Our Readers SPH Experiences 102

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader’s little accident led to a life in diapers…

At the end of my first semester in college, I had packed up all my clothes to fly back home for Christmas break. On my last day, I had two exams and a presentation. I had loaded up my car when I realized I needed clothes to change into out of my pajamas. I went back to my room and realized the only pairs of underwear I hadn’t packed were tighty-whities. I had no choice but to thrown them on even though they were a size too small. I quickly threw on jeans and a hoodie and dashed to class.

I really had to go to the toilet throughout my first exam but couldn’t leave, so I tried to hurry as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, I didn’t make it in time and ended up slightly peeing myself. When I got to the bathroom, I realized my jeans were dry, but my briefs were noticeably yellow around my dick. After trying to dry them, I heard someone come in, so I quickly fled the bathroom.

During my second exam and walking around campus, I heard many giggles and noticed people looking my way but just ignored it. Being December, it was cold out, and I could feel the shrinkage in full effect. When I got to my final presentation, I walked to the front of the class and heard lots of snickering. I just tuned it out to focus on my speech, so I didn’t embarrass myself in front of my crush in class. After I was done, I noticed plenty of glares as I was leaving the room. I had gotten outside and was hit by the wind and cold air, once again shrinking my already lack of a package.

Suddenly I heard my crush calling out my name much to my surprise, and I turned around to see her smiling. I asked what’s up and she just told me, “Looks like your little friend is putting on quite the show today.”

I looked down, and to my horror, my fly was wide open. I blushed redder than a tomato, and she snapped a picture on her phone while bursting into laughter. I was so embarrassed I just froze in place. Not only was my fly down, but everyone could see I had almost nothing of a penis as it was half an inch max, plus I was wearing tighty whities making it easily obvious to everyone who saw me that I owed my pants.

I started tearing up, which made her laugh more, and she said, “Awww, does widdle baby need a diaper change?”

“No,” I said defensively.

She replied, “Well, you peed yourself, you’re crying like one, you’re wearing little boy undies, and have a baby dick. So you must be a baby.”

I tried to storm away, but she stopped me, saying she’d make the photo go viral if I didn’t wear a diaper. I stopped dead in my tracks as she dangled her phone in one hand and held up the small penis sign in the other. It’s been a couple weeks since then and she still makes me wear them, sending me the picture as an evil reminder.


Another reader’s mom is optimistic but is in for a disappointment…

It was standard for my family to jump to dick shaming as an insult. They didn’t direct those jibes at me, of course, but I witnessed my mum do the pinky sign at other drivers over the years. I used to ask why she was doing it. Finally, she told me that it was the ‘little willy’ sign.

Just yesterday, my mum advised me, “Don’t be one of those guys who revved their engines and drive like an asshole. Otherwise, people might think I’m compensating for something. Not that you have anything to worry about in that department, I’m sure…”

Oh, if only she knew…


While this reader’s SPH is a family affair…

All my female family members know about my small dick. It was a weird experience growing up. I was tiny, and it was a topic for discussion when Of course, I was around. I was too young to understand it, but that was the beginning and foundation for my SPH fetish. Although they would have thought that I grew in puberty, one of my very angry ex-girlfriends got so mad, drunk, and said, “You’re so small and a quick cummer too.”

It got back to my family. I could do nothing but be in shame, which only fueled my desire for SPH. Finally, one of my sisters-in-law called me and said my ex was so angry and got revenge by showing pictures of a tiny penis that was supposedly mine. I was asking so many questions. Little did she know I had it in my hand, enjoying every second of it. LOL. Now my (soon to be ex) wife, I’m sure, will tell my daughters when they are old enough to avoid small dick men and premature ejaculators so they won’t make the same mistake she did.


This reader also got smack from his family…

One time I was visiting my mom and my older sister, and they noticed a burn hold in my pants, and my sister said, “Hey, be thankful you don’t have saggy balls.”

Then my mom said, “Yeah, or a big dick.”

They both burst into laughter.


Another reader has college experiences…
A FEW YEARS AGO, when I was away at school, I had a few hot SPH interactions that I think back on fondly. Just to set the stage, I’m a Silver Member of the Small Dick Club and was a virgin until my senior year.

I had a group of friends that I met at orientation. There were four guys and two girls (let’s call them Dana and Lexi). Dana was busty as hell. Massive tits and an insane ass with a flat stomach and short blonde hair. Lexi was taller and skinny, pretty average-sized boobs with a tight butt, but the face of a model with long, straight black hair. They LOVED to talk about sex.

The first incident happened one night. They’re on the topic of guys they’ve been with, and, as expected, penis size comes up. As soon as it’s mentioned, I get a cold chill and start thinking of all the wonderful places this conversation could go. The girls start talking about how they absolutely need a guy with an eight-inch cock, or they can’t get off. One of the other guys then asks, “Have either of you ever hooked up with a guy, and he’s packing a straight-up micro cock?”

