Our Readers SPH Experiences 110

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader cucked himself…

Before my wife and I got married, she broke up with me to fuck this guy. She actually fucked him while we were still dating but then broke up with me so she could keep fucking him. She told me that it was because she ‘needed to get fucked’ and that I wasn’t satisfying her.

So, for a few months, she shacked up with this guy, and then he broke up with her to go back to his wife, and she came back to me.

After we got back together, I wanted to know about this guy’s dick. I know. It’s weird. But she cheated on me with him and then broke up with me, so I figured he must have had something serious.

She wouldn’t tell. I begged her. Bothered her. She wouldn’t tell me. Until finally, one night, when she was drunk, she admitted that he was longer, thicker, and even that he fucked better than me. She still wouldn’t tell me how big he was.

So, I needed to know. I had to know. I was obsessed.

I came up with a plan. It was a fucking stupid plan. I message the guy on Facebook.

I told him that my dick was only five inches and that she told me that I was bigger than him and fucked better than him. This was a lie for a few reasons. For one, my dick is only four inches, but I couldn’t bring myself to admit that to him. I sent the message. My heart was racing. I couldn’t believe that I sent it. But I was so horny, and I had to know. I wanted him to be bigger than me.

He messaged me back. Laughing. He wrote, ‘Haha! You got a baby dick. She obviously told you that stuff to make you feel better.’

So, there it was. He fucked my girl, and now he was making fun of my dick. I deserved it. I bothered him. He really hadn’t done anything wrong in this story. But, my horny-ness had worn off. I was somewhat of a man again. I didn’t like the way he was talking to me. I insulted him and told him I was going to kick his ass. This was a stupid thing to do.

He wrote me back. Said I was a little bitch and that the next time he saw me, I was going to get my ass kicked. Alright. Got to do something. Number one, I don’t want to get my ass kicked. Number two, I’m starting to worry that he’s going to tell someone.

I wrote him again. I apologized. I said, ‘I’m sorry for bothering you. You’ve obviously got the bigger dick. I mean, you fucked my woman, and I could never fuck your woman. So please don’t kick my ass, and please don’t fuck my girl anymore.’

I know. I know. Pathetic. But I was really hoping not to get my ass kicked and hoping he wouldn’t tell anyone.

He wrote me back. ‘That’s right. Now leave me the fuck alone.’

That’s where I should have stopped, and I did for a while.

About six months later, I’m drunk. I’m horny. I message him again. I say, ‘Listen, I’m sorry, but I just have to know. How big is your cock? You cucked me, and I just have to know. Please tell me. Mine is only four inches.’

I sent it off and about had a panic attack. I couldn’t believe that I’d sent that message to this man that fucked my woman. Fucked her behind my back and did such an excellent job that she broke up with me! He wrote me back!

‘I don’t know what it is with you guys and being obsessed with this dick. You’re not the first, but you’re the most persistent. I mean, I never really thought eight inches was that big, though. It must be the thickness she’s talking about. Yeah, that’s it.’

I wrote him back and thanked him. We messaged a bit more after that, but it’s not super relevant. It was mainly him saying that he would fuck her again if I wanted, but I declined. He ultimately said he might do it anyway, and I asked him not to and didn’t hear from him again.

A few months later, I asked my now wife about him. I told her the whole story. All of it. Everything you see here. I asked if it was true. She didn’t want to tell me. She was kind of upset that I’d reached out to him. I apologized. She finally, not really wanting to, told me the truth: his cock was fucking huge. 8.5 inches and very thick. At least 6 inches around. And he knew how to use it.

We talked some more. She jerked me off and made fun of my size while talking about how big he is and how much better he fucked her. Now she regularly makes fun of my dick and talks about his. Either while fucking me or giving me a handjob.

Yeah, she cucked me, but I love her. And it’s not like she cucked me just because of my dick. I was kind of a jerk back then. I still am in some ways. I’m trying to be a better person. But god, if it didn’t turn me on a lot to find all of this out. I mean, what could be more humiliating than having the guy that cucked you make fun of your dick? And then to have your wife confirm it, know it, and do it to you too?


