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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is exposed at the pool…

High school can be an especially bad time for a guy with a micropenis! I was on the swim team, which was set up for public exposure. One day during my sophomore year in high school, we had a free day in the pool instead of official swim practice, and a friend of mine, Lindsay, and I were horsing around, wrestling, dunking each other underwater, etc. The PE teacher allowed the PE class that period to join us in the pool since we were not practicing. At some point, I got hard and fearing Lindsay would notice, and I was working to keep him from this discovery until I calmed down. Lindsay didn’t back down, and while he was wrestling me, trying to get me in a headlock, he felt my hard little rod poke at his leg accidentally.

Lindsay commented about me having wood a little too loudly, and before I knew it, one of the other guys, Randy, had grabbed me from behind while Lindsay proceeded to pull off my trunks. I got desperate pretty quickly and was kicking and struggling to make it stop.

The incident went from a game to something horrible in no time, and I accidentally landed my foot in Lindsay’s face while trying to keep him from pantsing me. All the commotion drew attention, and suddenly another guy grabbed me from behind so I could not get my arms free.

Where was the coach? Who the fuck knows, but not at the pool.

Lindsay rubbed his jaw, looked like he was very pissed, no longer just amused, and pretty much tore my trunks off. They ripped down the seam as they came down. The guys lifted me and exposed my small wagging erection to the team and a PE class sharing the pool. There was no more arguing; I was a grower, not a shower. My full length, or lack of it, was now on display. My arms were behind my back, and I couldn’t cover up as they lifted me out of the water. The three guys held me up above the water level and carried me into the main group of students in the pool, held me aloft, and then threw me at a small group of girls who got to see close up what I had sprouting between my legs.

Everyone was laughing at my expense.

They decided to play a keep-away game with my trunks after they let go of me. I was mortified. Tears flowed. A friend of mine helped me regain my trunks, though they were now torn, and so holding up my ripped shorts, I got out of the pool and ran to the lockers.

The class was at the end of the day, and I left the gym and waited where the buses were parked. The next day I refused to go back to school, knowing what would face me when I returned. My younger brother teased me about it, saying he’d heard about it even in junior high. My mom called the school, complaining about supervision. The coach punished the three boys involved, and Lindsay even called with what seemed like a sincere apology, BUT the harm was already done, he’d basically OUTED my small dick status to the whole school, and the news went viral. My older brother called the following day from college and told me that he’d heard all about it from friends and joined in teasing me too. Life after that was completely different. I think it’s about the worst SPH event that might have ever happened to someone.

While at a swim meet months later in another town, one of the competitors same up to me and asked, “You’re the guy with the dinky dick, right?”

News traveled even to the next town. During the same meet, I hit the water from the high board and instantly got an erection that was still obviously throbbing against my speedo as I climbed out of the pool. There was no real way to hide it, and it again got noticed.

As a side note, during my senior year, after enduring the hundreds of baby dick jokes I’d been subjected to since my outing, I lost it one day in the locker room, when Randy started joking about how my dick had fallen off and to search the pool for it. I spun around, punched, and splattered Randy’s nose. He wasn’t expecting it. No one was. It was out of character for me to throw a punch. I got in a couple of more punches before he came at me. Someone must have felt like he deserved it cause one of the guys grabbed him to keep him off me, and after that, I got at least received a modicum of respect for the remainder of my senior year.


While this reader goes to a nude bar with friends…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, mostly because I haven’t had any good experiences worth writing about, that changed a couple of weeks ago, and it was fucking incredible and 100% true. It’s a little long, but I had to include everything, and it was such a hot experience. I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

Every year my gf and I try to take a trip to Key West for a few days. We live in South Florida, so it’s only a couple of hours away, and it really is a fun little island town with some beautiful areas. We weren’t sure if we were going to go with covid still raging down here, but we said fuck, we’ll go and quarantine for a couple of weeks from our families, and try to be cautious. We actually ended up going on my birthday, which normally I wouldn’t care about, but it been a rough year, so I was actually really excited about it.

This time around, we were going with another pair of couples we had become pretty good friends with recently. My gf knew one of the women through work. We had gone out a few times, and her boyfriend ended up being a pretty nice guy I had a lot in common with. Hence, we started to go over their house and vice versa a lot recently, especially since we couldn’t really go out anywhere. Again cold is kicking Florida’s ass. We would have trivia nights, have themed dinners. I actually had started to look forward to seeing them. So when my gf told me she had invited them, I thought it sounded fun. We knew the other couple through me. I went to high school with the guy, and he recently moved close to us, so we had reconnected. I actually casually brought up the trip with him one day, and he got excited and asked to tag along. I figured my gf would be okay with it, so I said yes, which is why her reaction threw me off when I told her.

She was doing laundry, stopped, looked concerned, and said, “Oh, um okay yeah, sure, it’ll be a fun group.” But I definitely noticed she seemed a bit unsure. “I mean, they don’t have to come if you don’t want them there.”

