Our Readers SPH Experiences 113

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader cops an eyeful at the gym…

The COVID situation sucks. I hope all of you are staying healthy and safe. One thing I miss most is going to the gym and working out. It is my one escape. My girlfriend, Lily, and I share the same love. Her body shows her hard work. She has tight abs and butt. She has enough muscles in all the right places. Once a week, she has a personal trainer with whom she has been working for over a year. His name is Omar. He is bald, black, and 6’4. The dude looks like he is chiseled out of granite. So, Lily and Omar have this great, playful repertoire.

Omar is extremely touchy-feely. He is handsy, always touching her waist or standing behind her to spot when she squats. Lily doesn’t seem to mind. Omar is usually wearing a tank and shorts that are too thin. I swear I can see his sizable bulge from across the room. One day, he was spotting Lily on the bench. His bulge was not more than a foot from her face. I swear she was staring.

Lily is always laughing and joking. She seems always to be high-fiving him, slapping him on the arm playfully. After a workout with him, her endorphins must be running high- she always seems to be in a great mood. Omar said this. Omar said that. He is sooo funny. Lily is a flirt. She always has. She is outgoing and loud…always seems to be the center of attention in the room.

Is all this harmless? I’m sure, right? But I can’t help but think that Omar wants my girl. I’ve seen him stare at Lily’s ass. Eyes don’t lie. I’ve seen him look at her up and down. So it’s gotta be in my head, right?

Now, this part really fucks me up a bit. One day, I’ve seen Omar in the locker rooms. Let me tell you- not only is there not an ounce of fat on him but there is also not an ounce of shame. He doesn’t believe in ever wearing a towel. He is always walking around, having small talk with his buddies, cock out. You can’t miss him.

For me, I’ve finally gotten over my shyness to forgo the towel in the locker room and let my small dick roam free. It took me years to finally come around to that. It’s been an amazing and liberating experience, however, at this moment. I wished I were wearing a towel. Especially after workouts, I’m showing a tiny inch, wrinkled acorn. Then, we were heading to the showers.

Omar goes, “Wassup, bro?”

Looks me up and down with a silly grin on his face. I can’t help but look. I saw his cock. He was hung like a horse, probably 7 inches soft and heavy, thick, and uncut. Hands down the biggest soft cock I have ever seen live. He caught me looking. He smirked.

“Tell Lily hello for me,” and continues, swinging cock and all to the showers.

That exchange was too much. I’m not going to lie. I had to at once go jerk off in the showers. All I could think about is Lily fucking that giant cock.

Later that night, I told Lily that I saw Omar in the showers. She at once perked up. “You saw his cock?”

“Unfortunately,” I said.

“So, how was it?”

“Probably the size of your forearm. It was ridiculous.”


I was like, how did you know?

“It’s his swag. It’s the way he carries himself. Plus, his little as shorts ain’t hiding anything. But babes,” she said, “I love your perfect little dick. It’s perfect for me. I’m glad it’s NOT big.”

Sure thing, Lily.


Another reader is caught in the buff…

When I was a senior in high school, my friends and I used to go over to John’s house after school fairly regularly. The two main reasons for this: usually, his mom (or her boyfriend) wasn’t home, and it was literally 20 yards from the school parking lot. You could have walked around the outside of the parking lot down to the street and sidewalk, or you could walk down a steep hill and get there much quicker. Unless it was raining or snowing, we almost always walked down this hill to get to his house as a straight line is the shortest distance between two places.

On this occasion, it hadn’t been raining that day, but it hadn’t really been warm or sunny enough to really dry out the hill. Our group of 5 slowly walked down the hill, and my clumsy ass slipped. I lost my balance and slid on my back down the hill. My shirt, jeans, and hair were just caked in mud. We all laughed and went on our way to John’s house. Once we got inside (and with some help), we got as much mud off me as possible with some towels, covered the kitchen chair I would sit on with a beach towel, and did what we usually did after school: sat around and talked.

After about 45 minutes, John’s mom, Dee, got home. Dee was in her late 40’s, very chubby with shoulder-length brown hair (usually tied in a ponytail), and she was in her work clothes (jeans and a t-shirt). For whatever reason, I thought she was super attractive (in hindsight, she wasn’t), so I was always happy to see her (in many ways). After saying hi and doing her usual routine, she asked me what happened as I still had some mud caked in my hair. I told her what happened, she laughed and said, “Come on, go take a shower, and I’ll wash your clothes for you. I know John didn’t offer because he doesn’t know how to use the washer.”

She told me to leave the door unlocked and to hang my clothes on the door handle. She’d reach in and take them while I was cleaning myself up. I stripped, hung the muddy clothes on the door, put my underwear and socks on the bathroom counter, and hopped into the shower. I took a regular shower, got out, and started to towel off. There was a knock on the door. It was John. He told me that he and the rest of the guys were going to a sports bar to get wings and that they’d save me a spot at the table. I told him I’d be over as soon as my clothes were dry.

