Our Readers SPH Experiences 107

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader was caught jerkin’ the gherkin…

Before I start, I just wanna say that this story is true. One of my best memories. Also, I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, but it’s a good-looking cock. Everything is nice, except for the length. My stepmom is legitimately hot. Not hot like those fakes pornos but looks like a MILF. Pretty face and nice body. But the best feature is her tits. She got a boob job and has what I think is probably double D’s. The doctor did a great job, you would never know unless you were told. She doesn’t flaunt them, so to speak, but she shows a good amount of cleavage.

A few years ago, when I was maybe a junior in high school, I was jerking off in my room. It wasn’t the normal under-the-sheets kind either. My bed was stripped, and I was sitting against the headboard with my legs spread. I was horny because I had just shaved that day. It was about 2:00 am, so I wasn’t even remotely worried about anyone in the house, especially since I would hear them coming anyways.

Suddenly, without hearing any footsteps and no knocking at all, my stepmom opened the door quickly to come into my room. She saw me butt ass naked on my bed, jerking my small dick with my legs super spread. She obviously saw me immediately and just said something like, “Oops, I didn’t expect you to be doing that,” and walked out.

I had been edging for a while before that, and believe it, or a little cum came out when it happened because of the shock/excitement. It wasn’t a full cum shot or anything, and there’s no way she saw it since she looked and walked out immediately. The door to my room is directly in front of my bed, so she got the full view (not like a side view or anything). I had just shaved that day, so I had no hair or anything. So, she literally got the best view you can imagine.

When she left, I continued jerking off obviously because I had been edging, but I came within a minute. I still fantasize about it, and I really love thinking about her knowing how small my dick is. As a bronze member rock hard, it looks small. I wonder if she thinks about how small my dick is. It’s obviously in her memory, but I wonder if she thinks about it randomly and laughs or something. Sounds way too good to be true, I know.


Another reader had his first cuckold experience…

A few weeks ago, something happened that I can’t fully digest until now. My wife and I were at a party with a bunch of friends in another city. We all met at one club in the city. As the party was coming to an end, everybody was leaving home, we ended up with one of the wife’s male friends. Someone she knew from work. This guy had broken his phone and was drunk, and I don’t really know why and how we proposed that he can join us in the hotel. We’ve all decided that the double bed is big enough to accommodate three of us.

My wife and I get to a shower, and he was watching TV. She seemed to be super horny, she gave me a handjob in the shower and asked me to fuck her, but I couldn’t get it up right away. She said that she’ll have another shot when our guest is going to take a shower. When I got out of the bathroom, I offered him some clean clothes. When the bathroom door closed, she pushed me on the bed as stated sucking my dick. I realized she was wearing just a t-shirt and had no underwear. I was so turned on that I came right away.

She was disappointed and said, “I thought you were going to fuck me.”

The TV was so loud, and we were so drunk we didn’t even hear that the water stopped running and he was coming out of the bathroom. When he came out, he saw my wife sitting on the bed with her legs spread, cleaning her hands with the tissue. He was a little embarrassed, and I said that it’s time to sleep. I said I would sleep in the middle, and he turned on his side of the bed, but after a few moments, my wife wouldn’t give up and started kissing me.

After a while, she was on top of me and took off the T-shirt. I realized that we are making out right next to another guy I just barely knew. It felt a little bit strange, but I played along. I kissed her tits, and I’ve noticed that was not only looking at us but had eye contact with my wife. She got off me and laid down between us. He was just right behind her. She whispered: “Do you want it?”

I knew what she was asking about, but I panicked and said, “I’m not really sure.”

She replied, “Let me take care of you…” and started jerking my cock while lying on her side, directed towards me. I felt good, and then she said, “Let me take care of both of you.”

I saw her hand going to the back. She looked me in the eyes while she had another dick in her head. I don’t know why, but it felt right, and I came for the third time.

“Who is going to take care of me now?” she asks, and I knew where it was heading.

I wasn’t ready, and I said something like, “I’m not sure, honey.”

I don’t know how it happened, but she suggested that he could just rub against her pussy, and I agree only if he wears a condom. I was kinda hoping it would stop the whole thing because we didn’t have one. He had a condom, though, and gets up right away to get it, and he turned on the light to put it on. He was big, not only compared to me but big like porn star big. Staring at him took all my confidence and pride. My little guy shrank as I realized how funny it must have looked from his perspective.

