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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader came too soon…

In my first year of college, I stayed in a small mixed dorm building with guys on one floor and girls. There weren’t a lot of us so we’d join together as a group to go out. Early in the year, and we’re at a pretty generic party. The DJ is playing mainstream pop. I really wasn’t into it, and I see this girl from my dorm standing alone. She wouldn’t look out of place on r/bigtiddygothgf, so I’m guessing it’s really not her scene either. I walk over and check she’s OK, make some remarks about how bad the music is, etc. So we’re hanging out for a while, having a few drinks, and talking. The music’s loud, so we’re standing quite close. Suddenly she locks me with this hypnotic stare. Without thinking, my reaction is to kiss her, and now we’re making out.

“Let’s get out of here,” she says.

She grabs my hand and leads me to the door. We walk back to our dorm, and she takes me up to her room.

Inside, her room is dimly lit. She stops and looks at me. “I’m not going to fuck you,” she says.

“OK, I don’t know you that well anyway,” I retort.

She puts on some music and sits down on the bed. “Come here,” she says, patting beside her on the bed. I sit with her, and she pulls me in.

We’re making out, and it’s getting pretty hot. Hands running over each other’s bodies. My cock’s already rock hard in my pants (Bronze Member) as I squeeze one of her big tits through her top. She pulls her top down and pulls it out. She’s got perfect soft pink nipples. She unbuckles her jeans and guides my hand down to her panties. I slide my hand inside and feel her. She’s hot and wet already, and I start to rub her clit. She moans and pulls my head to her breast. I take her nipple in my mouth and gently suck while I try to keep time on her clit. My hard cock is straining in my pants, pressing against her thigh. She reaches down and unbuttons my fly, then pushes her hand inside my pants and grips my throbbing shaft.

“Well, it’s not very big, I suppose. But I’m horny, so what the fuck,” she said, staring at my bronze member dick.

Oh no. In my mind, I start to panic. I already know what’s coming. She strokes my dick one time. It’s already too late. She keeps stroking, but I’m already over the edge of an intense orgasm.

“Oh,” she says as I blow it all over her hand and the inside of my shorts.

“Fuck, you’re just too hot!” I tell her.

She laughs, then holds my head to her breast as she replaces my hand with her own and brings herself to orgasm. She lies there for a while, her breathing recovers, then turns to face me. “OK, shrimp dick, you can fuck off now,” she says.

Out in the light of the hallway, I hurried back to my room, trying to avoid being seen with the enormous wet patch on my pants.


Another reader has a tangle up with his friend’s wife…

I had a crazy situation last Friday. I was at my friend’s flat, drinking alcohol with him and his wife. I have to admit one thing when drunk. I have a problem with aiming while peeing. So I had to go to the bathroom, and some of my piss went to the floor. After maybe ten minutes, my friend’s wife went to the bathroom, and when she came back, she was mad at me, yelling and cursing me out about pissing on the floor. She yelled at me that the next time I would go to the bathroom, she will keep an eye on me, and if I piss on the floor again, I will wipe it with my own t-shirt. My friend, her husband started to laugh, and we continued drinking.

After some time, we ran out of alcohol. My friend decided he will go to a nearby store to buy more beer. He left his wife and me alone at the flat. I told his wife I’m going to the bathroom. Her response was telling me not to piss on the floor because she’s still mad at me. Here this situation becomes interesting, I go to the bathroom, close the door, and stand in front of the toilet, and then I hear the door open. There is my friend’s wife standing looking at me. I’m shocked and confused.

Me: What are you doing here?

Friends wife: I told you I need to keep an eye on you. I’m not wiping your piss from the floor.

It was crazy. My friend’s wife wants to watch me pee. If I were sober, I would chicken out of this situation, but I was drunk, and this situation was starting to make me horny. One thing I want to say, I have a tiny penis, only 2 inches when soft, and a silver member when erect, and I love small penis humiliation, so this situation was making me horny as hell. At that moment, I was thinking, screw it, if she wants a show, she will get one. I started unbuckling my belt.

Friends wife: What are you doing?

Me: I’m drunk. I don’t want to piss on my jeans.

I unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans down to my ankles. My friend’s wife had a shocked expression on her face. Then I stuck my thumbs into my boxer briefs and pushed them down, and I stood naked from the waist down in front of her. I grabbed my little soft penis with my thumb and forefinger, pulled my foreskin back, and I started peeing. My friend’s wife was looking at me, covering her mouth with her hand giggling. I finished pissing, and I’m standing right in front of her with my cock out.

Me: Why are you laughing?

Friends wife: I’ll be honest, you have a tiny dick

Me: You can’t judge a cock when it’s soft

I grabbed my soft penis with my thumb and forefinger and started wanking right in front of her. This situation made me super horny, and very quickly, I became rock hard, showing my unimpressive small erection. At first, my friend’s wife was shocked, but quickly it changed, and she started laughing.

Friends wife: Damn, it’s. minimal

Me: So your husband is bigger than me?

Friends wife: A lot bigger and thicker

Then we heard the doorbell, and she came out of the bathroom to open the door for her husband. I sat on the toilet and waited for a couple of minutes for my erection to go down. Then I came out of the bathroom. My best friend was putting beers in the fridge. His wife was sitting on the couch, looking straight at me with a smirk on her face, showing the small penis sign with her thumb and forefinger.

Next weekend I was drinking with her husband again. She was at work, but at 10 pm, she finished her shift and was back at home. Her husband was very drunk and fell asleep on the couch. She was in the bathroom, and I needed to piss. So I went in, she was standing in front of a mirror cleaning her face. Without saying a word, I unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. I grabbed my little soft penis with my thumb and forefinger, pulled my foreskin back, and I started peeing. She was looking at my cock, smirking, then she left the bathroom and came back with a ruler in her hand.

Friends wife: I’m curious how small is your cock. Get it hard now.

Me: You’re crazy

Friends wife: Or else I’m telling my husband that his best friend was naked in front of me jerking off his little cock

I was shocked and speechless, but I grabbed my soft penis with my thumb and forefinger and started wanking right in front of her. In a couple of seconds, I was tough. She put the ruler next to my dick, gasped, and then started giggling.

Friends wife: Your cock is [a silver member of the small dick club] when hard

I was so horny during that moment, not only my friend’s wife saw my little dick, but she now knows how small it really is

Me: How big is your husband?

Smirking, she pointed her finger next to the ruler at 8 inches. Then she put the ruler on the shelf. This whole situation was too much for me, I grabbed my cock in my hand and started jerking right in front of her, and I came after only 10 seconds. I was grunting, and my legs were shaking. She was shocked at first but then started laughing.

Friends wife: You’re a grown man with a little boys dickie, and you cum fast, that’s pathetic


While this reader gets caught in the toilets…

It was a nightclub in some resort town. The club was pretty dead, really not a lot of people. I had a strong urge to go pee after having many drinks. I went to the men’s room and undid my fly and flipped out my shriveled little dick (note it was cold outside, and I had just finished having a smoke, so it was tinier than usual). As soon as I was peeing, 2 drunk girls stumble in and look directly at my little member. They both burst out laughing. One said, “I thought this place was 18+,” and began taunting me with her finger, declaring I had “the dick the size of a toddler.”

I told them to fuck off, and one of the girls smirked and said, “Fuck? You couldn’t fuck anything with that pathetic little dick.”

They both laughed at me, and one of the girls grabbed the other girl’s hand and said, “Come on, Liz, let’s leave the little pee-pee boy alone.”

While the other girl, whose hand is being grabbed, smirked at me again and said, “Aw, but I wanna make fun of his tiny dick.”

They both ended up leaving.

After that, I was so horny about what just happened. I left the club and my friends, stating that I wasn’t feeling well. At home, I jerked off to that experience at least 5 times that night.


This reader loses a size comparison to a woman…

This was a cis woman on the more mature side. She had a clit that sort of resembled a dick; it looked rather weird to me, but that’s not the point. This woman wanted to have a fun time, so she made a bet she thought I couldn’t lose. A size comparison(she was a bit strange). If I win, she sucks me off, and if she wins, I eat her out. I foolishly accepted.

When we both undressed, she looked at me…speechless…left the room for a few minutes and then came back, her face red as a cherry and said that a deals a deal. The whole time I ate her out, she laughed and said that she didn’t think it would end up that way. And she slightly changed the rule. I had to wear her panties that she wore that day the whole time, and I had to do it as if I was sucking her off. This got me into SPH. I still sometimes do things for her. I lost on length.


