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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader gets appraised in the shower…

My fraternity had a communal shower that you were basically standing in once you open the bathroom doors. If you left them open (like we had to), people walking by would see everything.

So one Saturday, while everyone was partaking in football, and after a heavy night of drinking, I decided to shower. No one should be at the house. Right, when I pull down my pants and turn on the shower, my buddy’s girlfriend walks in in a bikini. They were basically married, and she always showered in a bikini, which I always thought was weird.

She just casually checks me out, gets to my penis, smiles, then asks me, “Do you mind if I shower too? I feel disgusting.”

At this point, my dick is literally a nub. I say, “Sure, but it seems like it’s a little unfair.”

Without missing a beat, she goes, “Yeah, it’s a little (a glance at my penis) unfair.”

She flashed me her boobs and asked if we were even? I said, “Yes, they’re some nice big tits.

Now, I’m 19 at this point, so I obviously get hard midway through the shower. She turned around, takes a look at my throbbing rod, and just starts laughing.

BGF: haha, someone’s excited

Me: hey, no need to laugh

BGF: sorry, I thought you’d be bigger when it got hard, haha

Me: come on, I’m not small.

BGF: you certainly aren’t big either. Tom is bigger than you flaccid!

Me: I’m average sized

BGF: more like [a silver member of the small dick club], don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Thanks for the company 😉

Then she just left. We never talked about it again, but she always greeted me with a smirk.


Another reader enjoys SPH with his girlfriend…

So about a year and a half of exploring fetishes with the FWB. It should be known, throughout this period, we were both hooking up with other people. In fact, we would talk about it quite a bit, which contributed to expanding on our existing fetishes. Particularly, hearing the sizes of other guys or me telling her about some of the fitter girls or bustier girls I had been with. At this point, we were pretty much just best friends that also loved being sexual with each other. I even gave her the code to get into my apartment if she ever wanted to pop by.

One Saturday, she had a lunch date lined up with a kid she met on some app. They had never hung out before, but they had been texting and flirting to the point of exchanging some pictures, which of course, I ended up seeing. This is besides the point, but his cock wasn’t that long. However, it was almost too girthy, so we were both excited—her to try it, me to hear about it.

Anyway, the date ended up going poorly, and she decided to part ways with the guy. Being in my neighborhood, she decided to pop by. Now, here’s where things get interesting.

I had just come back from the gym and jumped in the shower. Anyone who works out consistently knows the type of shrinkage you can sometimes get during or right after a workout.

Sure enough, she shows up while I’m stepping into the shower and still VERY tiny from my workout. I couldn’t hear her come in the front door with the water running, let alone make her way through the apartment to open the bathroom door eventually.

After my initial shock of the door popping open, I couldn’t help but tilt away so she couldn’t see the front of me through the glass shower door. I’m into SPH of all kinds, but even by my standards, it was not flattering having my balls super tight to my body and my cock definitely the smallest she had ever seen.

She said, “Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to catch you off guard, the date went south,” as she moved to sit on the counter.

This wasn’t unusual; we’ve seen each other shower plenty at this point. What was unusual was that she could very clearly tell through the shower door that I was making it a point to shy away from her.

Once it became apparent, she stopped what we were talking about and asked, “what’s going on? you’re odd.”

I really couldn’t hide it at this point, so I just explained to her what was going on because I had just worked out. Knowing I’m into SPH, I thought she would roast me, but I guess my vulnerability and honesty made her go the empathetic route instead.

She smirked and said, “Oh, stop, I’m sure it’s fine. Just show me.”

Reluctantly, I turned the water off and opened up the half-fogged-up door to reveal a completely bare shaved, tiny version of myself.

She examined me for a second, and we made eye contact quickly, and then she smirked, responding, “Wow, it’s actually adorable. You look like a little toddler boy down there.”

Needless to say, I didn’t stay small for long and immediately started to get hard based on her reaction.

We had explored a lot of different aspects of this fetish to date. Still, this one “little” experience, pun intended, started a new habit of her, and I try to capitalize on these types of scenarios where I was artificially smaller than usual. Typically this was post-gym or using ice cubes to make it shrink.

Almost always, she would go the encouraging route in these situations, saying things like

“Don’t worry, it’ll get bigger one day,” OR, “Big dicks hurt sometimes. You don’t want to hurt me, do you?” OR, “For such tiny balls, you cum a lot, sweetie.”


