Our Readers SPH Experiences 127

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader likes to hang out with his junk out…

I go to nudist saunas every week here in Europe. Yesterday I went, and in the changing room there were some female shoes, and I started getting excited. Usually, women are old, or they go with a boyfriend around my age (22).

Instead, there were a couple of 24yo girls, super sexy in the sauna.

I decided to go and take a seat without covering my little dick. When I entered, both of them looked at me/it, and suddenly they stopped talking. Their eyes bulge, and not in an ‘impressed’ way, more like shocked. It was like they were ashamed of me. They glanced at each other with smirks. I closed my eyes and pretended to ignore them, trying not to get hard.

They started chatting again, but I was so excited sitting there knowing they were staring at my small, smooth soft dick and balls. My softy is barely an inch long.


Another reader shares his nudist experiences…

I decided to go to a nudist beach a couple of times this summer. It’s not a very busy beach, and it’s mostly older people, but I had a couple of experiences worth sharing. There was this hot woman in her 30s that placed her towel right beside me as I was lying on my stomach, and she proceeded to undress, then she sat down and started reading a book. A few minutes later, I turned around, and as I was wearing sunglasses, I could notice she looked in my direction but probably just randomly and turned right away. But then, as if to check if she really saw what she thought she saw, rechecked my dick, and this time she was looking at it for maybe 2 or 3 seconds and then covered her mouth in disbelief of how non-existent it is.

The other time as I was getting out of the water, I passed by a couple, both in their 20s, and the girl checked me out. After she checked my dick out, she looked me straight in the eyes and put on a wide smile as I was going past them. What made this even better is that her boyfriend was super hung. I’m not kidding. I honestly never saw such a big flaccid penis, not even on the internet. The guy was huge, while my dicklette was non-existent.


While this reader also likes going nude in public…

I take ADHD medication, and when I do, I tend to get excellent shrinkage. Well, late this summer, I was on a long drive back home after vacation, and I decided to take a little more of my meds to stay awake while driving, and the shrinkage made me horny for some SPH, and I knew there was a nude hot spring on the way. I’ve only been to a nude hot spring twice before, but no one was there sadly, so no fun, but this time, it was quite busy! I was nervous because this is my first time publicly naked with a crowd, and to add on top of that, and I had maximum shrinkage (my flaccid cock was an inch sitting my balls like a turtles head). The average age at the hot springs was the late-thirties the too early forties (I’m early 20’s), so it wasn’t the ideal age group, but it would work.

I strip down and begin to get some glances, then double-takes. It was very hot! The best part of the whole day, though, was when about three beautiful women showed up (all with men, sadly). They arrived separately but around the same time. The first women’s reaction was utter shock. She was with her, I assume, boyfriend and quickly turned to him once I saw her looking. I think she was kind of embarrassed. I caught her staring. The second women were beautiful. When she arrived, I was sitting at a table reading with a towel around me. When I finally stood up and dropped the towel, she couldn’t hold back the giggle.

I politely smiled at her and pretended to be oblivious. I got in the spring, and she dove underwater and swam in front of me. When she came back up, she just looked at me with a grin. I assume she wanted to get another but more discreet look. The third woman was a lot more outgoing and wasn’t afraid at all to stare. She happily looked with a smirk when I stood out of the water with the cool mount breeze tightening everything up.


SDC reader SmallPenisBush tells us…

In my early 20s, I’m Indian, fat, and have a tiny circumcised penis and I’m a silver member erect. I’ve never had a girlfriend, and I jerk off to porn almost every day. I also spend money on porn sites, phone sex, webcams, etc.

I got tired of being a virgin, so I ended up paying for a few prostitutes. The first time, it was a sexy Romanian blonde whose ass I got to eat (I’m an ass guy), but I was so nervous I couldn’t get hard, plus the wine I had drunk didn’t help. I was quite drunk and remembered her pinching my soft little penis with two fingers and jacking me off with a disgusted look on her face. I’m guessing she didn’t know I was aware of her expression because I was almost passed out from the wine. I licked her tits, ass, and pussy, but I couldn’t actually get hard to fuck her, and after a while, she got up to leave. I said we haven’t had sex yet and tried to get her to come back to bed in my drunken state, but she slapped me (which I deserved) and walked out. I woke up the next morning, having overpaid a lot and naked in bed, and then I jerked off to porn (hangover wanks are amazing!).

