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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets some SPH in a sauna…

I’m lucky enough to have access to a private sauna and steam room in my community. With Covid, every party has to make a reservation. I made a reservation and invited my friend to come with me. My friend Shea is a typical college girl. We’re both 20 and are home for winter break. She is a tall, athletic girl with a cute little butt and B cups. She is very fit, especially in her legs from playing soccer. We got there and talked for a bit. Well, the steam room was being cleaned. After a few minutes, they let us into the room outside the steam room. Shea took off her clothes, revealing a tight sports bra and a pair of lulu shorts. At this time, I noticed I didn’t bring my bag, meaning I didn’t have a change of clothes or anything to wear in the steam room. I told her I messed up and asked if she would mind if she went in naked.

She was hesitant at first but said fuck it. So I dropped my pants and went into the room. The room had a bench on one side opposite the door. We both sat facing the door. At first, we just kept talking about life and catching up. As it kept getting hotter and hotter, we shifted, so our feet weren’t so close to the floor (where the steam was coming from. We ended up sitting across from each other. Up until now, I had a decent job containing my dick and Shea not seeing it. In this new position, it was virtually impossible.

As we’re sitting there, we slow down talking, and I see her smirk and laugh a bit. I ask her about it, and she says nothing. I push a little more, and then she says it’s funny to see my dick move. I jokingly ask her if she likes it, and she replies saying it’s a cute little dick. I was soft up until this whole point. I egg her on a little, and she keeps making other comments and jokes like: “You’re my small friend,” or, “Must be cold in here.”

I then say it’s not that small, only to have her say it is, which made me instantly hard. Soft, I’m lucky to be over 2in, hard I’m a Bronze Member. She sees I’m hard and asks if I like this. I say I do a bit. She keeps saying it is cute and then tells me that she usually likes them bigger. I stayed hard for the rest of the time, and we went back to talking occasionally. Something would be said about my dick, but unfortunately, that is where it ended.


Another reader had his confidence destroyed by his booty call…

So I was in my early 20s, been seeing this girl for a few months, our sexual chemistry was on point we enjoyed each other’s company immensely, but the timing was just off as we both had plans of relocation that were set in motion before we met. So we stayed as FWB.

So there we were one night laying in bed in post-coitus bliss, after what was probably the best sex we have ever had, our breaths still heavy. She seemed more coquettish than her usual self, snuggling her body close to me in a tight embrace. She softly told me that I am the only man for her, and she wanted our relationship to be exclusive from that moment on.

Assuming my charm and sexual prowess brought about this turn of events, I was beaming with confidence, my ego stroked by my apparent ascendency to near sex god status. In what I imagine being one of my most effortlessly cool and devilishly masculine moments, I replied, “To what do I owe this honor?”

She proceeded to regale details of her weekend escapade, a girl’s night out with her old sorority sisters where the night ended with her drunk out of her face hooking up with this French Algerian guy. Then she described the shock and horror when his penis inevitably made its debut. Apparently, it was 12 inches long and thicker than a coke can. She said she was frightened by it, that it looked like a torture instrument that would tear her apart. Apparently, the mood soured soon after that, and he left her place awkwardly.

Now I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club hard, and I’ve never had any complaints from previous partners which by then was a significant number, there never was any reason for me to second guess my sexual abilities. My breaking point came as these words uttered from her lips, “I kid you not, he was probably three times as big as yours.”

This carved deep into my consciousness with animated violence, overwhelming me with feelings of inadequacies, clouding my ability to control my most basic faculties. She then said something about how much she anticipated my visit and how she thinks she is falling for me, blah, blah, blah. She ended her confession by teasingly going down on me, kissing my flaccid cock, telling it, “This is all I will ever need.”

I don’t think I have ever felt so small in my life. I got out of bed, got dressed In abject silence, and just left the room without saying a word. This, of course, left her in a state of confusion. I never called her again and blocked her on all my social media counts. I spent the next few days at home in crippling depression, wallowing in self-pity, rejection, and inadequacies.


While this reader gets smack from his wife and mother-in-law…

My mother-in-law was over today. We’ve always got on well. She’s still an attractive woman, and I’ve always been a bit flirty with her. Today she was talking to my wife in the lounge room. I could hear them laughing and joking. I walked and asked what they were talking about. My mother-in-law said they were discussing swimwear.