“No, no, it’s fine, really, I’m sorry. I just thought it would be the four of us, but that’s fine.”

I thought it was weird, but I just figured it was because she didn’t really know my friend’s gf very well, but I knew we would all have a good time, and she was nice enough, very shy and quiet, but she had a good sense of humor. I’m pretty sure he’s going to propose soon. He loves this girl like crazy.

Now let preface this next part with a quick aside. If you’ve read any of my stories, you’ll know that my gf has not only become comfortable with my weird fetish, she embraces it and has become more adventurous herself. Recently some of the role-playing we had done was scorching. That being said, she still felt really weird about taking things too far or outside the bedroom as she had now done a couple of times (I wrote about them and posted them here). After everyone, she gets really weird, and we take a break from indulging me, and we don’t talk about it for a few days until after enough time has passed, the weirdness has worn off for her.

We start up again, at which point I bring it up, telling her how hot what happened was, and it was, and using it to get me off. One night she brought up the zoom call, and I came instantly. She actually commented on how I really must have enjoyed that if it still has that effect months later. I’m getting into this because I guess my gf had been making mental notes and building up the courage to surprise me with an amazing experience related to my weird hobby.


Flash forward to day two of our trip. It had been a fun couple of days at that point. Bars were open, so we sat outside and had some drinks at a couple of them the birth before, went swimming in the pool, and walked around the town drinking (you can do that there) until we had become too drunk to keep going.

The next day was a Saturday and my actual birthday. We splurged and got a suite that was pretty nice right by a lot of the bars, so we were all staying together essentially. We all woke up hungover and struggling. My gf wanted to know if there was anything special I wanted to do for my birthday. I said I didn’t care, drink and eat like yesterday. She said, okay, good! I have a few ideas. She had a funny look on her face like she was really nervous or excited. She knew how apathetic I was about my birthday and loved planning surprises to make it fun. That day we hung out by the pool drinking and went back to our rooms to get ready to go out again. While I was in the shower, my gf jumped in. We were both pretty drunk already.

She started jerking me off, saying I think you’re really gonna like my surprise tonight. I could tell what she was referring to, she had gotten pretty good about getting into character and would put on this mischievous grin, and her tone of voice would become more dominant. It was crazy how good she had gotten at it. I assumed we would get some toys and have some fun later. Key West had some pretty wild sex stores that I knew would be right up our alley. I got excited just thinking about it and came pretty quickly.

We all got dressed up for the night and went to a bar to have some drinks. It was pretty much a repeat of the night, and the drunker I got, the more I kept thinking about fooling around with my gf later. I was ridiculously horny. After the third bar, it was getting late, so we started making our way back towards our hotel. As we stumbled back, my gf and her friend stopped and started giggling. Her friend was really cool. I could see why they hit it off at work. She was definitely the life of the party every time we hung out. What happened next to me by surprise, and despite my fetish, freaked me out. My gf turned to us and said, “Hey guys, wanna do something crazy?”

I was curious and unsure what this was about until I looked at where they had been pointing before they turned around and was instantly horrified. Key West has a rooftop bar where nudity is allowed, and we were right across the street from it. It suddenly dawned on me what the surprise was, and I wasn’t turned on. Instead, I actually became nervous. My gf looked it too, even though she was doing her best to hide it. She started stumbling on her words and eventually said, “So that bar is a nude bar, and Anna and I have always wanted to check it out, and since we’re all pretty drunk, I figured this would be a good time.”

Even though she was trying to make this seem spontaneous, I could tell she was acting a bit and not 100% sure about this, as everyone kind of looked unsure as she began to lose her momentum. Luckily her friend kept things going, “Come on, guys, it’ll be fun. Don’t be pussies.”

My friend from high school said, “Yeah, fuck it. But if it’s all old people, I’m leaving.”

And Anna’s bf was too drunk to care. He just kind of shrugged his shoulders and said, “OK,” while giggling like a middle schooler.

I froze and didn’t know what to do, but decided to push myself and see where this would go. Part of me didn’t think my gf would go through with this, which probably made me a little less worried. “Yeah, sure,” I blurted out, trying to act as casual as possible.

My gf started to look nervous and awkward, but Anna didn’t miss a beat. “Alright, lets’ fucking do this,” she said.

My friend’s gf who again was usually shy, surprisingly just laughed and followed along, liquid courage, I guess. I tried to catch up to my gf to talk about this, but she seemed committed to this and jogged ahead. All those nights of me pushing her, I guess, had really worked. She locked arms with Anna, and they walked too fast for me to catch up before we crossed the street and got to the building. Not to mention I didn’t want to bring this up around Anna. So at that point, I accepted that this might be happening and tried not to seem nervous.

As we walked up the stairs, I had so many thoughts racing through my head while Anna’s boyfriend talked about how much he loved key west. He had never been before. I pretended like I was listening and responded with, “I know, yeah, it’s great.”

