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Our readers share their moments of small dick zen.


This reader hoped college would be a new beginning for him…

By the time I was a year out of high school, I was still very inexperienced with women. In fact, I had only had two girlfriends since elementary school. One in junior high, Nicole H. who put her tongue in my mouth at the Skateland roller rink before moving when her dad got a new job and the other in the 11th grade, Amber who also never lets me go much past first base. Amber and I had dated for about three months towards the end of a semester, where we shared a calculus class together. Every weekend we would be at her house helping with each other’s homework. Well, actually, it was just me helping her but she was so beautiful I never minded her using me at all.

I had masturbated many times to her perfect body and beautiful face over the years, as she was easily one of the top three hottest girls in the school, if not the whole city. Just before we started the homework, she would usually let me run my hands up and down her legs and her hands would wander over my body too but we never went any further than that mutually. If I tried to squeeze one of her breasts, she would say no and slap my hand away. I never even got close to her panties or ass. She would let me rub her calves and thighs over her jeans though and she especially liked to have me rub her feet.

She would let me take her socks off and even encouraged me to lick and suck her feet, especially if they were a little sour from a long day. She did rub the front of my jeans a few times, and on those occasions, I always erupted in my pants after only a minute or two and she would laugh a little and smirk, asking me, “Did you cum already? It seemed too little to be all the way hard? Was it all the way hard? Weird huh? Chad’s was a lot bigger even soft. No, don’t get up; it’s OK to dry like that. Besides, we better get started on the calculus.”

When I rubbed her feet, which we seemed to do more than anything else, she would always sit in her dad’s EZ boy recliner in the basement telling me to get on my knees in front of her and she would jam one foot into my crotch while I rubbed her other foot. She would snap her fingers and tell me to lick or suck as I rubbed her pretty feet and painted toenails. Sometimes she would smash her free foot into my crotch really hard and hurt my little boy balls as I sucked her toes. I didn’t know it then, but looking back, she was definitely heading for a femdom’s life.

Once, she even told me to shut up and stop being a whiny fag as she stomped my little crotch. “Just keep licking my feet, Ricky, it feels really good. You want me to feel good, don’t you?”

“Of course, I do Amber, but we haven’t even kissed, and there is a lot I could do to make you feel good.”

“Ricky, you know I just broke up with Chad, and I want to take things slow. If you aren’t going to do things exactly the way I want them done, I guess you can just leave,” and with that, she stood from the chair pushing me back with her heel on my thin straining little penis. Crossed her arms and turned her back to me telling me to, “Get away from me, Ricky. You just need to go home right now.”

Standing there with a big pre-cum spot in my pants and my little erection I was about to lose the closest I had come to a girl in several years, so I did what came natural, I started to beg. “No, no, I understand. I’m sorry, Amber. Please, Amber. I won’t pressure you anymore. I’m sorry. I know you just broke up with Chad. I’m so horny, I just lost it, but I can do right Amber, I promise. Please give me another chance. Please, Amber, I’ll be good.”

“Alright Ricky, but stop whining like a sissy fag, you’re making me sick. Are you going to cry? Oh, poor baby, get your panties out of a wad and don’t disobey me again. Now, come closer, and I will let you suck my big toe before we start the homework. You always cum so fast while you suck on my toes.”

As I pulled her foot to my mouth, she didn’t just lightly mash my little boy balls with the other as usual, this time she stomped them causing me to let out a long but deeply effeminate moan as her big toe simultaneously filled my mouth. She had suddenly broken things off with Chad just as we started to hang out and I didn’t want her to do that to me. She almost always insisted we fool around before starting the homework which meant I would sit in my sticky cum filled underwear until they were crusty while we did her homework. I sometimes blasted three or four times in a single evening, my balls aching from the mashing and repeated cumming.