My wife then said, “Mum reminded me of this boyfriend I had when I was younger. He used to come over and use our pool. And he always wore these super tight speedos that he could barely fit into. Mum reminded me that one time she had some friends over for lunch, and they were sitting around the pool. Simon got out, and his cock was hanging out of his speedos! It was massive, and all my mum’s friends got a nice surprise!”

“Oh,” I said. “How embarrassing!”

“Not at all,” my mother-in-law said. “It was actually kinda funny, and he was a hunk!”

My wife looked at her Mum and smirked. Then said, “You don’t have that problem, do you darling?”

I went bright red. And said, “Erm, no, I guess not,” and quickly left the room.

As soon as I left, they burst out laughing. I stood outside, feeling embarrassed.

I heard my mother-in-law ask my wife, “So, just how small is it?”

“Let’s just say, well below average,” replied my wife.

My wife has never made a secret that I have the smallest dick she’s ever fucked, and she’s fucked a lot of men! Now she makes no secret of my small dick. The humiliation is a massive turn-on for me, and she knows it!


SDC Reader Tinytom79xxs tells us…

My story is about my unfuckable underdeveloped dicklet that triggers every woman’s dominant side. It seems that every girl I’ve been with gets sexually frustrated because I’m not able to satisfy a normal female of my age. I’ve already tried to find a younger woman. I’m 40, and the last woman I had sex with was 18, and even she didn’t feel anything when we had sex. What should I do? I think I’m going to get myself castrated because penis enlargement surgery is too expensive. I’m better off without a penis and balls. I’ve been humiliated by each girlfriend I’ve been with, and I don’t want to be frustrated anymore because I’m this small. My son’s penis is bigger than mine, and he’s a tween.


This reader has the perfect girlfriend…

I was lucky enough to end up with a girl who is not only super cute and my best friend, but who is also willing to indulge my sph fetish. For context, I’m small (a bronze member of the small dick club when hard) and am very tiny when flaccid.

The most recent experience happened a couple of days ago at the local sex store. I asked if we could go there to browse and pick up some stuff to spice up the sex we were planning to have that night (we had not had any in almost a week, so we were both dying to get at it).

On the way there, I brought up the idea of asking the employees if they had smaller condoms in stock. She didn’t seem very interested in doing that and told me maybe next time. I tried to convince her, but it didn’t look like it would happen, so I forgot about it and focused on getting some lingerie and toys.

We ended up getting some lingerie, a short skirt, and a rabbit toy. I was looking at some dildos since we wanted to get slightly bigger than our current one (6.5” L, 5” W). While we were browsing, a female employee came over and asked if we need any help. She helped my gf find a good rabbit toy and then asked if we needed anything else. My gf mentioned that we were also looking for a realistic dildo and asked for the girl’s suggestions.

She showed us a couple of options that she personally thought were realistic. One of the brands hand 3 options: 6”, 7”, and 9”. My gf and I both agreed on the 9” one, and I thought we were ready to leave. Suddenly, I hear my gf ask the girl for one last thing.

“Do you guys have the little condoms?” she asks, while also gesturing the famous ‘small penis’ sign with her finger and thumb.

The girl immediately looked over at me with wide eyes, then back at my gf. “You mean those finger condoms?”

“Nooo, like the ones for the little penises.”

The girl just said, “I will take a look,” and went to the back.

We waited about a minute when she came back and said they have one SnugFit condom pack left and asked if we wanted it.

My gf said emphatically, “Yes!”

When we went up, two other girls were ringing people up. When we brought up the nine-inch dildo, one of them said, “Ohh, that one is my favorite!”

They rang up everything, but I noticed the snug fits were still on the back counter. One of the girls noticed and asked, “Was anyone buying these?”

My gf said, “Yes, we are. Oh my god, they are actually called snug fit?” and let out a giggle.

The girls started getting really giggly, and I was honestly embarrassed! My gf is getting a rabbit and big dildo while I’m getting the snug fit condoms. I heard them laughing and glancing our way as we left the store. After my gf admitted, she was planning on doing that the whole time and caught me off guard! Enjoyable experience and I feel lucky to have her.


Another reader gets smack from his sister-in-law…

My Sister-In-Law Katie took her two kids out to the beach, so my wife (Amy) and I decided to join. The ladies and I go ahead and get set up to tan on the beach while the kids play in the water. About an hour into the beach day, I decided to play with the kids, and we have a great time playing in the water. When it’s finally time to come out and go home, I obviously need to change, but there is no restroom nearby to do it. So Katie and Amy hold up a towel for me while I change.

