couldn’t melt. In hindsight, it would make further sense that not having sex because of no condom was just a lie to not fuck my small dick. To make matters worse, the only way she knew I was bi was from talking to our mutual friends meaning the word has definitely been spread about my little pecker.


Meanwhile, this reader was busted by his sister…

I (M19) was in the kitchen this morning getting myself a drink when my sister suddenly walked in. I had morning wood at the time and was trying to be discreet. She stopped for a moment and looked down. Her mouth started to quiver. She looked away and bit her lip as if to hold back laughter. She then took a breath and started chatting with me like normal. After this, I went to check myself out in the mirror. It looked ridiculous—a little silver member tent in my pajama bottoms. I could tell that it took a real effort for her not to laugh.


Another female reader says she’s happier without a small dick boyfriend…

I dumped a micropenis boyfriend. I am so much happier now. My first cuck was a special experience but left a lot to be desired. After we finished our relationship, I realized that I could never be with a man who had a small dick. I love threesomes or more, but I didn’t want to be with him and another because I was embarrassed that I was with someone with such a small dick. I never felt proud of him, and his small dick was essentially the reason he would never be good enough to be my boyfriend.

I now have a guy with the biggest, thickest cock I have ever seen. I knew from our first date that he had a big cock. His fingers were so thick. I am not embellishing this either. I looked at his hands and couldn’t stop thinking about it. When I saw his cock, I fell in love. I have stayed with guys in the past because of their larger cocks. This was different, though. He had a big cock and was the most devoted person I had ever met. The first thing I did was show him off to another girl. I am so proud when he gets his cock out, and I can share it with others. It’s like owning that unique thing that everyone else wants, and it will always be more.


While this reader builds up his girlfriend’s hopes only to let her down…

So my girl came back from the bar last night, and I kept sending her dick pics, saying, “This is what you have to look forward to when you get home.”

She finally came home, and when she did, I was lying down naked on the bed. She burst into the room and said drunkenly, “I can’t wait to ride ur little mushroom,” and gave me this sexy look. But then she looked down at my soft cock and pointed at it, and covered her mouth like she was hiding laughter. She said, “For both our sakes, I hope your little pee-pee gets bigger.”

God, it was so hot, and I got hard immediately.

But she whined, “Even with the cock ring on its still small honey. Oh well, let’s just hope you don’t cum too quick.”

We ended up having sex for like 30 seconds I couldn’t hold it I was so turned on. She just sighed.


At my girlfriend’s birthday party, in front of her best friends and our parents, she told them all that I had a tiny cock whilst I was in the next room.

I could hear them all laughing, and I got so hard.

Her mum made a joke about me being naked behind a bar, but my mum pointed out that it had gaps in it.

My gf said, “don’t worry about that. There’s plenty of material there to cover his little thing!”

Everyone burst into laughter.


This reader had a bad day at the nude sauna…

Well, I would say is slightly below average (Bronze Member hard). I wasn’t really unconfident about my size, but neither really confident. My gf always said it would be enough for her and she didn’t need more. So she got the plan to go to a public sauna to relax a bit. Knowing I and everyone else would be naked, I was a little bit insecure about my dick because I’m more of a grower than a shower and that it could be a bit uncomfortable for me. But my girlfriend convinced me to go anyway and told me I shouldn’t think about it because everybody is naked there and not every guy will be well hung there, and nobody cares. We arrived at the Sauna, took our clothes off, and sweat a bit.

As time went by, I became more confident as my girlfriend was right and nobody cared about me or my size. Especially the heat in the sauna helped my dick to get a bit larger, and my confidence grew even more. After we’ve been in a few different themed saunas, I decided to go swimming in a small pool there with a couple of cooling breaks in between. My girlfriend went to the toilet in the meantime. Unfortunately, she met a girl I had a massive crush on during my school time. They knew each other over party’s where all of us were invited. My girlfriend knew about my crush on her but was never really worried about it. She had no reason to know I loved her.

So, my girlfriend came back with her, telling her I was there as well. They came to the pool where I just finished swimming and leaving it. Both stand right in front of me wearing a bathrobe, and I stood there completely naked and wet. The thing about the pool was that it was meant to be to cool down. Thus the water was frigid and my confidence I gained before shrunk to a minimum. With a minimum, I mean one inch at max. Well, they stood there, and it took me a moment to realize what’s going on.

But as my crush said with a smile: “Ouch! The water must be pretty cold.”

I knew what happened. My girlfriend couldn’t hold her laughter and added: “It’s not necessarily the water’s fault.”

As she said that, both of them burst into laughter. I totally blushed and stood there completely shocked and made no move to get my towel. They didn’t stop laughing and were adding more comments like: “Don’t be ashamed, it’s not a big deal,” or, “There’s nothing to hide from.”

Then they decided to check if the water was as cold as it looked and removed their bathrobes. At least I got a view of her naked, which turned me a bit on as well as the SPH. They asked me if I wanted to join, but I refused and grabbed my towel and covered my shrunk penis. I turned around and heard them giggle. As I walked away, my girlfriend decided to follow me.

