Our Readers SPH Experiences 114

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is feeling nostalgic…

I knew as I grew up, my dick was small but didn’t know why. In the first two years of my life, I spent in the hospital with bone tumors and given a time of death before the age of sixteen. I missed the whole first grade of school because I caught so many sicknesses and pneumonia. I had to take first grade over again and had all kinds of shots the school nurse had to give me. They came up with the idea to send me to live on a farm.

This was a great eye-opener for me, with four other boys living on the farm and hung like horses. They had a grown daughter about twenty-one who enjoyed being there and watching us take our baths. This was done out on the lawn in a big oval tub like a water supply one for cattle. I’m glad that at the high school and in the army showers, they didn’t give outdoor prizes for the smallest dick. I would have won with no problem.

I had many girlfriends and had many blow jobs. They never complained about how small it was, but maybe because it didn’t hurt their throats. Most of them said it was their way of staying safe and not getting pregnant. I didn’t care the reason I sure enjoyed it. As I write this, I think of those and still wish I were getting them.

Had this friend Bill who had a big round deep swimming pool in his back yard. We used to have picnics and do a lot of swimming in his pool. He had a neighbor Frank and Jane, and we became friends with them at the picnics and swimming. When Jane and I were in the pool alone, and others couldn’t see what she was doing. She would grind on me and rub my dick and marbles.

When I visited their house to get or pick up something from Frank, and he was out of the room, she would take her barefoot and place in my crotch as we sat in chairs and rub and toy with it. She would do it even when he was in the room sitting at the table with us. It was not unusual when she came to our house if she didn’t do the same thing with her foot under the table. One other time, I was sick in bed, and she came to visit, and my wife had to go get medication for me. She said she sit with me till she got back, and she did. She also jerked me off while my wife was gone.

Jane was blonde and attractive and also sexy. She would call me that Frank wanted this done and that done, and he wasn’t home. She would greet me most of the time, buck naked. Being a man and a poor example of one, we would end up with me fucking her in many positions. She was a good actress, it sounded like I was killing her, she loved sex. The last time I was at her place, I will never forget. I was standing leaning back on her kitchen sink. She gets up from her chair, walks over in front of me, and unbuckles my belt. Unzips my fly and pulls down my pants. Pulls don my underwear and gives me the most fantastic blow job of my life. My little surprise for my little dick. If I could only get that again.


Another reader is pantsed…

It was during one college trip. I had a crush on one girl in my class, and my friends knew about it. So, our entire class was at a beach, and it was getting dark. So, we decide to light a campfire and play truth or dare. On my turn, I was given a dare to sing a song (pretty easy one since I am a good singer). So, I stood up, and I intentionally faced my crush to impress her. As soon as I started singing, my asshole friend sitting behind me pulled my shorts down. He pulled it by so much force that my underwear also came down with it. Everyone started laughing, including my crush. Then before I could pull my shorts up, one of the girls commented, “You’ve got a tiny penis,” and the girls started laughing even louder, including my crush.

I was so embarrassed I couldn’t react and just quietly sat down.


While this reader got caught on a school trip…

During a college trip to Italy, I was taking a shower after walking all day. Others were playing some water games outside when the cute blonde brash schoolmate (the girl was always dating older guys, was the first one to have sex.) ran into the room. She closed the door fast after laughing, and I thought I hid fast enough. Guess I was wrong because, at dinner, another girl I knew came from the girl’s table and told me the blonde one told them she saw me nude. I told her it was OK. She saw nothing because I hid fast enough.

She answered I was wrong that the blonde saw it and told them it was tiny and laughed. I was embarrassed and said nothing while she went back to her table with the other girls (we were all schoolmates, some of them I knew from elementary school). That’s when I heard my neighbor and longtime crush ask her, “What did he say?”

She said, “Nothing much,” and the table of 5 or 6 girls laughed more or less discreetly


This reader gets a rating he didn’t expect…

Quick anecdote. Last night my wife and I were having sex. We started out on our sides as we sometimes do. She seemed pretty into it, and after a while, I rolled on top of her in missionary. Her exact words were: “Oh, there it is! Now I can feel that little dick!”