Considering this embarrassing failure, I booked another sex worker, a Romanian brunette, a few weeks later. She had big fake tits, which I got to grab, but she didn’t let me lick her pussy or ass or anything. While giving me a handjob, she casually comments on how I am a bit fat and have a small penis, making me quite aroused. After that, she put a condom on me and gave me my first blowjob, which was amazing. When it was time for sex, she got on top of me and pushed my penis into her pussy, but I had rapidly started to deflate and couldn’t feel anything. I was still a bit hard, but because my penis is so small, she couldn’t move up and down without me constantly slipping out. I tried to do missionary, but as I was fat and small, I could only get the tip of my penis to touch her pussy. This made her giggle, and then, exasperated, she said this wasn’t going to work.

So I sat up in bed and started to jerk myself off while she fondled my balls with one hand while caressing my thighs with the other, which was quite erotic. She asked me if I masturbate often, and I replied almost every day, to which she replied that it all made sense now, that my jerk off habit had made it hard for me to have sex with a real woman. As our time came to an end, she literally started raising her voice and yelling at me to cum, and eventually, I started spurting. So my second time naked with a woman was also an embarrassing failure.

So, after a couple of months of trying to stay away from porn and failing, I set up an appointment with a Romanian brunette that had better ass than tits to come to visit me. This visit, I felt, was a bit more successful. She entered my room to find the laptop open to porn and porn mags lying about, and after the bank transfer, before she got undressed, I got naked first and started wanking while touching her up. As I did so, I confessed that I’m new to sex, at which she laughed. I kissed her all over, hugged her, and worked my way down from her tits to eating her pussy and ass and then down to her feet (not really a feet guy, but I experimented).

She then put a condom on and started giving me a blowjob after using a tissue to cover my pubes, which she complained were unkempt – I had trimmed them earlier that day, but clearly, the lack of female companionship in my life had left me with no clue. I tried to penetrate her doggy style, and I managed to get my penis fully in, then hold on to her hips and thrust a couple of times. But then I felt my erection deflating again, and I panicked, which just made it worse. She tried jerking me off, and then I tried to fuck her repeatedly, but it just failed, causing her to get exasperated at my poor performance. The last time I tried to penetrate her, she looked back at me, sighed, and rolled her eyes because she felt nothing!

She, too, chastised me next, saying my problem was I jerk off too much. In the end, I asked her to show her ass while placing one foot on my balls (a dominating move that made me quite aroused) while looking back at me jerking off. At this point, she was loudly giggling at the weirdness of it all, having her foot on this fat Indian guy’s scrotum as he jerked off while moaning about how sexy her ass was and how small his penis was! The whole foot on my balls thing was a completely new sensation and so exciting that I very quickly ejaculated. And so this too was an embarrassing failure.

After this, I again tried with a Chinese prostitute, and a similar story ensued. The funny thing with her was, as I first penetrated her with a fairly erect penis, doggy style, and started thrusting, she started moaning loudly (I have a female neighbor next room, so I found all this quite sexy). However, I rapidly lost my erection and was just banging my soft penis against her pussy, but…her loud moans continued! I was shattered because she was faking it and couldn’t tell the difference between my penis inside her and not inside her! It really drove home how sexually inadequate as a man I was. In the end, I had her cuddle up tightly next to me and suck on my nipples (something which I had found I quite liked with the previous Romanian). At the same time, she jerked off my small semi-erect penis until I started grunting and groaning (sucking my nipples felt amazing!!) and ejaculated. This surprised the Chinese lady, and she remarked that it was ‘too much,’ I.e., quite a lot of cum considering the small penis while laughing at me.