Another reader has a shattering experience…

Like many boys who grew up in Catholic school, I have always been insecure about sex and, specifically, about my penis. I never had any real success with girls until I was out of college, partly because I was convinced that my cock was too small to be adequate. Consequently, I also battled premature ejaculation, which is obviously a deadly combination.

In reality, at the time, I was probably only slightly smaller than average (maybe 5 and a half inches on a good day). Eventually, I gained just enough confidence and prowess to be able to get the job marginally done with at least some of the women I managed to persuade to have sex with me. In my thirties, my career made me a local celebrity, and suddenly, for the first time in my life, women were treating me like a stud stallion, even if my cock was more suited to that of an overly ambitious pony.

It was then that tragedy struck my sex life, though at first, I had no idea of the full impact it would have. While having rather rough sex with my hot girlfriend on top of me, I slipped out of her. She came crashing down on my throbbing member, and I heard a thunderous popping sound, followed by a feeling of intense pain.

I would later learn that I had fractured my penis, which I didn’t even know was possible to do. At first, while my girlfriend immediately mentioned that my erections were not as strong, I thought the diminishment was both manageable and temporary.

As fate would have it, I was in the process of moving to Los Angeles at this time, and, consequently, I stopped having sex for a while, so I largely oblivious to the catastrophic damage done to my dick. Once I did start trying to have sex again, I was horrified to realize that, while the pain of the fracture was gone, my penis had lost much of its already limited power.

While not curved (as can often happen with a fractured penis), my “erections” were now pathetically weak, and I had lost at least an inch, maybe an inch and a half, from my length. Suddenly, I went from having tremendous sexual confidence, despite my lack of a big dick, to be even less assured than I was as a very insecure teenage boy.

Not only was my cock now pathetically withered and weak, in my efforts to force a full erection, I routinely totally lost the ability to control my orgasm, meaning that, except for my expertise in giving oral sex, but I was also now totally useless as a sex partner.

Since I was a public figure, I still dated a very high caliber of women, but it was nearly impossible for the relationship to work when my little dick was so utterly feeble. Frustrated and desperate, especially after doctors told me that I was basically toasted, I turned to pills and even injections just so that I could have a chance at not totally embarrassing myself in the bedroom.

Eventually, I scraped up enough confidence to pursue an incredibly gorgeous woman who clearly liked sex a lot. I knew that it was a bit like going into the arena to battle a champion gladiator armed with only a small and unreliable sword, but I was determined to give it a shot.

Deciding that full disclosure might be my only strategy to reduce her expectations properly, I told her my story of woe, and she seemed surprisingly understanding. With this foothold of a modicum of confidence, I was able to fuck her about as well I could, at least given the constraints of my limited abilities. I knew I had not blown her mind, but I thought I had at least been a passable lay.

The next time we were together, she was blowing me while naked and on her knees, and this beautiful sight was enough to make my dick was as hard and “big” as it had been since before my accident. I was finally feeling somewhat like a real man and rationalizing that I could make this hot babe my girlfriend, even with a dick that was now less than 5 inches, even at full capacity.

She suddenly stopped sucking my cock, looked up at me, and with a bit of a grin, said to me, “You were right. You really DO have a problem.”

A bit shocked and with my confidence shattered, my proud little erection quickly faded to almost nothing. Trying desperately to regain what little potency I had left in reserve, I was able to recover partially, only to blow my load weakly onto her bedroom floor then instantly.

As my dick shriveled into almost nothing, I tried to hide my humiliation, now certain that my days of successfully pursuing a woman like one were now over, probably forever.


While this reader gives us a female POV…

I genuinely love sph. I’ve dated two guys who were into it, one of whom had an obsession with people in his life finding out–coworkers, my family, and particularly his friends. This ex of mine (I’m going to call him Will) probably always feared that his friends knew about his little dick (he still hung out with the same friend group he’d had since high school), and by the time he was in his mid-twenties, it had turned into an erotic obsession for him: what if they all know how tiny I am?

I had already cucked a small dick guy before Will, so this was right up my alley. Once I realized he was into this, I teased him mercilessly about it. I had no idea if his friends actually knew, of course, but I was willing to make the assumption. Like, I’d ask him if he ever talked about our sex life with his friends and then say: “Do you think they really take you seriously when you talk about fucking me? Knowing about your little shrimp?”

