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By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s nudey run gets some unwanted attention…

I’ve been in many CFNM situations with female friends, but yesterday was the first time that I jerked off in front of girls.

Yesterday I was at a house party, and somehow I ended streaking with a male friend of mine, we spent the rest of the party naked. I heard many comments from guys and girls about my rather unimpressive little penis, and it didn’t help that my friend is probably twice my size when soft. My penis is only 1.7 inches when flaccid. Seeing my friend’s penis, I would say he is probably about 4 inches when soft. After some time I needed to smoke, so I went to a balcony where everybody was smoking, and there were standing two girls, my friend’s girlfriend who I know very well and she saw me naked once, and her friend who I just met at the party. Completely stark naked in front of those girls, I sat on the edge of the balcony with my legs spread wide open, exposing my tiny soft penis, and I lit a cigarette. Girls had smirks on their faces, looking at my penis. And this is how the conversation between us went.

Friends girlfriend: Why are you still naked? You know you’ve got a really tiny cock, right?

Me: I know

Friends girlfriend: How small it is ?

Me: It’s only 1.7 inch

Friends girlfriend: How much bigger does it go?

Me: I’m a silver member of the small dick club when fully hard

Friends girlfriend: No way it’s that small

Me: I can show you if you want

Right in front of my friend’s girlfriend, who was smirking, and her friend, who was speechless this whole time, I started to wank myself off with just my thumb and forefinger at the beginning. I quickly got to my rather unimpressive silver member erect size.

Me: What do you think about my cock?

Friends girlfriend: It’s not that much bigger than before.

Her friend: Definitely the smallest dick I’ve ever seen on a grown dude

This whole situation was crazy. I was standing completely naked on a balcony, during a party, in front of two girls with my cock in my hand, jerking off myself.

Her friend: One time, I caught my 12-year-old brother naked in his room. His cock was similar to yours, maybe a little bit bigger

Friends girlfriend: That’s crazy, dude. You’re in college, but your dick is still in elementary school

Those comments put me over the edge, and right in front of these two girls, I started cumming. I was grunting and moaning. My orgasm was so intense that I was standing on my tippy toes, and my legs were shaking. Girls at first were shocked that they started laughing.

Friends girlfriend: Dude, your cock is tiny, and you cum fast, that’s pathetic


Another reader gets caught at work…

For background, I’m a male 24, and one of my bosses at work is a 50-something female. It was a pretty slow day, and I had already finished my work, and I was leaving in an hour. So I decided to just chill out behind the register and play on my phone to pass the time. So stupidly, I decided to go on Reddit and look through the posts in this community since it had been a couple of days since I checked last ( and I was honestly pretty horny, haha). While I was scrolling, I found a picture of this girl covering her huge boobs with her arms and holding up the small penis sign. The caption said something like, “Laughing at the thought of how small your dick would look like between my tits,” or something similar.

I ended up staring at that picture for the longest time. And I went through my camera roll and looked through some of the dick pics I took a few days. I had major Shrinkage in the one photo, and my penis was barely even two inches. And on top of that, I scrolled through pictures of me in my cage and my panties. And unknowingly to me, MY MANAGER HAD BEEN WATCHING ME ON THE CAMERA THE WHOLE TIME! I found out a couple of days later. She never brought it up to me directly, but she’s been teasing me now and then at work for the past few days. And making it obvious she knows my secret. I even took a look at the cameras yesterday for the first time (this is only my 3rd week at this job), and the quality is crystal clear. And you can see clear as day people’s phone screens on there as well, so I’m certain she saw what I was looking at. This was an actual exchange we had today.

Her: The button on my blouse broke off last night, and I tried to sew it back on, but it was so hard!

Me: Really why’s that?

Her: Because the buttons were SOOO tiny ( starts smiling and giggling). Like no seriously they were so small (as she slowly raises her hand and looks me dead in the eyes with a huge grin on her face as she holds up the small penis sign and starts laughing), it was like that big! It was so tiny I could barely even see it! (Starts laughing harder).

I feel like it’s pretty obvious she’s aware of my fetish now.


SDC Reader cdih tells us…

My first experience with SPH happened all the way back in high school, over 20 years ago.

Growing up in a family that didn’t talk about sex openly but instead considered it an off-limits topic, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I had no clue that I was even small until this happened.

It wasn’t until recently that I learned the term SPH and finally put the pieces together.

I was a generally shy teenager. I didn’t know how to interact with girls. I had one actual friend in High School, and he was more socially awkward than I was. Anytime I got attention from the opposite sex, I just crawled into my shell and tried to ignore it. In my senior year, though, one girl finally got close to me, but I had absolutely no clue she had any real interest in me. It just went right over my head. I just thought she was a cool person to talk to and spend time with.