Another reader wrestles with a small problem…

When I was in high school, I joined the wrestling team because I thought it looked cool. Everything was fine until they told me I had to wear wrestling singlets. During practice, I wore it under very tight underwear. I occasionally made fun of my team because they told me it looks like I have no dick. My default answer was that I was embarrassed to show the outline of my dick to everyone. Of course, this led to the occasional small dick joke, but I disregarded them.

The thing is, wearing any type of long underwear under a wrestling singlet leads to some pretty bad chafing and pinching under such extreme movement. I told my friends about this before my school’s first competition, and he recommended that I would buy a jockstrap as it had minimal fabric but keep my dick and balls in place. So, I went out to my local sports store and bought some.

Fast forward to competition night. I was already wearing my jockstrap throughout the day. So, I just had to put on my wrestling singlet. I looked at myself in the mirror and the obvious print of my one-inch flaccid penis and balls to my horror. I at once panicked, but I didn’t have a change of underwear or anything. So, I just had to suck it up and go out. To console me, I told myself, ‘Who even goes to these things? My family isn’t here, none of my friends are here, it’s just going to be some stranger’s family and other people I don’t know.’

So, my teammates all walk out on the arena to wrestle. And to my shock, not only was it packed because it was the first competition of the year, but classmates from my high school were there, a couple of my male and female friends were there, and a couple of my teachers were there. I legitimately almost died of embarrassment.

I was up. All eyes are on me, my friends and classmates are all watching me. I looked around and waved at everyone cheering me on, exposing my obvious one-inch bulge coming out of my singlet. I could feel my face burning as I heard a few snickers and laughter coming from my classmates. I made eye contact with my female and male friends as they half-heartedly gave me a thumbs up. But it was time to wrestle. And surprisingly, I won. Everyone from my side of the benches cheered on again as I looked at them and waved, exposing myself yet again.

In the locker room, I probably was spared of small dick jokes because I won that night. But later down the line, they started to come in because I never wore a jockstrap again. After the competition, when I went back to school, I talked to my female friend, and the topic of me wrestling and winning came up.

She embarrassingly told me, “Hey, you should wear tight underwear or something while wrestling. I saw you wrestling; it kind of told everyone that you have a small dick. Well, it just looks unflattering.”

That week I got weird stares from the people that attended. Was it because they now know my dick size? I never asked, but I’m sure some nasty rumors spread because people who didn’t go started to give me weird faces.


While this readers experience shows SPH is as old as man…

It was 1966, and I was a Senior at a small high school about 30 miles south of Chicago, Illinois. I had been ‘starter’ at third baseman on the varsity baseball team since my Sophomore year. During a practice after the second game of the season, I injured my shoulder. The coach took me to the local emergency room to get XRAYs. The emergency room doctor told me I should consult with an orthopedic doctor because the XRAYs were inconclusive.

I obtained a referral from my primary care physician and made an appointment to see the orthopedic doctor. He took additional XRAYs and determined there was no permanent damage, but I had severely strained my shoulder tendon and ligaments. He gave me a cortisone shot and said that it would be at least 2 weeks before I could begin any baseball activities, but I would need to see him before I started.

Two weeks later, when I saw him, he told me I could begin throwing again but cautioned me to take it easy, and if I felt any pain, I should stop. He also warned me my shoulder and arm would be weak because of my sling. After about 3 days of throwing, I talked the coaches into letting me take batting practice. A couple of days later, I stayed after practice to help pick up the equipment, and I took this opportunity to talk with the head coach about getting back in the lineup. I told him my shoulder felt great and was getting stronger every day and that I felt I could play at least one game of this Saturday’s doubleheader.

He said he would think about it, but he wanted to ease me back in. So, I wouldn’t be lost for the whole season. He said he would let me know after tomorrow’s practice and that I should hit the showers. As I walked toward the gym, I stopped to watch the cheerleaders practicing and noticed my girlfriend was not there. I asked one of the girls where she was, and she told me she had felt sick and gone home. By the time I made it to the locker room, the last of the guys were getting ready to leave.