While this reader gets some urinal SPH…

This happened a few years ago but said I would share. I was in a big stadium having a few drinks. The place was pretty packed, so naturally enough, the queue to the bathroom was enormous. I was in the queue for about 30 minutes before I got into the bathroom, and at this stage, I was ready to burst. I’m about an inch soft, but I was barely a little head on a pair of balls from tensing up.

I normally go in a cubicle, but to my horror, they were all full, and all that was left was one spot right in the middle of a large urinal trough (about 20 guys or so at it). I had to go so bad I just squeezed in there and whipped it out. After the initial 10 seconds of going, I realized I was completely out in the open. I held on to what was pretty much just foreskin pinched between 2 fingers while staring straight ahead at the wall. That’s when I heard it.

The guy beside me said REALLY loud to his group of friends, ‘Looks like someone’s cold.’

I slowly looked over, and 4 or 5 guys looked at what I was holding and laughing. None of the guys were less than 4 inches soft. I was trapped because I couldn’t stop going, so I had to continue to pee while a group of guys laughed at how small I was. Between the 30mins tensing and the pure humiliation of being laughed at, it was the smallest I had ever been.

At the time, I was mortified.


This reader regrets using a certain iPhone APP…

I was around 18 (now I am close to 20, so it’s a pretty fresh memory). I just got a new phone, my first iPhone, so I was pretty excited to test out all its features, including a measuring app. So as I think every male would do, I tested it on my penis, and I didn’t really know how my phone works yet, so I took a couple of pics with measurement, and then after few minutes, I deleted them (or so I thought).

Later that day, my best pal invited a group of our friends and me to his house to hang out. Time passes by; we are having a good time. My friend, who is in a different room, called me, so I left my phone on the table and had gone to see what he wants. Three girls with who I left my phone decided to make a prank and fill my gallery with their photos. Some of them were so bad that they had to delete them and then deleted them from the folder ‘recently deleted’ (which I didn’t know existed). The next thing I hear I huge laughter from these girls, so I run to them only to see them handing each other my phone with pictures of my erect dick with measurements on it in inches and centimeters.

I didn’t really have a chance to explain myself with bad lighting or angle. This situation got me beet red, but so fucking aroused at the same time, my small comrade was hard as never before. The view of three pretty girls (one of them was my huge crush) laughing at my silver member wiener was beyond humiliating. I’m still friends with all of them, but as you can imagine, I never got any chances with my crush and any other girls I knew as friends.

(I cannot confirm or deny this, but I am 90% sure that they sent one of these pics to themselves from my phone because I found one of these pics recovered, and I was deleted from one of ours chatgroups)


Another reader’s small dick cures his girlfriend…

It happened on the night of my prom. I asked my girlfriend to come there with me (she was also my classmate) and dance this big tradition in my country dance which opens the prom. I’d known for some time then that she was really into me. So fast forward after we’d spent a great night together dancing and (some drinks from her side with others, I couldn’t because I was driving), I was driving her home. We were joking around that as she had no cash with her, she should pay otherwise for a taxi(me). I really didn’t mean it, and I think she knew it was a joke because she laughed it off just for a matter of seconds to grab my crotch. I was a horny teen then, and I didn’t oppose it. I didn’t even say anything, so she begins to unbelt me and unzip my trousers.

When she didn’t notice any negative reaction from my side, she slid her hand into my pants and stars shaking it around my legs, dick, and crotch. (Note: it was the middle of the night in the middle of February, it was freezing even inside the car). After a while, I hear her ask THIS question: “Where is it?”

So I took her hand and guided her to my then hidden from the cold shrunken dick. I didn’t really know that it was that shrunken, I didn’t really have a problem with this earlier, but as she started laughing, I knew something was up. Her laughter started to affect me, and I started getting hard. Unsurprisingly, my hard dick didn’t make her stop giggling. (She was a 4’11” petite girl, so I didn’t expect her to be size queen or even someone who could laugh at something like this, she was a rather sweet girl) As I got hard, she started jerking me off, still giggling. This put me on edge really quickly, but I didn’t want her to stop (I was a virgin then, it was my first experience with somebody else, hers wasn’t, so she knew what she was doing).

To complete my humiliation in her eyes, I came after a few slow strokes. She giggled and told me that she used to crush me so hard, but she was cured after that. I didn’t know what to say, so I just offered to at least finger her, but she refused and told me to walk her home. We spent the next four months in the classroom together, but we didn’t talk much after. But I am sure she told her best friend (also my classmate) what happened.


While this reader doesn’t impress a bar slut…

I was about 20. I was on a softball team in a beer league. I had just hit a walk-off homer that won the Championship. After the game, we all went to the bar that sponsored us. This pretty, nice thick chick at the game came up to the bar and sat next to me. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Nice shot.”

