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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is not the biggest rooster in his girls’ henhouse…

This happened over a year ago, but I was once in a long-distance relationship with the nicest girl ever. We didn’t date for too long, only 4 months, but because we lived 4 hours away from her, we planned a meet-up/date.

A month before we met up. She had told me that she only dated one guy 4 years ago and that he was tiny. Like, Gold Member small (i.e., micropenis). As a guy who’s a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club, I gotta say it felt great to be the biggest guy a girl had been with. I felt like on top of the world.

Cut to a month later when we finally met. We were making out in my hotel room, and she started stroking my boy. I jokingly said, “Oh, am I gonna have the honor of being your second guy ever?”

We had a weird sense of humor) she looked at me, confused. She then explained that she had only DATED one guy with a micropenis, but she had been with 2 other guys since.

I’m not gonna lie, that made me a bit sad/nervous to hear. I hoped that the other guys were much smaller than me, or at least the same size. She started giving me a blowjob, and I had to ask, “Is this the biggest cock you’ve been with?”

She then proceeded to laugh out loud and say, “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to laugh. Uhm. You’re bigger than my ex!”

“OK… but am I the biggest cock you’ve had?”

She avoided eye contact, and shamefully shook her head now. At this point, my dick was throbbing. I asked her how big the other guy was. She looked shocked that I would ask, but I demanded to know.

She took her hand off my cock. Looked at it. Then used BOTH hands to describe the last cock she’s been with. He was the size of a fucking monster energy can. She then proceeded to phantom jerk this monster cock over my much smaller cock. After that, I came instantly, and she made jokes about it for the duration of our time together.


Another reader finds out he’s not the biggest in his team…

I had just recently broken up with my gf and a big football game was coming up. I was team captain, and I was flirting with this beautiful girl, Cassie, on the day of the game in math class. She’s a small blonde girl who is an absolute smoke show and known to get around a bit.

Now I was trying to hook up before the game later in the day and came up with the genius line, “I hope I don’t suck today. My ex usually gets me off right before a game.”

I half expected her to slap me in the face, but instead, she said, “We can’t have that, can we? Meet me behind the school after the last bell.”

Once I met her in a secluded area behind the school, we start talking, and she says, “We gotta get this done quickly. I have to get ready for the game with the girls.”

She undoes my belt and whips my dick out. There’s just a slight hesitation before she starts stroking my bronze-member dick.

About halfway through, she says, “You know, for the captain of the football team, your dick is kinda small.”

I look up at her eyes, and she’s just smiling and staring right back at me while stroking my cock. “What do you mean?” I ask.

“[The other team captain] is much bigger.”

“How much bigger?” I asked.

She proceeded to hold a finger three inches past my cock. Then she said, “But yours is thick, I guess. Still, it’s a small dick.”

I said, “Really?”

She nods, all the while still stroking my dick, and says, “Yep, you gotta small dick.”

And with that, I unload.

After it’s done, she said, “If you have a good game, you’ll, I’ll give you another handjob tonight.”

“Can’t we…”

“No, little dicks aren’t for sex, just for hands.”

With that, I headed to the locker room with my head spinning and had the game of my life.


While this reader gets an honest report…

While she straddled my lap in the ocean, I asked her if I were to be unlocked from my chastity cage, would I be the smallest dick she’s seen so far here? She laughed and said that I have the smallest dick easily she’s seen so far at the resort, and it’s not even close. She added that many men have soft dicks that are as big as I am hard.

Then she said, “well, I did see one guy that was really small as you. Now to be clear, he was still bigger than you, just not that much bigger. But yes, babe, you have a pretty small dick and a tiny soft dick, so you’re def the smallest here so far.

I love how honest she is with me sometimes.


This reader runs into an old crush’s sister at a bad time…

We always take interns from the University of Chicago, and I had a really great one a couple of years ago named Paige. She was good-looking, fun, had a good sense of humor, and was very bright. I think she had a crush on me even tho she’s 20 years younger.

I don’t usually work with interns, but I had a project that she could help me with, so I worked with her for about four months and got to know her really well. We talked about everything, including her sex life. She thought I was quite the stud, although she never said so. You could see it in her body language and what she would say.

About six months after she left, I had an appointment with my neurologist, whose office was near Rush Medical College in Chicago. It was an old injury that they kept track of, so I would see my doctor twice a year and had been seeing him for five or six years.

Not once did I ever have to take anything else off except for perhaps my shoes. I arrived for my six-month exam, and my doctor asked if I would mind if a medical student from Rush observed. I said, of course not, no problem. He came in and introduced me to the young woman and then was called out right away. The medical student had the same last name as Paige, and so I asked her if she knew someone named Paige with that same last name.

She said, “Yes, that’s my sister.”

