Our Readers SPH Experiences 108

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader is all show, no grow…

Very minor humiliation but was visiting Munich and decided to try a mixed nude sauna. I didn’t have lofty expectations about the men to women ratio, and I was right. Maybe 80% of men. Mostly older and overweight. What did surprise me was how attractive 20% of the women were. It was my first nudist experience, so I was a little nervous, but once I got into a hot pool, I felt fine. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, but oddly I’m a shower, so my flaccid dick is 4.5” (it doesn’t break 5” when hard), and I have an OK body. It made me feel good about myself. Anyway, there was a guy there who had a huge cock. It looked about eight inches soft. I ended up in a hot room with about ten people, including him.

There were a few girls, and one was with her boyfriend. I was sitting opposite the couple. The boyfriend was sitting with his hands covering his small dick, and the girl was staring open-mouthed at the huge one. I was looking at her as she turned and looked at me. She then looked down at my dick and back up and started grinning. It was fun seeing the women check out everyone’s cocks. Most glanced very quickly, but they all did it. I had to keep jumping in the cold pool to calm my boner/shrink my dick. I ended up walking past a bunch of girls who were all looking at me and started getting hard, so I left. If they only knew that my flaccid size is about as good as it gets. LOL.


Another reader discovers hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…

We were at a party just after high school, about 15-20 of us who always hung out every weekend and partied. A female friend wanted to practice giving head, and I was single, and we were cool enough that I agreed to help her by practicing on me (I mean, who wouldn’t). So, of course, she wants to be buzzed first, so we end up in the bedroom at the party. Lights very dim. No kissing or foreplay, she was in a rush, so I just pull it out, and she gets it in her mouth for maybe two seconds before her friends bang on the door. (She must have told someone, or someone saw her go in there). Well, like 20 minutes later we try again, the same thing happens. Maybe she got to suck it this time for 3-5 seconds.

Well, me being drunk, I stupidly tell a few friends what just happened, dudes being dudes. As I’m telling them, she walks outside where we are, and I guess how everyone looked at her, it was obvious they knew. She said something like, “Well, you have a little ass dick,” or something. Everyone laughs, no biggie.

Fast forward to a party 2-3 weeks later, and apparently, now she hates me, and by the time I get there, she’s already drunk. She sees me and starts yelling at the top of her lungs in front of everyone for me to leave, and she hates me, and I’ve got the smallest dick she’s ever seen. This goes on for at least a few minutes of her friends telling her to chill and calm her down. Meanwhile, the whole time she’s just going on and on how tiny my dick is.

I brought it up to a friend a little later about it, and she said no one believed her, she was just drunk. I only wonder what was said behind closed doors. I think it’s part of what got me into SPH. Never told anyone, but a few people who were there would probably recognize this story.


While this reader is an accidental cuckold…

I was in my final year of high school, and my best friend threw a huge party for his 18th. I’m not really into parties and only went along for his sake as I knew he wanted me there for his birthday. I was, and still am to an extent, very shy and introverted. I had a massive crush on my friend’s girlfriend since I was 13 (this was before they started going out). No one knew about this, as I liked to keep my feelings to myself. Also, I was awful at small talk. I’ve improved significantly since my teenage years, but I’m still not the greatest conversationalist.

Anyways, the party eventually died out, and it was just me, my best friend and his girlfriend left. We ended up crashing in the living room. I took the couch. They wanted to take the floor. Around 10 minutes after lights out, I heard whispering from across the room. She was trying to convince him to have sex. He said no. I thought that was the end of it, but then I heard the sucking. It was hard to see in the darkness, but I could make out the shadow of her head moving up and down. She was blowing him!

Eventually, he gave in and said they could fuck on the condition that she would be quiet. That lasted all of 30 seconds because I soon heard pants and groans coming from her. He told her to keep it down. Then I heard her say it, “Hey, if your dick wasn’t so fucking huge…”

I had seen his dick a couple of times in the gym changing rooms. He was bigger soft than I was hard. Still, I figured there was an outside chance that he was simply a shower and that I shouldn’t feel too intimidated. Well, here was concrete proof that my friend was hung like a horse, and he was fucking the girl I fancied for years! Right across the room from me!

