Our Readers SPH Experiences 133

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader confirms breaking up is hard to do…

I had gotten into an argument on social media over something so stupid with a group of girls, but the argument’s point isn’t important. One of their friends was a girl, V, I had a thing with, although we never met in person. We had only ever sexted and sent nudes. I had sent her nudes of me. Well, she knew I was small, but she didn’t really mind. I would tell her I knew I was small, and she would say, “Don’t worry, it’s fine, it’s how you use it.”

Well, our little internet fling ended over a month ago, and I guess she had grown a dislike toward me. When one of her friends responded to something, I said, with: “Whatever, little guy!” I knew something was wrong.

So, I did the dumb thing and messaged her instead of leaving it alone. I asked, “Why, little guy?”

She responded and only said, “Little dick :(”

I tried to refute those claims, but I realized doing so only made V’s case stronger. I texted V privately and asked what I had done to tell everyone about my small penis. That was obviously a bad idea because then she went and posted that screenshot on her private story. I didn’t see it, but a friend told me. Now, many other people know I have a small dick.

She didn’t reply for a while, but then she finally said, “Leave me the fuck alone, baby dick.”

And that was it. It hurts a LOT, but there’s that little sense of humiliation I love. I probably won’t be able to get a girl for a while, but I’m masturbating to the thought of it happening. I’ll probably have a different feeling to it after I cum.


Another reader gets mislabeled by a mean girl…

So I want to preface this by saying I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club. It’s below average, but it could be worse. I had been in a little thing with this girl for only a few weeks, and we only ever met in person twice. One night, as most couples do, we started to sext, and I showed her my dick pic. I still remember what the pictures looked like, and boy was it bad angles that made me look like I had a super small dick. So anyway, I sent them, and she told me it was super pretty. I thought that was the end of it, and we went on about our lives. However, she started to become meaner and meaner to me, which eventually led to us ending.

I don’t know why she got like that to me, but I think I eventually learned why. On multiple occasions, she had referenced me having a small dick. Once, she made a TikTok with the small penis sign, and the audio was like, “What you doing with that,” and she sent it to me.

I was like, “What the fuck,” and she told me she had sent it to me and some other kid. Then, on my birthday, she wished me a happy birthday, and I’m not sure how the convo went after that, but she said I had a microdick. I said, “No way. Micro’s are like 3 inches hard, and under, I’m not that small.”

She said, “Yep, you have a little microdick.”

I assumed it was just a joke, but I guess not. Then, the issue with her friend happened. Her friend, SUPERHOT (big boobs and big ass), and I started to flirt on Snapchat slightly. That went on for a few days, and all of a sudden, it stopped. I can’t prove that this girl had anything to do with it, but nobody wants a little dick, I guess. Both of them now have boyfriends, and I’m assuming their dicks are bigger than mine. Oh well, life goes on.


While this reader has an accident in the bleachers…

My high school had a tradition where every senior night, someone dresses up in one of those skin-tight green suits covering your face (to stay secret).

The committee picks (via raffle) me for this year’s honor. They pull me aside and hands me the suit.

I go home and try it on and instantly know it’s too small for me. My entire package was on display, but when I wore underwear, it was only somewhat noticeable. So I decided, if everyone sees it, they might as well let it hang loose. I try it with no underwear, and you can see my soft 2 inches clearly and see my head poking through proudly.

I head over to the game get dressed sneakily. I took a deep breath and ran out in front of the student section with my hands in the air.

The reaction was a gasp from the girls and laughing from the boys.

I immediately see some girls make the small dick sign with their fingers to their friends, but I choose to ignore it.

Near the end of the game, I am about to leave. Walking down the crowded student section, I feel someone grab my cock. As I turn to see who it was, my costume got stuck on the bleachers and ripped a hole in my costume that exposed my cock to everyone.

A roar of laughter followed me as I ran out of the gym, covering my cock. I ran to an empty classroom where I was keeping all my stuff and begin changing right away.

