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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader finds fulfillment in submission…

I wanted to let you know about one of the more humiliating experiences I’ve had with a woman. I met her online, and she was very dominant. She let me take her on a date and would do things like make me tie her shoes for her in public and kiss her feet while I did. Well, I took her out a few times, and she said she needed some help with housework and wanted to know if I would help her, she was seductive about it, and I quickly agreed. So we spent the day clearing out some furniture, and I had to pressure wash the house. It was a lot of work and very exhausting. Afterward, we went back to her apartment because the place was going through some work.

She made me sit on the floor and strip nude, we watched TV for a while, and she would make me lick her pussy over and over. She told me how good I was and how soft my tongue was. I was in heaven. So things were heating up, and she asked me to consent to whatever she wanted to do. I said, yes. She made me look towards the corner and told me to repeat it into the camera, “I’m consenting to whatever you want to do with me.”

We went up to her bedroom, and she started tying me up and making me go down on her more. She flipped me over, then securely fastened me to the bed and left the room. Now it felt like forever. I was waiting there when I heard the front door open downstairs, and it was her boyfriend.

The next couple of hours were spent with them taking turns fucking my ass and making me suck him off and eat her pussy and suck the strap on. It was the first time I had a guy fuck me, and he came in my ass. I eventually was untied, and they let me sleep in the guest room. I wasn’t allowed to leave until late the next day, and they both continued to use me, never once even paying attention to my cock. I continued to take her out on dates for a few months, never received any orgasms. My cock remained unused. I’d still be dating her if her work didn’t take her out of town,

It feels humiliating to admit, but it was probably the most meaningful relationship I ever had


Another reader wanted to know how he compares to his wife’s ex-boyfriends…

My wife was young and inexperienced, so maybe I pushed her too fast. We had a very intense sex life. However, I had learned that I like to be dominated. I thought that I could find someone to switch but have since learned that a woman is either dominant or not. Anyway, I like my partner to humiliate my small dick, and for her to seek out well-hung lovers. She did it once. When she got home, she was excited. I went down on her while she told me about it, and she was very wet and had several more orgasms.

Then I was on my back as she stroked my dick. She had left out specifics about his cock size, but now I wanted to hear about it. She became very shy about talking about his cock, but I was revved up and really needed to cum. So I asked/insisted/ that she tell me how much bigger he was. She finally broke down crying and looked away. She said that she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. So I knew it must have been much bigger than mine. I was in such a state of arousal I pleaded with her to tell me and assured her I wanted it.

She then became unemotional telling (and showing me) how much bigger he was. She circled her fingers around my dick to show me his thickness. She seemed to concentrate so as to get it exactly right for me. Then with her hand several inches above my penis, she showed his length compared to my lack thereof. She did it several times to make sure she did it right. The honesty of it drove me over the edge. I started to cum so she grabbed my dick (from the position of showing me how much thicker he was) and I was so humiliated that I came harder than I ever had or have.


While this reader has a secret with his mom…

I was telling my mum about the breakup when my sister walked in. My mum asked if my girlfriend gave a reason for breaking up with me. This is when my sister decided to interject with: “Maybe your cock was too small for her.”

My mum, who is aware of my condition, snapped at her. My sister was taken aback by this. “Hey, I was only joking. How would I know what he’s got down there?” she complained.

To clarify, my mum knows about my small dick, but my sister does not. Little did my sister know she was bang on the money though. My girlfriend dumped me because of my small dick.


This reader also gets some banter from his mom…

This happened to me about a year ago before the world went crazy. I had just finished my final exams. I was abroad on holiday with my parents and my sister. We had been by the pool the whole day and were getting ready to have our showers. The standard procedure is for two of us to go up for a shower first followed by the other two a little while later. That way, one can be in the shower while the other is getting changed and the other two won’t be in the way. Now, the general convention would dictate that the two women go together followed by the two men and that is generally how we do it. One day though, my sister decided that she wanted to stay in the pool a bit longer with Dad. on the other hand, I was quite keen to get out as my fingers were beginning to shrivel up from being in the water too long.

So, this time it was me and Mum in the hotel room. She went in first. She came out in her towel and I went in. On my way out, my towel fell off and Mum saw my genitals. She laughed. “Don’t worry. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before! Same little prawn. I swear it hasn’t even grown…”

I guess it didn’t help that I was manscaped at the time. So yeah, this was a pretty awesome experience for me.