When the doctor came back, he asked me if I was having any problems. I said, “I was having some problems in the groin that perhaps it was a hernia, but another doctor said it was not that.”

Then, he asked me to take off all my clothes. I was stunned. I wasn’t sure if I was happy or unhappy, but I slowly undressed as my former intern’s sister watched. Finally, I took off my underwear and stood there with my tiny 1.5-inch penis sticking out.

I am 5’11, 170, very fit and good-looking, but my soft penis looks like a toddler’s dick. That day, it was cold in the room, and my shaved, circumcised penis was barely an inch with just the tiny head sticking out. I was mortified. Morgan, Paige’s sister, looked shocked and stifled a smile. I was thinking the minute she can, and she will call Paige with the juiciest info ever.

I lay down on my back with Morgan just 3 feet away, as she stared at me and my boyhood for more than 20 minutes as my doctor gave me my exam. Whenever I look up at her, she would look me straight in the eye and then look down at my sissy dick, clearly enjoying what she was seeing. When the exam was over, the doc hurried out before Morgan. As embarrassed as I was, I remembered to tell Morgan to say hi to Paige.

She said, “Of course, I will tell her I saw you and that we had a nice LITTLE chat.” Emphasis on little.

Then she left. I was shaking. I knew despite HIPPA laws, and she was going to tell her everything.


Four months after that, Paige called and said she had a favor to ask of me. I told her I was swamped. “Why don’t you come down to the office next time you’re in the city,” I suggested.

She said, “I’m gonna be down a couple of days,” so we arranged a time at 3 o’clock for her to come in and meet me.

Of course, I was very nervous that day until she finally arrived. We exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes, then I said, “Let’s talk about the 800-pound gorilla in the room.”

She looked at me, smiled, and said, “What do you mean?”

“Look, I know HIPPA laws don’t allow medical people to tell anyone anything about patients. But, after my exam, there was no way that Morgan didn’t call you the second she could. Paige, it’s ok. I don’t mind that she did, and I won’t say anything to anyone. Ok?”

“OK,” she said with a huge smile on her face.

“So, now you know my innermost secrets, the fact that I have a tiny little penis! I apologize for being so embarrassed, but I’m sure your sister described it to you in complete detail. We’re good friends. I’m dying to hear what Morgan told you! Please don’t hold anything back, ok. Promise. I really mean it. I’ve had this little Dick all my life. Please be honest.”

Paige said, “When the doctor told you to take off all of your clothes, she couldn’t believe it, she was stunned and couldn’t believe her own luck! I had told her so much about you, so she was pleased to meet you, never figuring she get to see you nude. She was very impressed when you took off your shirt and saw your strong chest and arms, and even when you took off your pants, she saw your strong legs.

“Then when you pulled down your underwear … are you sure you want to know what she said? Ok, she said she’s never had a more difficult time trying not to laugh. She said she could tell you were very nervous, and when you caught her just staring down at you as you were laying there getting examined, she was getting into a real power trip about it. She said she would look you in the eye and then look down at your little penis and then right back in the eye again, and you looked more and more embarrassed. She stared at your penis so she would completely memorize what it looked like, and she could describe it in great detail to me. You sure I can be honest?”

I said, “Yes.”

“Morgan told me she couldn’t believe somebody as good-looking as you, with such a great body, would have such a small penis. She’s never seen one like that ever.”

Paige said that as soon as Morgan got out for lunch, she called her, and that was as excited as she ever heard her in her life.

“She said to me, Paige, will never guess who I stood and stared at naked for 20 minutes this morning. When I couldn’t guess, she said my name.

I said to Morgan, “Tell me, tell me, tell me, how big is it?”

She said, “Do you mean how small is it?”


She said it is the tiniest little penis she had ever seen. It looked like maybe an inch and a quarter at best. Because it was shaved and circumcised, it looked like a little tiny boy’s penis. Are you sure you want to hear this, OK? Here goes. Are you sure? Again I said it was ok.

Morgan said that despite your money, great body, and good looks, you weren’t really a man at the end of the day because you have such a little dick! And then Paige roared.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been as turned on in my life. I worked with this cute intern for so long, and who really idolized me, now knew my deepest secret. I was no stud, and I had a little sissy dick, a shaved little sissy Dick.

I said, “So, how did she describe it?”

Again she said, “Are you sure you wanna know?” and giggled.

I said, “You may as well. Y’all already told me a lot.”

The way she described it, I was just a little turtle with a head and maybe a quarter of an inch shaft before it hit my pubic area. She said my balls were very tiny, and my penis, balls, and whole pubic area were completely shaved, and obviously shaved very recently. She just couldn’t believe that she got to see me naked and that instead of being a hunk, I had this tiny Dick.

I said, “For all the things you said, she must’ve thought that it was hilarious.”

