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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader enjoys his wife’s humiliation play…

When I was dating my now wife, I told her I was humiliated and embarrassed for my small penis (only a silver member hard). Which she was apprehensive about at first because she didn’t want to hurt my feelings but quickly got over because as she has told me now, “You’re so small that it’s good to go ahead and just call you out on it; because in all honesty, I always thought you were small. And now I can just be honest about it, and it’s better for our relationship.”

Anyway, we have had years to develop a good way of loving this dynamic of her being dominant and embarrassing me. She just recently finally got comfortable letting her friends and even sister in on my size.

One of the most brutal takedowns of my manhood was when she told me about her recently talking with two of her friends, and one of them brought up how her boyfriend has to tuck his dick up into his waistband when he gets a boner in public, so it’s not noticeable. Which is pretty common for most average-sized dicks. And her other friend mentioned how her boyfriend just has to do that naturally even when he is soft, so the bulge isn’t noticeable. My wife then says, “Wait, how big is he then?”

Her friend said, “I’m not sure, I haven’t measured it or anything, but if I have both hands on his dick, there’s still a fair amount of his head sticking out.”

To which her other friend goes, “Damn, that’s huge! My boyfriend isn’t small or anything, but he’s no two-hander. He’s maybe about 6 inches or so, so maybe your bf is at least 8 or 9!”

My wife then decided to shame me to them because it’s less embarrassing to be forward and embrace how small you are to them and laugh at my expense rather than have to admit and feel embarrassed herself for me. So she then interjects, “That’s really not fair! My husband literally looks like an acorn when he’s soft.”

Her friends explain it is maybe normal if he’s freezing or something but not normal for just a flaccid dick. My wife then elaborated and said, “He isn’t big at all, though. Even if he gets a boner in public, no one can really see it ’cause it’s so thin it doesn’t catch anyone’s eye except maybe in basketball shorts.”

Her friend, who is dating the big guy, then asks in a giggly tone, “So, how big is your husband then?”

To which my wife says, “Oh, it’s sad,” and shows with her fingers my tiny size. “He knows I think it’s pathetic too. Cause I tell him that his little thing is something to be embarrassed about regularly.”

Her friends apparently started cracking up and saying they feel so sorry for me and that they figured I wasn’t well endowed because I give off small dick energy. To which my wife further shames me by saying, “Feel free to let him know that you know he has a lack of manhood, and maybe if he’s cool with it, I can show you a dick pic cause it’s pretty unbelievable. But I may not even ask him anyway.”

They mention that it may be weird since they know me personally, but they were really curious about seeing it since my wife was willing to share. My wife asked, “If it’s cool with you two, I’m gonna tell him that you both have boyfriends much bigger than him where it counts. So he can feel extra embarrassed hanging out with us all next time.”

Of course, they agreed because they were not ashamed of their guys but were laughing while they mentioned that they couldn’t wait to see me again. Knowing what they probably already believed to be true was, in fact, true. My wife seemed to be empowered by emasculating me to her friends, and it turns me on so much, yet still makes me feel so unbelievably humiliated and put down. I haven’t seen those friends since this conversation happened, but we do have a trip planned with them to go camping, so I’m sure it’s bound to come up.


Another reader gets shown up by another man with a big cock…

My wife and I were recently hanging out with another couple. The woman (Jean) has been my wife’s friend for years. I get along fairly well with her husband (Ray), but our wives are truly friends, causing us to hang out with them fairly often. My wife and Jean talk about sex, of course. Jean often brags that Ray is quite hung (23 cm hard or 9 inches). For reference, I’m a bronze member hard. My wife knows I’m on the smaller side and has shared that with Jean. She is always stunned. My wife is satisfied as ‘Jamin is really on the small side.’

Anyway, my wife and I recently bought a house in the suburbs with a pool. Ray and Jean live in an apartment in the nearby major city (45 mins away). They decided to come over one summer weekend as there isn’t much to do with the lockdown.