It wasn’t until senior prom time that the light bulb went off. Looking back, I can now clearly see the signs were there. She wanted me to ask her to prom. I had no intention of going and talked to my guy friend about that fact, and she overheard. She pulled me aside and asked why I didn’t want to go, and when I told her it just wasn’t my thing, I could see the hurt in her eyes. After what seemed like 10 minutes of silence, she finally softly said, “I was hoping you would ask me to go.” I again brushed it off, saying I just didn’t see a point, that it wasn’t my thing, and I didn’t think I’d feel comfortable there. She shut me up when she kissed me. When she pulled back, she just stared into my eyes and said, “if you don’t ask me, then I guess I’ll ask you. Please, will you go to prom with me?”

I had to say yes. I had just had my first kiss, and all sorts of new feelings were washing over me. She jumped at me, wrapping her arms around me, and we made out on the couch for a while before she had to head home.

That was just over a week before prom. I didn’t have anything I needed, and making arrangements would be insanely difficult with such a short time to get everything done. The next day, my dad took the day off from work and called the school with some excuse about me being sick. He took me to a tux rental place to get fitted.

When we walked in, I didn’t notice, but it was also a bridal shop. They did both tuxedos as well as bridal gowns. My eyes saw the suits right away, and I made a beeline towards them as my dad went off to look at some of the other clothes in the shop. The shop owner caught up with me only a few seconds later, asking what he could help with. He was an older gentleman, salt/pepper hair, probably mid 50’s at the time. I told him I needed a tux for prom. His smile turned into a frown as he told me it might be really tough since we were so close to the date. He then asked, started asking me questions about waist size, inseam, chest size, etc., all of which I had no idea of how to answer. He might as well have been speaking in a foreign language to me at that point. After answering, I don’t know for the first couple of questions, and he said it would just be easier if he measured me.

As he started using the tape to measure me, he worked from the top down—Neck, Chest, Arms, Waist, and finally, the inseam. I’ve been measured again since this incident for suits, and the reps ALWAYS have me hold the tape in my groin and run it down the leg to the bottom. Not this guy. His left hand was firmly buried in my crotch, and he moved it a couple of times to adjust where it was. I could feel the back of his hand resting on my balls, and after he adjusted, I swear I heard a tiny chuckle. He stood up and had a stupid grin on his face as he read off the numbers to me. As soon as he read the inseam number, he followed it up, saying, “My hands aren’t so steady, though, and my sight is starting to go as I get older, so I usually have my daughter check my numbers. Hang on a second while I get her.”

As he walked into the back, my dad finally wandered over and asked how it was going. I told him I was getting measured, but they were worried about getting me something so close to prom. He wished me good luck and said he was going to wander some more.

As he walked away, the shop owner and his daughter appeared again, coming out of the back room. The owner stayed back as she came up and introduced herself. Like her father, she had a stupid grin on her face as she shook my hand and told me she would be retaking the numbers just to be accurate. Like her father, she worked top-down, leaving the inseam for last. Again like her father, she took the liberty of putting her hand right up into my crotch. Except she took a lot longer and kept moving the tape and her hand. This was the first time a girl had ever put her hand in my crotch, and I couldn’t help but start getting hard. It didn’t take long for my 3-inch penis to get fully hard, and I knew she could feel it on her hand. After multiple ‘adjustments,’ she finally said, “This might be easier if you drop your pants. The crease in your jeans is throwing off my numbers, and boxers are much thinner material.”

I was mortified, but I didn’t know any better as a dumb teenager, so I did what I was told. I dropped my pants and took my right leg out. She looked me up and down, smiled at me with that stupid grin again, and looking me right in the eyes, said, “I think we have a LITTLE problem here,” making sure to emphasize the little.

I could feel my face turn red, and it got really hot. Then it got worse, as I realized that my penis twitched. I was getting HARDER for some reason. I turned my head, hoping to make eye contact with the shop owner, thinking that maybe he could do something and help me. I was so embarrassed but also so turned on at the same time. He quickly put his hand over his mouth and turned back into the back room. I could tell he was laughing. I turned back, gritted my teeth for a second, asked her to please just get it over with, and shut my eyes as hard as I could. I felt her hand run up the inside of my thigh with the tape, and the back of her hand grazed the tip of my dick. She said, “Don’t worry, little guy. I won’t hurt you,” as if she was talking to a baby. Then to me, she said, “Don’t you worry either, I’m sure you’re not done growing yet.”