Nevertheless, this always made actually going out or on a real date a moot point with my pants a crusty mess and what little manhood I had literally drained. Amanda never made a big deal about my penis size other than the occasional matter-of-fact jabs like I described earlier, but I had been the joke of the school from at least 7th grade in my first gym class. She knew I was little down there for sure, everyone did and I was always nervous about it. My penis is very small and for whatever sadistic sense of humor, the universe has it put me in a school full of enormous cocks. White ones, brown ones, black ones, even the Vietnamese kid had four inches of fat limp dick hanging between his thighs while my little pee-pee tip barely stuck out past flush and more accurately rested on top of my small nut sack like a stunted acorn on top of a golf ball.

I was called a baby dick, teeny, shrimpy, little man, and on and on almost non-stop by the whole school for six years. I had learned to accept the taunts, and besides, it was true. I am small down there. Even when hard, as Amber had accurately noticed, I am significantly less than average. Amber’s ex-boyfriend was Chad and from being in the locker room, I knew he practically had a baby’s arm between his legs. He was a linebacker on the starting football team and while only a junior was already six-foot-four and a solid 185 pounds of athletic muscle. He gave me a little grief during the time Amber was letting me hang around her and would ask if I liked her stretched-out pussy or she must be letting me fuck her ass since his cock was too big for that.

However, he did think my little pee-pee might actually be too small for even her ass. I literally had no comeback, as I had never gotten farther with Amber than cumming on myself from a dry rub outside my pants. Besides, I didn’t have any desire to get my ass kicked either. Then out of the blue, or as soon as the calculus class had ended, Amber called me one Saturday, and instead of asking if I wanted to come over and hang out, she simply told me it wasn’t going to work out, and that was the end of that. I didn’t even get the chance to beg.

We didn’t have any classes together after that, and she was back together with Chad, which made me steer pretty clear of them both. During the fall of the next year, I was at a keg party on a first date with a girl from my English lit class at the local community college. I had gotten the grades and a few academic scholarships for a big school but my family was too poor to bridge the rest of the money and so I found myself at the local junior college. It was good though to be free of the high school days and the daily taunts for my small penis. Most of the kids from my school had gone off to the state college or universities out of state. My date’s name was Lacy, things were going smooth despite my lack of self-confidence, and as usual, a very long dry spell with women.

I don’t even think she was using me for English as her grades seemed to be as good as mine. Everybody at the party was getting good and buzzed, and it was turning into a wild party. There seemed to be something exciting going on in the upstairs bedroom as the buzz was filtering all the way into the backyard where Lacy and I were chilling and talking to some friends of hers. Some really out of it chick bumped into us while trying to get past our little crowd and said we better hurry to the house if we want to see the couple fucking.

Lacy gave me a mischievous look and said, “Well, you wanna go up there?” I stammered and stuttered a little, and she said, “Come on, that’s hot! I have got to see this!”

With that, she grabbed my hand, turned toward the sliding glass door, and started pulling me along. When we got upstairs in the house, there was a lot of whooping and hollering and a large circle of several people deep surrounding what must have been the couple having sex. Lacy was determined to see them and was elbowing, pushing and twisting her way to the first ring in the circle of spectators. As she pulled me along, we eventually got to the front of the crowd and there was one of the sexiest couples I had ever seen in the doggy style position, except I had seen them both many times before. It was Amber and Chad from high school. Amber had filled all the way out in the curves, and at 19, she was sexy enough to be a model.

She had large D-cup breasts and a big plump ass that was so firm it was literally springing back with each thrust from Chad and his massive erection. Chad looked like a movie star too with his six-pack abs and broad shoulders. They were lost in the passion of fucking, as Chad’s beer can thick shaft was only ¾ of the way in but probably close to the bottom of Amber’s pussy. He was thrusting in short hard bumps that were making Ambers big firm ass bounce forward and bounce back with tight, quick ripples. He changed gears though almost as soon as we got to the front and began to pull his long thick dick back and forth in slow deep strokes.

He then told her to, “Get that dick,” and Amber began to move her tight ass back and forth on Chad’s thick length moaning deeply as her ass cheeks reached the bottom of his shaft.