We, of course, decided to go swimming. We had a few drinks but were enjoying ourselves. This sounds childish, but I had to take a piss after downing a few beers. Instead of going all the way inside and track water in the new house, I decided to take a piss by the side of the house. The girls thought it was funny, and just as my stream started up, Ray appeared right next to me to take a piss as well. He didn’t even hesitate and whipped his snake right out. I was kind of startled by him appearing (didn’t hear him walk up as I was a bit drunk as mentioned) and so looked over and saw his big cock spring out of his trunks. Easily 14 cms (5.5 inches) soft and quite thick (bigger than me hard). He gave the typically hung guy smirk as he noticed me looking at his cock.

I said, “Oh shit, sorry, bro, didn’t hear you walk up.”

He laughed and said, “Don’t worry, Jamin. I’m used to this thing catching some eyes.”

I sort of laughed awkwardly and then noticed his eyes move down to my own soft dick. After being in a cold pool, I was like a nubbin. He chuckled a bit and said something like, “Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to look. Don’t worry, I didn’t see much anyway,” and continued to chuckle.

I laughed this off, and we both went back to the pool to finish swimming and stuff. That night we both retire to our own bedrooms. The guest room is very close to our master bedroom. After drinking, my wife and I are horny. I fuck her hard, but we try to be quiet (easier to do when you’re small like me, lol). After we finish up after maybe 3-8 mins of see (I shoot kind of fast as well). We started to hear some muffled moaning. It grows louder and louder as we are settling down and getting dressed again. After maybe 5-10 minutes, Jean can’t contain herself and lets out a super loud moan (she must have been cumming).

Then we hear, “Yes, Ray. Fuck me with that big cock, baby,” and then some muffled whispers as Ray likely tells her to keep it down.

My wife giggles and says, wow, they are really getting after it. I laugh too, and we start to fall asleep. We hear them going at it for another 45+ minutes. Ray must have destroyed her with his big cock.

In the morning, it was a bit awkward for my wife and me. They were likely too drunk and didn’t seem to miss a beat.

Pretty tame story but very hot! I’m sure my wife imagined Ray while she fell asleep. Not sure if I even made her cum in those 5 minutes, lol.


While this reader gets pantsed by his friends…

I was leaving the weight room with my buddy Brodie. Brodie went to the rival high school, but we had become pretty close that year. He was at the university on a football scholarship so that we would work out together. He was a 6’5” ripped, 250-pound linebacker on the team. Brodie was messing around with Sarah at this time. Sarah saw us coming out of the gym and said, “Hey, LJ, I need to ask you a question about this assignment.”

Brodie walked by and slapped Sarah on the ass and made sure they would see each other that night. They would. While Sarah and I were chatting, Brodie came up from behind me and pulled my shorts and boxers all the way to the ground. I didn’t have a shirt on, so everything was on full display. I had just got done working out, and it didn’t help that when flaccid, I’m just a little head sticking out. Sarah covered her mouth and said, “Oh shit! I see 8 centimeters was very generous.”

She couldn’t stop laughing. Getting pantsed was one of my biggest fears, and to do it in front of Sarah just added to it. I pulled my shorts up as quick as I could and punched Brodie in the arm. He said, “Sorry, dude. I just figured a big guy like you, well, you know.”

Then Sarah, still laughing and waving her pinky, said, “Wrong! Bye, LJ.”

I’m sure Sarah told him why she calls me LJ, and they set the whole thing up. I was so pissed at him for that, and I just walked away. Honestly, I was so embarrassed I could’ve cried. After the embarrassment wore off, I held it in, and it started to turn me on to think about. I fantasized about Sarah and Brodie, who I assumed was very well hung, having sex while making fun of me. It was incredible.

After that fiasco, I wanted to have sex so bad. I needed to do something I felt was manly. I searched online for the smallest condoms I could find. I needed the best chance possible of filling one out. I tried to avoid any opportunities to be alone with Hallie until they arrived. It worked, and a week later, I got them.