She then slid her hand down my shorts and grabbed my cock. She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Hmmm, I thought you’d be bigger. Shame about that tiny peen.”

With that, she withdrew her hand and went and sat next to another guy. Ignored me for the rest of the night.


This reader has some fun with a nurse…

So 2 weeks ago, I went in to get my gallbladder removed. After getting naked and in my gown, I laid down, and a mid-40s thick and pretty nurse came in n started preop preparations. She was flirty, so was I. We got to this point where she needed to shave my abdomen and upper pubic area. She said, “I could do it in two ways. I could leave, and you take the gown off and cover your genitals. Or I could just lift the gown and then cover them.”

“I honestly don’t care,” I said indifferently. I don’t really care who sees my small dick.

She said, “Confident, are we?”

I said, “Not really.”

We both laugh, and she pulls my gown up. I watched her face as she sees my shriveled, soft dick. She looks at it, then takes her time covering it, and she says, “Poor little guy, must be freezing!”

We both laugh, and I said, “I’m a grower.”

We laugh again, and she starts shaving me. Five seconds in, I’m thinking about her, I started getting hard. Within 20 seconds, I was in my silver member glory, and I heard her giggle. I said, “I’m sorry, that came outta nowhere.”

She laughed and said, “I thought you said you were a grower? Doesn’t seem much bigger.” We laughed, and my cock just stayed hard. She stopped and whispered to me, “So I make a small penis joke, and you get hard?”

”What can I say? I’m a freak. That shit gets me going.”

We both laugh again, and she finishes shaving as I’m hard n humping the air slightly. She whispers again, “Ya might wanna get rid of that before the doc comes in, and no, I can’t help.”

We giggle, and she turns around and types on the computer. So I thought, ‘fuck it,’ and started jerking off. The moment I started, she turned around, hearing the sheets, and stares right at me, jerking. I slow down, and she shakes her head and whispers, “You can’t do that here.”

I say, “You said to get rid of it, and this is how I do that.”

I sped back up, and she kept watching and whispered again, “OK, hurry up! Get your little dicklette off before the doctor comes in.”

She continued watching. I ask, “Your gonna watch?”

She just smiled and stared at me, jacking off.

I whisper, “Fuck yeah, watch me cum. It feels so good!”

I kept trying to convince her to help, but she kept saying no. Finally, I said, “OK, fine, I’m gonna cum anyway.”

She grabbed a paper towel and grabbed the tip of my dick. I started cumming hard shooting some big ropes into the paper towel as I stared at her ass.

She said, “Wow, that’s a lot of cum for such a little dicklette.”

“There’s more where that came from,” I said proudly.

That was a wild experience.


Another reader gets burned by his friend’s mom…

When I was in high school, I hung out at my best friend’s place a lot. One day we’re playing video games, and I accidentally spilled orange soda all down the front of my pants. My friend’s mom sees this happen and tries to help me wipe up and pats my cock a couple of times on accident but didn’t seem to notice.

She walked me out to the laundry room to get new pants and tells me to strip down so she can save the pants I had on. When my pants were off, you could clearly see that the orange soda made it through. That’s when she told me to take those off too. That’s when I hesitated. Though I was very close to her, I have obviously never shown her my dick. She sensed this and lazily said, ‘Come on, I promise yours isn’t the first penis I’ve seen. Just hurry up. We need to get that stain out.”

I drop my underwear, and she takes it all in. One inch of flaccid dick sitting on my balls. She just smiles and says, “Don’t worry, honey, every boy grows at different… I mean, it’s still rather small for a boy your age… I just expected… I don’t know… More?”

She was clearly flustered.

I quickly spat out, “That’s not fair. I’m a grower,” but she could clearly see my cock grow to silver member hard.

She just smiled and said, “It’s OK, darling. Some boys are just late bloomers. I’m sure you’ll grow a proper man’s penis soon.” She hands me some of my friend’s shorts from a basket containing clean clothes waiting for sorting and ironing. “Put these on, and I’ll get your pants clean. We’ll just pretend this conversation never happened.”

Not much changed between us, though I noticed she called me ‘little boy’ a lot more often. My penis did grow, but only to bronze member size. That proper man-sized penis never eventuated.


While this reader is measured internally…

A few weeks ago, I lifted something way too heavy at work, and after a few days, I had a lot of pain in my testicles. I made an appointment with my GP, and she directed me for an ultrasound test.