We all laugh, and Dana looks at him and says, “Why you wanna know so badly? You got a four-inch dick or something?”

I nervously laugh at the thought her idea of a micropenis is that size. That’s bigger than I am. We laugh again, and Dana says, “Nah if anyone here’s got a little ass dick, it’s (my name)….”

I was usually the butt of these kinds of jokes, but instead of laughing, I just smiled and said, “You know it, baby,” which in hindsight was lame, but it got a laugh out of everyone.

Later on in the night, Lexi gets pretty wasted and starts insulting everyone, but friends do in a funny joking way. She doesn’t say anything to me, but she tips out a piece of paper from my notebook that was sitting on the desk AMD writes on it, ‘I’m (my name) and I have a small penis. Don’t fuck me.’

She takes a thumbtack from the wall and sticks it right on. We all laugh, and I thank her for being so forward. I decide to keep it on the wall and only cover it when I know that new people were coming through to my room. It became a running joke and propelled my enjoyment of SPH to my biggest fetish.

The second incident happened when I was hanging out with this group of quirky nerds in my freshman year. Among them was an adorable, blue-haired girl (let’s call her Sabrina). She didn’t have huge breasts, but her ass was amazing, and the tone of her voice was always sexual. After a few times hanging out and a few drinks, we end up hooking up at my dorm. She gives me a blowjob, and naturally, I cum within about three minutes. She laughs, and we talk for a little bit, and I walked her back to her place.

Overall she didn’t have too much of a reaction. Fast forward about three months later, I see her for the first time in a while. We talk a little bit and eventually come back to my place to play smash. This time, the small penis sign was visible on my wall. She spots it, gives a little chuckle, and goes, “Hey, facts!”

I apologize and say that it was a joke some of my friends put on the wall, then she says, “What’s the joke?”

I pretend to be offended, and once she notices, she says, “Oh, come on, you love it. Why else would that be on your wall?”

I shrug and tell her, “Yeah, you’re right,” and nervous laugh again.

She goes, “Yeah, I bet. Do you want to hear something you’ll like? The only reason I didn’t let you fuck me last time was because your dick is just too small for sex.”

I asked if she was serious, and all she said was, “Oh yeah, and you won’t be fucking me tonight either.”

She changed the subject, and we played smash, making little jokes here and there.


While another reader discovers breakups cause the most dick size reveals…

A while ago now I split up with my ex, so she told everyone about my condition. We’d been struggling for a bit, sexually and just in general, but it got to the point that she’d had enough and deciHowever, instead, end it. Instead of ending things graciously, she decided to tell everyone about my dick (I’m a bronze member of the small dick club) and she even showed a few people some pictures of it. I never told her that I liked SPH, mainly because I didn’t know I did at the time until all our friends and even some family found out about my below-average dick and laughed at me. So now, every time someone talks about my size, I get a stiffy that leaks precum into my underpants, making me all sticky and messy.


This reader played roulette with his friend’s girlfriend…

Thirty-two, male, here, and I just wanted to share a quick story of an exciting SPH experience I had a few years back. For a little back-story, my penis is pretty much just the head and about an inch of the shaft, if I’m lucky, when soft. Hard, I’m a silver member of the small dick club. I have been infatuated with exhibitionism, SPH, and CFNM since pretty much puberty. Now, I have many experiences over the years, but I’d like to share this one right now.

So about 10 years ago, my friend and I shared an apartment. His girlfriend was over a lot. She was much younger than we were, but she was smoking hot. Back then, Chatroulette had just come out and wasn’t governed as it is today. So you could show your dick all day long, and that’s what I did. There wasn’t a whole lot of traffic except for either night or weekends. So it wasn’t uncommon to see the same people over and again.

So one night I came home, and my friend and his girlfriend wherein the living area and on Chatroulette. They were laughing at random people and making silly faces. I heard her comment a few times about all the penises. Therefore, I went into my room and logged on from my laptop. I pointed the screen cam down below my waist and pulled down my pants. About ten minutes went by, and I got the usual reactions from guys and some girls. Then finally, I saw my roommate and his girlfriend. My roommate immediately started laughing, and his girlfriend shrieked and screamed, “Oh my God!”

I heard it from my bedroom and on the computer. I flicked my tiny dick a bit, and she said, “That’s the smallest penis I ever saw!” She also went on to say to my roommate, “That’s smaller than [her little brother’s name].”

They laughed and moved on to another person. Even though I got many reactions from random girls, this one was different because I knew her. I know I’m probably going to get some mixed reactions to this. I know it’s technically unsolicited, but hey, that’s the risk when you use Chatroulette.