I had to do a test fitting before putting them in use. They were still a little baggy, but they would get the job done. I invited Hallie over, and I was still nervous but trying to push through. We finished our homework, and I made a move. I was trying to control the situation. I felt like that would help me be more confident. She took her shirt and bra off, and I played with her tits. Then we both took our pants off, and I started fingering her. She said, “Please tell me you have condoms.”

I told her I did, grabbed one, and slid it on. I was trying not to psych myself out. I got on the bed and went to slide it in, but I went limp. I could not believe this was happening again. I tugged on myself a bit, but to no avail. Then I just went for it and tried to put it in. As you know, that doesn’t work. After a few failed attempts at entry, I stopped and said, “I’m sorry. I can’t get hard.”

She said, “It’s fine, babe. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. It’ll happen eventually.”

I asked her if I could eat her out, and of course, she was down. I felt like I was pretty good with my tongue. At least I was able to pleasure her somehow.

Later that week, I found out my coach had made me the #1 starting pitcher to start in the season opener. I was pumped. I went to class that day noticeably excited. I walked in and sat next to Sarah. I greeted her with a: “What’s up, Sarah?”

She said, “What’s up, LJ? Why are you in such a good mood? Did you get laid last night?” followed by a little chuckle.

I just jokingly told her to shut up. Then she said, “Well, I did. No joke, Brodie has to be like 10 inches. He’s definitely proportional to his body. Unlike someone else I know,” followed by more pinky waving.

I felt the embarrassment go through my body, but her saying that actually got me hard. It was crazy. I just smiled and said whatever.

Cut to the night after the season opener. I pitched one of the best games of my life. I had 10 strikeouts, 0 zero walks, 2 hits, 0 earned runs. The baseball fans out there will know that’s a great game. We won 3-0. Hallie didn’t make it to the game because she had to study for a test but wanted to come over to celebrate. When she walked in, she immediately dropped her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. It was insanely hot. She hopped on the bed and pulled my shorts down. I was completely soft, so just my head was poking out. She had never seen me like this, and I didn’t know what to do. I just tried to enjoy the moment.

She pulled on my dick and said, “We need to wake this little guy up.”

Another one I get to replay in my head to this day. Then she put it in her mouth for the first time. I don’t know how I didn’t explode on the spot. She blew me until I was hard and told me to get a condom. I was hustling now. I slid it on and went back to bed. I was still hard, so I knew it was finally going to happen. My new fear was how long I was going to last. I put it in, and the feeling was indescribable. I started slow and got 3-4 strokes in. Then she told me to go harder. Twenty seconds later, I told her I was going to cum, and I did.

She said, “No, babe! Already?”

I laughed and said, “What did you expect?”

She laughed back and said, “Well, I guess you’re not a virgin anymore.”

I assumed the position between her legs to finish her off—what an incredible night.

Now that I had my first time out of the way, it was smooth sailing. My next issue was cumming super fast. We had sex almost every time we hung out, but I could never last longer than a minute. She never said too much about it, but it seemed like it frustrated her. She would always hit me with the “Already?” Of course, I would apologize. I always ate her out afterward, though, so I figured it couldn’t have been too awful for her.

One night after we were done, she saw my condom wrapper on the ground. It was a brand she had never heard of, so she asked me about it. I told her I ordered them online, and I hoped that would be the end of it. Then she asked why I didn’t just go to the store and buy some. I was torn between lying and telling the truth. I thought she could just look them up, so I might as well tell her the truth. I said, “These are for smaller guys.”

She said, “Wow, I didn’t even know they made those. I guess you gotta have the right equipment.”

I just laughed, and then she got up and went to her roommates Magnum stash. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she wanted to compare. This was another embarrassing moment for me, but I was definitely turned on. She opened the packages and unrolled them. After she had them laid out next to each other, she laughed and said, “I can’t believe we tried to use these the first time. You can fit two of your dicks in there.”

I was rock hard. I laughed and said, “And that’s why we have these now.”

I went back to my dorm and jerked off to that one.


