Our Readers SPH Experiences 101

By Our Readers

Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader was caught with his pants down…

Just had my first SPH experience in a while, we invited some friends over to watch rough and rowdy, and my friend’s girlfriend walked in on me taking a piss. I did go with the door open. So I was kind of asking for it and I’m completely shaved, too.

She said, “Omigod, I’m so sorry,” and quickly ran back to my friend laughing the whole way.

I could hear the girls and my friend ask why she was laughing and she said, “It looked smaller than the little boy I babysit. It was just so tiny and completely hairless like a toddler’s dick.”


While this reader got a smirk and tug…

I had just started working full time as a teacher, I had begun hanging out with a group of people through a mutual friend, and we started going out to this bar every Wednesday because it was when they had live music. Bands were usually good, some just run-of-the-mill cover bands others had their own music, regardless it was a good time and was an excuse to drink on a weeknight. It helped break up the week.

There was a girl in the group, Lexi, who I started to develop a thing for, and we started to get to know each other pretty well since we hung out every Wednesday as part of that group. One night we got drunk, were dancing, and started making out. One thing led to another we went to my car and got to it. (I didn’t drive ended up taking a cab home in case you’re concerned)

I knew this girl had been around, she was pretty hot and really cool and funny. At first, I was a little nervous about my size as I always was with a new girl. However, that night the alcohol had given me some liquid courage and to be honest, when we went to my car, I wasn’t even thinking about it. When I took off my pants, I have a vivid memory of her smirking and turning away, it was obvious and I suddenly became extremely self-conscious.

I went down on her for a little, and she ended up jerking me off and actually started giggling albeit softly. I asked her what that was about, and she caught herself and said, “No, I’m just so horny and having a good time,” and proceeded to kiss me while jerking me off.

At one point, she looked and noticed she only needed two fingers, again kind of smirked, and giggled but this time I left it alone. I tried to hit her up to go out on a date but she made it clear it was a onetime thing and friend-zoned me.


Another reader has a close encounter in the gym…

This is a quick, true encounter I had a few weeks ago at my local country club/gym. I am 29 years old, 5’8”, and weigh 120lbs soaking wet. My penis has always been small throughout my life and never really grew with my age. I’m a silver member of the small dick club. I was running on the treadmill at the gym and, once done, headed to the locker room for a shower. I’m self-conscious about my small body/penis so I always have a towel on when walking around in the locker room.

As I made my way to the shower area, I saw a giant looking man walking toward me, completely naked. His penis was swinging between his legs while he walked and looked as thick as a tree trunk. As we approached closer, he began to smile at me and wave, and I realized that this was my neighbor who lives across the street from me. He played football in college and is 6’6”, 300lbs and now about 50 years old.

His penis looked comically large and easily eight inches soft & thick as a coke can. He stopped me in the hallway as if it was normal for him to be naked and engage in conversation with someone. We shook hands and exchanged hello’s, him towering over me by almost a foot and making me look like a small child next to his gigantic body. As we were about to go our separate ways, I saw him glance down and smile from ear to ear. My towel had slipped off of me and fell to the ground, exposing my totally soft, smaller than the usual flaccid penis.

His monster eight-inch cock looked cartoonish next to my tiny nubbin. I was so embarrassed and stunned about what happened that I completely froze and didn’t know what to say or do. He casually pointed downward toward our feet and said, “Looks like what they say is true about feet size, huh, little buddy.”

I glanced down and saw the biggest feet I’ve ever seen next to my tiny size 6.5 youth size feet. They literally looked to be about twice the size of mine. I was still speechless and couldn’t come up with anything to even say or respond but smile at his comment.

He could tell our size difference had me mesmerized. He said, “Well, I think you’re about the same size as my seven-year-old son if that makes you feel any better. But he’s definitely thicker and will grow, unlike your little dick.”

I managed a small chuckle and quickly said goodbye as I raced to the shower feeling like a tiny boy.


This reader is on the cusp of a new life…

I live with my grandma in a two-bedroom apartment. My older, married cousin once visited us to stay for a few days. She came during the daytime. Therefore, being at college, I was unaware of her arrival. When I reached home, as usual I entered my room, locked it and stripped into bare skin. I was yet to know that my cousin was in the bathroom attached to my bedroom. Grandma was asleep so she didn’t tell me anything about the cousin in my bathroom.

