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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader discovers one good turn deserves another…

In college, I stayed at my GFs a lot. One night my GF and her friend Tori went out, and I stayed at their place and did some studying.

When they got back, I noticed Tori is blacked out and close to puking. I helped her into her bed without any incident.

Now my GF is also blacked out but in much better shape. She tells Me she’s worried about Tori and asked me to take care of her.

She literally forced me to help her back into my GFs bed and watch over all night WHILE sleeping in the same bed. We are all pretty close, and so I say sure. My GF posted up on the couch, and I ensured that Tori didn’t drown in her own puke.

We eventually fall asleep watching tv, and I woke up a couple of hours later. As I wake up, I notice I’m spooning Tori, and she took off her shirt.

Not being a total creep, I rolled over to my side of the bed and tried not to focus on her huge tits laying out in the open.

I eventually fall asleep only to be woken up around 30 min later to Tori’s hand playing with my cock.

I look up confused, and Tori is just sitting over me and says, “sorry, I felt this ‘little fella’ while we were spooning, and I wanted to see if it got any bigger.”

I hazily reply, “Little fella?”

Tori began jerking my bronze member dick. “Hate to break it to you, but you have a small dick. I guess it’s true what they say about Asian guys.”

She laughs.

“What do you mean,” I ask.

“Well, Ally (my gf) must be faking or never fucked a big cock cuz there’s no way this thing could get me to moan as loud as her. I’d never feel it inside me.”

I said, “We should probably not do this…”

“You took care of me last night. At least let me take care of you.”

“Won’t Chase (her bf) be jealous?”

“Not of this tiny little thing. Chase is much bigger. He’s a real man with a man-sized cock.”

“Don’t tell Ally that,” I said.

“Tell her? I’m going to have to show her, sorry. Don’t want her missing out on what a real man’s cock looks like or feels like.”

And that put me over the edge. She just rolled over and said, “We’re even. Goodnight, little fella.”


Another reader finds the help taking control…

I was always an angry, short-tempered teen. Maybe, I was just overcompensating for my inadequacies below the belt. This event occurred when I was 18 years old. My parents weren’t home. I was home alone with my maid, who was cleaning in the other room. I was in my room, which was a mess, doing nothing. She came to clean my room and was horrified at the mess I had made. Angrily, she asked me to clean up after myself. I told her that I’m the boss over here and that she works for me. That didn’t fly well with her. She reminded me that she worked for my parents and that I was just living off their money. That statement hurt my ego. I was fuming and called her a ‘c**t.’ Suddenly, she was enraged. That lady, barely 5′ 2 in her early 40s, rushed towards me without any worry of consequences and grabbed me by the balls.

She shoved me against the wall with a firm grip on my manhood. I would have been at least 5’10 but at that moment felt emasculated with no power over her. She controlled me with her tiny hand wrapping around my testicles. It wasn’t just fear or pain but a new sense of shame that I felt.

Squeezing hard, she looked into my eyes, infuriated, and uttered in her regional accent, “You can’t talk to me like that. Apologize right now.”

The sheer idea of apologizing to a short, thin woman employed by my parents seemed preposterous to me, but that all changed with a twist of her wrist.

In a high-pitched voice, I blurted out a desperate apology to her satisfaction. Our bodies were close together. I could see a drop of sweat from her head make way into her blouse. I couldn’t resist but follow the droplet into the cleavage onto the surface of her perfectly shaped perky breasts. Just when she was about to release her tight grip from my balls, I felt a sudden rush of blood flowing downtown. I could feel a movement in my pants. Sadly, she could feel it too. Disgusted by the fact that I was getting a hard-on in this situation that also in her hand, she let go of her grip and pulled my trousers and underwear down to the ground.

She looked to utter disbelief at my (recently shaved) circumcised gold member erection. With an expression of complete amusement, she said, “Oh No, you are like a toddler down there.”

With my small package on full display, she knew she had the power over me. Her tiny cold hands started to grasp my minuscule sack. She moved closer to my body again, slowly tightening the grip she had on my orbs.

In an evil but seductive voice, she said, “You aren’t much of a man, you’re a sissy, and from today, I own you. You will obey me, or else I’ll tell the whole town about your tiny, pathetic penis.”