I’m naked when I hear an, “I knew it was you.”

It was Courtney. A blond girl with big boobs that I always had a crush on. I say something unintelligible while hiding my cock.

“Don’t cover it up. I already saw it all anyway.”

I do what I’m told. She walks over to me.

“It takes a lot of guts to show the entire student body your junk.”

She dropped down to her knees and took my entire 2-inch soft dick in her mouth with ease. I could even feel her tongue licking my balls. My cock sprang up, ready for action. I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club hard.

“Thank God this thing gets a little bigger. Still small as fuck, though.”

With that, I came.

“That was quick… See ya later, little guy. Good job tonight. Everyones gonna be talking about your small dick for weeks.”


This reader’s junk sends a girl back to her ex for better sex…

I had a huge crush on this girl in high school I had known all my life since we went to the same schools and played the same sports, but I never spoke to her until high school. She was a gorgeous girl ever, a half Hispanic girl with a pretty face, big tits, a small waist, and a really nice ass. She also had that Spanish girl attitude that came out whenever she was annoyed (which turned me on a lot)

We started dating for most of high school, but she dumped me right before going to college for some other dude. I was pretty crushed since she was my first love, and we were supposed to lose our virginity to each other. (Second base was as far as we went) 3 years later, she calls me up drunk, telling me she misses me, apologized for leaving, and wanted to meet up when I was back in town for winter break. I was so excited. We spoke every single day till I got there. The first night we went on a date where I took her to dinner, and she made out with me in my car. After some intense teasing, she had to leave. A week went by (Christmas/family stuff) before we could meet again, but we finally decided to have sex. We made out intensely. She rubbed my cock through my pants. Then she got naked. She wanted me to stick it in, so I took out my cock, and she looked surprised. I wasn’t sure why but she gave me this confused and upset look.

I asked if she was okay, and she said, “It’s not what I expected, I guess.”

Me being naive as hell, I thought that she meant this wasn’t romantic. I apologized, and we got back to it. She didn’t seem as turned on, but I started to stick it in. After a few seconds, I got super nervous and lost my erection. She seemed very frustrated. After a while of my tugging my cock, I asked for a handjob. It was the worst, most unenthusiastic handjob ever. She refused to put it in her mouth or even spit on it, and she used two fingers, which made me very insecure about my size at the time. Eventually, we stopped, and I walked her to her car.

She avoided eye contact and said, “It’s okay, I guess. It happens.”

I thought she was talking about something else, but later realized she meant the sex.

Her ex texted me (he was insane and stole her phone and must have found my number) and told me that I’m so pathetic and bad at sex that she was willing to come back to him and then sent me a picture of him cumming all over her belly. She looked like she was in orgasmic bliss, and his cock was HUGE. Like super big. She apologized on his behalf and reassured me it was just a hook up with him and that they weren’t actually together anymore. She never spoke to me again after that though


Another reader gets a skinny-dipping lesson…

It was simpler times. We had just graduated and decided to go skinny-dipping in the lake. My girlfriend literally gasped when she saw my friend’s cock. She was absolutely mesmerized by it. Of course, as any sensible girlfriend, she would drop the disclaimer, “Sorry, babe. Yours is great,” before adding, “But holy crap! Your friend is a freak of nature.”

His girlfriend was surprisingly cool about it too. She even told him to show my girlfriend the helicopter. My girlfriend was giggling so hard. “Do it again! Do it again!”

I don’t know what was in the air at the time, but we had all pretty much just turned 18, so I suppose some of it can be chalked up to immaturity. Besides, it’s not like any of us were super serious about our relationships at the time, and I understand that big dicks are a novelty for people.

Still, pretty cool thinking back. They all compared my Bronze member dick to his huge horse cock and it turns me on to this day thinking back to their smirks and laughter.


While this reader loses at strip UNO…

So I was away visiting family friends at their house in Europe, and they have a daughter that is a similar age to me (19). Now nothing romantic or sexual had happened between this girl and me as we had known each other since we’d been four, and it looked like it would stay that way.

