Franky’s “Big” Night

By Robert_West1138.

The open locker room bustled with excitement. Men and women were spread out across the room, all of them affixing wrist tape, or knee pads, or some other colorful piece of clothing, most of it spandex. The troupe of professional wrestlers had all been working as hard as they could around the clock for two years to get their promotion off the ground, and tonight was the biggest night of the year. Thousands of tickets had been sold, and the rumor was that they had already hit 200,000 pay-per-view orders. Everyone was on edge, so even in the elation, there was quiet. That was until the door at the end of the room burst open.

“Congratulations! I’m here! The fans are officially gonna get their money’s worth.” Nearly everyone rolled their eyes as Franky St. James sauntered into the room. At 6’5″ with a fantastic physique and a god-given athletic ability, he had been a natural choice for the company’s top good guy. The only problem was that he knew it.

With a cocky smirk, he set up shop in the corner of the locker room and began changing. Like most of the group, he turned his back to the room when he dropped his pants, but he also performed a maneuver he had perfected over countless performances, in which he stuffed a sock into the front of his trunks as he pulled them up without anyone seeing. As he adjusted himself, a gruff voice called his name, causing him to jump and spin around. His heart calmed itself when he saw his opponent’s face, Sammy ‘The Bull’ Bonnano. He was a burly, hair-covered man who had been in the wrestling business longer than Franky had been alive. Next to him stood his valet, Jessica Phoenix, a dark-haired curvaceous young woman that Franky had been unsuccessfully flirting with since she arrived six months prior.

“Oh hey, old man.” teased Franky, as he began wrapping athletic tape around his wrists and turned his attention to Jessica. “Hey, there, gorgeous. Can’t stay away, can you?”

“Trust me. I would if I could.” came her pointed reply.

“Alright,” growled Sammy, already fed up with them both. “So Billy just told me we got about twenty-five minutes.”

“What?” Franky shouted, making a big show of his annoyance. “I’m the fucking star, and they’re gonna give me twenty-five minutes?”

Sam screwed his face up, using all his inner strength to keep himself from slapping the kid. Not a mental feat he was unfamiliar with at this point.

“They gave us twenty-five minutes, so I figure we do the usual big man beat down, hope spot, etcetera. You hit me with the cutter for the finish. Then Jess jumps you, and we do the handcuff spot, leaving you bloody on the fade-out. Sound good?”

“Yeah, great.” Franky rolled his eyes, finishing one wrist and moving to the other. “Hey, I have an idea. How about I kick your ass for twenty minutes and then kick your ass some more on the biggest show of the year? That sounds like fun.”

“Kid… I have been in this business for a long time. I know what I’m doing. Just shut your mouth and do what you’re told, and we’ll all make our money.”

“Whatever,” Franky scoffed. “I’m keeping the belt. That’s all that matters. I’m gonna be moving out there, though, so better hope you got a good supply of Bengay and Aspirin, gramps.”

Rather than kicking Franky’s teeth in, Sam turned on his heel almost in unison with Jessica and walked away. Once they’re out of earshot, he leans down to whisper to Jessica. “I got a new idea. Same up to the handcuff spot. Follow my lead after that.” They share a mischievous grin and begin their final preparations.

The show leading up to the main event went very well, and the crowd was clearly hot for all of it, but they were never louder than when Franky’s music hit, and the handsome young star strutted out onto the entrance ramp. His chiseled body was covered in little more than a small pair of trunks with an artificial bulge and the giant gold belt he held so dear. He held it aloft and made his way down the ramp, as Sammy stood in the ring and shared a glance with Jessica, who stood at ringside waiting for the match to begin.

They had a fantastic match that the crowd made plenty of noise for, and it’s no wonder why. Both men knew that they had more eyes on them than ever before, and they needed to put on a show. After about twenty minutes, the bell rang, and the referee handed Franky his belt. Sweaty, hurting, but a star, Franky held it over his head as Jessica snuck up from behind and hit him lightly on the back with her forearms. He collapsed forward, pretending to be out as Jessica and Sammy dragged him to the corner.