All of a sudden, the humiliation felt erotic. My eyes wavered down her blouse again to get a glance of her perfect rack, which she noticed too. In a fit of fury, she squeezed my nuts hard, and my legs started to tremble. I knew what was coming. My eyes shut close, and my body squirmed. I let out a sad moan as soon as my 3 incher erupted, shooting its load all over her hand and the floor. She complained about the messy room, grabbed me by the neck, made me kneel butt naked, and asked me to lick all of the cum from her hand and the floor. I have been her bitch ever seen. Nowadays, all it takes is a simple spank from her or an ass grab that has me shooting my load.


While some readers share some SPH phrases they’ve heard…

For me, it was, “I feel sorry for his girlfriend.” At the time, it was completely humiliating to hear that, but then afterward, I ended up masturbating to the memory of that phrase said about me, from one girl to another.

I was once hooking up with this very charming and cute girl. Having a great time. I got naked, no reaction. Ate her out, she came hard. Then I lined up to fuck her, and she was all, “I’m good.”

The worst I heard IRL was, “It could be longer and lacks in girth,” but she was not trying to be mean, yet the sentiment was humiliating.

For me, the girl said, “Eww, it’s the size of Donald Trump!” Not my best moment.

We were talking and knew we were gonna have some type of sex. As part of the conversation, she asked how big I was, and I told her just average. When she looked at me before going down to give me a bj, “Oh, that’s average?” in a kinda disappointing tone. But still sucked me off.

When it happened to me, this bitch said, “You are so NOT a man!”

When my ex told me she couldn’t feel me “for some reason” (I was her first sexual partner).

I still remember the inflection in her voice, “Aw, your dick is not big, like at all.” Followed shortly by, “It’s okay, lots of guys your age premature ejaculate.”

A woman said to me once, “Sorry, I don’t fuck freaks. Call me when you grow a cock.”

A girl I was hooking up with after my ex and I broke up in High School told me, “The whole school pretty much already knows you have a small dick. Your ex told us all. We even saw pictures of it.”


SDC reader TinyPeenie shares his story…

Here is a true story which happened to me a few years ago. I like going to this nude beach in Normandy, France. The is a public beach with no lifeguard and with an authorized naturist section. It was spring, and the weather was good, so I decided to go there to take a quick early-season ocean bath. When I arrived at the beach, there was only a couple of cars. I told myself, ‘Good, the beach will be empty,’ and it was empty—only a couple enjoying the sun on the textile part of the beach.

I walked to the naturist part and undressed. I like the feel of the sun and wind on my whole body. I went for a swim. The water was cold but still ok, as the air temperature was not that hot, the difference did not hit me. However, I was almost the only one in the water. I swam for about 30mn when I decided to get out as I began to feel the water’s cold. I slowly walked out, progressing against the wind and waves, when I noticed three clothed girls walking in my direction. As it is a naturist section, I did not pay too much attention to them, but it happened that I reached the sand line when they arrived next to me.

Two of the girls screamed and put their hands in front of their eyes while the third one looked directly at my groin and exclaimed, “Don’t be scared, girls, there is nothing to see,” and she burst into laughter, which made the others girls looking as well and laugh.

I was humiliated to be mocked like that in such a public place. Luckily enough, the beach was empty. I remember this event now and then, and I surprise myself to be a little bit turned on about it. It one of my best SPH experiences so far.


This reader gets some indirect SPH…

My wife’s female boss, 30, told a whole group of female workers at a dinner after the store closed for the night that she broke up with a guy because his dick was too small. I was the only hubby there. My cute little silver member got so hard as all the ladies laughed. I fell in love with my wife’s boss that day. She is quite hot btw:)


Another reader gets one last ride before his wife shuts up shop…

The last time I had PIV sex with my wife was over 2.5 years ago. She told me to put on one of my little condoms, and then she straddled me and put my little penis inside her. As she rode me (she could hardly move or it would fall out), she very loudly bemoaned how small and worthless my dick is and how she couldn’t feel it. I know the people in the next hotel room and even outside could hear. After a total of about 20 seconds, I came, and she laughed and once again loudly exclaimed how pathetic I am for having a tiny dick and prematurely ejaculating.

Then she looked me in the eyes and said, “I hope you enjoyed that because it’s the last time you will ever put that worthless dick in a woman’s pussy.”


While this reader likes to expose himself…

When I was about 19, I lived in a weird kind of old house. The kind that has locks on most of the doors that only open with a key. Now, I was an exhibitionist, but I always found that when I’d walk around the house nude, if I saw someone outside, I’d get scared and run away. So, I had a bright idea.

The front room had a door with a lock on it that let into the next room. The only other way out was the front door. I stripped off all my clothes, left them in the other room, made sure there was nothing in the room like a pillow that I could cover myself with, locked the door, and slid the key under the door.