I felt like such a beta, and this turned me on like hell. I got super hard, waited 20-30 minutes for them to finish then another 10-20 minutes to be sure they were asleep, then made my way to the bathroom and whacked one out. It was glorious. My best and only SPH experience so far, and it was all unintentional. That made it even hotter.


This reader’s wife has her husband’s measure already…

Earlier today, my wife measured our bedroom because she wants to rearrange the furniture and wanted to see if the new layout would fit. She left the measuring tape on my nightstand and forgot about it. A little while later, I saw it there, and joke asked her if she left it there so she could measure my dick tonight. She shook her head, rolled her eyes, and said, “No. I’m aware of what you’re working with, and it isn’t much.”

Little comments like that are always exciting for me.


Another reader’s mom got a surprise…

So, I was like 12 or 13 a few months before the main event my mom took me to a doctor who told both of us, I have a micropenis. Anyways at school, some kid kneed me in the balls. He acted like I did the same, so nothing happened except we both went home for the day. They called my mom told her what happened. She came to pick me up, and when I was in the car, I told her what really happened.

All she had to say was, “Wow, he must’ve had a good aim…”


While this reader had some shrinkage issues…

I was regularly seeing a massage therapist named Joyce from the Philippines. She works at a legit spa and not one of those rub and tug places. When I first started seeing her, she was very professional: always leave the room while I got ready, used the proper and heavy draping, very polite, etc. Once I started going there regularly after, she’s relaxed and was willing to use less to no draping (at my instance), and now, she rarely leaves the room while I undress. This was roughly a year ago in the middle of January when this happened to me.

I came in for my regular appointment, and it was extremely cold outside, even for January. I signed in, went back to the massage room, and Joyce was already in there, getting things ready. We exchanged pleasantries, she asked me how I was feeling (do you feel sick, anything particularly sore, etc.) and then she told me that I could close the door and undress, she’d be ready to start soon. I did as I was told, closed the door, and started to undress.

When the weather is warm, I usually don’t wear much to the massage, but with it being winter, I was wearing more layers and a pair of boots. By the time Joyce finished getting everything ready (towels, oil/lotion, etc.), I’m usually face down on the table. However, I was down to just taking my shirt off by the time she turned around. I only had my underwear left, and she seemed to be a bit surprised that I wasn’t already on the table.

I told her to give me a minute, and I pulled down my underwear. She started laughing and covered her mouth with her hands, I looked down and saw just a tiny head sticking out over my tight ball sack. I felt my face turn bright red, and I said, “It’s really cold outside.”

She replied, “I bet. You look like a Pinoy Boy.”

She laughed a bit more, and I got onto the table for my massage.

Once it was time to flip over onto my back, Joyce removed the towel covering my butt and told me, “Time to turn over.”

This was no big deal, and I rolled over. She hesitated for a second before putting the towel over me and said, “Looks like you’re back to regular.”

I was probably about half hard (Bronze Member when fully hard). When she said that, I sarcastically said, “Thanks.”

She answered with a giggle, “I knew they got small in the cold but not like that.”
We finished our session otherwise uneventfully.


This reader’s movie night was revealing…

I don’t have much of a point with this, but I just thought I’d share. My girlfriend and I were bored during the isolation, so we watched this movie from 2015, mostly because she just likes Adam Scott from Parks and Rec.

The main character has a major hang-up about his small penis, and while there isn’t any actual SPH in the movie (most of it is pep talk about how it doesn’t matter)- there is some implication that the wife isn’t satisfied in bed, but that is about it. But about halfway through the movie, there is a skinny-dipping scene where Jason Schwartzman shows off his giant floppy dick, and Adam Scott is hesitant to get naked. He goes into the fact that he has body issues and gives a little speech about how abnormally small his penis is, how it stopped growing in middle school, etc. A few minutes later, he comes out, and you have a clear shot of his small prosthetic, right alongside Schwartzman’s big one.

Here’s the thing though despite all his talk about having a tiny dick, when they show him, it is smallish, my dick is clearly much smaller. My girlfriend (who doesn’t know I’m into SPH) just uttered, “Oh, I thought it was going to be small like yours,” during that scene, and put her hand on my upper thigh.

