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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader tells his wife is giving him some smack talk…

So last night, my wife and I were getting ready for bed, and I got naked, and she turned around, and I was soft, so it’s like maybe 2” at best. And she giggled and said, “It’s so cute. Babe, it looks like a little toddler’s dick.”


Another reader gets a bad movie review…

One day, I watched the movie: ‘The world, according to Garp’ with my girlfriend and her kids. The intro shows a naked baby being thrown in the air, and at one point, his baby penis is in full view. My girlfriend laughed and blurted out, “Oh my god, his wiener looks just like yours.”

I don’t think she meant to because when her kids started laughing, she got an Oops look on her face.


While this reader doesn’t impress his old alma mater…

So a couple of years back, I was invited to speak at my former high school. My job is pretty fancy seeming, and unique. I got there on the day, and although I was super nervous, I think I could connect with the kids. I hung out for a long time and just chatted with a bunch of them. I was acutely aware of how they thought I was cool—a big difference from my own dorky high school days there.

After lunch, I decided it was probably time to head out. As I started walking out of the cafeteria, where I talked to the counselor, nature called. I guess the cafeteria food was a bit too greasy for me. I headed to the nearest bathroom and just went at it. About halfway through, I noticed the stall is one of those with a huge crack between the wall on the door. That’s when the bell rang, and I hear the sound of a bunch of kids coming in for a piss before class.

I honestly had no thoughts… I had more pressing things like my stomach feeling horrible to deal with… That is until I hear, “Bro, the speaker is in there taking a massive dump! Go look”

I suddenly looked up as a senior I had been chatting with just an hour ago was looking straight into my fucking eyes and bursting out laughing.

“Dude, he’s got a baby dick!”

Another kid was like, “What? For real”

I was in shock and the other one sort of snuck a look before I quickly started wiping and pulling up my pants.

The next thing I hear, the counselor halfway open the door and tell everyone to get out of there and back to class. Did I mention that I had been successfully hitting on this charming counselor the whole day? I heard them joking around about me as they left. The counselor was closing the door when I came out. She must’ve heard everything. We still went out, but nothing ever came of it.


This reader has a bad spa experience…

I and my gf have been together for more than 5 years now. We know each other pretty well, and sexually speaking, our relationship is getting at that stage where you want to explore something new. Sex is always fine, I’m definitely not big (A silver member hard), but I can please her very well with my tongue and give her a decent fucking when I’m in the mood. In the last years, it turned out that she’s kind of into soft domination, and I tried to take advantage of that to get some SPH. Still, even if she admits that my cock is ‘on the smaller side,’ and sometimes she teases me about that, she is kinda reluctant to humiliate me, probably she is just afraid of hurting my feelings. Cuckolding has been in the talks as well, and we recently bought a dildo way bigger than my cock. She likes to use it after I lick her pussy, and she sometimes comments on how much bigger than me it is.

To cut a long story short, we recently decided to give us a good treat, and we booked two nights at a fancy spa hotel, with a sauna and thermal pools stuff like that. As we arrive, being a cold winter day, we immediately direct ourselves towards the sauna to discover that it was not allowed to wear a bathing suit (just a towel). We also discover that, according to covid regulations, only 2 couples were allowed to stay in the sauna area (one occupying the right side and the other one on the left side). When we arrived, nobody was there. With a little embarrassment, I took off my towel and sat in the sauna with my gf. Also, my gf was quite embarrassed, probably because she was scared that the other couple might think that she is dating a dude with a small cock.

After 5 minutes of the sauna, another couple arrives, in their 40’s but very well-groomed. He was very muscular while she was very tonic and fit, with blonde hair and quite a pornstar look. As soon as they arrived, they smiled at us and greeted us, and I also caught her taking a peek at my small cock. My gf was quite embarrassed by their presence and that we were naked in front of two strangers. The couple removed their towels, and to my surprise, he was quite huge (6 inches flaccid, I would say, and way thicker than me when I’m hard).

There was awkwardness in the air, so the woman started chitchatting with my girlfriend, and we had some small talk for a few minutes before getting out of the sauna. We got out, and my gf commented on how huge the other guy was, and she asked me if I was intimidated by his bigger size, then she jokingly said that I shouldn’t get in the cold water; otherwise, the difference would be even more noticeable. At that point, I was scared of getting hard for the humiliation, but we decided to go back to the sauna, and as soon as I got back, I caught the woman taking a look at my cock again. Then she smiled at me, and she said that we were such a cute couple. I also took a look at her nice body, and I felt some blood running towards my cock while thinking of that beautiful pussy I had on display getting fucked by a cock way bigger than mine


Another reader finds out his girlfriend tells her friend everything…

So I’ve had this story, and I guess you guys would enjoy it. Basically, when my ex used to date, the condom would slip off during sex, which was super annoying. I’m guessing she told her friend about it because once we were all hanging out, and when my ex got up to go to the bathroom, I mentioned how I had to pee. Then her friend looked at me and said, “It’s small, right?”