This reader gets his first lap dance…

I had a plan. I set aside some money from each paycheck for a while until I had enough money. I scoped out a few strip clubs until I found one that looked like the folks there might be amenable. And then, heart-pounding and dick soft from anxiety at the anticipation, I went in.

I already had a dancer picked out. Destiny, she called herself. I waited until she was on stage and then went over and began tipping her, before inquiring about the price for a private lapdance later, after her set. She informed me, though I really already knew, and we agreed to two songs after, and I sat back to enjoy the show.

Her pole dancing was mesmerizing. She was remarkably flexible, putting her foot up by her ear, bending over backward, and otherwise showing off each of her lovely contours. She was on the shorter side, zaftig, with dark mahogany skin and poofy, curly hair. She had breasts to die for, a cute little pudge of a belly, and an ass that could smother a man to death. When she bent forward, her cleavage formed a chasm that seemed to draw me in. When she bent backward, her boobs fell into her face, adorably awkward and sexy – always sure to get a laugh and a boner from the audience. But her most alluring feature, to my eye, was her butt. Two beautiful brown orbs, each nearly as wide across as my entire torso, through which the most enticing of ripples would spread whenever she shook her booty.

By the time she was done, my cock had entirely forgotten my jitters and was among the hardest it’s ever been. It was so engorged and dripping with precum that it might have even reached four inches, but I didn’t measure, so I can’t be certain. A small dark spot had definitely appeared on my soft grey sweatpants, that was for sure.

I tipped generously during the performance and then gladly took her hand as she led me to a private room for the dance.

Once inside, she set me down in the booth – I enjoyed how dominant and directing of me she was being – I gulped, swallowed my hesitation, and spoke.

“Hey. So I have, like, a kind of, a kinky request, if you’d care to hear me out? I’m not asking you to touch me any more than you would normally. It’s purely a, uh, verbal, uh, thing,” I quickly stammered out, blushing up at her.

She cocked one dark eyebrow and smirked down at me. “Oh? Do go on…” She said, straddling me on the seat, but not touching me.

“I, um, I’ll give you an extra $100 if you, uh,” I stammered, my heart pounding at the thought of revealing my shame to a stranger, “If you make fun of my,” I said, my voice getting quiet, “My penis. Like, for being small,” and I held out the extra $100 bill.

She lowered her eyebrow and snatched the bill out of my hand, and, stuffing it in her bra, looked down at me and said in an overly sympathetic voice, “Oh, I’m sure it’s not so bad. Here, I saw you checking out my ass earlier,” she said, which was absolutely correct. “Let’s see if we can’t get the little guy hard. I bet it’s not small at all once it’s hard.”

She turned to face away from me, displaying a perfect view of her magnificent butt, before dropping it onto my lap and grinding down on my throbbing erection. She pressed down on my lap and rolled her booty from side to side, crushing every inch of my crotch and hips with the soft, buttery rolls of her butt, pushing my cock back and forth, side to side.

“You know, I was watching you while I was on the dance floor,” she said.

My rock hard dick was in between her butt cheeks, which she squeezed together rhythmically while she spoke, almost as though she were milking me.

“I could tell you were stopping yourself from getting too turned on. You know, you’re allowed to get hard. Some people think it’s against the rules or rude or whatever, but it’s totally okay, you know? Like right now, for instance. If you wanted to get a boner and let me grab it with my ass, as long as you don’t use your hands and you keep your pants on, that would be totally fine. And out on the floor, as long as you aren’t whipping it out, it’s okay to pitch a tent.”

I gulped, my throat dry and my cock as hard as it’s ever been. “I, uh, I’m already hard,” I stammered out.

“What?” she practically shouted in disbelief. “No way! I can’t even feel you. I can’t even feel your boner,” she repeated, louder, and stood up, taking her beautiful butt away from my lap just before sending me over the edge.

Still facing away from me, she bent at the hips, leaning down and looking at my crotch, with her butt at my eye level. She leaned back, her ass squishing my head back into the cushioned seat behind me, those beautiful brown orbs smooshing against me as I felt a localized orgasm send my face into bliss.