So there I was. Butt naked and hard as a rock, with a great big picture window…from outside. You could literally see every corner of the room. Well, a person walked by, a guy, and of course, I hid in the corner as best I could. He didn’t see me. Then another. And another.

I was getting bored of my little game when my stupid teenage brain realized…oh fuck…I literally can’t get out of here. I am butt naked, and the only way out is the front door.

I had just had a minute or two to panic before I heard footsteps. They got louder and louder, and I realized it was the mail lady. The mailbox was right next to the window. There was literally no way she was not going to see me. I froze, naked, dick sticking out, hard as could be, unable to move.

Sure enough, she stepped onto the porch, and we made eye contact. I saw her eyes drop down, then back up again, and she dropped the mail in surprise. She picked up the mail, gave a little smirk, and put the mail in the box.

Of course, I’m horrified and horny but too embarrassed for words. And terrified because I assume she’s going to call the cops or something. But then she does this:

She holds up one hand with two fingers close together, shakes her head, and walks off.

I ended up getting out of the room using a yardstick to retrieve the key, but not after several minutes of still standing there naked for anyone to see and after having jerked off, which took all of two seconds after that encounter.


This reader enjoys his webcam…

I hop on random cam apps and stuff sometimes for some genuine SPH. I just started chatting with 3 girls, and they said they wanted to see my tiny pp. I pulled it out, compared it to a lighter, and they all laughed. One of them then said, “Can you do it like this?”

And did the jerking-off-hand movement, so I grabbed my dick with 2 fingers and my thumb and started going at it. After some laughing and mumbling I didn’t understand one of the girls said, “That is the smallest penis I’ve ever seen! And ever want to see again! How about you guys?”

And they both agreed.

Then she said, “When my little brother was three, he had a bigger penis than you,” and left the chat.


Another reader has a night to remember…

This took place in the early 2000s but was one of the better experiences in my life, so I wanted to share it. I improvised some of the dialogs since I can’t remember exactly what was said, but the details are all 100 percent true. I had just turned 18 and got accepted into a university a couple of hours away from where I grew up. A mutual friend told me about a girl he knew who attended the same school and was looking for a roommate, and long story short, that fall I moved into an apartment with Marissa.

Marissa was 21 at the time, and from the start, we had a sort of big sister/little brother relationship. Many lists were left for me for chores around the apartment, and she was always on my ass about cleaning, dishes, etc. Basically, she made it clear she was the one in charge around the apartment and never let off even the slightest impression that she looked at me as anything other than a roommate.

That didn’t stop me from jacking off to the thought of her in some of the skimpy clothes she would wear around the apartment. Marissa was on the shorter side, not much over 5’. As a former soccer player, she was in great shape, slightly on the muscular side with small perky boobs and brown shoulder-length hair.

We did get along well together for the most part. She had no issue buying me a beer, and we would play drinking games together and with friends on the weekends. We weren’t total party animals, but both had our wild nights.

On one Friday night, I came home around 8 after hanging out with some friends. When I walked through the door, it became immediately apparent that this was one of those wild nights for her. Empty wine bottles, dirty blender, and red solo cups all over the kitchen, and Marissa and another girl sitting at the kitchen table drinking and playing some game with cards. I grabbed a beer and sat down with them, and was introduced to Kari. Kari was a childhood friend of Marissa and came up from our hometown to spend the weekend and party. She was stunning, Hispanic with a beautiful face, thick body, and huge tits.

I sat with them and asked about their night. They had people over, and we’re both pretty drunk at that point. Their other friends had gone out to the bars, but Kari was only 20 and couldn’t get in, so the girls decided to stay in for the night. I asked what they were planning for the rest of the night and was stunned at the answer.

“We really want to watch porn right now,” Marissa told me, giggling.

“What brought that on?” I asked.

Apparently, there was a big discussion about it with the friends earlier. It turns out Kari had never seen it, and Marissa had an experience or two, but not much.

“Don’t hold out on us,” she told me. “I know you’ve got a DVD or two hidden somewhere (this was before porn videos were really available on the internet)”

“Ok, I’m not gonna act like I don’t, but I can’t believe you’re serious right now. If you are, I’ll go get one right now.”

Both girls clapped and got all excited and moved to the couch and started getting the TV and DVD ready while I went into the drawer in my closet to get the porn. I don’t remember the title exactly, but it was a Big Dicks and Small Chicks or something similar.