Overall, the movie was a complete dud, but at least maybe it planted the seed in my girlfriend’s mind that my dick is ridiculously small.


Another reader finds that lies always come back to bite you in the end…

I sent nudes to my crush after we had been talking for a little while. I’m a gold member hard, so she made fun of me when she saw my nudes. Although I’m into SPH, I didn’t want her to tell the whole school, so I jokingly said I wasn’t hard (even though I was). Although I don’t think she believed me, it stopped her from telling people until recently where she had begun telling everyone I have a little dick, and it’s the smallest she’s seen.


Small Dick Club member SmallerDdesire shares more of his SPH experiences…

As I mentioned in Readers Stories #106, we did recently meet with a 34-year-old Hispanic guy with a 9” dick. After two social meetings which revealed she did like him, we ran into some ghosting on his part, which was very disappointing, especially for her, because I think she’d developed a little crush on him as I had encouraged them to text each other.

We’re not sure why he did that, but after some time, I encouraged her to reach out to him again, which she did, and she was able to coax him back. After much sexy texting and flirting with her, I finally just sent him a text telling him to come over the next day. When it got that real, she did get nervous. But on the day, champagne had calmed her nerves enough by the time he arrived. We had a nice fire in the fireplace, nice music, and drinks. After quite some time of what I could tell was nervous chatter from her.

I stood and said, “Look what she’s done to me,” and as I unzipped my pants, I revealed a chastity device.

That broke the ice, and I suggested he show her his cock. When he flopped out that big stick, she was enraptured. She slid over and taking his dick in hand they began kissing. Soon his dick was in her mouth, and he was controlling her head as he slowly fucked her face. My small dick locked in the device dripped as I took pictures.

After a good amount of cocksucking, we moved to the bedroom where the real fucking began. I watched straining in the chastity device and taking pictures as he controlled her body all over the bed. Sinking his fat 9” in and out of her as she moaned and came and came. This went on for at least 45 minutes until he finally blew all over her stomach and tits. Honestly, that is the hottest sex I’ve ever seen in my life! My whole being was buzzing with a body mind and spirit high. It was amazing. Being spent, he got dressed, and we walked him to the door where she kissed him on the lips as he was leaving. Something I found super erotic.

We went back to the bedroom; she lay back on the bed, and I began to eat her pussy like a hungry tiger for the next 30 minutes. Then I put my silver member dick in her pussy. It was unreal how stretched and wet she was. It was an entirely different sensation and so hot to think a 9” cock had just stretched her hot hole. She was so loose, and I’d been hard so long I couldn’t cum, which just left me on edge, frustrated. It was totally amazing, and my body was quivering from it. Later I finished myself.

She and her new FWB constantly texted afterward, and he was so enamored with her and her pussy they agreed he’d be back three days later, which he was. With the ice broken, things were more relaxed but just as over the top hot the second time. Since then, her new FWB/Bull just can’t seem to get enough. The ghosting is a thing of the past, and the sexting goes on every night. If things work out, he’ll be back again this weekend, and with the help of a Viagra I gave him, she’ll be getting every inch of that big dick! In closing, I should also mention that after the first night her new FWB did his big cock magic on her pussy, she started sleeping in the other bedroom.


This reader has a problem with the bottle…

My mum had to make an emergency trip last month to come to pick me up from university. We knew that the lockdown was imminent, and she wanted me back home when it happens. So, we loaded up the car and hit the road.

My university is a pretty long way from home (like 4-5 hours), and we were stuck in traffic. Midway through, I realized I needed to pee. I held it in as long as I could. Eventually, though, I had to ask my mum whether there was a service nearby where I could use the toilet. She didn’t know, and we’re in one of the middle lanes anyway, so we wouldn’t have been able to stop even if there was one.

I couldn’t take it any longer, so my mum finished her water bottle and told me to use it. She could see that I was hesitant, but she promised she wouldn’t look. And she kept her promise. Her eyes remained on the road ahead of her. I unbuttoned my jeans and struggled to pull my one-inch nub out. It barely stuck out, and I realized there was no way it was going to point down into the bottle. She must have noticed my fumbling because she asked if everything was alright. I realized I had to tell her.

“It’s too small,” I said.