Lying in my bed naked, I started jacking off my silver member dick to porn. As I was closing toward a climax, my thick-as-fuck cousin came out of the bathroom naked as well! I was startled by her sudden entry. However, her huge melons and bushy pussy were too distracting from the awkwardness of the situation. Pure shock pervaded her face and my jerk off was almost happening in auto-mode as if under some trance.

“Ewwww…” she said as I shot load after load of thick cum ropes on to my upper body and some of it even fell on my lips that I licked away.

She quickly moved to the table with her purse on it. Her hands fumbled inside the purse and picked up her phone from it. After a moment’s silence, she walked slowly towards me. After all, that sexual excitement leaving me, I started realizing how fucked up a situation that I was in.

She said, “Ha, I never knew you were such a pathetic loser,” and started taking pictures.

A LOT OF THEM! As I lay still, with cum over my face, hoping the earth to swallow me up, the bitch came close to my face and whispered in my ear, “You better lube that ass up for my hubby or your little pee-pee and your cum covered face is gonna go viral.”

I felt at that moment a speck of joy deep inside somewhere, and as she left the room, wrapped up in a towel, I wiped up some cum from my face and dripped it to my throat.


While this reader felt like the Turkey this thanksgiving…

I was with my friends while we are all on thanksgiving break. As it was getting later, Jordan (Female, 21) and I left. She was telling me about her new boy toy from school. She made sure to say downstairs in the pants department he’s gifted. I laughed, and the jokingly asked how long. She laughed and said, “I don’t think you want to know.”

Jordan knows I’m a Bronze Member of the Small Dick Club, and we’re very open about our sex life. She then goes, “Well, double your size, at least,” which instantly excited me.

The conversation then drifted away from that for a little until she said it had to be the biggest dick she’s ever seen. She then started listing off men that she’s been with by size. Then paused and asked me if I knew our friend’s dick sizes, which I have an idea but wasn’t going to share.

She decided to rank them and put a size to each one. Jordan goes down the list starting at nine inches (her current fuck friend), then to eight, etc. Eventually, there are two people left, my friend Chris and me. She finally says, “Chris is probably around five and a half inches and you, four and a half, by far the smallest I’ve seen, other than online.”

I did the fake mad thing for a second, but she saw right through it, then we got to her house and I dropped her off.


Devin Dickie writes…

I love your site! It’s honestly one of my favorite finds of 2019! I love your readers’ stories so I thought I would give you my own real-life story.

I used to date an Italian girl in NYCwho was stunning. Thirty, and incredibly intelligent too. She packed some amazing 34 G-cup naturals and was honestly so sexual. We never had sex to start just hot make-out sessions, however finally, things got to a place where we were going to do it and I went to her apartment. She had held up having sex because she was in a relationship, but tonight she decided to invite me up. We got inside and she got right into it. I must admit that I never had an SPH fetish before or was even aware of it.

Tonight was going to be a crash course. I actually have an above-average-sized dick lengthwise, but I’m a Lead Member of the small dick club, it’s very thin. Therefore, as she pulls down my pants, she has a bit of a reaction to me. “Interesting,” she said.

She pulled out condoms and said as she looked down and smirked that she only had Magnum XL’s from her last BF. My ego shrugged it off, and I let my machismo take control. We started dating seriously for about a year. I was obviously her rebound. She used to play this song Peacock song all the time and made sure that even if my dick was big enough for her, she wanted me to know that there were others out there bigger.

She did this in a casual conversation that was borderline embarrassing with her friends. Little jabs and openly talking about other men’s large package and joking about being a size queen with her female friends with me present. Her friends always said that I MUST HAVE BEEN PACKING to be with her.

Then the “DEEPER” comments during sex started. I started to feel my confidence erode and find that I wasn’t as aggressive as I used to be with her socially or otherwise. She noticed this and started to become even meaner and crueler. She suggested that we watch porn together and made sure to pick only BIG COCK videos as we mutually masturbated.

Close to the end. I felt desperate to hold on and tried to focus on being more intimate. I even told her of my desire to crossdress (that I did in secret from time to time), this proved to be a giant mistake. She embraced my confidence and made me feel like we could do anything together as long as I was honest with her like this.

