Not Big Enough for Her Family

By mcperk.

Yvonne and I have been living together for a couple of years. We are both in our late 20s, have a great relationship, share many common interests, and have a healthy sex life. Yvonne is a great-looking girl, about 5’6″, with dark brown, shoulder-length hair that she usually wears in a ponytail with an undercut on one side that I’ve always found sexy. We both like to work out and met at our local gym.

She’s toned with a slight six-pack, muscular thighs, and a great ass that looks amazing in yoga pants doing squats. Her tits aren’t huge. She’s a very pert 34C with small nipples that point upwards, especially erect ones. For my part, I’m 6,2, with Broad shoulders and muscular. I’ve been working hard on my abs and chest, and Yvonne says she loves my body.

As I mentioned, I think we have a great sex life. We are both pretty busy but usually have sex several times a week. I’m not the most endowed guy in the world, but I think I’m pretty good in the sack. Yvonne usually cums when I finger her or eat her pussy. She doesn’t often cum when I fuck her, but she says that’s been true with the other guys she’s been with. She lets me cum over her face and tits quite often, which I love doing.

I’m probably on the smaller side of average when I’m erect, about 4.5 inches long and 4 in circumference. As I’m quite big, I think it can look small. My real problem is I’m super small when I’m soft. It’s often just the head sitting on top of my balls. I don’t know where the shaft goes. I’m uncircumcised, so this can look like a wrinkled cone of skin that points straight out. It can be less than 1.5 inches in this state. I’ve always tried to avoid having anyone see it like this as I was growing up.

Doing sports, I’d always try to avoid being in communal showers and would always cover up with a towel. Yvonne’s the first girlfriend I’ve been with that I’ve been entirely comfortable being with naked when I’m soft. She says my cock is cute, and she loves how much it grows. It’s a real turn-on when she talks about it like that.


Yvonne’s father is from Spain, and her mother is from the UK. Her parents moved back to Spain a few years ago, so I’ve only met them twice. They have invited us to see them at a family gathering where their son and his wife are also coming.

On the plane to Spain, Yvonne smiled at me and said, “John, just to warn you that my Dad and Brother are going to give you a bit of a hard time, just to see if you are good enough for me, but don’t worry, it’s well natured.”

“I think I can handle it,” I replied.

I’d met them before, and they seemed friendly and good fun. I was dating their little princess, so they had the right to feel me out.

“And my Mum is going to talk about marriage and kids. I’ll ask her not to, but she won’t be able to help herself.”

“OK,” I said. “It’s not a big deal. I’ll be fine with it.”

“Thank you,” she said as she grabbed my arm and nestled her head into my shoulder.


When we got to the Villa, Yvonne’s brother Phil (short for Phillipe) was already there with his wife, Linda. Phil came out to meet us and help us get the bags.

“Hey, lil sis,” he said as he gave Yvonne a big bear hug. “Hey, John,” he said to me afterward, giving me a big hug. Linda followed outside quickly afterward and gave us both a warm welcome.

Phil and Linda both run a lot and have slim and lean builds. Phil is about 5’10”, and Linda is a little shorter. Linda is pretty with a short blonde bob haircut, she is fairly flat-chested, but her nipples are visible under her vest top in the cool breeze.

“Mum and Dad are at the market getting some supplies. They’ll be back soon,” said Phil. “Let me help with the bags.”

“It’s OK, I’ve got them,” I said. Before I could get to the back of the car, Phil grabbed the biggest bag. He found it very heavy and was visibly straining. “Need a hand with that,” I offered.

“No, all good,” he replied breathlessly.

Halfway to the door, he had to put the large bag down. I grabbed it off the floor and easily carried it into the house. Phil went back to help Yvonne with the smaller bags.


Later Yvonne’s Parents arrived, Yvonne’s Mum, Susan, was very happy to see all her family with their partners there. She fussed over each person, giving everyone a forceful kiss on the cheek. Susan was in her late 40s and resembled a paler and thicker version of Yvonne. Similar hair but with streaks of grey running through it. She was the same height with a thicker ass and stomach but good for her age. With the extra weight, she had bigger tits as well. I guessed they were a D-cup, at least.