I really really tried to hold it back, but with the heat of the back of her hand softly touching the tiny tip of my penis, the teenage hormones running through me, and the turn-on of the humiliation, I started cumming right through the cotton fabric of my boxers.

As she shot up, laughing and trying to say, oh my god, at the same time, I tried to apologize profusely. It was then I noticed my dad standing in the doorway, his face red with embarrassment as well.

I tried to pull my jeans up and fell off the stool. I picked myself up off the floor, pulled my jeans up, and bolted out, pushing my dad out of the way. I got in the car and slinked down in the seat, trying to hide. As embarrassed as I was, I felt my tiny cock getting hard again as it replayed in my mind. My dad came out after a few minutes and got in. He didn’t start the car, just sat there silent for a few moments as I refused to even look remotely in his direction and hunched over as much as I could to hide the wetness in my crotch. Finally, he just sighed, started the car, and said, “We don’t ever have to talk about this if you don’t want to,” and started to drive.

We never did talk about it again, but I have replayed that scene in my head over and over again through the years and used it as spank bank material.

And that girl that asked ME to prom. I went to prom in one of my dad’s suits. It was only just a little bit big, but it worked, and she didn’t care at all. We got married 2 weeks after we graduated with our bachelor’s degrees. We’ve been together now for 17+ years as a married couple and over 21 years total. She has helped me to accept what I have to work with and even role plays with me to explore my newfound SPH fantasies (now that I finally know what it was). She is amazing, and I couldn’t ask for a better wife.


While this reader shares more of his college experiences…

I was walking Hallie to her car, and she said, “So, I heard that douchebag Brodie pulled your shorts down the other day.”

I asked her where she heard that, and she said some of the basketball girls were talking about it. She said she stood up for me, though, and told them I was a grower. Then she asked me if I was embarrassed. I said, “Hell, yeah! You’ve seen me soft.”

She laughed and said, “It’s so cute when it’s soft. I love it.”

I told her I wished it was her there instead of Sarah then. Sarah would never let me live it down. She told me not to worry about it because I had her and Sarah was a bitch. Then I said, “Do you know she calls me LJ, like Little Justin?”

Hallie said, “See, she’s a bitch. I’ve never liked her.”

I was confused because I always thought Hallie was the one who told Sarah about me. I guess I was wrong, and I was glad Hallie had my back.

A week later, Sarah caught me in the hall and said she needed to talk to me. I looked around and told her the last time she needed to talk, and my shorts ended up around my ankles. She didn’t even chuckle and told me it was serious. We went for a walk. She told me she found texts between Hallie and Brodie on his phone, and they were definitely fucking. I didn’t believe her, but she said Brodie admitted it. I didn’t know what to think or what to do.

I texted Hallie and told her we needed to talk, so we met up at my dorm. I just let it all out. I told her Sarah found texts on Brodie’s phone between them, and I knew they were fucking. I also told her Brodie admitted it. She had no choice but to admit it also. She told me it was a mistake and how sorry she was. She said she felt terrible and wanted to tell me but didn’t know-how. Then she said she didn’t want to lose me. I was torn because I had developed feelings for her as well. I asked her when it happened, and she told me it was two weeks before my game. That hurt because she lied about why she wasn’t there. I really felt like she was sorry, though, and I decided to stay with her. I should’ve known that was the day our relationship ended.

Sarah couldn’t believe I was staying with Hallie. She told me that Hallie told the basketball girls months ago that she only needed two fingers to jerk me off after our first hookup. She also told them I was barely 3 inches and looked like a tube of chapstick. Then she said she’d seen both of our dicks, and there’s no way Hallie was going to be faithful. It should have hurt me more than it did, but Sarah was so sexy. I couldn’t help but get turned on when she spoke to me like that.

Sarah was right, and Hallie cheated on me with Brodie again. This time I actually found out from Hallie. She texted me and said she was sorry for hurting me, but she wanted to be with Brodie. I was pissed at myself for believing her. I probably should’ve thought it out more, but I just texted ‘SLUT.’

I think I might’ve pissed her off a little because she texted back: ‘Okay LJ.’

I should’ve stopped there and just let it go, but I couldn’t. I told her I couldn’t believe she would play me like that and that she was a liar and a stupid bitch. She sent back: ‘Your little 3-inch dick couldn’t even last a minute. How long was I supposed to put up with that?’ Then she texts: ‘You know Brodie is the one who told me he pulled your shorts down that day. He said I needed a real man. Take your little boy condoms and go jerk yourself off with two fingers.’