I was obviously taken aback at this, but I replied, “No, not really.”

She stifled a giggle and said, “Then why does the condom always slip off? Do you have a baby dick?”

I think that story’s very hot.


While this reader is in awe of his friend’s big cock…

My buddy and I used to go to the gym together. Obviously, this involves getting changed in front of each other. I already had a suspicion that he was hung as he wore skinny jeans could tell from his bulge that his cock hung lower than his balls. This was at a time where I was fascinated with penis size. I knew that I was small, and I guess I was into SPH (even if I didn’t know it was an actual thing).

Anyway, most guys our age wear boxer briefs, right? Well, he was the one guy I knew who wore old-school baggy boxers. One day, his cock fell out while he was stepping into his gym shorts. Seeing it made me feel like such a beta.

I brought up how hung he was. He had no idea. I told him my respect for him just went up. He was pleasantly surprised by this. I asked him how big it got. He told me he was just over 7 inches erect. I reacted with stunned admiration again.

He asked me how big I was. I told him I was a silver member hard. His underwhelmed reaction was such a turn-on. Like, he was equally stunned but for the opposite reasons. In fact, he told me he was surprised and that he always thought I would be bigger. You see, I was always hairier and more stereotypically manly than him overall, and he always told me how much he envied me for that. I conceded that he had me beat in a major way and told him I was jealous.

I told him I bet his girlfriend loved it, but he admitted to me that they hadn’t had sex yet or even seen each other naked. I told him, “Trust me, chicks love big dicks.”

I could see that this was a massive ego boost for him. So this was honestly a win/win for me. I got some humiliation out of it. He got some big dick respect. Everyone won. Including his girlfriend (they had sex soon after).


This reader gets some SPH from his wife…

A few months ago, I told my wife that I really enjoy it when she dirty talks to me during sex. It started with the: “it feels so fucking good,” and fake moans, etc. I then spilled a bit of truth and told her I’d prefer if she were a bit more ‘mean’ and dominant, which turned into: “I can’t even feel it,” and “You’re so pathetic.”

Lastly, I zoned in on the penis part, and today specifically, I straight up told her that I’m into small penis humiliation, and we had a full-on discussion about it. I told her that I’m pretty directive and in control of life outside the bedroom, and I really want to feel belittled during sex. I specifically told her about small penis humiliation and how it’s such a turn-on for me. We spent the next 30mins doing a complete playthrough, and she really enjoyed it. Some highlights.

Her showing me with her fingers how small my cock is:

  • Coming off super bored and browsing on her phone while I was fucking her, telling me to hurry up and how she can’t feel anything.
  • Comparing me to her previous lovers, how I am the smallest by far.
  • Compared me to a Twizzler (lol) and asked if I was even hard.

She’s honestly a freaking natural, and I’m so glad I opened up to her about it. It’s the best thing in the world. I’m hoping this can help me gain enough courage to open up about my cuckold fantasy. She’s already said, “yeah, this isn’t going to do. I need a big dick.”


SDC Reader 4inerectsp tells us…

I was driving by myself back to Lincoln, Nebraska, when I pulled over to a rest area. Walking into the restroom, I unzipped my pants to relieve myself when a 6’2 black gentleman walked in and was 2 urinals away. He unzipped his pants out came his 8 inches dangling flaccid dick. I turned to take a peak, but he saw me and said: “Another white boi craving sum good Black dick.”

I pleaded with him. He looked at my 2-inch tater tot and laughed, then guided me to the last toilet stall and made me drop to my knees. I was scared and did what he said. After sucking his now 11-inch cock I received a cum facial that blasted me in the face. I must have done well. He took me to his truck and proceeded to fuck me in the ass. I was leaking and cumming like I never did before.