Unsurprisingly I came shortly thereafter.


Another reader is partying with his junk out…

I went to a restricted beach party once where the guy who owned that part of the beach made the party clothing optional. Most of the partygoers minded their own business and didn’t react at all to my size. I’m small when soft. I did, however, have two moments that were SPH. The first was that when I was talking to my friends near the fire, a girl who was nearby said, loud enough that we all heard, “How can anyone be that shriveled up when there’s a warm fire and naked women around?”

The second was actually a friend of mine. Shortly after the previously mentioned girl left, she said, “Don’t let her get you down, you have no control over what God gave you. I think it shows you’re comfortable and confident about your size.”

The words themselves aren’t much, but the tone of her voice was almost how you’d console a child.


While this reader thinks nude beaches are not all they’re cracked up to be…

I love going to nude beaches and have been quite a few times. Unfortunately, most people like to not bother other people or be bothered, so they stick with the groups they show up with. Normally, I can see the quick glances and smirks or the not as subtle as they think to nudge to their friends or whispers. I have not really had anyone say anything directly to me about my dick on a nude beach although I did overhear a woman tell her friend, “That’s the guy I was telling you about,” after I intentionally walked in front of their group on my way back to my towel for maybe the third time since they were sat fairly close to me.

I think the best bet is to try something like that guy from the video (posted a lot) where he left a camera on his bag or something to catch people that didn’t think he could see them.


Jsmally tells us his SPH experiences…

The relationship started out normal enough. As friends, we talked about everything. She shared with me how her boyfriend at the time had a big cock, was very thick, his head was large. He was always rock hard, and he fucked her really hard and fast every time. She pretty much every time she had powerful g-spot orgasms, which she had not ever had before. She said she liked to fuck him outdoors, take it doggie, and, most of all, loved riding his huge cock. She said it completely filled her up. She had been with a guy who had a six-inch penis before and not very thick, but it was still pretty hard. She said it was totally different.

We started dating eventually after becoming friends for a long time. We had sex once a week. Apparently, she couldn’t feel me after about one minute. This went on for about a year. She never told me, as she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I’m a pretty confident guy, and she thought that the way I talked, I would have a big one.

It was quite the opposite. When she first saw my penis, she was shocked but did not tell me. She had been with two guys before me. One had a large cock, and one was average. I was tiny. One time she was frustrated in trying to ride me. It kept slipping out. She asked me to put a pillow under me; she didn’t tell me why. She told me she had to tell me something but then hesitated and said it’s not PC.

I sort of suspected it was because I was tiny. Specifically, at best, I’m a silver member of the small dick club. My girth is very thin. It brings pencil dick to a new level. And the head of my penis is also small, so when I enter her, it just glides right in. With her other boyfriend, she told me she had to ease onto it every single time until she got used to it and then LOVED IT. After one minute of being in her, she could no longer feel me. She let me borrow a few of his condoms. They were magnums and huge on me. I’ve been with thirteen girls. I always thought that’s just what a pussy felt like super wet and loose. Not the case.

One day, we went to a sex store. Just browsing, I asked if she could point out the size of her boyfriend’s cock. She quickly pointed one out to me on the wall. It was thick and about eight inches. We left. I decided to go back later and buy it, along with a strap on harness. We drank one night, and I said that I bought it and if she wanted me to wear it. She said YES very quickly. I put it on, with my tiny penis hanging out the side, which was very skinny and soft.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. She got on top and eased on it, while my dick would slip right now. The look on her face was pure ecstasy. She was screaming and enjoying herself as I had never seen before. I asked her if it really felt like his, and she said it was exact, complete with the fake veins. The look on her face was something she had NEVER displayed with me before. She wasn’t trying to be mean, but just completely enjoying herself, she even started calling out his name. That freaked me out a little bit, but I also knew how very much smaller I was, that I could almost never get fully hard.

At any rate, we continued to use it. She said it felt just like him: long, thick, always rock hard, he could pound her fast, which she told me she loved, and I would go very slow, or I would cum too quick. She told me that she wished when we first started hooking up that I wouldn’t go so long. I’d usually go for about 20-30 mins. She stopped feeling anything after about a minute, but she never said anything.