Anyway, most nights, we’d stay up and chat about various things teenagers do (btw, this was last summer). We got onto her body count and the number of guys she’d sucked off, and I’d always seen her as innocent but holy fuck it was high. It genuinely took me by surprise. I thought I was bad with a body count of 5. So one night, that’s all we talked about. Sex. It also turned me on hearing about all the massive cocks she’d sucked on and taken. And this had obviously sparked her interest as she started being more flirty the next day, at one point even asking me to measure my dick and compare it to her phone. To my peril, I lied and told her I was bigger than I actually am.

The next evening, the night before we fly home, we get talking like usual, and at whatever point, we decide to say fuck it and play Strip UNO. We played a quick round, so it wasn’t lol till we were both in our underwear. Now I could see she was excited about getting my boxers off and kept looking at my groin. However, I won the first game by getting her naked and then winning one last time, so she had to do a dare. I made her ‘accidentally’ send a nude to a boy she knew had a crush on her. Still, all was well as I got to put my clothes back on, and I was saved, or so I thought.

She wanted round 2 I reluctantly agreed as I really didn’t want her to find out about my small cock, and that I’d lied. Still, stupidly I agreed. However, I lost drastically, and the time came where I only had boxers on. I was standing there so worried and not wanting to lose, but she only had her top off, so I’d have to win literally 5 rounds in a row.

It eventually happened. I lost. I couldn’t back down now, but I did try to. She wouldn’t let me. I told her I wouldn’t do it, so she said she would. She came over to me, pushed me against the wall, and pulled my boxers up to wedgie me until my cock fell out. When it did…. she took a second to notice, but she looked down, paused for a second, then burst out laughing, she couldn’t believe it. I said that I was still soft (which was true).

She just said, “well, I mean, let’s hope you’re a massive grower then.”

She then took off my underwear completely, took me to her walk-in wardrobe with a full floor-to-ceiling mirror, and started jerking me off.

After a while, she decided that only using two fingers would be fine and looked at me as she did so, grinning the whole time whilst I stood there uncomfortably. It was then I remembered that there was still one round left. She also realized but accused me of ruining her fun and said if I lost, it’d be extra bad, or I could just let her carry on humiliating me. I decided to change it, and I won one round but lost immediately after.

She told me to reach under her bed and find the shoebox and open it. I did so, and inside was this massive, thick black dildo. It must’ve been at least 8.5 inches. She thought it’d be hilarious to take a picture of my silver member dick and her dildo next to each other, and it was only the next morning. I realized it wasn’t just her who had it.

And now there is a picture on XHamster somewhere of a BBC dildo and my sorry, silver member dick in her hands next to it.


This reader shares a couple of his experiences with us…

I first realized that not only were my genitalia small, but I enjoyed the reaction on a family holiday. I was 14 and wearing a pair of white speedos I’d had for at least 3 years- they’d kind have stretched and grown with me. We were on the beach, and Mum was putting sun lotion all over me. As she was doing the top of my legs, she paused and said, “I don’t think you should wear trunks anymore. They don’t suit you!”

I loved the fit. They were like a second skin and totally flat to my torso except at the very bottom, where it looked like I’d put a ping pong ball in. I didn’t know why Mum did not want me wearing them, but then I caught my younger brother smirking, instinctively looked at his trunks, and noticed what I considered an ugly bulge. I then looked at Dad who’s bulge was even bigger, and the penny dropped- My bulge was supposed to look like theirs!

Instead of getting embarrassed, though, I got a strange thrill and actually enjoyed Mum’s discomfort, so I asked her what was wrong with my trunks. She wouldn’t answer and looked flustered, but I knew.


Although I had one of the smaller dicks at school, I escaped any major mickey taking because it was 3.25 inches flaccid, and there were two unfortunate lads in our year with genuine micropenises. It was very thin, though, and my balls were small and tight to the point of invisibility at times, so I would attract the occasional comment but be good at sports seemed to give me some immunity.
However, what no one knew was that it barely grew half an inch when hard. I’m a silver member of the small dick club, hard.