Following in was Javier, her father. He was carrying all the shopping. He stumbled in and dumped the shopping bags noisily on the table before coming over to greet us. He hugged and kissed the rest of the family. He gave me a strong handshake when he got to me, which I returned. With his other hand, he slapped me on the upper side of my outstretched arm and squeezed to confirm this manliest of handshakes. Javier was about 5’10 in his early 50s. He was of thicker build than Phil, with a slight belly. The man had close-cropped black hair with a few signs of greying. He was dark-skinned with hairy arms and legs.


We unpacked and got ourselves comfortable. During dinner, we chatted about lots of things. The conversation inevitably turned to me, what was I doing for a career? What my plans were for the future, my family, etc. In bed with Yvonne later, she told me I had passed the test well.

We moved on to plans for the next day, and Javier and Phil said they planned to go to a local outdoor Olympic swimming pool and gym 30mins away, and did I want to come as well? I was more than keen to be able to get to the gym, so I agreed to tag along.


“So, you any good at swimming?” asked Phil as we got to the pool.

“I’m OK, I think,” I replied. “Never been my main sport.”

Phil had been doing some triathlons recently and was keen to show off his swimming skills. As we walked into the changing rooms, I was relieved that I had already decided to wear my swimming shorts, as the changing areas and showers were completely open and communal. There was no hiding. I’ll have to avoid changing in public afterward, especially in front of my prospective in-laws. We removed our t-shirts, put our bags in the lockers, and headed to the pool. I could see both of them checking out my body on the walk over. Javier did a muscleman pose behind my back to Phil that he thought I didn’t see.

After a few laps of the pool, Phil suggested a race. I reluctantly accepted, and we lined up and swam the agreed four lengths. Phil beat me, but not by a lot. I think he was expecting to beat me by more. Javier put up a good early show but fell away toward the end. I said I would go to the gym and left them in the pool. Luckily when I got to the changing rooms, they were empty, so I put my gym kit on and went to the weight room. I did 30mins of chest and leg work before heading back, wondering where Phil and Javier were.

I went to the changing room and saw they were in the sauna just off the changing room, sitting opposite each other with towels around their waists. I figured they couldn’t see me from there, so I quickly changed without exposure. I removed my clothes and put a towel around my waist before showering. Just as I walked over, I heard the door of the sauna opening.

“Hey,” called Javier, “Good workout?”

“Yeah, great,” I gulped in a panic.

I didn’t want them to see my little dick, but I also had no choice now but to go to the shower. Hopefully, I could be quick and get out as they went in. The shower block was empty, so I hung my towel on one of the hooks and tried to get the water on. It took me what felt like an age to work out how to get the temperature up from freezing. I looked down at my penis, a combination of the cold surroundings and anxiety meant that it had withered to its smallest.

My balls were tight, and my shaft had completely retracted, so my head, covered in wrinkled foreskin, remained. The more I looked at it, the smaller it seemed to get. I tried to tug it a little to get a bit more length, but it just shrunk back quickly. I got under the shower head on one side, but it was still too cold, so I had to go for one in the middle. I got the shower gel and proceeded to clean myself all over. Despite trying to be quick, I was too late. Javier and Phil walked in before I could do anything else. They strolled into the shower and put their towels on the hook.

My nightmare scenario got even worse when I saw their cocks. They had big and hanging soft cocks that swung back and forth as they walked over. Their balls hung low, no doubt loosened up by the sauna’s heat. I turned to the wall, but they took up positions on either side of me. I froze, they could see me and my tiny cock, and I could see their big manly dicks. Even though I was taller and more muscular than both, I felt like a small boy. Looking at Javier was covered in thick dark hair. There was a dense patch around his penis and testicles. His soft cock must have been about 4 inches long, but it was thick, thicker than mine when it was hard, and the head was even thicker.