After that, I had one final encounter with a Lithuanian prostitute. This was the most humiliating and embarrassing. She was a buxom blonde with a juicy ass. After payment, I stripped down and started grabbing her boobs and squeezing her ass while still clothed, and she gently played with my erect penis. Then I sat down butt naked and jerked off to her as she stripped, following which she gave me a handjob and then put the condom on for a blowjob. At this point, I felt panic as my penis started deflating in the mouth of this sexy, curvy, voluptuous blonde who I was definitely very horny for.

After that, we tried all sorts of things (nipple, SPH, etc.), but I couldn’t get hard enough for penetration. She, too, got frustrated and asked what was wrong with me. I tried laying flat in bed with porn playing on my laptop as she gave me a handjob, but that didn’t help much. She got bored and mainly watched the porno while wanking me off. I tried to penetrate her in missionary, doggy, girl on top, etc., but I just wasn’t hard enough – I was so embarrassed and upset because I usually get rock hard when masturbating alone. Time ran out, and she started getting dressed, telling me I should jerk off less. I still badly wanted to cum, so after she was ready to leave, I begged her to watch me for a minute as I wanked off over the bathroom sink. Ultimately, her, fully clothed, watching and giggling at me, butt naked, grunting and groaning and beating my meat furiously, finally made me ejaculate into the sink, after which she left still giggling at my pathetic state.

After this deeply humiliating incident, I realized that I was sexually inadequate for any woman and that it would be useless for me ever to hope to have a girlfriend or wife. I guess I’m stuck with my left hand!


This reader gets some indirect SPH…

Our seminar leader asked us to analyze the language used in the rape scene, where the devil impregnates Rosemary.

The girl brought up how the devil’s penis is referred to as ‘his hugeness.’ She went on to elaborate, “A large penis is a sexually desirable trait amongst women, and Rosemary’s orgasm during the act makes the otherwise brutal assault pleasurable and somewhat erotic.”

This quickly turned into a heated debate when another girl chimed in to tell her she was wrong and that, “His hugeness is supposed to make us feel sorry for Rosemary as she must have been in great pain.”

Of course, the first girl retorted, and things became slightly awkward but exciting as hell.

The entire argument must have lasted like 10 minutes as they went back and forth on whether the devil’s big cock is supposed to be a positive or a negative thing. Along the way, the first girl implied that she was speaking from personal experience, which made it even hotter.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I dragged myself along to this session, expecting to be bored to death. Instead, I got to witness this! My silver member dick got so hard in class.


Another reader gets burned by his mom…

My mom once bought me XXL condoms. I told her I don’t use XXL. She was like, “Oh? Your dad and brother use XXL. I just assumed…”

I’m a bronze member of the small dick club.


While this reader lives in micro hell…

My parents took me to the doctor, who diagnosed me with micropenis due to the size difference between my brother and me. I was 6, he was 4, and apparently, the difference was remarkable even then. I hadn’t seen him naked since our early teens until his bachelor party a few years ago, and he’s MASSIVE. He could do porn. Me, I’m still a gold member of the small dick club. Life sucks, then you die.


This reader discovers his undoing…

Last night I watched a new show called The Undoing in the bedroom after my wife fell asleep. I’ve always had a major crush on Nicole Kidman. There is a scene where Kidman’s character is lying in bed when her husband crawls in bed next to her, and then he fucks her in the spooning position. This morning, I described the short scene to my wife as my small morning wood was on display (I’m a silver member of the small dick club).

She said, “Oh, I’ll bet your pathetic wiener got soooo hard watching her get fucked in a position you can’t even do cos your dick wouldn’t reach from there. You probably came immediately in your underpants, didn’t you?”

Yes, I did. I almost came again right then.


Another reader gets caught jerking off…

So yeah, I had an unexpected early workday last Tuesday and ran home to shower and change quickly before running to the grocery store. The kids were at school, and my wife was at target, and it was only noon. So after my shower, I laid down for a few minutes in my wife’s bed for a minute in a towel. I had a few minutes, so I just laid there with my phone completely nude with my flaccid dick cold and shrunk from air drying. I popped in my air pods and started searching for a suitable vid to rub one out to with my 3 hours of free time. Thirty seconds into the first video, I see the half-open bedroom door fly open out of the corner of my eye and get caught mid-tug by my 20-yo stepdaughter. She made it 4 steps into the room before she looked up and noticed me completely naked on her mother’s bed pulling on my half-erect little penis.

