Older Brother Breaks The News (Gay Themes)

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by hairlesslilppboy

Older brother: You want to cuddle with your big bro? That’s kewl. I heard mom and dad talking about your visit to the doctor. I want you to know that I’m here for ya, because some of the stuff they found out you might not like so much. But I think it’s super kewl, and that it makes you special. I’d rather you hear it from ME than some old doctor!

Me: Hear WHAT?!?

Older brother: About what the doctor was examining you for. About how much you are going to grow.

Me: I’m going to grow, right?

Older brother: (Hesitating…deciding how to phrase things) You’re so lucky. You’re going to be a very special boy, forever.

Me: I’m NOT gonna grow, am I?

Older brother: I think you’re very lucky.

Me: Why is not growing LUCKY?

Older Brother: Well, most men know certain things about what we call “peepee boys”. They are very special, and a lot of grownups spend their whole life trying to find a special little peepee boy of their own to cuddle and love.

Me: I’m a little peepee boy?

Older brother: You sure are. You’re going to be the best little peepee boy in the world.

Me: What does a little peepee boy do?

Older brother: Well, for one thing, men who grow hairs and big penises have certain needs. They always need to get the milk to come out of their penises, or else they can’t even sleep! The best milkers in the world are little peepee boys. Everyone knows that. Peepee boys are always curious about other men and boys who grow nice, big penises, and that curiosity turns into something really kewl. Peepee boys become penis kisser boys.

Me: Penis kisser boys?

Older brother: Well, some people call them cocksuckers, but that’s not a very nice word.

Me: I’m going to be a penis kisser boy?

Older brother: Don’t you think about other boy’s penises?

Me: Well, I guess I do.

Older brother: Doesn’t that make your peepee tickly?

Me: (blush) Yeah, I guess so.

Older brother: Men with big penises need to put their penises inside women or men, or if they’re very lucky, peepee boy’s mouths. The boy shows them how extra good he is by getting all the milk out. That helps the man relax, and feel extra, extra nice down there.

Me: You’re going to want me to do that to you, huh?

Older brother: Bro, I’ve thought about you doing “that” for a long time. But if you were going to grow, it wouldn’t be right. But you are a real, live peepee boy! I’m going to want you to do it LOTS!

Me: And if I do it…

Older brother: Then you’ll be a very good boy… the BEST peepee boy in the world!

Me: Well, I WANNA be a good boy…

Older brother: Of course you do. See how my big penis is making my underpants stick out?

Me: Yeah.

Older brother: Let me peak inside your underpants. Hold them open and let me look inside.

Me: (Shy) Okay.

Older brother: Yup, for sure. You’re a peepee boy. This is soooo great! When a man gets “horny” he wants his penis kissed, or to put it inside a man or woman. That’s called FUCKING. But when a peepee boy gets horny, first he has to help the man make his big penis feel nice. Peepee boys don’t ever, ever FUCK… not ever in their whole lives. But, as a reward for being a good boy for a man with a “man’s penis”, the man will tickle the boy’s tiny dinker with some slippery stuff. Some men stop before the boy does his little spunkies, others will let the boy spunk in his hand (if he can). Others think that’s too “gay”, and make the boy do his spunkies inside his underpants, where he doesn’t have to see it, and can just pretend the boy did a little tinkles by accident, while he was kissing the man’s penis. If you’re an extra good boy, I’ll always touch your peepee a little. Sometimes I’ll do the whole job, sometimes I’ll want to watch you do it. It’s fun for a man with a nice, big COCK (big ones are sometimes called COCKS) to watch a little peepee boy tugging on his little peeny.

Me: Is it okay for a peepee boy to play with his wiener?

Older brother: Peepee boys tug on their dinkers more than anyone! Men stroke their penises up and down. But little peepee boys learn to masturbate (that’s what it’s called…”masturbate”) tugging upwards on their tiny dingus, hoping it will stretch out and grow. But, of course, it won’t. Later, they learn to be gentle with their little boy peepee’s, and put some baby jelly on them, and just tickle them until it’s all over. Peepee boys don’t have to make a big fuss out of their wankies… when the “man with the penis” is all finished, they just do their “little business”, or relax and let the man help them do their stickies, without trying to delay it, or make it last too long.

Me: So, my peepee milk either goes into my hand, or your hand, or in my underpants?

Older brother: That’s right. You’re lucky, because you can tug on your little dinker, and no one has to know. It will be our little secret. Peepee boys don’t get sucked. The only thing that touches their dinkies are fingers and underpants.

Me: Where does YOUR milk go?

Older brother: Sometimes it goes flying through the air. Yours won’t do that. It will only spunk a little. Usually, the man’s will go flying and puts on a big show… unless of course, you want to be the BEST little peepee boy.

Me: Then what?

Older brother: Well, what does mom tell you a good boy does, at the dinner table?

Me: Eat my green beans?

Older brother: Yup, and what else?

Me: (thinking… getting it) Drink my milk.

Older brother: Good boy! Let me get your little peeny all slippery. That will put you in the mood for your special job. But never forget the rules… a good peepee boy NEVER spunks his bro’s hand until he drinks his milk.

Me: Okay, I’ll be a good peepee boy.

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