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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader got the full experience…

My journey starts in 7th grade, but due to being a minor, I’ll just have to summarize it and skip ahead. Long story short, I was de-pantsed in the hallway in front of my crush and my whole friend group, so my secret was out.

Coming from a very small town, word traveled fast, so I was never able to escape what happened. It wasn’t until I moved away to college things changed for me. That’s where my actual story begins.

I moved 300 miles from my hometown to go to school. Obviously still a virgin and my penis hadn’t grown much since middle school. I was almost 3 inches fully erect and very thin and just a little head poking out flaccid. I’m a pretty good looking guy standing 6 feet tall and semi athletic build.

I had already become completely infatuated with SPH, and couldn’t wait to see what this year would bring. I get settled in for about the first month, and I decide to try my hand at Tinder. I match with this very cute girl, and we hit it off, and she invites me to her apartment. I was so nervous. When I got there, she had some whiskey, and that definitely helped to put me at ease. She was probably 5 foot tall, tan, blonde, b cups, and a nice round ass. We flirt for a while, and then she makes the first move.

We start making out, and I’m in heaven basically. I’m inexperienced in this category as well, but I felt like it was going okay. She starts to work her way down and unbuttons my pants. I’ve never been this far, so I honestly didn’t know what to do. I decided to just be upfront and tell her that I’m pretty small down there. She just giggled and said, “It’s okay I want to see now,” and kept going.

She pulled my pants down, and my little gold member boner poked out hard as a rock. I saw the look on her face was shocked, and she just said: “Aww, it’s cute.”

I almost came right there on the spot. She took her shirt off and put my hand on one of her boobs. Then she reached down to grab my dick, and as soon as she did, I couldn’t hold back anymore. I blew a huge load all over my shirt. I probably said I’m sorry like 5 times I was so embarrassed. She laughed and said it’s okay that’s just never happened before. She told me there were towels in the bathroom and to clean myself off.

When I got back, she had taken her shorts off and was lying naked on the bed. I thought the night had ended, but she had other plans. As I approached the bed, she asked if I wanted to eat her pussy. I had never done this before, but I had done my research. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity and got to it. I felt like I was doing pretty good, and she seemed to be enjoying it. After about 5 minutes, she grabbed my head and said, “Fuck me.”

I sat up and went to stick my dick in, but she stopped me and said since I came so fast last time, I had to wear a condom. She got in her drawer and threw me one. I knew this wasn’t going to end well. She watched me as I struggled to put it on, and when I finally got it on, it looked ridiculous. Super baggy and just wasn’t going to work. She laughed and said nevermind stick it in just don’t cum in me.

I couldn’t believe she was really going to let me fuck her. I put it in, and I literally got 3 pumps, and I couldn’t control it. I came all over her stomach. I think she was in shock at first, and then she just burst into laughter. She said, “I can’t believe you just came again!”

Of course, I had to hit her with the apologies again and grabbed the towel to clean her up.

What happened next, I had only had fantasies about it. She told me to reach in her top drawer and grab the purple one. I look inside and see a thick purple dildo that was probably about 7 inches. She said I could fuck her with that since I couldn’t keep it together. I was about to put it in, and she stopped me. She told me to hold it next to mine so she could compare. I thought I was in heaven before, but this was something far beyond that. I held the toy next to my now semi flaccid dick while she laughed at me again.

She said, “It looks like a baby carrot. I guess you did tell me you were tiny. Now fuck me with that real dick.”

She basically taught me how to use it. She told me how to tease the clit and coached me all the way through fucking her with this thing. I made her cum a couple of times, and that was incredible. What an amazing first sexual encounter despite my shortcomings.

I started to put my clothes back on, and she pulled me close to her. She told me that my little baby carrot, and I will have to come back and do this again. I didn’t know if she wasn’t messing with me or not, but even if I never got to see her again, I was satisfied.