Very shortly after, she became so mean as if she was pushing me away. She would say things in public that teetered on exposing me for either my small dick or my cross-dressing (which I never did with her or said anything after the first time). It would be received with laughter from her girlfriends.

Finally, one night we went out dancing at a hip hop club with her girlfriends. She pressed me in front of them if I thought that Black women were hot. I said that I only really had eyes for her. This was like a joke to her and her friends. She had baited me into asking EXACTLY what she wanted me to ask her in front of her friends (like I said she was on ANOTHER LEVEL of intelligence…I’d like to think I am smart, but she could run a multimillion-dollar conglomerate). I, led into her trap, asked her, “So what about YOU?”

She fired back, knowing that I was going to ask… “OH, YOU MEAN, BLACK MEN?” she smirked. “I mean, I have always been curious about their LEGENDARY SIZE!”

This made me blush and the other girls laugh SO HARD! That night got even worse as she was talking to the bouncer that looked like an NBA player and then disappeared for close to an hour leaving me with her friends that just watched me like a hawk.

After that night, I broke up with her. There is more to the story, but it was a very traumatic experience. This REALLY HAPPENED, and though it was a fantasy of mine before, this was a terrible world of conflicting feelings. I don’t suggest that anyone stay with anyone manipulative EVER. Nevertheless, it did give me birth to a new shameful fetish of SPH. So there’s that.


Another reader’s mom is dishing up SPH for Thanksgiving…

For context, my brother and I have a habit of leaving the door open while taking a piss. Because of this, my mom has walked in or glanced at us taking a piss while walking across the living room. My brother and I have this unwritten ‘bro’ code where if we think someone is taking a piss, we don’t look inside, especially if the light is left on. My mom has no such rule and just walks in. My mom had looked at my small flaccid penis before and said, “Ugh, put that tiny thing away, nobody wants to see that!”

Anyways this happened recently. It’s Thanksgiving, and my mom is cleaning and panicking because my cousins and family are going to arrive soon. Once she is done cleaning the bathroom, she sits my brother and I down to tells us we have to clean the toilet seat every time we go pee because she doesn’t want any piss on the toilet seat. To quote her, “It’s like you (points at my brother) text with one hand (mimics texting with one hand) and pee with the other.” Then mom uses her whole hand to mimic grabbing a big dick far away from her groin as if he’s hung.”

Then points at me and says, “And you can’t aim because you can only hold your little pee-pee like this…”

She puts one hand behind her back and uses the other to mimic, holding a small dick with two fingers. I felt embarrassed because my mom gave my brother an enormous hint that my dick is so small, I actually do hold it with two fingers when I piss.

About a day later, my SPH fetish kicks in and I feel excited that my mom acknowledged my small dick like that. Further thinking about the moment, she made the hand motion to signify that my brother had a big cock. Curious the next day, when I heard someone pissing with the door open, I pretended I was just walking by the bathroom. However, secretly, I broke the code and took a glance. My jaw dropped when I saw it, my brother had about a thick seven- inch flaccid cock. Throughout the day until now, I occasionally glance to see if maybe he was just erect. No, his size stays consistent and actually is as big as my mom indicated with her hand gesture. I now wonder if my brother also has glanced after he saw our mom mimic me holding my small dick with two fingers.


This reader learns everyone knows about his secret…

Several years ago, I was in the military, and my wife and I were newly married. Jane was acclimating well to being a military wife. She was hanging out with all of the other wives and had joined the women’s kickball team. Their tradition was that after a game, the girls would get together at one of their houses and have some drinks and gossip. This was always a treat for me because she would come back a little drunk and was always very horny. As we were starting to get sexy, I made the mistake of asking her what had gotten her all hot and bothered.

“Oh, you know how Alpha company just got back from deployment, a bunch of the wives was talking about how their husbands came back and seemed to be trying to make up for lost time while they were deployed. There was a bit more sex talk than normal today, and I was anxious to get home and jump your bones,” she said slyly.

I knew her best friend Caitlyn’s husband, was one of those newly returned. He came back and looked like he had spent the entire 6-month deployment in the gym. Caitlyn was definitely the hottest wife of the group, and the prospect of hearing some tidbits about her sex life excited me.

“I’m sure Caitlyn’s happy to have James home, he’s really jacked after that deployment, I’m sure they’re enjoying a nice second honeymoon,” I said.