Another reader finds everything changes when she sees his dick…

She’s 22, I’m 26. This happened in February just before everything shut down.

I was visiting her for a week, kinda hoping to hookup. She’s cute, but not insanely model hot. Maybe 5’4″, brunette and pale, a little bit curvy but fairly athletic, and easily a DD. When we had lived in the same city we had made out and I’d eaten her out on a drunken night, but I was “too drunk” (too shy) to go any further. I’d say I’m pretty average overall, but below average when I unzip. About 4 inches hard.

Now we had kept chatting as friends, usually pretty flirty, and made plans to go on some adventures together. She’d sometimes tell me about her hookups, and especially one guy who she thought was a jerk but was great in bed so she kept seeing him. She regularly talked about how high her sex drive was, and how she needed a good one or three-night stand. Eventually, she got more explicit, and how much she liked a guy who can take control. She talked about how great her occasional hookup buddy was, and how full he makes her feel, and how great it is to be “seeing stars.”

I get to her house. We spend a few days doing things locally and flirting. One night she wants to watch a movie. She cuddles up on me and slides her hand down my pants. We were quickly kissing, and she pushed her hand further as I grabbed her waist. She gripped my now very hard dick, all 4ish inches in her hand. She didn’t seem to have any reaction, but slowly jerked me off until I came, then we made out for a few minutes.

The next night I was supposed to go see some other old friends and go to dinner and concert, she was going to get a drink with her work buddies. I told her not to stress I wasn’t home until after 2 am. The concert ended up being canceled, and my friends were tired after working so we decided to meet up the next day. I got back to her house maybe 5 hours early. An hour later she stumbles in the door with a “work friend”. She tells me they’re gonna go chat in her room until he’s not too drunk to drive home, and they head in and shut the door.

I’m sitting in her living room on the couch watching Netflix maybe 20 feet away from her bedroom door. She’s giggling and I hear a few of his laughs then silence for a while. After a bit, maybe a moan? Then the definite rhythmic muffled sound of skin on skin. And soon a definite stifled moan, then another, then something between a squeal and a giggle into a pillow or blanket. This went on for maybe 40 min, then finally stopped. I was hard as a rock but embarrassed and my stomach was flipping.

After another 10, their door cracks open with a light from inside. I pretend to be asleep, and through my barely open eyes, I can see her friend peering out. He decides I’m asleep and walks across the hallway to the bathroom. Naked. And holy fuck, is he hung. Probably close to 8in flaccid. He’s muscular but not ripped, and about 6 feet tall. His cock is thick and cut, and the weight of it was obvious, even soft.

He pees, quickly, washes up, and heads back across the hall, cock actually swinging. The door closes and after another 15min, the same sounds start again. This time it lasted for an hour and a half. After that, he came out dressed, and tiptoed out of her house then drove away. I fell asleep soon after, not sure how to feel but still as hard as a nail. She was a lot less flirty for the last 2 days I was there.


While this reader is completely submissive to his wife…

Lately, I have been begging my wife to let me have sex with her again, because it’s been 2.5 years and I can hardly remember that feeling. Her answer is always, “No! Your pathetic dick is not worthy. I only want real cocks that I can actually feel and that last more than a few seconds.”

At which point I am often allowed to put on my panties (if I’m not already wearing them) and get the huge dildo from my nightstand, lick and suck and slobber on it to lube it up, and then lick her clit while she has sex with ‘her lover.’

A couple of days ago I woke up extremely horny and just asked if she might touch my penis for a bit. She was feeling generous, I guess because she reached over and deigned to rub me through my undies for a little bit. With more pleading I got her to reach inside and wrap her hand around it, and as she did she said, “God, you are so small!! My hand is tiny, and I can fit your entire worthless penis in it.” This was only about 15-20 seconds into the whole thing, and she said she was surprised I hadn’t cum already because I never last that long. [I had masturbated several times the day before including once just before bed]. She was already tired of the whole thing and got up and grabbed a handful of kleenex that she threw in my direction and told me to finish myself off, which I did seconds later.

Finally, this morning I confessed to her that yesterday while I was playing with my little dicklet I stumbled across a porn video that was uncensored, and I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the woman’s pussy as it was being pounded by a huge cock. Even though we both knew I was just as interested in that massive cock, I am never allowed to see naked female genitalia. So, my wife, had me go get the loopy johnny, pull down my pants, and bend over the bed. She punished me so hard, it still hurts. And she told me to never, ever do that again.