I didn’t have a reply. I was hurt, but dammit, I was so turned on. I didn’t know how to proceed from there. How was I going to walk around campus? Everybody she didn’t already tell was going to know. Fortunately for me, my SPH experiences didn’t end there.

I saw Sarah the next day and told her she was right. I told her Hallie never stopped fucking Brodie and dumped me for him. She told me she knew they were still fucking, but she knew I wouldn’t listen to her if she told me. Then she told me I was a perfect guy, and I would find someone. I said, “Maybe since our exes are hooking up, we should just fuck.”

She laughed and said, “I’m not going to pity fuck you, LJ.”

I told her I was really good at eating pussy, though. She said, “I’d hope so. I’ll think about it, but don’t get your hopes up.”

I was able to avoid Hallie pretty much entirely. I would see Brodie now and then in the weight room. Sometimes he wouldn’t say anything, and other times he would say, “What’s up, LJ?” or, “How’s it going, little guy?”

I would just ignore him. One time he told me Hallie said hi. That time I told him to fuck off, and he just laughed.

I was jerking off every night thinking about all the things Sarah had said to me and all the ways she had made fun of me. I was trying to forget about Hallie, so Sarah became a new fantasy. Hallie was still on my mind, though. I would jerk off to all the things she said to me as well. I was beyond horny. One night Sarah texted: ‘Still wanna eat my pussy?

I replied immediately, yes.

Then she texts: ‘Come over. I’m horny.’

When I got there, she was wearing a t-shirt that went down just barely passed her ass and a thong. She was so hot. She told me to lock the door behind me as she slid her thong off. Her pussy was perfect. You could tell she really took care of it. She had a nice little landing strip shaved. I took it all in and went to work. It was amazing to hear moan like that and eventually make her cum. After we were done, she said, “Wow, you weren’t lying.”

I told her I was down to do it anytime. We sat there in silence for a couple of seconds, and then she said, “Well, thanks. See ya tomorrow.”

Before I left, I asked her if we could keep all things we do between us. She said, “It’s our little secret, LJ.”

I definitely jerked off to her that night.

We did the same thing for a couple of weeks. I would come over and eat her out. Then I would go back to my dorm to jerk off. We would hang out a little longer each time, and I enjoyed her company and her teasing. One night I came over and got to it like usual. She stopped me and asked if I wanted to fuck. I was shocked. I told her I didn’t have any condoms. She laughed and said I didn’t need one, and then she pointed to a drawer and told me to open it. Inside was a huge dildo. It was probably 8 inches long and pretty thick. I brought it back to the bed, and she showed me how much longer and thicker Brodie was in comparison. I was shocked. Then my mind went to Hallie, saying she needed a real man. Sarah told me exactly how she wanted it. I went back and forth between fucking her with this toy and eating her out. She came the hardest I had ever seen.

Our times together were so exciting, but I wanted more. I was trying to work up the courage to tell her about my kink. She was good at SPH anyway without knowing what it was all about. I wanted her to humiliate me for real. We had been messing around for a month, and I felt like it was time. I went to see her one night, and I asked her if she had ever heard of small penis humiliation. She said, “No, but it sounds pretty, self-explanatory.”

I told her I was very into it, and I like to be made fun of having a small dick. I also told her ever since she started teasing me about it, and I had been jerking off to her. She laughed and said, “So calling you ‘LJ’ turns you on?”

I told her she had no idea how much. Then she said, “Okay, I could be into this.”

She took off her shirt and exposed her tits for the first time. They were gorgeous. As I said, they were D-cups, but her nipples were tiny. I fell in love with them immediately and instantly got hard. Then she pushed them together and said, “Imagine your little dick getting lost in there.”

My dick was twitching now. She leaned in close to me, grabbed my hand, put it on her boob, and squeezed. Then she kissed me, and I lost control and came right there. It was obvious. She let go of my hand and started laughing. Then she said, “Did you just cum in your pants?” I was embarrassed, but there was no denying it. She said, “I’ve never seen a guy do that before.”

I told her that had never happened before, but she didn’t believe me. Then she told me to get her toy. I was about to fuck her with it, but then she told me to pull out my little tube of chapstick to compare. I put the toy next to my dick, and she burst into laughter. She said, “That’s hilarious! I seriously can’t believe it’s that tiny.” She went to grab it, but first, she said, “Are you gonna cum as soon as I touch it?”

I told her I would try my best not to. Then she started jerking me off.

She said, “Two fingers. Just how you like it.”

I ejaculated on my stomach in less than a minute. She got me a towel, and I used my tongue and her toy to finish her off. I wasn’t even thinking about Hallie anymore. I had officially moved on.

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