I came back into the living room making a big show of the DVD case. The girls were on the couch together, telling me to hurry up and put it in. I started it, sat back on the loveseat, and watched and listened to all their comments as they watched. They commented on the girl’s boobs, pubic hairstyles, techniques, but what really interested me was how fascinated they were by the dicks.

“OMG, that can’t be real,” Kari blurted out at the sight of her first porn dick.

“That thing is massive,” Marissa concurred.

“Have you ever seen anything like that?” Kari asked to not any one particular

As the resident porn expert, I foolishly decided to jump in. “No, those only exist in porn.”

They must have both forgot I was even there as they seemed surprised by my voice, and both turned to look at me.

“Someone sounds a little defensive over there,” Marissa said, laughing and giving me the pinky finger.

“Aww, I think he might be jealous,” Kari added.

“Why would you even want to watch this with the guys being so much bigger than you?” Marissa seemed genuinely curious

“What makes you think I’m not just as big as these guys?” I was getting a little defensive now, and it was digging me into a hole

“Well, obviously, you don’t remember,” Marissa hit me back, “But that night about a month ago when your two buddies dropped you off at 2 in the morning. Well, you woke me up because you were so drunk you were knocking things off the walls. Then I heard you throwing up and thought I needed to check on you, and your clothes were completely covered in puke. How do you think you ended up in bed with nice clean clothes on?”

“So you saw everything?” Kari asked Marissa

“I didn’t want to, but unfortunately, I couldn’t miss it.”

“And how was it?”

At this point, it was like I wasn’t even there. I just tried to sink further into the love seat.

“Fucking tiny, I couldn’t believe it. I thought there was something wrong. It was like nothing but his little head sticking out.”

“No way,” Kari asked back. “You’ve gotta be exaggerating.”

“Let’s ask the source,” Marissa answered, and I could feel both of them staring me down with smirks on their faces.

“Well, you two probably don’t know, but there’s a thing called growers and showers” I was grasping for anything to try and defend myself in front of these two hot girls. “I’m just a grower, so it’s smaller soft but gets huge when it’s hard.”

“Huge?” Marissa just rolled her eyes

“Well, at least above average.”

“No way that little thing I saw ever gets above average” Marissa could barely get the sentence out through her laughter

“Everyone hold up,” Kari broke in. “I don’t think it’s fair we’re all having this conversation, but I’m the only one here who hasn’t seen it.”

“She’s right. Why don’t you show Kari your big guy” Marissa was obviously enjoying seeing me squirm.

I was feeling trapped at this point. “Well, I can’t now. I’m not even hard yet.”

With that, Kari turned right towards me, lifted her shirt and bra, exposing the most beautiful set of boobs I’ve ever seen, even to this day.

“No excuses now.”

I racked my brain, trying to think of an excuse.

“Put your money where your mouth is,” Marissa goaded me on. “If it’s a big as you say, maybe Kari will be interested in more.”

“What about you?” I asked Marissa. “You showing too?”

“Tell you what, if it’s even average, I’ll take my shirt off too, but you started this, so you need to go first. Quit being a pussy and just do it.”

The thought of finally seeing my roommate’s tits, along with my mind racing about all the other possibilities with Kari, clouded my better judgment. I stood up, boner already straining in my pants, unbuckled my belt, and in one motion pulled my pants and underwear to the ground.

Both girls erupted in laughter.

“OMG, it’s tiny” “You poor thing” “That’s fully hard? “It’s not even half the size of the guy on TV.”

I wasn’t even sure who was saying what at this point, just standing there in a daze while two hot girls commented.

Kari was laughing so hard she rolled off the couch closer to me. Now within arm’s reach, she brought her hand up and gave my dick a pinch.

“I can’t believe it, he’s hard as a rock, and it’s still so small.”

I didn’t realize Marissa had walked off, but I noticed her returning and handing Kari a ruler.

“Since you already touched it, you have to be the one who measures,” she told Kari.

Kari held the ruler up. “You poor, poor thing, it’s not even 5 inches.”

“I don’t even think it’s 4 1/2” Marissa was closer now, looking right down on it. “OK, this has gone far enough time to put that little thing back in your pants. For your own sake, I wouldn’t be trying to brag about it anymore. You’re not gonna fool anyone.”

“Wait,” I looked back down at Kari, who was covering her tits back up, “you’re not gonna help me out? I’m going to have blue balls after this.”

She reached up one more time and gently squeezed one of my balls between her thumb and forefinger.

“If we had to worry about that, I think they would feel a bit bigger too. Goodnight.”

And with that, both girls got up, giggled all the way to Marissa’s room, and shut and locked the door.


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