She just took my short, incredibly skinny (it’s probably one of the skinniest I’ve seen), and her as well, when pornos came on, you always see the big rock-hard cocks that fuck girls hard. She asked me if it made me jealous and to ALWAYS see a guy were larger than me who could fuck hard, unlike mine, and how slow I go. She also shared things with me as her gynecologist asked her if she was sexually active and, if so, was he well-endowed. They could apparently tell from the tests that she was stretched. She said they did it about twice a day or more. I was once a week. And she just wanted it to end.

Another time when we were dating during our first year, she wanted me to do her on the stairs in front of her apartment. We went out for drinks, and so not only was I my usual tiny cock, it was even softer than normal. It slipped in one and then came right back out. Apparently, she liked her ex-boyfriend do fuck her outside. Usually doggy. They also used to fuck on her balcony. I tried that as well, and it was the same thing, but my dick was too small on every single level. She called it about a few minutes trying to get in there, and she never tried it again.

So, I knew that her ex-boyfriend was large and that he was way better than me in bed, which she did acknowledge. HOWEVER, one thing we never hit on was my size and her issues with it. I finally brought it up one night. I asked her if she thought I had a small dick. Her eyes lit up, and she had a big smile. Like she had been waiting for me to say something. She said, “YES, you’re small.”

I apologized to her, she was just so thankful that I owned it. I told her there are some other things to talk about as well: not only is it ‘small’ but it’s also a complete pencil dick. She tried to deny it at first, but I looked her in the eye and said, “I’m way more than just some guy with a five-inch dick that is just a little thinner.” I said, “I have the smallest penis we have ever seen in any pornos.”

Truly short, and so unbelievably skinny, I can’t get it even remotely hard (literally, it’s like a wet noodle sometimes there isn’t any rigidness to it. I can’t fuck her hard just really slow, so I don’t come. Even average size condoms are way too big on me and end up moving around or falling off. I have never made her cum, and on top of that, my balls are tiny, which I guess is befitting to the unit.

I told her I was really sorry and should have told her the first time she got on top of me but stopped trying after my little soft, skinny dick kept falling out or couldn’t even get it in. She said she wanted to say something but knew that it would mean telling me that I was so inadequate she couldn’t even feel me. It basically sent the message that I can never fuck her like a guy who was bigger could. Even the guy she had who was average with a six incher, who she said wasn’t particularly good in bed, but he blew the doors off me.

I also told her that I had comments made by girls in the past. That gladdened her because it didn’t make it feel like she was stretched out from her earlier boyfriend. I told her a couple of girlfriends ago, one girl I dated on and off, ended up having a talk with me. That things weren’t working. She said I was really small. She had slept with about 25 guys at the time, and I was the smallest.

She also told me this other guy she started dating was very hung – (9+ inches). She bought a huge strap on. I showed the video to my girlfriend. She was shocked, loved it, and was reassured that I wasn’t lying. Another girl I dated started dropping comments that I was ‘little’ in a half-joking way. The boyfriend before me was 7+ inches and fairly thick. I never used a strap on her, but I did use an eight-inch dildo. The look on her face was pure ecstasy—size MATTERS.

So ever since I came clean about everything, my girlfriend wanted to say but didn’t want to hurt my feelings she completely ran with and was OK with. We were both relieved. So, I was totally at ease now, and so was she—no more hiding or pretending. I am inadequate and can’t please her like she was used to. And she had no problem vocalizing that, telling me I was a terrible lay.

At one point, she said that she was going to break it off and just remain, friends, because the sex was so bad. From there on out, she always had me wear the strap on. She got off on it so good, and she also got off on her demanding when I was to put it on. It really turned me on that she was bold enough to not request but demand that I wear a real cock, which again looked and felt just like her previous boyfriend’s cock.

There was something about shame. She would agree to suck on my little dick from time to time, making fun that it’s so easy to get my entire, soft, short, pencil dick in her mouth that was never hard. She said it was easy to do, but when I took my pants off, there was nothing arousing about a tiny cock and balls. I loved that she controlled me and spoke her mind and completely got off in front of me like she was fucking her ex. When I put that big eight-inch, thick, hard, realistic cock on, she had me move my tiny penis to the side and said that I could stroke it.