She comforted me and said they were just joking, and my crush would know that dicks can only be compared erected. I was still mad and wanted to leave. So we went through the area over to the locker rooms. On the way, there was my crush sitting on a bench we had to pass. She was there with a friend of hers. They were looking in my direction, and I could see them talking, and my crush did the small penis sign to her friend, and both girls laughed. My girlfriend couldn’t stop giggling too.

As we arrived home, my girlfriend offered me a blowjob as an apology. I said yes, and she removed my pants, saying: “It’s still cold, huh?”

I felt immediately embarrassed and remembered again to the SPH of my crush, but it also got very hard since SPH is a huge turn-on for me. I came after about a minute, and my girlfriend smiled at me as she realizes that the whole SPH thing turns me on. From that day on, she made many comments about my small dick and made me go to the sauna even more. Thus I can say it was the worst and also the best day in my life.


Another reader is the victim of revenge…

When I was in late high school, I told one of my girl pals that I had a small dick. She didn’t believe it could be that bad and told me that she would be honest about it and put my fears to rest if I send a pic. I took a photo of my post wank shriveled up to a nub and sent it to her. She told me it was definitely tiny but that some girls don’t care. Brutal.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and we all come back to school after the summer break, turns out this girl had told her boyfriend about the instance, and he was fucking furious. I told her to send her the picture, and he proceeded to send it around the school. By lunchtime, I walk onto the playground to see 3 groups of 10+ people crowded around this photo of my tiny cock. A mix of lads and girls all laughing and sending it to more people.

And that’s how I earned the nickname ‘micro.’ The small dick jokes were relentless and girls were usually the cruelest.

“Shut up, ***. We’ve all seen what your packing and no one’s impressed”

“I didn’t know they came that small…”

“Hope you’re a grower or get good at giving head…”


Meanwhile, this reader gets a harsh dose of the truth…

I was talking to my ex on the phone last night. When we broke up, she told me it was because her therapist told her to leave me. This was about a week ago. Then last night, she said, “I really couldn’t get past how small your penis is.”

So, I asked, “Did you really break up with me because you think my penis is too small?”

She mumbles, “Because I Mmmm Mmmmm.”

Not understanding what she said, I asked, “What?”

She yells, “I like big cock, OK? I broke up with you cos I like big cocks and yours is too small,” and hung up on me.


While this reader just couldn’t fill a girlfriend’s cavernous pussy…

My ex was a beautiful, curvy girl, and I always felt insecure that she was out of my league. To top it off, she loved sex and had quite a spacious pussy. This was a problem as I am only a Bronze Member of The Small Dick Club hard on a good day, and I was so in awe of her I’d cum really fast. She didn’t deal with this well and became increasingly frustrated. First, it was just demanding I eat her before sex so she could cum, or ask me to finger her hard after (easily fit three fingers in her) then after sex. She would often sigh with disappointment and turn over and use her rabbit, which must be twice my size.

Before long, she did this after every time we had sex, and then she asked me to buy a penis extension which made me 8 inches and a good two thick. She began to insist I use this regularly instead of just my cock. She eventually cheated on me, and then, when we broke up, announced all over social media about how small and useless I was. I laughed it off at the time, but now I’m so turned on by small penis humiliation, cuckolding, etc. I beg any girl I’m with to do it. She’s clearly broken a switch permanently in my head.


This reader is cucked by a toy in more ways than one…

I’ve been dating my gf for about a year now, and she does not know about my SPH kink. We engage in some sexual activity daily. Usually, the activity is one of oral sex, which is fine by me. I love going down on her, and because of my size (Silver Member hard), I honestly prefer a blowjob over sex in many instances. It only took about a week into our relationship for her to ask my opinions on toys in the bedroom. Without hesitation, I told her I was a big advocate.

That night as I started to go down on her, she said to me, “Wait. Here, use this,” and proceeded to hand me a massive dildo.

This alone was a huge turn-on for me because the dildo was almost three times longer than my cock and easily three times thicker than me. I used this dildo on her nearly every day for months. Many times when we were just lying in bed before or after sex, I would be on my back naked with her dildo lying next to my cock. I loved her seeing the comparison in size between my soft cock next to her huge dildo. She would be fascinated by the size difference too.

She often made subtle and unintentional SPH comments like, “My favorite thing about your cock is how easily I can deepthroat it,” and then proceeding to show me how she gags on the dildo and can take my entire dick and balls in her mouth with ease.

Additionally, one of my favorite subtle SPH aspects was when I was fucking her for a while. Then I pull out and switch to using the dildo. Just seeing how differently she responds to the size contrast. The way she moans and how it makes her eyes roll back. It even makes her talk dirty, which she never does with my dick, saying things like, “Oh fuck, that feels good. Mmmm, yeah, fuck me deeper. Mmmm, harder, fuck me harder. Fuck, your big cock feels so good.”