This reader had a problem on a plane…

A month ago I was flying home from college for break. The drive was just too far and I was only home for a week so I figured it made more sense to fly. On the day of my flight, I realized that I was out of clean underwear except for an old pair of tighty whities that were A size too small. It wouldn’t have been a problem for my “package” though because I’m only an inch long soft and 3 inches hard plus a very skinny shaft except for the tip. I basically have a mushroom dick. I decided I didn’t want to be caught wearing tighty whities so I decided to go commando.

I got to the airport plenty early and then realized my flight was delayed so I had a few hours to burn. I decided to get a drink at one of the airport bars and noticed a girl from school there as well. She was drop-dead gorgeous and I had a bit of a crush on her but didn’t have the nerve to ask her out. We talked and ended up having a couple of too many drinks to get tipsy but not drunk. Finally, it was time to board and we said goodbye and I hopped on the plane. A couple of minutes after sitting down I saw her sit down right across the aisle from me. We laughed and talked and then I eventually decided to take a nap because I was quite tipsy. I had a dream about the girl fantasizing about her giant rack and gorgeous face.

I woke up to the plane landing and had to snap out of the dream. I was fully sober now as the alcohol finally wore off. Suddenly I heard giggling and became quite confused. I looked over to the girl and realized it was from her and she was trying to avoid laughing while quickly shooting looks at me. My confusion quickly left once I had looked down at my shorts. I had completely peed myself while wearing white shorts making them completely see-through. Not only that but the dream gave me a full boner at just 3 inches. So with the transparent shorts, she could see I was erect but also my skinny 3-inch dick and chubby mushroom head. I was completely embarrassed and tried to cover up but it was no use. The whole front of my shorts was drenched, and she already had a full show.

I decided I would try to get a blanket or something to cover up from a flight attendant, but they were seated until the flight reached the gate. In order to get their attention when the plane finally stopped, I had to wait on every other passenger to get off and because I was in the third row almost everyone saw me, my 3-inch erect mushroom and per soaked shorts. Finally, the attendant came by and instantly started laughing for a whole minute. When she finally contained herself, she then that there was nothing she could give out except in the lost and found. I checked there and found nothing helpful and realized I had to get off the plane. I finally did and the moment I got into the airport saw a group of 2 popular girls from my high school. At this point, I was flaccid again, but in all honesty, it may have been worse that way. I quickly dashed to a bathroom as soon as possible to dry myself off and try to minimize my future embarrassment.

Once I finally got home I thought the humiliation was over but then realized both the girl From college had posted photos and one of the girls from high school did too and both went viral around kids from both schools. From then on, everyone at college called me toad because of my short mushroom dick and not a single girl would go out with me. Truly the most embarrassing moment of my life.


Another reader has a doctor’s appointment to remember…

I just had an experience that I wanted to post about. To begin with, I’m a silver member of the small dick club. I have a good sex life in my marriage and was highly active before my wife and I met. The issue is I’m very thin and when I’m flaccid it’s tiny. Just the head is visible, it doesn’t hang down at all (it sticks out), and sometimes is a partial inny depending on if it’s cold or not. I’m five feet ten, about 210 pounds, and as I’ve gained a little weight. Well, we know what that can do when you’re not hung.

So I had my annual skin check, and while it’s usually with a male doctor. This one was with one of the female PAs. Her assistant started the appointment, asked if I had a question then told me to undress fully. She gave me a sheet to cover my lap and then left. I undressed and sat there for a bit, and I was already getting nervous. I’m OK with men seeing me in the locker room, but I get nervous when it’s women (especially attractive ones like this PA). And guess what happens when you’re scared?

As I sat there it became a full flaccid inny. Shee started the exam, started with my head, and then put the exam chair back to check the rest of my body. Checked my chest, stomach, then she said, “I’m going to remove the sheet for a moment and check down below,” and when she did her eyes bulged.

It was unmistakable. For some reason, I said, “My wife had the same reaction when she saw me the first time,” and she busted out laughing.

She said, “You have a great sense of humor about it, and your wife sounds like my kind of lady.”

Then she examined the area (used two fingers to push on my penis to make it come out a little more), put the sheet back on, and finished the exam. I don’t know what made me say that to her, but her response didn’t even try to hide the fact that I’m tiny.

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