On one pull forward, Amber came all the way off Chad’s rock-hard cock, causing it to spring up toward his belly button bobbing in the air like a hypnotist’s charm. While, at the same time, it created a loud sloppy wet ‘plop’ as that big dick left a huge sucking gap all the way to Amber’s cervix. When Amber thrust back hungrily, looking to fill the cavern suddenly left behind, her pussy bellowed a long and vulgar queef as Chad’s big dick forced all the air out of her gaping cunt bottoming out on her cervix once again. They fucked like this for about 15 more minutes as the room became very quiet.

Other couples had begun to undress and embrace while even single guys and single girls were also undressing if only to masturbate. Amber and Chad’s sexual beauty and intense passion had spontaneously begun to start an orgy. Lacy’s eyes were as big as plates taking in all the action and raw sexual power in the room.

She excitedly told me she was, “Sopping wet,” as she reached down to the front of my pants and started to grope around for my erection.

When she found it, she locked eyes with me in disbelief as she took her index finger and thumb and squeezed my short, thin cock between them very slowly from top to bottom covering the thin Silver Member of the Small Dick Club in only a few pinches. She started to speak, “There really isn’t even enough to grab with my hand. There’s no girth and no length, only enough to pinch between the fingers.”

Continuing to stare me down, her tone became disgusted and bitchy, “His is easily three times your size. Even my smallest dildo is at least twice as long and way thicker than yours.”

Lacy added an extra hard pinch causing me to cry out in a very loud girlish squeal that seemed to direct the room to us.

“You literally have a baby dick. You’re too small for me, Rick. I don’t think this is going to work out.”

She then quickly let go of my little stiffy. I knew I had squealed louder than I should have in the now suddenly whisper-quiet room when I heard Amber’s voice say, “Oh my God Chad, look! It’s little-dicky-Ricky. Remember that sissy faggot who did all our calculus homework in high school.”

“Omigod, it’s shrimpy!” Chad started laughing as he said, “Hey, big guy, it looks like you have lost another girl.”

As I stood there in shocked disbelief of what was happening, I saw that Lacy had already dropped to her knees in front of a stranger who was slowly pumping a thick seven-inch cock in his big manly hands. Chad was positioning Amber on her back to fuck her in the missionary position when Amber called out to me, “Ricky, come here and rub my feet like you used to.”

I found myself moving forward as in a trance. Once I was close, Chad stood, and I noticed he had filled out even more, too, now at least 225 lbs of hard lean muscle. His voice boomed when he said, “Get out of those clothes wimp and rub her feet good. I swear to god if you get too fucking close to me, I will beat your fucking queer ass.”

Amber said, “Chad, he cums really fast. Don’t let him get any of his sissy juice on us.”

“Yeah, faggot, you better just suck her toes and be goddamn sure you catch your cum in your hand while I lay this pipe.”

And there I was for the next 45 minutes, sucking Ambers toes while Chad pounded her guts with his huge manly cock making Amber’s pussy squirt in orgasm over and over. Me too, I guess, as my shamefully exposed baby dick spurted multiple times into my hands. Lacy was lost to a big dick guy in the crowd and by the start of our English class, the next week so was any hope of escape from my baby dick past.


While this reader is giving up on ever finding love…

I have noticed and have concluded that I cannot please anyone. As a Silver Member of The Small Dick Club and a premature ejaculator, it’s rather impossible. I have noticed that as a coping mechanism, I have adapted and even like the feeling of never been able to. I am to the point of giving up on having a relationship, and if I have sex, I will be with someone that most likely, I will not care for or see in the future.


While another reader is still unsure of his place…

Now, my boyfriend knows about my small penis humiliation fetish for a good three years. We always have humiliation mainly during sex, but now it’s starting to become more common out of the bedroom. However, today, I took my dick out and wiggled it around everywhere and he said, “Omigod, that’s so pathetic watching your tiny thing wiggle.”

It got my tiny dick so hard. However, at the same time, I’m not sure how to feel about the constant SPH outside of the bedroom.