She grabbed at my thighs and groin in several places, getting handfuls of cloth or leg and saying, “I don’t get it, I can’t feel your boner. I can’t find your dick!” she said, louder than she needed to until her hand landed on my balls. She squeezed my balls and exclaimed, “Oh, there it is!”

She turned around and kneeled in front of me, holding and squeezing my balls through the whole motion. “Oh, I know!” she said, looking up and making eye contact with me. “You must be a boobs guy, not an ass man. That’s why you aren’t hard yet.” She pulled her breasts up and set them on either side of my groin. She squeezed them together, and my entire crotch disappeared underneath them. She gave a wiggle and a smile, pulled back, and said, “Let’s see if that got the little guy up.”

She reached out and grabbed my utterly erect, pulsating cock. She smiled at me, gave it a single, solid squeeze, then grabbed my pants one handbreadth above the end of my dick. “Oh!” She reached lower again, grabbing my erection, squeezing it from several different angles and directions, getting a complete, perfect 3d model of it in her head. She looked down at my crotch the whole time, a shocked look of amazement on her face.

“Oh wow,” she said, squeezing my cock, not even stroking it, just squeezing. “This must be the smallest dick I’ve ever seen. Is this really the biggest it gets? Your cock really is this small?”

She grabbed my dick in a tight handful of pants, stretching them over my bulge (such as it is), silhouetting it perfectly, putting every inch on display, her fingers encircling the base of my shaft and my scrotum. She looked up at me with a look of shock and disbelief, almost disgust. I nodded, and she raised both eyebrows and mouthed ‘wow.’

“Do you mean to tell me that you’ve been hard this whole time, and it’s just that your little penis is so small I couldn’t even tell?”

I gulped and nodded excitedly.

“Wow! It really is tiny,” she said, looking down at it again, then back up at my face and made eye contact with me. “You really are tiny.”

She got up and straddled my legs again, but this time facing me. Her bikini cameltoe radiated heat and came down right on top of my cock, neatly enveloping it in warmth between our bodies. She rolled her hips back and forth, the friction between our two garments, creating even more heat.

“Your dick’s so small I literally can’t even tell you’ve got an erection. Have you ever had sex with this pathetic little thing? I doubt it. You couldn’t even put it inside, and no self-respecting girl would stick around after seeing that, leastwise, if you aren’t paying her. Why I bet…” and then the second song ended, and she got up.

“How was that?” She asked. I was panting, involuntarily thrusting my hips upwards. “Times up, so I hope you had a good time, little fella.”

“Please,” I gasped. “One more song. I’ll pay double your rate! Triple!” I frantically pulled the cash out of my wallet.

“Well,” she said, tossing her curls over her shoulder, taking the money, and getting back down on her knees in front of me, as the next song started. “Since you asked so nicely.”

She made a show of grabbing around for my dick through my pants again, making several false starts, even grabbed my cock, said “Nah,” and released it. Then she grabbed my balls. She positioned her hand, so she was squeezing the scrotum, separating my testicles from my body, and said, “Here it is!”

She squeezed and rubbed her hand around, crushing my balls in the most deliriously deliciously painful manner. “You want a hand job?” she whispered. I could only give a moaning grunt in reply. My faculty of speech has left me entirely.

“Here, let me jerk you off,” she said and began yanking my balls a short distance from my body. It was a sensation I’d never experienced before – overwhelming, painful, yet delightful, like sweet and spicy food, crushing my balls in waves of blissful agony. My cock and mouth drooled openly.

“Come on, make that little dick squirt for me. Is your baby dick gonna make a mess in your diaper for mommy? Huh? Are you gonna be a good boy and make a mess in your pants for me?”

And I did. My cock erupted, and I flooded my pants, producing a hugely disproportional stain. She felt me cum, and looked down and laughed. I’d cum such volumes that it looked like I’d pissed my pants, and the wet cloth clung tightly to my now twitching boner, clearly revealing its contours.

She laughed, gave my balls one last squeeze, and leaned forward to whisper in my ear. “Next time, wear an actual diaper, baby dick.”

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