The guy with the small dick (Bronze Member) who couldn’t get it up and he’s horny drunk wife. He must have felt so masculine. As he laid behind her, she was looking right in my eyes. She asked me to kiss her, so I did. I kissed her neck and lips, and I felt her breath started rising. It didn’t feel right to me, so I stopped kissing her. I noticed that her eyes were closed.

On my last attempt to stop it, I got up and said, “I’m not sure about that whole thing,” and I turned the lights on.

Only then I realized that his big cock was already inside her cunt. She didn’t even look at me and just said, “Honey just a bit longer, come on.”

My battle was over, and I gave up. Not that they would care. I was invisible to them for the rest of the night.


While this reader gave his mom and aunty an eyeful…

I was visiting my aunt, along with my mom today. With all this talk of viruses and illness in the news, we were talking about previous illnesses, and I brought up the time when I was 15 and caught the flu in July. My aunt laughed and said that she remembered that as I was sleeping on the couch in the living room, naked. I told her that I remembered sleeping on the couch for about a week as it was much cooler in there than my bedroom, but I wasn’t nude when I was sleeping there. My mom chimed in and said that she and my aunt had come home from shopping that day (including some medicine for me), and I was lying on the couch, ‘your pee-pee poking straight up for the world to see.’

The blanket was on the floor next to me while my shirt and shorts were strewn across the room. My mom said I must have had a hot flash while asleep and stripped down to get more comfortable. My aunt said she picked the blanket up off the floor and covered me up. I turned red, and my aunt had a smirk on her face before she changed the subject. Assuming this is true, and I was hard, I was just a silver member at the time. But if I wasn’t hard, it would’ve been a nub.


This reader got coached…

I was at my 2nd class of kickboxing, and while I was in the shower, my coach was telling me what gear to get if I wanted to commit to this. The last thing he said was to get a jockstrap and athletic cup. Then he looked down and said, “Maybe get a boy-size, you don’t want too much room in there,” and laughed a bit.

I went and got one, and it fit my one-inch softie with plenty of extra room. I was so humiliated, but now I’ll cum within a minute just thinking about it.


Another reader feels intimidated by his dates past lovers…

So, I hung out with this girl I met on tinder, and we hit it off pretty good. When she was sucking me off, I asked her if I was small, and she replied, “It’s not big, but it’s not small either,” and it honestly turned me on a little.

But then later we were talking, and she told me she had fucked a guy who played on a D1 basketball team at a school with almost 30k students. I was so humiliated. Like I got an OK body, but I’m not in good shape, and she’s been fucking a guy who’s stronger and has more stamina than almost all 30,000 college students. Probably making me look pathetic after I struggled to stay hard during round two. My experience must pale when compared to the experience of getting railed by a star athlete.

Then later, we were kinda chilling and talking, and I ended up telling her a story that my friend told me about her ex, who had a big eight-inch cock. After that, the girl I was with told me she felt I was small. I asked who the biggest guy she’s been with, and she showed me a picture of a guy with a donkey dick. He was, I swear to God, at least ten inches and thick.

I’m a bronze member of the small dick club, and this guy made me look like a baby. I’m worried I won’t be able to make her cum without a King Kong cock. Like seriously, this girl has fucked a D1 athlete and a guy who’s in like the 0.25 percentile in penis size. And honestly, with everything she’s told me, I highly doubt she’s lying.


While this reader got cuckolded on stage…

My g/f and were in Fort Lauderdale at this bar on the beach. Last night we watched a wet T-shirt contest, and she got angry with the guys gawking at the girls so lewdly. So, this guy bet my g/f $100 that she could not figure out her owns man’s cock by sticking her hands down a bunch of guys pants and telling which cock was that of her b/f.

Well, I stupidly went along with it and stood there with three other guys all drunk and grinning broadly. My g/f went up to the first boy and stuck her small, white, delicate hand. She rubbed his cock for a little bit and said, ‘Nope, this guy is uncircumcised, and you can even smell the musky odor when ya peel the foreskin back, yuck.’

The next guy in line was me, and my g/f pulled up her blindfold a bit and gave me a wink as she casually stuck her hand down my bathing suit. ‘Now, this one seems like it belongs to a five-year-old boy. LOL, OMG, what a tiny little stubby on this cuckold, tee-hee.’