“Oh, definitely, and she’s not shy at all about details when she’s been drinking.” My wife seemed to sense that I wanted more details, so she continued while she was pulling my pants off. “Honestly, though, I’m a little bit sorry for her, she was complaining that she wasn’t used to how big he is anymore. She used to brag about how big James is, but it seems to be more of a problem now than an asset. Not only does she have to get used to being stretched out again, but I guess James has been well…too enthusiastic, so poor Caitlyn’s so sore all the time from all the rough fucking.”

My Bronze Member dick was straining out of my pants, as she pulled my underwear down, pre-cum streaming from the tip as she pulled her kickball uniform off. I wasn’t really friends with James, but Caitlyn and Jane are friends, and I had to hide an erection several times when she would come to the beach with us. Visions of her tight tanned body pounded by a big dick were driving me crazy, so I threw Jane on the bed, looking forward to a vigorous session of our own.

“Uh,” Jane moaned as I slid into the hilt and started humping away. “None of the other girls were on board with my theory that a big dick isn’t all its hyped up to be, I’m really glad that I don’t have to worry about getting sore from being stretched out with you, even after your deployment, we were able to get right back to where we left off. I’m glad you’re not big like that.”

What she said shocked me, but my thoughts of Caitlyn still kept me distracted, and I lost control and blew my load too soon.

“Baby…Did you just cum already? We only just started!”

I apologized profusely, but she was clearly upset. I didn’t like eating her out after I had cum in her, but I felt like I didn’t have a choice. I wanted her to tell me what she meant, though. She continued while I get between her legs and started licking.

“Well, I was telling Caitlyn I empathized with her, how big dicks stretching you out hurts, I told them about Joe…”

Joe was her ex, the only man she had slept with other than me, her college boyfriend, who had taken her virginity.

Jane said, “Joe and James are about the same size, and it took me so long for sex not to hurt with him. Sure, I had huge, mind-blowing orgasms, but I was just so sore the next day that it just wasn’t worth it. I’ve had the thick nine incher before, but I honestly prefer your size, I don’t feel like I’m being ripped in half with you, bigger is not always better, with your tiny one I can actually enjoy sex.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. Was she really telling me that she had told all of the wives that I had a small dick?

“I told them the truth, baby,” she said, trying to calm me down. “They were all, ‘big dicks this, big dicks that,’ like a huge cock, is something to be desired. I felt like they needed to know that I’m a living example of how bigger isn’t always better, I prefer small.”

She didn’t seem to understand how this was terribly embarrassing for me. “Well, as much as I don’t like the idea of all the wives thinking I have a small dick, at least you were talking up my sexual prowess,” I said, and then went back to licking.

She was starting to get close to orgasm. “Our sex life is great, baby, you always take care of me. You always make sure I have an orgasm, even though I never have an orgasm from sex, you always eat me out until I do.”

I stopped eating her pussy and gazed up at her. “Wait, you didn’t tell them that did you?” I asked flabbergasted.

“Well, yeah, what’s the matter with that? I’m talking about you giving me orgasms! That’s a good thing,” she said.

“But you’re telling them my dick isn’t giving you orgasms, it’s too small for that. Baby, can’t you see how this isn’t painting me in the best light?”

“God, you sound just like them now,” she said, annoyed. “I’m telling you, and them about how I ENJOY our sex life. How you give me orgasms. Who cares if I say you ate me to orgasm instead of fucked me to orgasm? What’s the difference? Jeez, they kept apologizing to me as if I was missing something. All Caitlyn talked about was how James fucked her until she couldn’t take it anymore. With you, if anything, I want MORE sex, not less. I mean, how many times have I been trying to jump your bones a second time and you’re too tired to go again?”

Again, she didn’t understand that she was making me sound incompetent at sex. “Baby, I wish you hadn’t told them all these things. I feel bad, I feel like I’m leaving you unsatisfied.”

“How many times do I have to tell you that I love our sex life? It would be nice if you had the energy to go a second time, but I don’t want you to worry. The girls actually had a couple suggestions that I wanted to run by you.”

“Like what?”

“Well, Jenny recommended that I get a clit piercing. She has one, and she swears by it, making her orgasms more intense. Caitlyn suggested that if you can’t get it up, that I buy a strap-on for you to wear. I don’t know about the piercing… maybe, but the strap-on thing actually sounds like it has some promise. I was looking online, and they have hollow ones, that way I can ride you to my heart’s content.”