Another reader gets exposed playing truth or dare…

One night, all my friends and I were having a giant party, drinking like crazy. I don’t quite know how it started, but eventually, we started playing truth or dare. As usual, the questions and dares were going more and more into the sexual territory as time went on. A few of us had our shirts or pants off, but the only one even close to naked was my friend in just her bra and panties. We’ll call her Aubrey. She had chosen dare with the wrong person and ended up like that, and she was actually a little embarrassed to be even in her underwear. (She had an adorable pixie cut and was more petite, with smaller breasts and a smaller ass, but it was still very nice) Eventually, it was my turn, and the same girl that had ordered Aubrey to strip was delighted (Let’s call her Rose), with an evil little smirk, when I said I’d take her dare. “I dare you to….strip down to your underwear AAAANNNDDD, switch underwear with her!” pointing to a shocked Aubrey.

“Oh my god..” she said, covering her face.

I wasn’t so sure either. “I dunno…” I said.

She quickly spouted, “Uh-uh, you have to do any dare you get. That’s the rules. Now get naked!”

I freeze for a second before I start pulling my shirt off. “We’re not getting naked in here though, we’ll switch underwear in the other room,” I said.

“Nuh-uh, you guys gotta switch right here in front of us!”

I tried to protest, but everyone drowned me out, saying the one giving the dare decides the rules. At this point, Aubrey is standing next to me, awkwardly smiling, waiting for me to finish getting undressed. I’m down to my underwear now, and I look up at Aubrey, unsure what to do next exactly.

“Get naked bitches!” Rose yells to us, and it’s just now settling in what’s about to happen.

My penis is small. BIG shocker, I know. At any given time, it’s probably 1 inch, maybe 1 1/2 inches soft. I’m circumcised, but when I’m flaccid, my dick is so tiny that it sort of rolls up into my skin and makes me look like I have a foreskin. Basically, it’s tiny. And my balls match too, and I feel like they prefer always to be pulled up and shriveled or something. The whole package overall is small AF. I’m only a Bronze Member hard, too (and just barely). So suffice to say, exposing myself in front of a room of 6 friends is a lot to ask for, even with a big dick. But, when you’re drunk enough, you’ll do anything.

In a last-ditch effort for modesty, I turned around while dropping my underwear, so they only saw my ass. “Oh, come on, show us!” Rose yelled while everyone was cheering.

Aubrey was unhooking her bra too, and she slid it off while covering up her tits. “Okay, trade me,” she said.

I have turned around toward everyone at this point, using my taken-off underwear to cover myself. “Huh?”

“Give me your underwear, and I’ll give you my bra,” she said, keeping it clung towards herself.

“But I need to cover myself..” I said.

But she cut me off. “If everyone has to see me butt naked, they get to see you butt naked too. It’s only fair. Now hand ’em over.”

She held her bra out to me, and I slowly grabbed it while still holding my underwear over my package with the other hand. I decided that if I just let go and stop covering myself and just pretend like everything’s fine and dandy, I would be fine. Maybe my dick wasn’t as small as I thought it was. So I toss her my underwear. She catches them, all the while staring right down at my cock.

“Look who’s naaa-ked!” Rose yelled.

Aubrey starts to laugh, and she pulls her gaze down and away. “Oh my god, look…” I hear someone say, but I pretend not to notice, and I proudly stand, not covering myself as I put the bra on.

“Oh my GOD!!” Rose is shocked, but I try to play it cool.


“That is the smallest dick I have EVER seeeeeen” she starts cackling and pointing, and at this point, the entire room’s attention is focused on my package.

I decide to look down, and to my horror, my dick was even smaller than I thought. I dunno if any of you guys have been in similar situations, but the adrenaline rushing through you when doing something as exciting as exposing yourself to an entire room can make your dick shrink to ludicrous proportions. In my case, my dick was gone. I was so nervous that my entire penis shrunk up into me. I had a flaccid inny. My balls were completely shrunken and had shriveled inside of me, basically. And it didn’t help that I had just recently shaven everything down there, so I didn’t have any pubic hair to blame for my smallness; it was obvious to everyone that this was me in all my naked, tiny glory.

So I’m standing there in a bra with no cock for all the world to see. People were eating it up, including Aubrey, who at this point has stopped stripping entirely and is just laughing.

“Aubrey, please? I need to cover up here,” I begged.

“There’s nothing there to cover up,” Rose shrieked between gasps and giggles.

Aubrey is drunk, embarrassed, and distracted by my nakedness, so she’s taking forever getting her panties off and over to me, further leaving me exposed to everyone. After the room would not stop jeering me about my tiny dick, I started to reach my hands down to cover myself instinctively. But since I’m drunk, too, I keep pulling my hands away and re-exposing myself in an attempt to look proud of my little package. Eventually, she manages to slide her panties off and get my boxers on without exposing herself, which was disappointing. And while I was glad to get something to cover myself with, while sliding the panties on, I realized how embarrassing this was going to be too. And it certainly was.