Honestly, I don’t remember what I said, my adrenaline had started to kick in, and that walk seemed like forever. My gf and Anna never looked back and were still next to each other, going along as we walked the three flights of stairs to the door.

As soon as we walked in, I scanned to see how many people were actually nude, and sure enough, about 20 people were hanging out in the buff. It seemed to be mostly older gay guys, but there were a few younger couples also. I couldn’t help but notice all of them were pretty well endowed, which I guess was expected because why else would they be comfortable with this. We all just looked around for a few seconds when Anna once again took the lead, “Let’s do a shot.”

We each did a couple of fireball shots and started checking out the other people there. Half were wearing clothes, and half were not. It was not a very big bar. My gf and I were both quiet and just trying to be natural. I was still trying to figure out if this was just a way to mess with me so we could talk about it later alone and fantasize. I didn’t think she would ever do anything like this. One guy strutted by us who looked like an athlete and must have been 5 inches soft. We each did one more shot, and Anna looked around, giggling, and said, “Well, when in Rome.”

She didn’t even hesitate as she pulled her top off and unhooked her bra. I knew shad had huge tits, but seeing them out was quite the sight. I almost forgot my predicament for a second. My gf was next and took her top off. She had pretty good-sized boobs as well, so I knew she wouldn’t be shy, especially having had a few drinks. My heart began to pound. Even though I was beginning to get turned on, my nervousness must have overtaken me because, as I thought about where this was going, I shriveled up to my acorn state. I began doubting whether I could go through with this and rehearsing my excuses. “Nah, I’m good. I’ll enjoy the show,” was what I quickly came up with.

It didn’t take long for Anna to go fully nude, folding her clothes in a neat pile and setting them by the bar. The whole thing was surreal. It’s one thing to do this in front of people I didn’t really know, but doing it in front of my friends was a whole different story. Unfortunately, it seemed like there was no stopping it. Anna’s boyfriend took his shirt off and was naked in what seemed like a millisecond. I could see why. He was pretty big from the looks of it, at least five inches soft, and pretty thick too. I felt weird looking, so I quickly looked away and did my best to play it off.

“You guys are crazy,” I said, trying not to make my situation obvious.

I was shocked to see my high school friends gf had begun getting undressed, and before long, my friend joined her as well. He wasn’t huge, maybe 3.5 inches soft, but respectable. I had seen him naked anyway, so I knew what to expect. Frankly, I was surprised he joined in. He wasn’t nearly as big as some of the other guys walking around. He had actually never seen me, I was always pretty careful in the locker room, and he never seemed to notice or care as I strategically kept myself turned away from everyone in those days.

My gf and Anna started laughing and dancing with each other while the guys stood around drinking and ogling. Even though my friend’s gf had summoned the courage to join in, she seemed to be having second thoughts god; she looked so hot, though. She was very petite and had a killer body. She was standing close to my friend, using him to hide her. I just smiled, pretended to be too drunk to notice, and kept drinking by the bar. Of course, it didn’t take long for Ann and my gf, who was no longer nervous and smiling at me. “Come on, man, it feels great outside, don’t worry about it. We’re all friends. You’ve never been to a nude beach before?”

My gf just laughed and said, “Yeah, come on. It’s fun.”

I was so nervous and excited, but I didn’t really have a choice, so I awkwardly unbuttoned my shirt while rolling my eyes, pretending that this didn’t affect me. I thought it was stupid but was going along with it, but my stomach was doing cartwheels inside. Being the last one was even worse because everybody was now watching me. Once again, Anna decided to make things even more interesting, yelling, “Yeah, TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT OFF… Ooh, nice shoulders.”

I pulled my jeans down, was practically shaking from excitement, and quickly pulled my boxers down and doing my best to play off my embarrassment by immediately dancing and faking confidence. Of course, that didn’t last long because Anna covered her mouth and was obviously trying to hold in a laugh. My face must have been bright red because she quickly said, “Ahhh, it’s okay. You must be a grower and not a shower.”

My high school friend’s gf was clearly embarrassed for me and was looking at the floor. She was clearly getting uncomfortable with this. She forced me to look down and was horrified to see that I was, in fact, barely a nub, sitting on my equally shriveled balls. It barely poked out. Dancing didn’t help as it just bounced up and down, and the other guys were kind of swaying to the music. They both kind of gave me a pitying look of ‘damn that sucks’ but were being nice and not point it out. We danced for a couple of songs, and it was obvious the other girls were stealing glances at everyone. And at one point, Anna looked right at my little guy and seemed to kind of go ‘AWW’ while laughing. But it was loud, and we were drunk, so on that, I could be wrong. Eventually, we put our clothes back on, had a few more drinks, and decided to head back.

When we were in our bed, I was ready to go, and as my gf started recounting all the looks and giggles at my expense, I came within a few seconds of her stroking me. We all got up the next morning and drove back and didn’t talk about it at all. It was such an amazing experience, although I do feel weird being around them now. I would say it was worth it, though, and it was probably the most arousing moment of my life.

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