Another reader finds the death stare arousing…

Buckle in folks, storytime, one of the first girls I ever divulged in about my SPH fetish was patient in doing anything about it, about a month or so after I told them they finally made their move. I was standing in my room folding laundry, and she came up from behind, slowly unbuttoning my pants, thinking it was just going to be normal sex. I eagerly responded; by then, she grabbed my little penis from the hole in my underwear with two fingers. She slowly got me bottomless and then pushed me down on the bed, so my dick was resting on top of my balls, and then stood there and watched me, forbidding me from touching myself. Finally, after ten minutes of very intense eye contact, I grunted and came on my balls. I was utterly surprised as I was soft, but she took it in stride and proceeded to sit on my face recording my small mess of a dick with her phone.


Our friend ‘imagurl5,’ tells us…

I was the youngest of four, the only boy with three older sisters. We lived in So Cal, and it was the 70s. My parents were long-time nudists and my sisters and I was raised believing naked was normal. We spent nearly every weekend and summer vacation at nudist camps all over the country. My parents were also members of a swingers group, and about once every six weeks, it would be their turn to host. I was seven when my sisters decided that they wanted a little sister, not a little brother.

It was Saturday, and I was downstairs watching cartoons. The girls were upstairs. I could hear them talking, with Victoria, the oldest, doing most of it. Margie, who lived next door, was there as usual. Suddenly I heard my name called. It was Jessica, the middle sister yelling for me to come up there. I loved all three of my sisters and lived for the times that they would let me hang out with them. I came out of the den and ran up the stairs as quickly as I could.

Jessica was waiting, and she led me into Victoria’s room shutting the door behind us. Victoria then began by telling me that I had been a mistake. That in fact, I was supposed to have been a girl. The doctors had told Mom that she had a fourth daughter on the way and that had been what they all wanted. She said Mom had even picked out my name, had clothes and everything ready. I was going to be named Brenda but to everyone’s shock, a boy popped out, not a cute baby girl. They told me that Mom cried for weeks about it.

They all looked so sincere and so concerned about Mom’s broken heart. They told me that it was time to fix things and that from that moment on, I was going to be Brenda, the little sister that I was supposed to be. Even Margie agreed and said she heard mom crying. I didn’t know what to say or think, but I believed them. Then Susan, the youngest, stood up and told me to take off my clothes. Susan was three years older than I was and with her long blond hair, blue eyes and perfect skin, she looked so beautiful to me.

I had never been naked in front of Margie and become suddenly shy. I’d always had a little boy crush on Margie, and the girls knew this, but the three of them ganged up on me and quickly had me standing there butt naked. Margie looked at my smooth body, smiling at me and staring at my tiny wiener and balls. Jessica turned me towards her, handed me a pair of white cotton panties with pink flowers, and told me to put them on. I did and felt a new kind of bond with my sisters. Susan handed me a sleeveless sundress and helped me put it on while

Victoria began telling me how things were going to be from now on. From now on, I was Brenda, their little sister. The only time I was allowed to wear boy clothes was at school, but as soon as I got home, I came upstairs to get dressed by one of them. Margie had now begun helping me with my new shoes. She even said she had some clothes to give me and oh didn’t I look so cute! Something felt so normal wearing girls’ clothes, and I took to it like a fish to water. Every day I eagerly awaited to find out what I would be made to wear.

A few years pass, and I am now thirteen and totally accepting that I am a girl. I am now serving my sisters full time and taught my place. When it was my parent’s turn to host a party, we kids would quietly sneak halfway down the stairs to the landing and hide and spy at the party. That’s how I found out that my mother was a Domme and was secretly mentoring my sisters. She knew about and supported my feminization, calling it “the natural order of things.” At thirteen, my friends were all sporting nice large, thick cocks, big ball sacks, and pubic hair, and they were all proud enough to want to show it all off.

At thirteen, my cock was still an inch or so soft and a gold member hard. My balls were tiny, and I still had Then one pubic hair. One Sunday, Victoria called me up to her room. Jessica was there along with Margie and a new friend of Jessica’s whose name was Allison. She was adorable, and I so wanted to look like her. I came in wearing a skirt, blouse, panties, and sandals. All the girls looked at Allison and said, “See, we told you.”

“This is my little sister, Brenda,” said Jessica.

I stood there, staring at my new role model as she stared at me. Finally, Victoria held up a new dress and told me to strip. I said no, I didn’t want to. That got me a slap. Not striping fast enough got me another one. I slowly took off my skirt and blouse. Just my panties remained. Jessica reached over, and with one yank, down they came revealing my tiny boy thing. All four girls were momentarily speechless at my utter lack of equipment. Then a giggle and another.

They spent over an hour examining me from every angle, not believing that I still looked like a five-year-old down there. Blackmail kept me obedient but now I was fifteen and the girls all over eighteen and with the exception of Susan out on their own.

I am now forty-eight years old. I am in FLR and married to my Mistress. I am totally feminized and take hormones for breast growth, which I love. My wife takes great pride in the ways that she humiliates me and my sissy dicklette. Two of my three sisters live in FLR currently. They are both thrilled.

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