The bull standing next to me was grinning ear to ear as my wife jammed her hand down his pants and was laughing and telling everyone just how fat and long his schlong was. Then she pulled her hand out and spit on it, placing it down the front of his bulging manhood. “This guy may not be my b/f, but he sure does have a fat pecker between his legs,” she announced.


This reader knows his crush dodged a bullet friend-zoning him…

When I was a junior in college, I had a crush on a friend of mine named Ashley. She was a cute blonde, nice body, and very friendly overall. After debating it for a while, I finally worked up the courage to ask her out on a date. Unfortunately, she said no (didn’t see me as more than a friend, etc. Fair, I guess, but it sucked). We did remain friends after this (and to this day), although it took some time to get over the awkwardness of me trying to elevate our relationship to a romantic one.

About five months later, she started dating this guy called Josh. He was on the rugby team at our school. I didn’t really know him, and he didn’t really know me, but I knew they were dating.

Anyways, I was in the locker room at our school’s gym after wrapping up a workout. As I’m gathering my stuff to go shower, I notice Josh heading in to shower as well (this was about a month or so after he started dating Ashley?). The shower room at our gym was somewhat big but completely open and set up in a kind of rectangular pattern. When I walked in, Josh took one of the showers on one of the longer walls (there were a couple of old guys in there and maybe one other student, so not too crowded). I won’t lie, I wanted to see how big his cock was, so I took one of the showers about 4-5 spots down from his.

As we’re both showering, I try to sneak in a few quick glances at his junk when I can. Let’s just say the dude was given a gift. Completely flaccid, I would say he was about six inches, and thick. I’m a bronze member of the small dick club (hard) and have a real pencil dick. It was humiliating (but also a turn on) to know that Ashley was getting that in bed instead of my small dick. I ended up jerking off later that day, imagining her with him because it made me horny to think about. I did meet Josh later at a party. He seems like a cool guy, and we talked about sports for a while since we’re both big fans.

Fast forward to a week ago, and they got engaged. So, it looks like she’s going to get that cock for the rest of her life lol.


Another reader shows his crush what a beta he really is…

I regularly do life guarding at my local pool, and I recently had an SPH experience. I’ve known I’m small since I was about 15, I was a gold member (hard) and pretty much nothing soft. This would always be a source of embarrassment for me when I went swimming and probably what started my SPH fetish. I always make sure to wear baggy shorts so no one can see my bulge, but when I get out of the pool and the shorts are tight on my skin So my small package can always be seen.

My experience happened with my lifeguard instructor. She was called Chloe, and I had a massive crush on her. She was in her early 20’s, mixed-race, about 5’5” with nice boobs and a big ass. She had big brown eyes and a beautiful face. She would always wear tight leggings, which were sometimes see through to where I could see the ‘thong’ she was wearing, and I could always see her prominent camel toe. With me being one of the only males (and not too big myself up or anything but the best looking in the lifeguarding group), Me and her had a quite flirty relationship with her being a few years older than me.

Many times, she caught me staring at her butt and would blush or wink. Sometimes when we had to do CPR demonstrations she would pick me and blush when I felt her boobs as I did it or when she had to perform on me go for and actually kiss and feel for my dick when she had to touch my legs, I don’t think she ever felt what she was looking for though.

My local pool was small and only had a communal shower room, which I would always avoid at the humiliation of others seeing my small dick. It was a large room with showers on all the walls and benches in the middle. I would always wait around for at least 10 minutes in a cubical and bring a towel with me so I could wrap up and act as if I was done if someone walked in.

On this day of my experience, I stayed for another hour in the pool after my lesson. At my pool, my lifeguarding lesson was in the second to last hour slot of the day, with the last being a public swim from 9-10 at night. I wanted to get some more exercise and wanted to avoid the shower room for a bit. The lifeguard who was on duty went off after the lesson, and Chloe took over for him. My local pool was small and only had about 12 staff members, so she was the only lifeguard on duty.

I was swimming for about 20 minutes when I realized that I was the only person in the pool. Chloe looked at them all throughout my swim. I realized that if I got out of the pool at the end of this public swim, I might be going into the showers at the same time as Chloe. I didn’t want her to know about my size (still a gold member), so I got out of the pool 20 minutes before the session ended.

As I got out, Chloe got off the lifeguard tower and walked over to me. “Thanks,” she said, “you were the only one in, and now you’re leaving, so I get off shift 20 minutes early.”