So it took me like three days to finally text her back. I just hit her with a standard, “Hey, what’s up?”

To which she replied, “Baby carrot!”

I could’ve cum on the spot. I said, “LOL. Yeah, sorry about that. Sorry about the whole stamina thing as well.”

She texted back, “For real, don’t worry about it. It was really cute. I was just surprised because that’s never happened before.”

Now I was definitely hard. All of my wildest SPH dreams were coming true. I didn’t want to push her too far, though. I had just worked up the courage to even text her, and I didn’t want to weird her out if she wasn’t into it. I did, however, decide to tell her, “That was actually my first time with a girl.”

She said, “Duh! LOL, I’ve never had a guy tell me he’s small before I even pull it out. I guess I’ve never really been with a little one, though. It was kind of sexy.”

Wow, I couldn’t believe she was having this conversation with me. Maybe she was a little more into this than I had imagined. That put me a bit more at ease. I threw a joke at her. “No wonder the condom didn’t fit. LOL.”

And she said, “I don’t think they make them that small! Try to find the ones that say baby carrot on them.”

OMG, this was really happening. I said, “I know it’ll be hard to compete with that big purple thing in your drawer, but when can we do that again?”

She said, “The purple one isn’t even my biggest. You can come over tonight if you’re free?”

Fuck, yes, I was free. We made plans, and away I went. I was giving myself a pep talk until it was time to go. I was shocked she actually wanted me to come back, so I really had to keep it together this time. I got to her apartment around 10 pm, and she was already a little tipsy. She finished off the whiskey before I got there, so I had to do this without the liquid courage.

Damn, she was gorgeous. She was wearing black leggings covered by a long t-shirt, and nothing underneath. She was definitely in a very flirty mood already. We sat on her bed and just started chatting. She told me she thought it was adorable that I was still a virgin. I said, “You can see why, though.”

We both laughed. She asked me if I jacked off? I said sometimes, but not like a lot. (Which was a lie. I 100% jacked off a lot. What do you expect? I’m still a guy, but with no place to use my “baby carrot.”) She said, “Will you jack off for me? I want to see how you do it.”

As she took the t-shirt off, exposing those beautiful tan boobs. Holy shit, it was happening again. Of course, I was still hesitant, but you know I said yes! I slid my sweatpants and boxers down, and she helped me take them off. I was obviously hard already. She said, “There’s my tiny little carrot,” and sat on the end of the bed.

I grabbed it with my thumb and index finger like normal and started slow. I had to make a good impression this time. She said, “Only 2 fingers? That’s so hot.” She started playing with her boobs and then turned around, slid her leggings down, and gave me a little tease with her big juicy ass.

We were about 2 minutes in of her telling me to jerk my little dick, and I told her I had to stop because I was about to cum. She took her leggings and panties off, turned back around, and said, “Good boy. Now come over, eat my ass.”

I hit the jackpot! Again, I’ve never done any of this before, but I think I was at the point where I would’ve done anything she told me. So I go to town on her while she starts to finger herself. Probably 8 minutes in and she’s cumming! At least I knew something I had was capable of that.

She laid back on the bed and said, “Good boy. Your tongue is amazing.” I was getting into this whole ‘good boy’ thing. Then she glanced at my incredibly hard gold member boner sticking out and smiled. She said, “Does your little guy want to try round two?”

I blurted out, “Yes, please!” (I was slightly excited.)

As you know, I hadn’t cum yet, so I had to try extra hard to control it this time. I get up to climb on top, and she turns over. She said, “Let’s see if this helps.”

I stick it in. God, it felt sooo great. 1 pump, 2 pumps, 3 pumps, 4 pumps, 5 pumps. I beat my personal record, and I was trying to keep it together when she turned around with a devilish grin and said: “Is it in?”