We ended up buying the strap-on. We went to the local sex store together, and the only hollow one was much bigger than I wanted to get, but Jane was insistent on wanting to try. We rushed home and quickly stripped to get down to business. I was extremely horny, but she rushed through getting me off, eager to try the strap-on out. I slipped the harness on, and put my limp spent dick inside the hollow cock. It was slightly uncomfortable, the base of it pressing into my balls, oddly though, I started getting horny after it was on, seeing a big eight-inch cock sticking out in front of me.

“This is pretty big, baby, is this how big Joe’s was?”

She reached up, moving it around, inspecting the new cock. “It’s the same length,” she said matter of fact, “but Joe was a little bit thicker.”

I now have a hard-on again, and could feel my dick flopping back and forth in the interior. The idea that he was even thicker than this was intimidating. The look on her face, however… she looked excited, breathing deeply, face and chest flushed, she was hungry for this. She got on her knees, bending over and wagging her ass back and forth. We never did doggy style because I fell out too often, and her pussy was dripping down her inner thigh. She was so excited. I positioned myself behind her and slowly inserted the cockhead. She let out a low, deep moan.

“Go slow, baby,” she said breathlessly as I started to push in. “I need to get used to how big this is again.”

The irony wasn’t lost on me. Wasn’t this exactly what she said she didn’t like about her ex? I slowly pushed an inch in, pulled it back out, and then pushed in a little deeper. There were still about two inches to go when she had her first orgasm. I was spreading her butt cheeks, watching as her asshole clenched and spasm in time with her moans. I knew her pussy was clenching onto the strap-on, I just wished I could feel it. With her first orgasm out of her way, she really seemed to get into it. Her pussy seemed to relax and she slid the rest of the way back, bottoming out.

“Oh my God, it’s so big…” she moaned. “Oh, I forgot what this felt like, uh, baby, this feels so good!” She was moaning as she kept pushing back into me, harder and harder. “Oh, baby, oh baby, OH…”

She stopped talking as she started concentrating on getting herself off. She was really getting into it now, and I just knelt there, unmoving as she fucked herself back onto me.

“Oh, baby, please fuck me with it, Oh my God, baby! Please, it feels so good!”

Jane was pleading with me, pushing back roughly into me. I held onto her hips and started humping back into her, her ass slapping into me. She started grunting as we built into a rhythm. I could feel my hard dick flopping back and forth inside the tube, as she roughly pushed into me.

Then, inevitably, she had the biggest orgasm I have ever seen her have. Her whole body was shaking as wave after wave hit her. At this point, I was close to orgasm myself as my dick was slapping into the interior sides. I needed to cum, grabbed her hips, and started plunging harder into her. I couldn’t tell if she immediately had another orgasm, or if I was just pushing the last one to a higher point, but she started screaming in a new octave, “YES! YES! FUCK YES!”

“Oh, God,” I said, as I felt it. “I’m gonna cum!”

“YESSSSS,” she screamed.

Jane collapsed onto the bed, exhausted. I fell on top of her. She had just had the biggest orgasm I had ever seen, but because it was only my dick slapping the inside, it ended ruined for me. Just enough stimulation to cum, and then the frustration as I couldn’t actually feel anything anymore.

“Did you really cum?” she said, panting, trying to catch her breath.

“Yes, but…” she didn’t let me finish.

“Oh my God, baby, that was amazing.”

She didn’t let me explain my orgasm had been ruined.

“Oh, that was perfect. Oh, I’m so glad that we did this.” She turned around, moaning as the giant dick slid out of her. “Thank you, baby…Thank you.”

She was crying as she started kissing me passionately, breaking the kiss only to thank me repeatedly. What could I do? I kissed her back, holding her as she shook, crying, laughing, and kissing me all at the same time. I had never felt so close to her, and so apart from her at the same time. Before I knew it, she was jacking the strap-on, like I could actually feel something. Then she smiled a sly smile as she pushed me back onto the bed, climbing on top to ride again.

This became our sex life. Though nobody actually mentioned it to me, I knew all of the men knew that I had to use a strap-on on my wife. She told everything to Caitlyn and the other wives, who told their husbands, who always seemed to have a chuckle on their faces when I was around. I was completely embarrassed and more than ready two years later when we changed units.

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