They were yellow panties, and you could see where my little tip was poking out. My balls made a tiny little tent right up front, making it obvious that I had a little cock, and essentially giving me no coverage from the humiliation of it all. Things went smooth after that, we sat down, and other people went, taking the attention away from me. Until I took another dare from Rose, she dared me to do a striptease for everyone. At this point, I said, “Fuck it.”

“And I’ve got the perfect song for you…” she said.

I’m standing in front of everyone, still in the bra and panties. She, of course, starts playing ‘Short Dick Man,’ the song.

I dance around a while, being stupid and drunk, and eventually, off goes the bra. I slide off the panties, exposing once again how tiny my cock was (still a flaccid Inny). Rose, who at this point is down to some very revealing bra and pantie lacy combo, got up and started grinding on me, singing along to the song and laughing.

She was rubbing her ass directly into my little cock, and the exposure of it all finally got it out of hiding, and pretty quick too. Suddenly she darted her head back, looking at me surprised. “You’re getting hard…” she says while grinding her fat ass into me even harder.

She pulls away and swings behind me, exposing to the room my little cock standing at full attention. All my Bronze Member manhood was standing about as hard as I’ve ever been, and she’s now behind me, grabbing it and moving it around in front of everyone. Most people are just flabbergasted that they even see this, and some people are laughing so hard they can’t breathe. I’m still trying to dance to the little dick anthem, but it’s getting hard to because she keeps playing with my cock, laughing away, and singing the song into my ear. I can feel myself getting ready to cum already, and I start to try and tell her to stop touching me.

“What’s that little dick? You want me to what?” Rose asks as she continues to pull and prod my cock around for everyone to see.

I can’t stand it anymore. Every time she pulls her hands away or pushes down on my dick to watch the little guy bounce back up, it twitches uncontrollably and leaks pre-cum. I completely lose it and ejaculate all over the place, shooting so much semen, and more than once. That definitely surprised some people, and a couple even jumped up and ran off, laughing the whole way.

Needless to say, it turned out she was into humiliating people, and I think she could tell pretty quickly into the night that I liked it a lot too—I kind of hope we can do it again sometime.


While this reader is exposed in the shower…

We got our first real snow of the year this week. My aunt texted me and asked me if I could come on down and shovel her driveway and sidewalk as my uncle is in the hospital. I told her I’d come down before work and brought a change of clothes. I spent over an hour shoveling and went inside to take my nice, hot, and deserved shower. I made some small talk and then told her I needed to hurry up and take a shower or else I’d be late for work. I went into her bathroom, turned on the shower. The shower in my house takes a while to heat, so it’s a habit to do other things while it heats. I laid out my work clothes, brushed my teeth, and I finally put my hand in the warm water when the door flung open, and my aunt appeared in the doorway, holding a basket of towels. I was shocked for a second, as I wasn’t expecting her at all. Thanks to my long, cold exposure, I was all shriveled up to less than an inch. I quickly moved my free hand down over my junk.

She just said, “Sorry!” and set the basket down and hurriedly closed the door.

Once the door closed, I could hear her laughing a bit. After my shower, I didn’t say anything, and there hasn’t been any discussion of the topic, but she hasn’t seen me nude since I was about 10 years old, and she now knows I haven’t changed that much since then.


This reader lives some SPH vicariously in a supermarket…

I was out shopping earlier, and while I was in the produce section, there was a group of people in there (2 girls, 3 guys, looked like they were in their late teens, maybe early 20s) who were being somewhat loud and obnoxious, just dicking around having fun. At one point, though, one of the guys picked up this giant English cucumber, put it to his crotch, and started playing with it like a dick. His friends thought it was funny, but one of the girls told him, “Oh, bullshit,” and rolled her eyes.

When he went to put the cucumber back, that girl whispered something to the other girl that made her start laughing, and I could hear her say, “No shit?”

The first girl said something else I couldn’t make out then discretely held her finger and her thumb about 2 inches apart, making the other girl crack up. It seems they knew his little dick secret. It made me hot to think about, and I imagine they were talking about me.

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  • LandoSalemChainsaw

    I’m guessing she said that Garp’s penis looks like his because of the phimosis/tapered foreskin, but the kids are thinking size.


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