I froze briefly. I didn’t know if she was kidding or if she really couldn’t feel it. I went back for another 3 or 4 pumps, pulled out, and came all over that big juicy ass I had come to love so much. I ran to grab and towel and cleaned her up. She said, “Maybe we’ll try another position next time. I barely knew you were back there. You seemed to enjoy it, though.”

As she let out a giggle, I felt like I was in love. I reached down to grab my boxers, and she stopped me. My dick was almost to the point of just a head sticking out. “I want to see how tiny it really gets,” she said.

I asked her about what she said in the texts about her biggest dildo and if I could see it. She pointed to a different drawer, I opened it and inside laid a HUGE black 9-inch toy.

I started to get hard again and asked if we could use it. She was down. I grabbed it and held it next to my dick like last time. She thought that was hilarious and said: “Aww, yours just gets cuter and cuter!” Then she said, “Grab the lube and go slow with this one. It’s not like yours.”

I did as I was told and slowly inserted the 9 incher. The sounds she was making, I never thought I would hear. She started rubbing her clit, and the rest was history. I never even changed my pace, and she was cumming in 3 minutes tops.

God, that was hot! I told her I wish I could do that, and she said, “Keep dreaming little boy,” and laughed.

I laughed too. We got dressed, and she turned on the TV. I got up to tell her goodbye, and she told me I could stay the night if I wanted to. I was honestly a little shocked by that. Of course, I wanted to, so I sat right back down. We actually even started cuddling, and I fell asleep with this SPH angel in my arms.


Another reader tries to make an excuse…

I wanted to share a story I’ve only told a few other people. Happened a long time ago, I was at my Ex’s house, we were having a good time swimming. Her younger cousin is there as well. After swimming we get out to go change, her cousin and I are both guys, we end up changing in the same room. I’m 18 at the time, he’s 13. I wasn’t worried about being embarrassed, but I was wrong. I get a look at his, and it’s definitely bigger than mine. What’s worse, coming from the pool and cold water, my dick had shrunk down to almost nothing.

At this point, I see he’s looking at me, I laugh and say, “Fucking cold water.”

He just mumbles something like, “Yeah… Sure.”

We got dressed and rejoined everyone else. Still one of my most humbling moments.


This reader gets an honest appraisal from mom…

I’m back home with my folks for lockdown (Coronavirus 2020). Earlier today, my mum walked in on me, getting into the shower. I went to cup my junk with my hand. She said, “Whoops,” and left.

After the shower, I went downstairs and apologized to her for seeing what she did. All she said was, “I was just surprised it was small enough to cover with one hand…” and smirked.


Another reader shares some of his experiences…

So in the past, I’ve kind of lurked here on occasion, as I’ve started to become more and more insecure about my penis and have stumbled upon this community, and recently I’ve had the nerve to post and share any of my personal stories. Mostly they were just friends giving me shit (even though they really didn’t know but suspected, as I have always been good at keeping that shit a secret) and a couple of past girlfriends making jokes, but it never really bothered me. I’m a pretty good-looking guy, kind of on the short side but attractive and likable enough that I do just fine, so I always brushed off shit like that, that is until recently.

Lately, the incidents related to my issue have been more blatant and hurtful that it has started to fuck with my head, and I don’t really know who else to talk to considering how fucking embarrassing it is. So it kind of all started about a year ago, while I was hooking up with this girl, something I know is a dangerous idea for guys like us, and something I usually avoid, I’ve really only been with 3 girls, and they were all serious girlfriends, aware of my issue and accepting for the most part, although one of them did say I was pretty small compared to her last boyfriend who hurt, again whatever, it never seemed to really affect the relationships that much.

In fact, I actually ended two of those relationships, and the other one ended mutually, so any time they made a comment or brought it up, which was rare, it was fine. And I was always adept at getting them off other ways, guys like us kind of have to, so I’m sure that helped. I used to brag about that shit, now I feel like being good at that confirms your small, so I don’t even really talk about it. Anyways I’m in college, had not been laid in a while, and was drunk as hell, so I went against my better judgment and said fuck it.