I sat down in front of my locker and sat there for a while before getting undressed. Meanwhile, out on the practice field, the cheerleading coach asked my coach if her girls could use the boy’s locker room to change and shower as the water pipes in the girl’s locker room were leaking and being repaired. The coach said he didn’t see why not, as the team should be gone by now. So the girls all went into their locker room to get their shower stuff and street clothes and came over to the boy’s locker room. When they entered, I was in the shower and didn’t hear them come in.

When I turned off the shower, I heard some muted conversation, but thought that a couple of the guys had come back. I grabbed my towel and shampoo, and drying my hair walked out the shower room and around the corner to the locker room itself. As I turned the corner much to my surprise, I saw 12 girls in various stages of undress (most totally nude and others half). I stopped dead in my tracks, and we all stood there like a deer caught in a car’s headlights for what seemed like a lifetime.

Until one of the girls finally broke the spell by yelling, “My God, look how tiny his dick is!”

I dropped my shampoo and tried to cover up, but I was so flustered and embarrassed that I dropped the towel and covered my little guy with my hands. As I stood there, the girls began laughing and commenting on my lack of size. Finally, some girls walked over to me, grabbed my arms, and pulled my hands away from my groin. By this time, the other girls had gathered around me for a better look. Finally, 1 of the girls said, “I really feel sorry for your girlfriend.”

Another girl said, “ I bet his dick isn’t more than a 1/4 of an inch, and it’s skinny, but his balls are OK.”

Another said, “My six-year-old brother is bigger!”

A couple of other girls said, “I wonder how big he gets when he’s hard? Is he a shower or a grower?”

Finally, I shrugged out of their grasp, bent over, picked up my towel and shampoo, and walked to my locker. I just sat there for a few minutes, gathering my thoughts. When I finally got dressed, a couple of friends with my girlfriend were finishing dressing and asked me for a ride home. On the way home, they promised that they would keep my tiny dick a secret and that some of the other girls had agreed that they would too. But I guess some of the girls decided they would tell their friends, and by the end of school on Friday, I was getting stares and girls pointing at me and giggling, holding their pinkies up.

The only redeeming quality, I guess, was that cell phones and their cameras were still in the future. Unbelievably, this actually happened to me!


This reader goes the zoom…

We decided to take things a little further a couple of days ago. My girlfriend had a zoom meeting for work, and I asked if she’d be OK with me being ‘accidentally’ naked in the background. She works at a small marketing company, and there were about eight people at this meeting. I knew a couple of the girls as we had gone out a few times with them. They were both the sorority type very, peppy, and happy-go-lucky.

One was a short blonde with small boobs and an average face. She kind of looked like a less attractive Kristen Bell, still cute, though. The other was a knockout. She was a tall Hispanic girl with an amazing ass. The rest of her co-workers were people I did not know. There were three guys, one of them being her supervisor and another older woman in her 40’s.

My girlfriend was extremely reluctant for obvious reasons. Although I had gotten her to do subtle stuff in front of our roommate and a couple of our friends, she thought this taking it pretty far and knew how humiliating it would be for both of us. But eventually, after a couple of weeks and her becoming increasingly intrigued by the idea, she had taken pretty well to humiliate me. I think she might even enjoy it.

Anyway, she agreed to the zoom meeting and said it was OK if it was quick and not too obvious. So the plan was she would be in our bedroom sitting at a small desk that was positioned so you could clearly see the door of our bathroom. I would walk out of the shower naked, and she would try to draw attention very quickly by gasping and saying something like, “Babe, I’m in a zoom meeting right now,” and start laughing or something.

Now when I’m soft, I’m barely an inch. So it’s pretty much a little mushroom and just kind of pokes out.

The day came, and I was beyond excited. I had jerked off the day before just thinking about it. She made me swear one more time to stick to the conditions, and right before the meeting started, I went into the bathroom. After a couple of minutes, I could hear people slowly joining the meeting, making small talk, talking about their weekends and stuff they watched on TV. I waited about five minutes when my gf texted me and said, ‘Everybody’s here, baby dick, it’s showtime.’

I immediately became nervous and excited and almost wimped out but said fuck it. I’ve been thinking about this kind of moment for years, and now it was actually happening. So I nonchalantly walked out nude and made sure I was about as small as I could be. My adrenaline was going like nothing I’ve ever felt before, it happened so fast, and I was so excited and that I couldn’t even register what was happening.