I finished drying off, and then I looked around the bathroom as I couldn’t find my socks and underwear. Dee had taken them along with my muddy clothes. I had planned on putting those back on and wrapping myself in the towel, but now I was stuck. I didn’t feel comfortable walking down the hallway in just a towel, so I resigned myself to being stuck in the bathroom until my clothes were dry. I sat down on the toilet, grabbed a magazine in there, and started flipping through it.

I didn’t have a watch (and this was before everyone had a cell phone), so I couldn’t tell you how long I was in there, but it was at least half an hour. I had taken my towel off and flung it on the counter (as it was chaffing my butt) and got bored with reading the few magazines that were in there. I got up and looked in the medicine cabinet and spotted John’s spray deodorant. I grabbed it, read the bottle (as I had never used it before), and applied some. While this was going on, I heard Dee in the hallway talking to someone (I didn’t know if she was on the phone or if her boyfriend had come home), and then the bathroom door opened.

On instinct, I turned to face the door. Dee was holding my folded clothes in one hand and while she still had her hand on the door handle. It probably only lasted maybe 2 seconds, but I wasn’t exactly ready for the audience. My flaccid little member was on full display for her. Dee let out a little surprised, “OH,” and she quickly pulled the door closed. “I’m so sorry! I thought you were in John’s room! His door was closed!”

I stammered a reply like, “I didn’t have any clothes, so I didn’t want to leave the bathroom.”

She apologized again and said the clothes were kind of damp, but she’d leave them outside the door and go downstairs so I could change. I was horrified that she had seen me naked, but I had gotten so hard once I realized what happened. I waited until I heard her footsteps going down the stairs, opened the door, grabbed my clothes, and got dressed as fast as I could. On my way out, I thanked her and said goodbye.

Every time I saw her after that, she never said anything, but she had a little smirk on her face like ‘I know.’


While another reader sends a dick pick and regrets it…

This is the story of my very first encounter with SPH. It happened during my senior year of high school. One night I received a text from an unknown number, but it had a local area code, so I decided to text back and find out who it was. They claimed to be a girl from our rival school the next town over, claiming to have a crush on me to real me in after some flirting and setting. She asked for a nude picture of me and that I am erect. Being the horny teenager, I was I did it without a second thought.

Then comes her reply, “Is that it?”

I sent back, “What did you mean? Is that it? Does it look small to you?”

She said, “Yes, it does because I normally only date black guys, and for a good reason.”

But the humiliation had only begun. It turned out it was a girl in my class who had heard rumors about my size. She said the picture and sent it to all the other girls in our senior class. So, my chances of getting dates were already slim went to absolute zero, and it wasn’t long before the entire high school knew about my silver member dick.


This reader is hazed in high school…

In high school, I was sort of a late bloomer. I wasn’t all that excited about having to shower with other dudes, but I figured whatever just gets in and out and attracts the least amount of attention possible. So, I stroll into the showers, and all is going well till the guy next to me goes, “How’s it hanging?”

And I start to say all good before his eyes drop down to my crotch, and he cuts me off with, “Oh wait, it doesn’t.”

This catches the attention of the other few guys in there, and they start chuckling a bit, ribbing me about it till one comes up with, “It looks like an acorn stoned on a hackysack.”

That’s how I got the nickname hackysack in gym that quarter, so much for going unnoticed. After that, I decided to measure myself hard, hoping for a better result, but after comparing my silver member’s erect penis to the average, I knew I was small.

A few years later, after I fucked my current girlfriend for the first time, I asked her how I compared her to her ex (a classmate of mine that I had a pretty contentious relationship). She told me he was at least twice as long and noticeably thicker but came way too fast for her. The only time she really missed it was when I was in her from behind, that she couldn’t really feel a whole lot with me.


Another reader has the dick pic blues…

In high school, I sent a dick pic to this girl in my class. Looking back, I was stupid because I sent the picture of myself soft, and it’s barely a nub. She initially responded with a picture of her and another girl in my class, smiling with the caption, ‘You’re so hot.’ She then asked me to send her more. So I sent her a bunch more from all kinds of different angles and close-ups. She basically got an extremely detailed view of my penis.

She screenshotted every picture I sent. She told me it was ‘ginormous’ (I think she was sarcastic), and it ended there. It wasn’t until later when I heard a bunch of girls talking about the pictures she received. I don’t think she named me, but she definitely shared all my dick pics with the class. The girls were relentless in making fun of my size. All I could do was sit back and listen.


While this reader found the right sleeve…

My wife and I experimented with a perfect fit ‘Fat boy thin sleeve,’ which increases girth and length.