I’d tell him that they were probably always laughing at him behind his back. That made him so hard.

I thought it was sexy. I figured Will was too much of a coward to ever actually admit to his friends that he had a small dick, but the fantasy got him to rock hard. I thought it would be fun to “out” him, but I respect boundaries.

I was still teaching yoga back then. Once, as kind of a half-joke, Will and a couple of his friends surprised me by showing up to one of my classes. Will made some sarcastic crack about supporting my “career” (which he was not very supportive of). His friends looked at me awkwardly; I read it like they didn’t think he should be joking about my job.

They were right.

At the end of the class, I led a meditation. I told everyone to lay down and feel into their bodies. I asked that they focus specifically on the theme of “insecurities.” I said something like, “For instance, if you feel you were unkind to someone today, think about that. Where did it come from? Why would you do that?”

I walked around the room, pausing next to Will. “Do you feel shame, maybe specifically related to something you feel that you lack? Something small, maybe, that you feel should be large?”

I’m sure I wasn’t actually as eloquent or exact as making it sound, but you get the gist. It was obvious enough that one of his friends (“James”) snickered.

After class, Will seemed kind of mad about it, and I thought to myself, “I was right. He’s a coward.” Later that night, we were back in his bedroom, and he brought it up in a different way, asking me if I thought his friends knew what I was referring to when I was talking about insecurities.

When I told him that I was sure that they knew exactly what I meant, he basically melted. I told Will to remember the way James had snickered when I’d said it. That was the laugh of a man finding out his friend has a tiny cock, I told him. Will and I did stay together for quite some time and took this a lot further.

Will was renting a house with two of the guys who had been to my yoga class with him, including James (the one who laughed). Will was a mess; my antics had left him constantly wondering whether his friends knew about his little secret. I kept teasing him and telling him that they knew–and that they probably thought of him differently now. But it was still nebulous since we didn’t know for sure.

I wanted to make it a certainty.

I hung out at their house most nights. One night, we were all getting high and watching TV: him, his two roommates, and me. Unfortunately, we watched a TV show (I can’t remember what it was called, unfortunately…). I don’t remember much about it, except that at some point, one of the main guys is in an argument with some woman, and she calls him a “baby-dick bitch”. Side note: it was hot to hear that in a TV show.

I grabbed Will’s arm quickly. “Baby-dick bitch? That’s your nickname.” I said it in a whisper, but loud enough for everyone to hear. His high friends started giggling uncontrollably. Will was quiet; his face got so red 🙂 aw.

It’s even funnier because the guy in the show who got called a baby-dick was super beta and jealous. His gf used to date a black guy, and he was always nervous she would sleep with him again. Real cuck vibes. And he definitely gets called baby-dick more than once.

And I’d basically equated him to Will with my comment, so every time something embarrassing happened to that character, it was even funnier to all of us.


This reader gets some feedback from his ex…

So my ex had only had sex with me. She was 18 in high school. I was 23. And the sex was actually excellent. One time she even said I must have a big one because my bulge looked bigger than the guy on the underwear package(I have big balls, though). When we had been together for about a year, she told me she saw a picture on her friend’s cellphone. It was some guy’s dick pic, and it was HUGE. Longer. Thicker. She said she didn’t know they came that big. Then one time, I remember after round one, my dick shrunk down, and she laughed and touched it w her fingertip and was like OMG, it’s so small! It’s crazy how much it grows!

So one night, we are online and somewhat half-joking start looking up like penis enlargement surgeries and stuff like that. All very expensive. I did not think we were serious.

A little later, we got a penis pump and had fun with that. A little after that, she sends me a link to a website about a penis stretcher that claims to make your penis larger the same way those Indian women stretch their necks really long. So it makes sense, and we end up purchasing it. It turns out you have to wear it for 6 consecutive hours a day. I wore it as much as I could and even started making the stretcher longer. But nothing permanent ever happened.

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  • davidfrancis99@yahoo.co.uk

    Wow. That experience from the female POV was amazing to read. I’ve been at the receiving end of many similar experiences but never with a girlfriend who enjoyed SPH (they were just angry, frustrated, horny and cruel) and I only found that it turned me on later, when the pain, humiliation, embarrassment and jealousy had gone along with the relationship. I would love to read more from her. Thank you. Dave xxx


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