Although it was covered in the foreskin that formed a spout at the end, you could see the contours of the bell shape. It was much wider than the shaft and seemed about half the overall length. I quickly turned the other way, only to catch Phil looking directly at my tiny acorn of a penis. He appeared genuinely confused as if he couldn’t understand how small it was. He quickly noticed I was looking at him, and our eyes met. We were clearly both embarrassed. He gave a quick smile and looked away.

I carefully looked sideways to see what Javier was packing. His was even bigger. Maybe not as thick as his Dad’s, but longer. It must have been at least 5 inches, maybe more. It hung straight down between his legs. He wasn’t as hairy as Javier but still had a solid patch of dark pubic hair above where the shaft met the body. He was also uncircumcised but had less overlap than Javier or me. You could see the top quarter of his glans protruding through the skin. I couldn’t see, but Javier must have also seen how small I was compared to him and his son.

I could do nothing except rinse off and change as quickly as possible. When Javier and Phil were in the changing room, I had my boxers on and was getting dressed. They seemed in no hurry and spent plenty of time walking around naked. I was so jealous of how meaty their dicks were, the way they hung down and flopped from side to side as they walked around. When everyone was done, we took the car back to the villa. No one talked much, just a small talk about the weather, which had turned cooler as the clouds rolled in.


Later that day, after lunch, Yvonne and I went for a walk around the local village. It was a quaint little town with a market and a church, and it didn’t take us too long to see everything.

When we returned, I could hear voices in the kitchen talking animatedly. I couldn’t make out the words, but it sounded like Javier and Susan were discussing something intensely, maybe even arguing. As we entered, the conversation quickly stopped. They both turned to us and asked how the walk was. Maybe I imagined it, but Susan kept looking at my crotch. It was possible I felt self-conscious after the showers earlier. But she also kept giving me a sympathetic smile and tapping my knee like I was injured.

Before we left to prepare for dinner, Javier asked Yvonne if he could chat privately with her. I left them to it, assuming it was something to do with the family I didn’t need to hear about.

When Yvonne came to our bedroom afterward, she was very quiet and said nothing about the conversation with her father. She got changed, and we went down for dinner.


Dinner was going great. There was lots of chat and laughter. We were drinking some fantastic local red wine which Javier was very proud of and happy to have got his hands on.

About an hour in, Phil said, “Can you pass the salt over?”

“Sure,” I replied as I reached for what I thought was the salt grinder.

“That’s the Pepper. The Salt is the smaller one. You know, more your size,” joked, Phil.

My heart sank, and my cheeks flushed red as I heard him say this. At the same time, Linda snorted, trying to disguise a laugh.

“Hey,” said Susan. “Knock that off,” she directed at Phil. He and Linda smiled into their chests, giving each other a knowing grin. “He can’t help it,” finished Susan.

With that last comment, I began to panic. It dawned on me that Javier and Phil must have told their wives how small a dick I had. I was mortified, but also there was nothing I could do. I just had to sit there, knowing that the family had talked about how small I was. Was that what Javier and Susan discussed so vociferously when we walked in on them earlier? I then looked at Yvonne. She looked mad and stared down into her lap. I could tell she was very upset because she wouldn’t make eye contact with me.

“Sorry, Mum,” said Phil. “But Dad, it was crazy small, wasn’t it?” he asked, looking at his father.

“Phil!” snapped Susan. “I said knock it off.”

I looked at Javier to see if he would respond. He paused, took a long breath, and said, “Phil, it’s not a joking matter.” I felt better when he said that, hoping that would end the discussion, but he followed up with, “But Yvonne, we spoke earlier. You should consider if this is the right man for you. I’m not sure he could satisfy you or provide you with children with a penis that small?”

I couldn’t believe it. There it was. The whole family had discussed my manhood or lacked thereof. So much so that Mum and Dad were concerned I couldn’t satisfy their daughter. I wanted the world to swallow me up. Before I could say anything, Yvonne stood up and shouted, “You guys are fucking unbelievable. This is so weird. You guys are discussing my boyfriend’s dick size?”

“We just want you to be happy,” said Susan softly, reaching out to her daughter.