I also absolutely loved watching her suck the huge dildo and stare me in the eyes as I fucked her. But to the real point of my story – the main kicker. A few months ago, my gf used the dildo in the shower and forgot to put it away after. Later that evening, some of her friends came over for drinks. As the night went on and we were all a bit buzzed, I heard one of her girlfriends laughing in the bathroom. She then walked out holding the dildo and stared at my gf with her jaw dropped and giggling.

She then said, “Oh my God, why do you still have this dildo of [your ex’s] cock?”

It turns out that dildo is a clone-a-willy that her ex-boyfriend gave her for when they were apart. My girlfriend was super embarrassed and offered to throw it away, but I told her not to cause buying a new one is just a waste of money. But the truth is, knowing that big dildo is a mold of her ex’s cock is a huge turn-on. Seeing the way she chokes on it while I fuck her. Then when I pull out and replace my cock with the dildo – seeing the difference in her reaction and moaning is amazing. It’s also a constant reminder of how big her ex was and the size of cock she is used to/prefers to be fucked by.


While this reader put drugs before his dignity…

One summer a few years ago, my girlfriend and I, along with her best friend Susan, Susan’s sister Janet and their boyfriends, rented an Airbnb on a lake a few hours outside the city. We had decided before the trip that we wanted to take molly, and I had bought some through a friend who worked at a bar in my neighborhood. We got to the lake house on a Friday evening and spent that night drinking, smoking, and barbecuing, excited to roll on molly the next day.

The next day, after a slow morning, we took the molly around 2 pm. We hung out and swam in the lake for a few hours, and, as evening began to fall, I headed into the house to take a shower and change out of my bathing suit. As I showered, I looked down and noticed the effects of the drug and the cold lake water on my dick, which has shriveled up to basically nothing. I’m uncircumcised, and it looked like a shrunken larval insect, no more than an inch long, was nestling in my pubic hair. I’d taken molly before and had noticed this effect in the past, so I didn’t think much of it.

After stepping out of the shower and wrapping myself in a towel, I entered the adjoining bedroom to change. I was somewhat surprised to see my girlfriend and her friend Susan fully dressed and casually chatting on the bed.

We decided to get out of our bathing suits too, said my girlfriend, but we’ll give you space to change. We’ll see you back outside.

No rush, I said. I was peaking off the molly and happy to see the two of them. I’ll roll a couple of joints if you want to wait with me a second.

Still, in my towel, I rooted through my overnight bag for my weed and papers. We continued to talk about how nice the weekend had been and how good the molly was as I ground up the herb and dumped half into a king-sized paper. I was rolling pretty hard at that point, and my hands were shaking, so it’s taking me longer than usual to finish the j. As I’m holding the joint in my hand half rolled, I felt my towel beginning to slip. My mind raced, and I realized in a split second that grabbing the towel would mean losing the contents of the joint, which I was not about to let happen.

I managed to mutter an oh shit as my towel slowly unraveled and dropped to the floor, leaving me and my shriveled little penis completely exposed. I could feel myself turning bright red as my girlfriend shouted, oh my god, and started loudly cracking up. Susan let out a high-pitched yelp before whipping her head around, but I could hear her giggling as well, encouraged by my girlfriend’s riotous laughter. My girlfriend eventually caught her breath as I, in a misguided attempt to keep my dignity, kept working on the joint with my tiny penis on full display.

Why is your dick so small, she gasped. It’s so little! I heard Susan mumble, aw, be nice, as I stuttered through something about the lake being cold and these things happening to guys. Oh my god, my girlfriend said again, and then, to Susan, it’s usually not that little, I promise. I saw Susan glance towards my groin and let out another little chuckle. I could feel my dick shrunken up against my body, and against my better judgment, I looked down, mortified to see it at its absolute smallest, a pitiful raisin in a tangle of dark hair.

Finally, I said after licking the j shut, still trying to pretend that it didn’t bother me that Susan was seeing me at my most inadequate, red-faced and completely nude struggling to roll a joint with my wrinkled little dick totally unhidden. By this point, as I’m packing the weed down in the j with the eraser end of a pencil, Susan, spurred on by my apparent indifference to the situation, is openly staring at me with a broad smile crossing her face. Sorry about that, I said as I put the finished joint down and walked over to my bag, and whipped on a pair of boxers. I got dressed as the laughter died down and my embarrassment began to subside.

No one mentioned the incident overtly to me that night, but I saw Susan looking at me and whispering to her sister before they both giggled. And I can only assume both sisters told their partners, but it was never brought up around me again. However, on the ride back to the city the next day, we listened to a podcast about the Golden State Killer, which mentioned that many of his victims had noted that the killer had a tiny penis when they identified him to police. I could feel myself turning red again as Susan giggled and said, aw, poor guy, knowing that she must have been thinking about me and my tiny dick on display the day before. I let out a sigh and stared out the window, humiliated and turned on.

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