But she needed a real cock. I loved seeing her get off. And she would tease and humiliate me too. Saying things like, ‘I have the smallest penis ever, you didn’t please any of your ex-girlfriends, they laughed at me and told their friends how tiny I was and how do I feel that I have to wear a huge strap on dildo to pleasure her, that she would sit on right it right in front of me and constantly tell me how much better it felt, how much better her ex was than me.’

It turned me on so much. She told me that she complained about me being really tiny to her girlfriends. One kept encouraging her to just tell me I’m tiny, but she didn’t want to hurt my feelings. Her friend said that she had to endure short, pencil dick with a tiny penis head. It turned me on that another girlfriend thought the same as well. They had both been with big cocks and a smaller one, but never as tiny as mine. Oddly, it turns me on that both her friends know I am itty bitty, and the ex was such a good fuck.

I’m really glad that I told her I was the problem. It runs her on to make me wear such a huge cock to fuck her, and she is so vocal about how good it feels. I love thinking about her ex fucking her so well. She’s so brutally honest that I am.


This reader tells us his own little dirty story…

I am 50 years old and am a silver member of the small dick club. Ever since my girlfriend began cheating on me, I have begun stealing panties of our young (21 and up) female friends. I would wear these panties whenever I was around our friends. Recently, one woman, a very beautiful 24-year-old, began flirting with me. She’d invited me to the home that she and her boyfriend shares. She had told me that her boyfriend has never made her cum, and she wants to do a threesome with two men.

One night, while visiting them, I had excused myself to use their bathroom. Right next to the toilet was a dirty laundry basket. While standing their peeing, I glanced at the laundry and saw the unmistakable patterns of a sheer, lace panty. It was pink and looked new. I reached out and pulled it from the basket and quickly shoved it in my pocket.

At the end of the evening, I went home and went straight to my bathroom. I pulled the panty out of my pocket and began slowly rubbing it up and down my extremely hard dick. It felt so soft and good, my dick was dripping streams of pre-cum. I found the gusset and slipped the head of my dick in between the gusset. It was a small fit, and it felt like a tight cunt around my dick. My pre-cum quickly soaked her panty. I put on some panty porn and began jerking off with that pink panty.

Finally, after nearly an hour of jerking, I felt my dick pulse, and I shot a massive load of cum all over that panty. The next day, I went to visit the young couple. Again, she was flirting with me, so I told her I wanted one of her sexiest panties. A few minutes later, she tossed a black lace panty at me and laughed. I put it in my backpack and announced I was leaving. However, before leaving, I used the bathroom once more.

I quietly reached into my pocket and took the panty that was soaked with my cum out and tossed it into the laundry. I hung out with them for about an hour, and I saw that my hostess went into the bathroom and was in there for a few minutes. I kept thinking that she was taking so long because she had discovered her pink panty soaked with my cum. When she did exit the bathroom, she seemed unchanged and normal.

I went home and jerked off thinking about her and her panties. The next morning, she messages me on messenger wishing me a good morning. She tells me her boyfriend is asleep. I take this opportunity to ask her what she wanted me to do with the sexy panty she had given to me. She replies, “Did you cum in my panties?”

Well, when I came home, the first thing I did was put on that black lace panty and jerk off. However, I didn’t come in that panty, but it was pretty wet from all the pre-cum from my dick. So, when she asked me if I came in her panty, I said, “No. Is that what you like me to do with it, you freak?”

And she replied, “No. I need to know, did you cum in my pink panties that were in my bathroom?”

OMG! I was caught! I asked her, “What are you talking about?”

She replied, “I found a pair of my pink panties that were in my dirty laundry, and it was soaking wet with cum.”

I said, “How do you know it was cum?”

She replied, “Because it smelled like cum.”

She went on to say that this has happened to her panties before but wouldn’t say anymore. She sounded upset, so I said, “No. I didn’t. When did I have the time to go in your bathroom and jerk off and cum in your panties?”

She was silent, then said, “OK, I guess you’re right.”

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