Unfortunately, this was not some random girl, as I rarely just approached random girls, it really does suck that you can’t really feel confident going up to some random girl because you instantly are reminded of your inferiority, and your confidence is zapped, it’s something that never bothered me until recently, and it really is awful, so naturally random hookups are not something I’ve ever really been comfortable with. Anyways the main problem was that this girl was a good friend’s cousin from where I’m from who came with him to visit me in college one weekend.

She was a bit younger than me at 19, I’m 22, and she came up to the party, so I took them to a couple local hipster type bars where they’re cool with underage drinking as long as your somewhat discreet. So we all got pretty drunk, danced, had a great time, and took an uber back to my apartment. On the uber ride home, the girl basically attacked me, and we started making out almost immediately, and she was pretty cute, so I figured why not, assuming it wouldn’t go further than that. My friend had pretty much passed out in the uber at this point. So when we got back, we all kind of stumbled up to my apartment, and I started blowing up an air mattress for them to pass out on.

Eventually, my friend passed out on my couch, but she kept going, and I was too drunk to stop. So we went back to my room, and again even though I’ve known I was small since high school like I said I was always able to get my girlfriends off so I wasn’t so afraid that I would back out even though I was, of course, fucking insecure about it, I mean it sucks being that small in that situation because no matter how drunk you are it creeps into your head at some point. But she seemed pretty into it, and we’re both pretty drunk, so I pushed that thought out of my head, grabbed a condom out of my drawer, and let it happen.

Man how I fucking wished I listened to that voice telling me this was a bad idea, as soon as she took my pants off she kind of stopped and had this awful fucking smirk on her face, it immediately got awkward as I’ve never really been in this situation so I just kind of froze and waited for her to make a move. It didn’t help that I was drunk and not fully hard, making me look even fucking smaller. Eventually, she kind of drunkenly said, “You got kind of a little guy, huh, that’s cool, baby, we can do other stuff.”

I was so fucking caught off guard by this and was instantly mortified, I half expected the reaction, but her bluntly calling it out and immediately ruling out sex right there was so god damn humiliating. I mean, how fucked is that? I’ve heard of it happening to other guys, and read about it here, but to actually experience it was absolutely brutal. Although to be fair I did know from my friend that she was the type of girl who gets around, so I’m guessing she had seen a few that were much bigger than mine even though she was younger than me, and maybe her being drunk just made her really not give a shit, but I still couldn’t believe it, this was the first time this ever happened to me, and it sucked.

I tried to keep it going but was my confidence plummeted, and I was so thrown off my game that I just couldn’t get back in the mood, which made things worse. I ate her out for a little bit, and she jacked me off while looking bored. Even that was awful because I wasn’t fully hard being so drunk and now fucking embarrassed, so she was barely using two fingers, which I suddenly became very aware of after she had already started. Even towards the end right before I finished, it looked like she was trying not to laugh while looking at my dick, this time I called her out. I said, “what is it?”

She kind of realized what she was doing and quickly said, “What, oh nothing, I just had such a good time tonight.”

She barely tried to hide the fact that that was not even close to what she was thinking, it was one of the worst experiences of my life and really fucked with my head, I could barely even sleep that night. Of course, things only got worse the next morning. I was up early because I couldn’t sleep and wanted to sneak out to run some errands before she woke up to avoid the embarrassment and awkwardness, hoping maybe they would head back home before I got back, as they were leaving that day.

Unfortunately, I guess she didn’t sleep great either because she was already up also. She was on her phone when I walked out of my room, looked up and kind of awkwardly smiled and said hi, and went back to her phone. I said I had to do some stuff, and just to tell my friend, don’t wait for me cause I’ll be gone for a while and to drive safely. She said, “Yeah, no problem, it was fun hanging out.”

I said, “Yeah, come back anytime,” and that was it.