My dick looked huge to me with the sleeve on. With the sleeve on, I’m above average and about seven inches long girth. Feeling my sleeved cock with my hand was amazing, and my wife was apprehensive. But then she slowly pushed it into her, and my mouth just dropped open. Then she said, “It’s just a dick. It feels like a dick.” Then we started fucking. She was on top. Then she starts saying, “Oh my God, oh my God dude, oh (my name) dude…”

I was having an enjoyable time, “This is awesome, I’m glad you like it”

Then she looks down at me with a look of pity. “You don’t understand… It’s so much better… Oh, my God. Its… So … Much better…” with so much shock, pity, and enjoyment from the fucking in her voice. Then added, “It just feels like a dick,” shaking her head, “Oh my God, it’s so much better…” With apologies and pity in her voice.

I’m a lead member (small girth).


This reader got a happy ending…

I went for a massage today. Nothing unusual. I get one day off per week. However, I’m currently moved to work due to COVID. Never been to this specific place, but I’m sore as hell. Get the one-hour massage, and as is usual at most of the places I’ve gone, I leave my underwear on. She starts working my back and lowers my underwear. Again, nothing unusual. She continues to work my back and asks if I’m ok with taking off my underwear. Sure. Not a problem. She keeps working my glutes and thighs and calves.

Then she asks me to flip over. I ask for a towel. She said: “No, no, it’s OK.”

I flip over. She laughs so hard and loud. She walks out of the room for a minute and starts speaking her native language. She comes back in and asks through gestures if I want her to tug at me. She puts the oil on and starts giving me the two-finger stroke. Then the three fingers.

She tries using her whole hand, but it’s too difficult considering the size with all the oil. So she goes back to the three-finger grip and finishes me off. She cleans me up and starts sanitizing everything.


Another reader gets some professional SPH…

I’ve just had the best sex ever with an escort (it’s legal here in NZ, and we are in alert level 2, so it’s all ok). We pretended that I was a tinder hook up, and I said I had a big dick, and when I got out of the shower, I dropped my towel to pure disappointment! She then measured me for length and girth turns out I’m a bronze member erect on a good day! I then went down on her for ages; she then got out the smallest extra slim condom and put on me and gave me a BJ, then we had sex for a bit, and I went back to going down on her, she was so wet, and I went back in, and she couldn’t feel anything at all! I finished by coming on her belly and licking it off!! It was amazing!


While this reader gets caught without a bulge…

So last night, her sister was sleeping in our living room. I was the first to wake up (that’s what I thought) and was just wearing a tight shirt and my G-String. Do you know what happened? Surprisingly, she stood in front of me, and of course, she was instantly looking at my tiny black triangle. She knows my dick is tiny (we told about it when I was really drunk, and she was so ‘understanding’) and that I only serve her sister orally.

So, I stood there with sleepy eyes. She looked at my tiny area and started to smile! I didn’t notice it at first, but then I turned around and tried to hide. But, of course, there was nothing to hide with, and she saw the string in my butt crack. Her smile was so big, and my tiny was instantly trying to get hard (what the fuck?). I’m so ashamed and sexually aroused too.

You have to know she is the typical kind of extremely hot girl: long blonde hair, not so tall, sports student, huge tits in a tight tank top, tight yoga pants. Over the years, she sometimes saw me naked, too (we really are like one family).

Now I’m sitting here, hiding in the bathroom, with my little hard-on. I’m still wearing my G-String/thong and feel so humiliated by her smile but also so turned on. I didn’t plan it in any way, but that was true SPH today, and I’m kind of thankful for this situation!


Reader Aspiringgreekstatue poses for his SPH experience…

Recently I worked up the courage to pose as a nude art model for the first time. It’s something that has rattled around my brain for years, and I figured the outcome would either be that I overcome body issues or get some good material for the wank bank.

It ended up being a bit of both – while it was by and large an empowering thing to stand, sit, lay on a platform completely naked, my status as a member of the less endowed population was commented on: several times, the artist organizing kept asking if I was cold. (“Are you SURE you’re not cold?” I really, really was not) When looking over the drawings of me afterward, a female artist even said that she was reminded of a Greek statue! I got to keep some of the pics and have received some good-natured ribbing from my friends about it as well. Plus, I got paid decent money for the experience! I definitely think I’ll be doing this again.


Another reader’s confession leads to some exhibitionism…

I caught up with an old friend from university days. Just been joking around. Not really into her in a sexual way (not initially, at least). We started sharing memes, and I sent her a couple of small penis memes. She found them hilarious. Said she had never known a guy with a tiny dick.

Normally I never do this, but I had been edging for a while, so I guess I was a little extra horny and not really thinking straight. I said, quite sure you know one. Me. I told her I’m a gold member hard. She laughed it off. The next day she started me pics of things around the house. Lipsticks. Bananas. Pens. Stuff like that with a caption that said bigger than you. I replied with pics of mini coke cans. USB drives.

Today after a week of this. I asked her if she wanted to see it. She said sure. I told her to let me get hard first, but she started a video chat. I showed her my semi. She fucking got hysterical. I immediately got hard. And she kept laughing for a minute, at least. Finally, she said after trying to form coherent sentences that I had been joking this whole time. She didn’t actually believe penises that tiny existed.

I think I want to marry this woman.

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