Paige said again, “Are you sure you want to know?”

I said, “Go ahead.”

“She thought you must’ve been really humiliated to be seen like that for so long.”

“I sure was.”

“The longer she watched that exam, the more she found it to be a real rush. To see someone that her sister so admired in such a vulnerable state began to turn her on. Don’t ever tell her that I told you this. She said she was getting excited, making you more and more humiliated by looking you straight in the eye and then right back at your little penis again.”

I did not tell Paige my penis was about as hard as it could ever be as we talked about this and that the humiliation I felt the first time was even greater as she described what her sister thought when she stared at my tiny little penis. To know that Paige knew every little detail about my penis was really exciting.

In fact, when I said, You certainly know everything about my penis now.”

She said exactly these words: “Yep, I know every LITTLE detail.”

I wish I could say that I offered to show her what it looked like, but I didn’t. But she certainly knew, and I could see how much more confident she was dealing with me now that she knew my little secret.

She was completely different than she had been when she was an intern.

She asked for a recommendation, and of course, I gave her one and told her to write the letter and that I would sign it.

I said at the end, “Well, this is the most humiliating thing that’s ever happened to me but thank you very much for being so honest. And tell your sister that she was right. As she kept staring me in the eye and then at my little penis, I was getting more and more humiliated and more and more embarrassed. Also, tell her that I don’t blame her for enjoying her little power trip. Who wouldn’t enjoy what she had the opportunity to see? To see someone that she’s heard was some big stud lying there with an inch and a quarter penis sticking out, and staring at him for 20 minutes, was something that she will never experience again. So tell her I was a good sport about it. After all, it is what it is, and that is a tiny, tiny little penis.”

Paige laughed again and said, “My only regret is that it wasn’t me.”

I didn’t let her know that I’d be happy to show her anytime she wanted. We must’ve talked about it for almost an hour, and that hour, coupled with the 20 minutes I laid there in front of her sister, were some of the most exciting moments of my life. Knowing that Morgan and Paige know exactly how small I am and exactly what my penis looks like is so humiliating, and I love it.


Another reader can’t last the distance…

One day, I was pretty worked up, but she wasn’t totally in the mood. I asked her if I could kiss her feet while I jerked off, which is a pretty common occurrence. She said she had a better idea for a game. She would set a timer for 5 minutes and give me a handjob. If I could last through the entire thing, I would be allowed to do whatever I wanted to her feet while I jerked off, including licking and sucking her toes. However, if I couldn’t last through the handjob, not only would I not be allowed to touch her feet that day, but I would have to do all the chores around the house for the rest of the night. I quickly agreed, and we began. While I clearly have a premature fetish, I should stress that I really did want her feet and would be trying my hardest to resist.

She began to rain down the dirty talk. It’s been a while, so the exact wording is probably wrong, but the content of what she said is true. “If you want to touch my feet, you have to prove your stamina. It’s only 5 minutes, and it’s only my hands so that any real man would have no problem with that. How embarrassing would it be if you actually can’t last? You always are asking to lick my feet, and I’m giving you an easy opportunity.”

“You know what I think, though? I think you won’t make it. I don’t think you have the stamina. More importantly, I don’t think your dick would ever pass up an opportunity to embarrass itself. You have a choice to make. You can either have your fantasy that you always ask for or do all my chores for me. Not a hard choice. It’s too bad that it isn’t you that gets to make that choice; it’s your dick. What do you think your little dick is going to choose?”

I came right then. She signed and showed me the timer. I had lasted 2 minutes. “Not even halfway. Guess it chose the chores.” She kissed me and told me to clean myself up and get to work.


While this reader has an encounter on the beach…

When I was in college, a girl named Lauren kept chasing me, but I never found her to be attractive, and I just ignored her all the time. An internship took me to Florida, where I would go to Haulover whenever I could. I used to love to strut up and down the beach showing off my 1.5 inches shaved circumcised soft penis.

There were always lots of gawkers, and occasionally, someone would look and giggle or just look, and I got the thrill we all love.

I’m 5’11 170 pounds and good looking. Then, I was about 160 and even in better shape than now. Although I’m a Bronze Member hard, it looks like a toddler’s dickie when it’s soft.

One Saturday afternoon, as I was strutting around, I heard this girl call, “oh my God, and she called my name.”

It was Lauren‘s BFF. She told me to wait. She wanted to talk. I could not believe it!

I was very nervous, but I stopped because I knew I had to talk to her. She ran to catch up to me, and I turned around. She said, “Well, look who’s here.”

She never liked me, and I could tell she was relishing seeing me on the nude beach with such a small penis. She was, of course, wearing a swimsuit, and I was nude.