I immediately felt relieved, thinking she was normal and not one of those girls after all, and would handle what happened with discretion. This was not the case; however, because a couple of months later, another group of friends drove up to see me and stayed with me, and I learned that my secret was out. There were three of them, and one of them is a girl who hangs out with my friend’s cousin also, and they must have fucking talked. I should preface the next part by saying this girl is very blunt, kind of butch, and has a fuck you attitude with everyone, she was always basically like one of the guys in our group, not afraid to fuck with any of us if she felt like it.

So we all got drunk at my apartment, and eventually, they brought up me hooking up with the girl. It was all fine, and we were just laughing about it until she said, “Yeah, and don’t worry, we didn’t make fun of your little dick too much.”

My other two friends burst out laughing, and one of them said, “DAMN, Ashley! That’s cold.”

Meanwhile, I didn’t know what to do, I laughed, sipped my beer, waited for someone to change the subject, wanting to scream and die, but not wanting to confirm anything by overreacting, it was nauseating. To make things worse, she brought it up again later that night after we had drunk even more and was like, “I want to see the little guy, come on,” and started chanting, “Show us the baby. Show us the baby!”

I just laughed and tried to play it cool, but she wouldn’t let it go, and said, “Are you laughing cause it’s true?”

Finally, I told her to fuck off, and she ended it realizing she may have struck a nerve, but not before saying, “It’s okay, dude, just learn how to use your tongue.”

It was getting to the point where I wanted to fucking kick her out of my apartment and make her get a fucking hotel, but again I didn’t want to draw too much attention as my other friends were watching tv and not paying attention to us because we were in the kitchen. It literally destroyed my confidence, and I haven’t been able to bounce back since. Finally, the icing on this terrible cake. The worse thing that could have happened in the midst of this terrible experience happened, which caused me to freak out and write this to vent because I have been having dark thoughts since.

I had driven back home for winter break for a couple of weeks and went out with the same group I always hung out with at home, plus a couple of others. We always reconnected when I came back home, and most of them didn’t leave our hometown for college, so it always was great seeing everybody and catching up, at least it used to be. One of those other people was a girl I had basically had a crush on since high school, she had just broken up with her boyfriend, and we had been vibing lately, texting a lot and shit like that. One night I went out with just her and a guy from high school that I wasn’t very close to but knew a little, but she was pretty good friends with him, so I went along.

The night was going great, we went bar hopping downtown, were talking laughing, when suddenly I came back from the bathroom, and it was like somebody flipped a switch. She was half listening, seemed bored, and started to make snide comments towards me like we were talking about basketball and how I like to play, and she said, “Huh, you don’t’ seem that athletic to me, and your pretty short, maybe try soccer,” while giggling obnoxiously.

I had never seen her like this, but I just chalked it up to her being drunk, stopped talking to her, and figured I would just text her tomorrow. She and her friend hung out while I just drank and watched a basketball game on TV in the bar. So we left, and the other guy wanted to get taco bell and I while I was pissed and just wanted to go home I didn’t really have a choice, so I said sure whatever. We pulled up to the drive-thru, they ordered, and then he pulled up so I could order from the back seat. As I started to order, I said, “Can I have a…”

The girl loudly interrupted and shouts, “TINY DICK!” and started laughing hysterically along with the guy.

I literally froze and didn’t even pretend to laugh along this time, I started to talk and stumbled over my words and finally just order a quesadilla. Her laugh was so fucking hurtful, and as we drove home, I pretended to be on my phone while she talked to the other guy and ignored me.

Since that night I’m almost afraid to hang out with any of my friends from that particular group since it’s safe to assume it’s gotten around, there were a couple of nights they all went out before I went back for the next semester and I made up excuses for why I couldn’t make it out and stayed home feeling like shit. This whole experience has made me afraid to ever be intimate with a girl again, and I don’t’ know how to deal with it. Anyways needed to get this out because it’s been eating at me, and as I said, this is the only community I knew might understand.

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