Reader and small dick club member Jeremyc tells us…

I grew up in a small farming town where everyone knew everyone in their high school class. At university, I met and married a girl from a small city. Another guy from my high school class–call him Brian–married a girl from my wife’s home city. My wife and Brian’s wife didn’t go to school together, but their parents knew one another. The fathers were in the same line of work and the mothers were friends.

Brian and I were not friends. We were not enemies either, but I don’t think he liked me much.

A couple years into our marriage, my wife told me about an odd conversation with her mother. Brian had told his mother-in-law he had seen me in the showers during gym class and I have a small dick. (I’m a Silver Member of The Small Dick Club.) His mother-in-law then told my mother-in-law who then asked my wife about me. My wife said she and her mother laughed about it and joked that I only had to be just big enough. Obviously, my wife had confirmed Brian’s information.

At first, I was pissed off, but as I’ve grown to accept and be proud of my small penis, recalling this incident never failed to turn me on.


This reader has some ‘out there’ SPH fantasies…

Have you thought about intentionally undress in front of your bully in the locker room or stand next to him at the urinal so he can see how small you are? I love undressing in the gym and expose myself to all the hung alpha guys. I want them to know whom they are dealing with. I love it when there’s a young, hung, cocky guy walking naked and swinging his dick, and sees mine and smiles. So hot when his flaccid dick is three times bigger than mine is hard. Standing next to those guys is so humiliating, my soft is the size of their balls. Once I’ve seen a huge dick father with his 15-year-old son, and the boy was fucking huge as well, both looked at me and grinned.

When using the urinal, I make sure to turn a little toward the big guys, especially humiliating if they’re young, shorter, slim with monster soft cocks. I imagine that I’m a boss, and there’s a younger employee with a huge bulge. I would wear tight pants and I would be sitting legs spread so he can see and I would look for when he goes to the urinal and follow him and unzip next to him.

I love it when the guys I hate are super hung, and they can totally humiliate me.

Also, a fantasy where there would be a change of policy at the firm, a mandatory contest of cock size so only the well-endowed guys get the promotion. The salary is proportionate to the dick size. The structure of command based on cocks only. It doesn’t matter how young, immature, irresponsible, or if they are interns, or if it’s their first day., they could take over any company just by being hung. They walk in, whip out the monster and they are the CEO. They would use the power and the money to buy themselves cars and watches, go on vacations. There would be a contest each day and a board with measurements to make sure everyone falls into the right place.

Do you fantasize about your rivals finding out?


While this reader loses the battle…

I was a singer in a shitty band. I just did it to hook up with girls, which makes this story even more ironic. We would always look for a different battle of the band’s competitions, finding one at a venue where semi-famous bands would occasionally play. Even though we knew we weren’t very good, we figured we’d sign up anyway for shits and giggles. I decided to buy an outfit specifically for this show. Unfortunately, seeing as how I was very aware of my small problem is surprising that I made this mistake, the new jeans I decided to buy for my outfit were skinny jeans, which were popular among my circle of friends at the time.

I tried them on and they seemed fine to me. However, I did not consider that the perspective of the people watching us on stage was not going to do my bulge any favors. I did not wear jeans at all until the day of the show. We played and did OK, I remember actually thinking that was one of our better shows. My confidence quickly deflated, however. Another band we knew from our school that also played that day, and they watched our show. They all had hot girlfriends, who were there as well.

After we finished our set and were breaking everything down, I went to get a drink of water. As I walked past them, one of the girls said, “Good show,” while giggling.

I was a little confused and just said thanks.

Later that night, one of the guys in that band came up to me and said, “Hey, good job, you guys sounded pretty good today.” Right before adding, “I wouldn’t wear those jeans anymore though.”

He told me that you could clearly see the outline of my dick, and the girls were making fun of how ‘small’ it looked. It immediately clicked why the girl was giggling, and I immediately went to the bathroom to confirm. To my horror/excitement, sure enough, my acorn dick was very evident. It became one of the most erotic SPH moments I’ve ever had. Thinking about that girl giggling has been something I have fantasized about many times since.

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