My heart sank. I didn’t want her to see me in the showers, but I played it cool. We both chatted about our days as we walked to the lockers. I grabbed a towel from mine, and she walked over to hers. I waited outside the shower room for a few seconds to see if she would come in, but she was messing with her bag in her locker, so I figured I’d risk it and go in as I didn’t think she was going to shower.

I dropped my trunks and turned on the shower, the water was icy cold, and it made my penis shrink, I looked down, and it was so small I didn’t even bounce around when I moved, it must have been about half an inch. My shower warmed up after a few minutes, but my penis stayed the same size. Then I heard Chloe’s voice from behind.

“Sorry, I was a while; I couldn’t find my shampoo.”

Without turning around, I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me as quick as I could. I turned to see her smiling at me. She walked over to the bench and put her stuff down on a bench and began to get undressed. I turned away from her even though I didn’t want to.

“A-ha, it’s fine. I’m not embarrassed with you seeing anything,” she said in a flirty tone.

I turned back, and she was just down to her swimsuit that she wore underneath her lifeguard uniform. She began to take it off. First, I saw her boobs, she had nice perky tits, then she turned to her side, and I saw her massive butt, then as she turned back her freshly shaven pussy. It had a wide opening with inviting lips.

“Don’t be shy?” she said, noticing I still had my towel on as she walked over to the other side of the shower room.

“I’m not,” I laughed awkwardly.

I turned fully away from her and slowly lowered my towel. I heard a loud scream from the other side of the room. I covered my dick with one hand and turned back around, thinking she had just seen my small cock. She was standing shivering under her shower. “My showers freezing,” she moaned.

“Mines warm,” I blurted.

“Can I come over and use yours?” she asked.

She looked so hot in front of me. I couldn’t say no. “Sure,” I said, immediately regretting my decision.

She walked over to me. “I’m only a little. I won’t take up all the room,” she joked.

She stood next to me in the shower and began shampooing. For a few minutes, I just watched as I shared the shower with her as I couldn’t believe what was happening. I still had my dick firmly covered with one hand. She noticed I was looking and started to look up at me.

“I always notice you staring at me, you know,” she said, “this must be like a wet dream to you.”

I was taken aback by how sexual she was. “I mean you really fit,” I said, looking down.

She noticed I was looking down, and she noticed I was covering my dick. “You’re covering it with one hand?” she said. “Surely, you must have a boner?”

I did, at this point, a gold member boner. Not wanting to lead on to my size, I said, “Nah, I don’t.”

“That’s offensive,” she said in a jokingly hurt way. She started to move toward me. Her boobs started touching my chest. “I won’t look,” she said.

She took my hand off from my dick and moved it to her butt, and I instinctually moved my other hand there as well. Still looking up at me, she closed her eyes. And I started to search for my dick. After first, she aimed for my thighs, thinking I was still soft, and it was hanging down. Then she moved her hand around where a bigger boner would have been. She kept her eyes closed, but her expression changed from hormones to confusion. She placed her hand on my stomach and worked down until she found pubes.

She lightly brushed my boner with the bottom of her hand. She then moved it away and then tried to grasp it with a full grip but couldn’t as it was too small. She then put two fingers on it to hold it.

“Is that it?” she asks.

Before I had time to respond, she opened her eyes and looked down at my gold member boner. She held it in her thumb and index finger for a few moments and just looked. She then looked back up at me and said, “It’s really small,” then she began to smirk as she looked back down at it.

“Is it small,” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“The smallest ever seen,” she said, laughing. She loosened her grip and flicked it. “It’s cute, though.”

“Sorry,” I said.

“Don’t be,” she said as she grabbed it and began stroking it.

I was so surprised she was still interested that I just stood there whilst she looked at me. She moved one my hands down to her vagina, and I began rubbing it. We started making out, and I could feel her smiling. I was starting to think maybe my small dick wasn’t an issue, but then after about a minute, I nutted. Some of it sprayed onto her chest. She was still holding my dick whilst it happened, and it immediately began to get smaller.

“Did you cum?” she said, looking down.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“I was only getting started,” she said, her tone changed, and now she sounded disappointed.

She looked back at my dick, and at this point, she was basically just holding my foreskin as my dick had shrunk back to about an inch probably less.

“Now that’s pathetic,” she seemed angry and walked off.

She grabbed her stuff, wrapped a towel around her left. I stood in disbelief for a few minutes. The next week she wasn’t there for my lifeguarding class, and I haven’t seen her since. I think about this almost every day and wanted to share it.

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