She said, “Well, fancy seeing you here.” Then she looked down and saw my penis and started laughing. “But you’ve got a lot of courage walking around with that,” she chided as she looked at my dick.

As I usually did, I had masturbated several times before going, so it would stay soft and small. That was clearly hurting me now.

I tried to change the subject by saying, “So, how are you? What are you doing down here?”

She said, “Oh, I just came down here for the weekend, and I thought I would come to the beach. I sure never thought I’d run into you!”

You could tell she loved having me nervous and embarrassed. She kept looking at my penis with a grin. I said, “Well, I certainly never thought I’d run into you either.” I used a line that I would always use if I ran into somebody. “Well, you certainly know all about my shortcomings now,” and tried to laugh it off.

She said, “You certainly do have shortcomings,” as she looked at my penis again. Then she asked, “So how long have you been a nudist?”

“It’s something I always wanted it to try, and I thought I do it while I was down here. I sure never thought I’d run on anybody I knew.”

She looked at my penis again and said, “Well, you sure have a lot of guts with that,” as she looks down again at my penis after looking me right in the eye. And then she said, “I bet you never thought you’d run into me, did you. You must be pretty embarrassed.”

I was very red, and she kept looking me in the eye and then looking at my shaved little penis. She never liked me, and this was her chance to really stick it to me.

She said, “Wait till Lauren hears this little story,” with the emphasis on little. “She would love to see how small your dick is,” and she said it with real viciousness. Then she dropped the bomb. “You know I’m down here with Lauren. I think I’ll go get her.”

I said, “I’ve got to get going pretty soon.”

“Oh, you don’t have the guts have her take a look at your baby dick. So Mr. stud, if you can’t face her, go ahead and run away.”

“OK, this is your day. I guess it’s going to her day too. Get her. I’ll wait.”

“I will go get Lauren, but I bet you’re not here when she gets back. But don’t worry, I can describe that sorry little shaved pee-pee to her!”

This was the first time I’ve ever run into anybody nude, and I ran into somebody who really disliked me. I knew this was sweet revenge for both of them, and unfortunately, I could not have been more excited, more embarrassed, and more humiliated. So red, embarrassed, and nervous, I waited.

By the time they got back 10 minutes later, it was clear that Lauren’s friend had really revved her up. As she approached, she said, “Well, look who’s here. The guy that was too good for me.”

Lauren and her friend are good-looking girls, but Lauren just wasn’t my type, and I clearly had hurt her.

I tried to neutralize her a little, saying, “Hi, I’m surprised to see you here.”

Lauren said, “I bet you are.”

Then I acknowledged what we all knew was true. “So you both must be really loving it, finding out that I have such a little dick. This must really make your day.”

Lauren said, “This doesn’t make my day. This makes my week and my month, and maybe my year. You were the stud rejecting me all the time when I’m the one that should’ve been rejecting you with that baby dick you’ve got.” And She looked at my penis, looked me in the eye, and started laughing. She said, in a nice way, “Gee, the only thing I regret is that we’re both out of college now, and I can’t go back and tell everybody I know about that baby dick.”

If I hadn’t masturbated so many times, I would’ve been hard as a rock because I was so humiliated and so embarrassed, and I knew that she would relish this day for the rest of her life, but so would I. We talked for a few more minutes, and just before we left, they both said, “Just wait one more minute while we really take a look at it and memorize it. Because when we see any of our friends from college, we want to be able to tell them exactly what your baby dick looks like. I can see why you shave it. If you didn’t, no one could see it.”

Then Lauren’s BFF took out her phone and took a picture of me and my little soft dick. I tried to grab the camera but I couldn’t.

And Lauren said, “But I can’t figure out is why you would be out here showing that little thing off?”

That did, I began getting hard, and pretty soon, it was hard as a rock (Bronze Member).

She said, Oh my God, you love this. You love being teased about that little dick of yours. That’s why you’re here.”

I denied it.

“That little hard on of yours is pretty clear you love this! What a pervert. Big stud likes to be laughed at for his baby dick. I can’t believe I had a crush on you!”

They really laughed and left.

When they left, Lauren‘s friend said, “Bye-bye, baby dick.”


Later that night, I would masturbate three more times, thinking about how humiliating, how embarrassing it was to be found by the one girl I mistreated and her girlfriend, who even disliked me more. It was not bad enough that they found out about my little shaved penis, but they also found out I love being teased about it because I was so rockhard at the end.

I’m sure when they returned, they sent the pic to all their friends, which excites me even more. We’re all out of college, so I don’t ever see them, but I know they must be laughing at me.

It was the most humiliating thing that is ever happened to me, and therefore the most exciting, and I still masturbate about how excited she must’ve been to see my little shaved penis. And I’m sure that picture is made its way too many different people who had no idea that the big stud had a baby dick!


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