He felt the first pair of handcuffs close around his wrist, and then to his surprise, he felt another pair secure his other arm. He was now trapped in the corner, unable to move either arm far enough to protect himself. Thinking nothing of it, he flailed and sold the pain as Sammy laid in a few fake punches, maybe a little harder than usual, but that was normal as they were both tired.

Sammy stopped suddenly and backed up, his stubble framed mouth contorting into a satisfied grin. Franky barely had time to be confused before the muscular man grabbed his trunks and ripped them off his body completely. A hush fell over the shocked crowd as Franky’s sock fell to the canvas. He looked down in horror to see that his cock, which was already smaller than average, had shrunk with all the physical exertion of the match. Not only that, but it had been a while since he had shaved, so his dick resembled a small button on a fuzzy sweater.

When he was finally able to bring himself to look up, the first thing he saw was Jessica on her knees with laughter, holding up the sock in one hand while holding her other, her thumb and forefinger about an inch apart. It was then that the full realization hit him. He was trapped in front of thousands of people, along with live television cameras, with his tiny member on full display. He struggled to get free, but this only made his tiny cock bounce around and look more ridiculous.

“Please, uncuff me! You gotta let me go!” he begged.

Sammy looked at the keys in his hand for a moment before turning and handing them to Jessica, who had somewhat composed herself by this point. She took them and walked up to Franky, dangling them in front of his face.

“You want these?” she said with menacing glee.

“Yes! Yes, please!” He tried to move his body to hide but found no safe position. All he could think about was everyone at home, his friends, family, old crushes, all watching this ‘live.’

“Well, then I want you to do one thing…” She held out her hand, and Sammy handed her a microphone, which she then shoved into Franky’s face. “Apologize.”

“Apologize?” Franky said, forgetting himself for a moment, his voice now echoing through the arena. “For what?”

“For being a cocky prick with a button dick.” This line brought a chuckle from the crowd, which Franky once again became painfully aware of.

“Fine. Fine, I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what?” She insisted.

“For…” The entire building was silent, waiting to hear him say it. “For being a cocky prick with a button dick.”

The crowd burst out in laughter, followed by enthusiastic chants of “Button dick!”

He looked out and saw a sea of pinkies wiggling at him as a heavy blush flooded his cheeks.

“There, I apologized. Let me go!” He cried

“No… now I want you to tell everyone exactly how small you are when you’re fully hard.”

Franky paused, trying to delay, but knew he had to answer.

“F-five inches.”

This caused Jessica to burst out in laughter over the live mic. “I don’t think so, little guy. If you’re not going, to be honest, I guess we’ll have to find out ourselves.”

Jessica ignored his cries of protest as she reached down and grabbed his tiny cock between her thumb and forefinger. She squeezed and rubbed it until it began to grow in her hand. Sadly, it didn’t get that much bigger.

“Oh my god.” Jessica laughed. “It’s still tiny. No way that’s more than three inches! Franky’s got a micro-dick! How’s it feel to have everyone know your little secret?”

“Please, Jessica! Please let me go!” he pleaded, his tiny erection popping up out of his nest of pubic hair, almost like it’s greeting the laughing fans.

The cameras moved closer to get better shots of his humiliation. Jessica looked down at the keys for a minute before throwing them into the audience and heading back up the ramp with Sammy. Franky was left with nothing to do but take in the embarrassment and wish he had made at least one friend in the locker room.

Try as he might, the rest of his career was defined by that night. “Button Dick” chants followed him everywhere, and the women of whatever locker room he went to would laugh whenever he walked in. It got to the point where several of his opponents got a cheer from the crowd by pulling his trunks down in the middle of a match, and it seemed that because of his hubris, he would always be known as Button Dick Franky.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Just remember, even with the limited editing we do, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed.

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  • bambiegirl

    Love it… I’m also less than 3 inches hard.. another button dick. I feel Frank’s pain.


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