I was fanatical about distance running and really skinny and had barely any pubic hair.

Aged 18, I would use a masseur once a fortnight to unknot my leg muscles. He was a gruff stocky ex-navy 65-year-old with big hands and fat fingers. This one session was following a marathon, and I’d had a short run to pre-warm my tense muscles. I was stripped down to my tight white running undies, which ensured no movement of my genitalia, which were firmly pressed against my torso – tight balls and willy upright to the left. My masseur had seen me in them many times.

This session was particularly rigorous, and he was really kneading my glutes using lots of oils, occasionally catching my hole, presumably by accident.

He rolled me over onto my front and comments, “Wow! You have some serious self-control. A lot of men are begging for a happy ending by this stage!”

I didn’t know the phrase and asked him to explain.

He said, “They want to be masturbated because the unusually vigorous rubbing has excited them, but you’re not even hard!”

This wasn’t true. I had grown my barely discernible half-inch, but the tight undies held it against my torso, so there was no tenting. I told him I was hard, but he laughed and said, “No chance!”

He then suggested removing my undies to prevent all the excess oil from ruining them. I arched my back, he pulled them down, and my skinny silver member dick sprang up.

He laughed and said, “Wow! You are hard after all who’d have guessed?”

Laughing, he started to play with it with one big fat finger and his ginormous thumb, but his real obsession was my tight ball sac. He was pushing down on it, and my balls must have been deep in my body cavity – he even asked if I had any! He soon found out that I must have as I had the most intense climax of my life, shaking all over and spurting sperm everywhere. I was lying on the bed, totally spent while he was laughing and commenting on how I easily had the smallest package he had ever done that to. I started to get slightly annoyed and said I knew I was small, but there’s definitely smaller.

“Not in my experience!” he said. “Especially attached to those tiny balls!”

I argued back and said, “Oh, and I suppose you’re massive!”

“Not really, but compared to you, I am.”

I asked for proof, so he grinned and pulled down his sweatpants. I was confronted by a rock-hard cock probably not much more than an inch longer than mine but incredibly thick but what really shocked me was the massive lemon-sized balls dangling beneath it. I told him he was massive, and he smiled, pulled my head towards him.

“Little boys like you get a wank, but a man gets a blow job!” he said.

I am not gay, but I was totally caught up in the moment and tried to get his massive bell end in my mouth. I couldn’t, it was too fat, and so he gave up, lay on the table, and I masturbated him. I couldn’t get my hand fully around his shaft, but the real shock was his heavy balls being more than a handful.

He came quite quickly and said, “Right, fuck off now, and keep this to yourself.”

I got dressed and left shocked by not only what I’d seen but my willingness to do what I’d done, but my overall sense was of excitement rather than shame. This was my only gay experience.


Another reader gets his dick examined by a female doctor…

One time I had to show my penis to a doctor in college. I told her I had an issue with getting the foreskin to retract when hard. I had not heard of SPH at this stage and was only beginning to realize how small I actually was. She asked me to strip and sit on the bed. The only problem was being so small soft and nervous, causing me to shrivel. She couldn’t get a proper grip with two fingers when I lay down.

She started to get frustrated and barked at me, “Ugh, can you just stand up.”

It was only when she looked at my face and seen the pure embarrassment she spoke softer.

She inspected my 2-inch soft cock up close and then moved the foreskin back and forth over the head really, really slow, maybe 3 times. That was enough to get it to start to grow very fast! Being a medical professional, she obviously wasn’t going to jack me off.

So she said, “I can’t see anything wrong with it, I’ll be in contact,” and smiled.

I had to pull up my trousers and leave while my erection was growing!

Good thing my erections aren’t very noticeable as I’m a silver member of the small dick club. I have always wondered if that last smile was letting me know how small she thought I was and has she ever told anyone about how small I was.

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