Me: Don’t go peeking. I’m getting naked.

K: Like I’d want to see that

I drop my pants, and Katie decided to peek over and see my one-inch shriveled-up dick.


A: Well, yeah, it gets bigger! The water must be cold.

K: Must be FREEZING cuz he’s smaller than my kids, lol

Me: Whatever, I’m a grower.

K: For Amy’s sake, I hope so.

She now constantly brings up my ‘one-inch worm.’


While this reader confesses his secret to a female friend…

I’m bi and came out a little later in life. I have a friend, a year older woman that I have known for years. We have many mutual friends, so we see a lot of each other but are not really close. At times we have butted heads and have more of an antagonistic friendship. When I had only come out to my best friend, she accidentally saw a text I sent him and found out. She felt bad and told me at a party a few months later that she knew.

I got super nervous, but it leads to us grabbing drinks and talking by ourselves for quite a while. She was super interested in hearing about the new part of my life. While exchanging stories, I mentioned I was on the smaller side of average. She chuckled and asked if she could feel my dick and being buzzed, but still in control of my faculties, I let her. She slipped her hand into my pants, and I saw her face try to hide a bit of shock when she grabbed ahold of me.

She had a super honest reaction and said, “Oh my god, I’m sorry, it is small!”

I felt her continue to grab both my dick and balls firmly into her small hand. As she gripped me, her tone strengthen and, with a smirk stifling another chuckle, thanked me for letting her feel me.

After she pulled her hand out of my pants, we talked a little more before going our separate ways for the night. A few mins after she left, I felt a rush of shame and embarrassment come over me. Someone I was never really close with now knew about my biggest insecurity. She literally just had me by the balls! The raw honesty in her voice when she commented on my size cut deep. I felt mortified, but at the same time, I was overwhelmed with excitement as well. I wanted to hear her comment about my small dick more.


This reader decides he can also trust his friend…

I have a girl best friend who had been very close to me for years. One day I was over at her apartment, and we were going to go into the pool. So, as usual, you have to change pants when going into the pool. Being comfortable with her in the room, I dropped both my pants and underwear, revealing a 2-inch soft penis. She saw it and turned her face away, grinning. I didn’t say anything, and neither did she, but I knew she thought it was small. Later on that day, we got back to her room, and my penis, being shrunken from the water, had been made even smaller. When I took the shorts off, she laughed and said, “Really?” and shook her head.

She obviously doesn’t care, but it’s hot to know she thinks my dick is small.


Another reader fails the condom test…

I have only ever used the average everyday condoms my entire life, and a few months ago, I had bought some Magnum and Snugger Fit condoms as a gag to see how comical they’d look on me. Today I had a conversation with my wife about condoms and said that I couldn’t believe how tight the Snugger Fit condom felt when I tried it on, like a second skin. I then said that it had been a few years since we actually used condoms, but I think the average ones I always used were a little looser.

She said, “Yeah, they were looser, don’t you remember when they’d slip off?”

I had forgotten about that, but apparently, she hadn’t.

She added, “Yeah, they probably slipped off during sex a few times a year. But since I’m not too fond of condoms, we really didn’t use them that often. So it probably would have happened way more if we had.”

I was so shocked to hear her say this and I was getting pretty aroused. I said that I know that they usually unraveled a lot by the time we were done, leaving 3″ or so of loose condom hanging down from the tip of my dick, but isn’t it kind of normal for a condom to slip off sometimes?

She said, “Maybe it’s normal for it to unravel some. But that much? I don’t know. Seeing it hanging like that always made me feel like it was on the verge of sliding completely off.”

When asked if any of the other guys she had sex with ever had a condom slip off. Her long pause immediately told me that I was in the minority on this one.

She eventually said, “Mmmmm… Yeah, I guess it’s happened before. But it only happened a couple of times back in high school, and I think it was more so because we were new at it and didn’t really know what we were doing yet. It’s never happened to me since then until you, baby.”

She gave me a loving smile knowing that this conversation was humiliating to my manhood and turning me on like crazy. She then asked me if condoms had slipped off for me with other girls before her.

I hesitated and eventually said, “Yeah, it sometimes happened, but not very often. I’d slip it back on if it did.”

She chuckled and said, “Yeah, that’s not supposed to happen, babe. It kind of defeats a condom’s purpose if it can come off during sex. I’m pretty sure you should have always been using the small-sized condoms.”

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