She half-screamed and half laughed as her brain finally registered what was happening. I’ll never forget her gasp and giggle from the shock of seeing me there. The bed is in the far right corner of the room against the wall. With nothing to cover me up with, I sprang off the bed to stand up directly in front of her. Super awkwardly. I could feel my gold member dick as it jiggled comically against my 6’4” 220 lb frame. Mortified and in complete shock, I noticed her eyes are locked in on my tiny dick. Looking pathetic like an albino baby carrot or tube of chapstick, it goes flaccid immediately and retreats into my body to a flaccid inny as she laughs a halfhearted apology in the direction of the disappearing tip.

I cover myself with my hand/thumb and dart for the bathroom as she fails an attempt at covering her laughing face. Her pale blue eyes follow me as she turns to walk back out. I’ve seen that identical look from her mother’s identical eyes countless times. She’s a clone of her mom. So little, it’s almost cute and so hilariously useless. It seems like God’s cruelest practical joke. The whole ordeal lasted about 50 seconds. I have no idea what to do or say about it. She stayed at her bf’s house for the rest of the week. I came home this morning and hadn’t left her room. However, her friends are over and laughing it up on the back porch. It’s making me hard. What the fuck! do I say, or do we act like it never happened?? Because it definitely happened, and my ‘secret’ continues to become more and more just common knowledge.


While this reader hears a secret he can relate to…

One of my female friends often tells me about her sexual partners, and currently, she was talking about her recent one, and that his dick was so small, she couldn’t feel it in her vagina. She told me his size, and it was the same as mine, of course, she doesn’t know that. I’m a silver member of the small dick club.


This reader gets a treat off his wife…

Last night I asked my wife for a BJ, and she agreed because she is awesome. We were both going to shower, she got in first, and I waited naked while watching her.

As you can imagine, it was quite cold waiting naked, so my already small member was shriveled to about an inch at best. She asked me to join her in the warm shower for my BJ.

When I got in, she laughed and asked me, “what am I supposed to do with that?” while pointing at my little inch dick. Then she started to flick it around with one finger saying, “How am I supposed even to suck it?”

Needless to say, I started to get hard straight away at this. My wife knows I’m into SPH but only lightly plays into it when the mood hits. I got fully hard when she put my dick into her mouth. I’m a silver member of the small dick club.

She started to deepthroat, which felt great but is also a little humiliating when she doesn’t even flinch at putting a grown man’s fully hard cock in her mouth. She took it out of her mouth, held it, and smiled up at me, almost like she was unimpressed with what I had at full mast.

This is the bit that sent me over the edge. She never broke eye contact then shoved all of it in her mouth again with ease. No words were spoken, but I knew she was trying to let me know a little dick like mine was no effort to swallow. I started to tighten up, and she pulled it out and let me finish on her big beautiful breasts.


Another reader finds his new doctor a little handsy…

After I turned 18, I moved away to my new college, and I had to get a new physician in my city. I ended up finding a relatively cheap physician with my insurance, so I scheduled a physical. It was a relatively chilly day for my new city, and I walk to the doctor’s office. I walked in, gave my name, blah blah doctor stuff. This relatively young and new doctor (couldn’t have been more than 28-30) guided me into room 3. She starts by introducing herself and asking questions about my lifestyle, diets, etc. Eventually, she tells me to remove my pants so she could check my penis and testicles. I begin to blush as I slowly remove my pants, revealing my shrunken soft penis.

She looked at it and let out a little giggle, and covered her mouth. I laid back on the bed/table thing with the reddest cheeks. She still had a couple of giggles to let out as she felts around my testicles. I got even more embarrassed because she was touching me. My penis got rock hard (I’m a Gold Member). And she started giggling harder. She started to touch around my penis, and I started moaning out of habit, and she straight up could not keep a straight face. She went back in to check my penis, and as soon as contact was made, I came all over myself and her hands. She did an ‘OMG’ face as I tried to apologize. She just giggled, and she pulled up my pants. This was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

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