When the day came, I showed up being a little stressed that I would have to get naked in front of someone. I prayed for an ugly older woman. It would be so much easier for me to hide my embarrassment. It turned out the opposite. It was a great-looking girl in her mid twenty’s. The moment I saw her, I felt my privets are shrinking. She walked me into a dimmed room with the bed right next to her desk with the ultrasound thing. She told me that she’d leave the room for 5 min and during that time, I was supposed to get undressed from the belt down and then lie down. She’ll be checking my testicles, so I have to spread my legs a little bit and hold my penis towards my stomach.

She only said that it wouldn’t hurt before she left and will only take like 10 minutes. I did what she asked for, but at this point, I was so stressed and embarrassed that my penis was so shrunken I could only hold it with my two fingers. It must have been a really pathetic picture when she returned, but she acted like a pro. She said that she has to put a gel on the device, and it might be a little cold. That’s exactly what I needed… Clod stuff on my already small privates. My body’s reaction was instant, and as my dick was getting even smaller at some point, it was harder for me even to hold it. I realized I’m holding just an inch of my foreskin.

She noticed that I don’t have to hold it anymore because it’s not interfering with anything. I was so embarrassed… After like 10 minutes, she said she’s done, and she started wiping all the leftover gel from my balls. A bunch of the gel got on my dick as well, and I can’t forget the look on her face when she tried to wipe it off with a tissue. I felt like I needed to say something on my defense because I’ve never seen my cock getting that small before. I know I shouldn’t, but I said that it’s freezing in here. She replied that she’s sorry and she could have adjusted the temperature inside. It turned out that my balls were fine, except for the size.

“You have abnormally small testes,” she said, staring me right in the eyes.

That’s not the only thing that abnormally small down there, and she knew it too.


This reader shares his first successful cuckold threesome…

After our first near cuckold experience, we have never repeated anything with another man. We both didn’t take it well, so the whole vibe went away. I was expecting anything to happen. Last weekend my we had a guest over. It was a guy my wife knew from work. He has been helping her with some accounting training they did together. He’s 22 – a hilarious guy. I met him before. They were supposed to finish some project, and I was preparing dinner for all of us. We ate, had a few drinks, it was nice. We were all very tipsy, my wife especially. We were all sitting on a sofa, joking and laughing.

At some point, my wife got up to get something from the kitchen. Her favorite necklace snapped in fall on the floor. She got on her knees and started looking desperately for a piece on the floor. We also got up to help her, and I even got on my knees to help her. There wasn’t enough space under the table to accommodate 3 grown-ups, so he just stood there right next to us, giving directions when he noticed a piece. It must’ve been funny because my wife really overdid it with the drama. Finally, I found all the missing pieces and said that I am sure it can be fixed.

She was so happy that she said something like: “Honey, you are the best,” and started kissing me.

I must have been really wired from his perspective. He was standing close to us, and we were on our knees, kissing right in front of him. He was about to move away, but my wife gently grabbed his leg. It was really wired, but I couldn’t stop. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I wanted it to happen. It was a really long and passionate kiss. We haven’t kissed like that for ages.

After a while, her hand started wandering around his thighs, and before I could process what was happening, I heard the sound of his zipper. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. My wife took out his cock with her tongue in my mouth. I was enjoying the kiss so much I didn’t even open my eyes until she stopped.

I’ve opened my eyes, and I saw her looking right into my eyes with his cock in her left hand. My heart was pounding, this look on her face – I’ll never forget it. She looked him in the eyes and licked his big cock. It was huge, probably eight inches at least, and you could see veins all around it. But then she surprised me again. She turned to me and started kissing me again right after she had his cock in her mouth. Simultaneously, she pulled down my pants and started jerking my silver member dick with two fingers. When I was about to cum, she stopped and started sucking him.

He stared at my small dick and smirked. I knew my place.


Another reader finds out women telling him his dick is cute is not a compliment…

So I’ve been with five different women, and they’ve all said I have a cute dick. I didn’t realize what they really meant until recently. My current girlfriend is an athlete with big booty. I don’t last long during sex, barely thirty seconds, yet she keeps saying my dick’s cute and flattering me about my sexual skills. But one day, I saw her messaging her group chat friends. She was telling them that I’m a shrimp dick, she can’t even feel it inside her, and that she misses her ex-boyfriends big cock. She told them I have never made her cum during sex. I didn’t think it was so small, but apparently, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, and it just isn’t big enough for her. Now I feel like every woman knows, and for some reason, I just love the idea of women and guys laughing at me behind my back about my small dick. Am I weird?

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