This was only a couple of seconds but felt like an eternity I was able to snap out of it and heard the blonde start to awkwardly laugh and she said, “Oh my god,” and covered her mouth.

My girlfriend was too caught in the moment and forgot to say anything, so I kept walking around drying off, finally when pretty everyone was like ‘WTF, cover-up dude!’

Holy shit, this made my day. My girlfriend finally said, “Babe, I’m in a meeting.”

And I pretended to panic and said, “Fuck, why didn’t you tell me?”

I ended up being on camera way longer than we talked about. The whole time my dick was barely an inch and just kind of bouncing around. Finally, I walked out and waited for the meeting to end. I asked my girlfriend if anyone said anything. She said it was awkward for a couple of minutes when the Spanish girl said, “Must have been pretty cold in your room, I guess,” and broke the tension.

My girlfriend was genuinely embarrassed and just kind of laughed.

The blonde girl said, “So that’s why he goes to the gym a lot. It all makes sense.”

At which point the supervisor, who is an older man, said, “Guys, can we please not act like children and get back on track here.”

And apparently, that was it. My girlfriend was in shock at first and could not believe we just did that, but later she jerked me off, saying stuff like, “So those girls are never gonna look at you the same, huh,” while laughing.

Safe to say, it was one of the hottest experiences of my life.


Another reader gets accosted by some older girls…

I was about fifteen at the time. I had just come home and my older sister, who was about nineteen, had her friends over. They were really bored, so one of them began pestering me to play games with them. I declined as I just wanted to go to my room and play some Left 4 Dead 2.

As I was going up the stairs, my sister’s friend (Claire) thought it would be funny to pants me. So she snuck up behind me and pulled down my loose-fitting basketball shorts, but luckily, she didn’t pull down my boxers as well. Still, it was nonetheless embarrassing.

So naturally, in her boring state, she ran around the house with my shorts as I chased her. Finally, I caught up to her in the living room where my sister and her other friend (Missy) were sitting. Missy was staring right at my crotch, which really made me uncomfortable. I then picked up a pillow to cover my lower half while I tried to recover my shorts. However, as I was doing this, Missy came from behind, pulled my shirt over my head, and pushed me to the ground. After that, they started tickling me and giggling.

Then Missy decided it would be a fun idea to take off my boxers as well. Now I’m not proud of this, but my penis wasn’t huge, and it was a cold day as well, so that didn’t help. I could hear them bursting out laughing as I kept struggling to get the shirt off my head. One of them, I’m not sure who, then started to flick around my penis with their fingers. Missy then said, “Aww, the little guy wants to play.”

While Claire kept laughing uncontrollably, my sister was sitting on the sofa recording this for future blackmail, I presume in the midst of all of this. I got the shirt off my head from impairing my vision, and now I was completely naked. I tried getting up, but Missy was sitting on my chest. I screamed at them to get off, but they just kept laughing. Claire then started cupping my balls and saying, “Wow, so they have dropped.”

I could feel her cold hands all over my private parts. To be honest, I would have probably enjoyed this if my penis wasn’t just so small. She used her index finger and thumb to lift my penis, and then she said, “Hmmm, it’s almost an inch long.”

This all lasted about 2 minutes, but it felt like forever. She then let me go, and I ran up to my room, still hearing them crying out laughing from downstairs. Whenever I see them at my house now, I get so scared that they will do the same thing to me again, and whenever I see them now, they always say things like, “Still small?” or, “Hey, baby P.”


While another reader is punished…

My problem started a few years ago when my wife’s sister Kimmie came to stay with us. Kimmie and I were home alone, sunning by the pool. After a while, we started getting silly, and before you knew it, we were making love in the pool. Kimmie ended up feeling guilty and told my wife, who is a pharmacist. My wife never told me she knew, but she decided to get even. She switched my vitamins and started feeding me estrogen and testosterone blocker. A few months passed, and I thought my penis and balls were shrinking, but I just assumed it resulted from getting older. Manboobs also was forming, but I had no clue she was turning me into a sissy. Now my clitty is so tiny and doesn’t get hard. She smiles and says, that will teach you to cheat on me!

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