Without turning her head, she smirked and said, “Alright, Mr. Big Willy. It doesn’t have to go inside the bottle, ya know? Just line it up with the opening and try not to miss.”

She thought I was talking about the bottle. This kind of turned me on. I paused. “I wasn’t talking about the bottle,” I said.

She was slightly confused by this and asked what I meant. She turned to look and went bright red. She frantically apologized. “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have looked.”

What followed was a joint effort to solve the issue. I could tell my mum felt bad and was trying to make up for it by offering advice.

“Have you tried, um, leaning forward a bit, maybe?”

Eventually, I found a position and angle to make it work. The experience was so awkward yet so arousing.


Another reader’s confused, but we’re not…

My girlfriend is deeply religious, and I knew long before we were together that she took sex very seriously. But I also knew she’d had a string of ex-boyfriends, and I know they messed around, did oral, etc. It was a shock, therefore, to find out that she was a virgin. Two months in and she said she was ready and so I was her first. It was intense, sensual, and loving. She was nervous but trusting. We’re even more in love now than before.

But even from our second time occasional little, odd, comments stuck out to me. I assumed it was her inexperience that made her ask if I was in yet. And I assumed it the passion that made her ask me to, “Put it all the way in,” when I already was.

When we tried doggy for the first time, she even asked me, “Are you sure you’re in?”

I have tried to subtly ask her, and she seems to be honest when she says she wouldn’t change any of my body. But then I’ll slip out during sex, and she’ll ask, “Is it a size thing?”

It’s left me in the dark as to whether she does think I’m small or not. I don’t know what to believe.


While this reader overhears his girlfriend dish the dirt on him…

It was the weekend before Christmas. My girlfriend (25, let’s call her Emma) and I (29, Mark) were staying with friends. There was the two of us, along with the couple whose house we were staying at, (Nicola, 25 and James, 27) as well as Emma and Nicola’s other friend (Zara, 25).

Emma and Nicola are awfully close, and I know they talk about their sex lives with each other in detail. For example, Emma once told me they had discussed how often they each have sex, and Nicola was surprised at Emma and my infrequency compared to her and James. Emma and I average about once a week or less, compared to their almost daily routine, which apparently even continued throughout Nicola’s pregnancy. Emma also admitted that she had mentioned to Nicola that I don’t cum every time we have sex, again to Nicola’s astonishment.

Whether or not Emma included the detail that the reason I don’t always cum is that I must ask for permission, and sometimes Emma refuses me, she didn’t say. All this is to say that I’m left wondering just how much of my submissive nature Nicola (and by extension, probably James) was already privy to.

Zara, on the other hand, doesn’t talk much at all about her partner and so I’m not sure Emma shares the same intimate details with her, though, of course, I can’t know for sure. The only thing I would add about Zara to help paint a bit of picture is that she is a very attractive and intelligent girl from a middle eastern background with big breasts, a bigger butt, and a passion for short skirts and revealing tops.

Back to the day in question, James was still at work, but the rest of us had just got back from the supermarket with food for an early Christmas dinner. As the girls sat and chatted on the sofa, knowing my place, I headed to the kitchen to start peeling the carrots. It’s a small house so I could hear them talking clearly. I’m guessing, however, that they were under the impression I was out of earshot. When their conversation started getting graphic, my ears pricked up.

Emma said, “I can’t imagine Mark ever getting me pregnant. Whenever we have sex as soon as I sit up, it just drips out of me. Obviously, I wouldn’t assume I’m still on contraception.”

Nicola said, “Well, I don’t say this to brag or anything, but James has a really big penis, so he shoots really deep inside me, so I don’t really get that.”

“That makes sense because Mark has a really tiny penis.”

My heart skips a beat as I listen to the three of them laugh.

Nicola then said, “Oh my God, I wish I could see that. Not that I want to see Mark’s penis, I just want to see what it looks like. It must look so funny, it being so small.”

Emma replied, “Oh no, it’s not small…It’s tiny!

They all laugh again, and I feel myself getting hard as I continue preparing dinner.

The conversation took a turn at that point, but I spent the rest of the time hyper-conscious of what my girlfriend had just revealed to her friends. I’m a silver member of the small dick club.

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