“Anyway, it doesn’t matter if it’s small or soft, it grows a lot, and I’m happy with it,” Yvonne continued.

“I doubt it grows that much,” said Javier. “From what I saw earlier, it would still be a micropenis even when hard.”

“Dad, what the fuck? How do you know? Just cos you guys have big dicks doesn’t mean everyone has one.”

“Yvonne, seriously, it was so small. How do manage with that thing?” chipped in Phil.

Susan gestured to Phil to be quiet before she said, “Yvonne, it’s great if you’re happy, but you might have to live with that small penis for the rest of your life. Have you considered that?”

“Oh, Mum, I haven’t thought about that. We are just dating right now. Why can’t you be supportive?”

At this point, I’m sure my cheeks were bright red, and I had no idea what to do with myself. Yvonne looked at me and mouthed, “I’m so sorry.”

“I don’t think this relationship has a future,” said Javier. “The boy is just too small for you and this family. I don’t want grandsons with tiny willies.”

“Dad, if I prove it’s not too small when it’s hard, will you be OK with it?” Yvonne pleaded

“If you could, but I doubt it is,” said Javier

Yvonne looked at me with a pitiful look and said, “John, we are just going to have to show them.”

“What?” I blurted out. “Show them what?”

“We’ll have to show them how big you get.”

“When? How?”

“Right here and now. The men have seen you naked already. It’s not that much different.”

“Are you kidding? Get hard in front of your Mum and Dad?”

“And us,” added Linda with a devious look.

“Don’t worry about being embarrassed,” said Susan. “I’ve seen it all before. Honestly, this might be the best way past the issue. Javier can be very stubborn.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. My girlfriend and her mum asked me to get hard before them to prove it was big enough for their daughter.

“If he shows us, will you be satisfied?” Susan asked Javier.

“Fine, let’s see what he has,” Javier gestured at me dismissively.

Yvonne looked at me and cooed, “Please?” pressing her hands together.

What could I do? I quietly said, “OK.”

Linda, visibly excited, lightly clapped her hands together as I said it.

Yvonne waved at me to come over to her side of the table. I slowly got up out of my seat and walked around to her. When I got closer, she kissed me softly and then sat in her chair so her head was just above my crotch. She reached for my jeans belt, undid it, and then unbuttoned my fly. She pulled my jeans to my knees, so I stood in my boxers. I looked around the table. Susan gave me a sympathetic look, like a small child about to perform on stage. Javier was looking at my crotch. Linda and Phil were leaning in with mischievous delight on their faces, giggling at each other.

I didn’t know how I felt, terrified, humiliated, and a bit horny. All this attention on my cock allowed my arousal to overcome my fear. This hadn’t translated to my dick yet, though. It felt as small as it was in the shower. Yvonne reached for the side of my boxers and pulled them down to reveal my tiny cock for the whole family to see.

“See? I told you,” said Javier as he slapped the table.

Linda gasped and then snickered behind her hand. Phil laughed out loud. Susan just reached out and rubbed my arm and said, “It’s OK. Some people just didn’t get blessed in that department.”

“Wait,” said Yvonne. “It’s not hard yet. We said you needed to see him hard.”

My tiny penis was there for all to see. My balls were looser than earlier, and at least they looked OK, hanging down below my cock. This showed that my penis didn’t have enough weight to hang down; instead jutted out, pointing down at 45 degrees, still not much more than a head and a tiny bit of shaft, about 1.5 inches long, with the foreskin all bunched up as usual.

Yvonne looked up at me. “Are you going to make your cute little cock grow for me?” she said quietly, and she began to take my balls in her hand and softly stroke them.

The combination of her talking like that, the feeling of her hands, and the fact that all eyes were on my cock made it stir and swell. Quickly the shaft began to extend, and the head appeared from beneath the foreskin.

“Look, Javier,” cried Susan, “it does grow, doesn’t it?”

Javier looked unimpressed as Yvonne said, “Just wait. It still has more to go.”

My cock was now about 3 inches and pointing directly out, horizontal to the ground. As Yvonne continued to play with balls, the glans fully exposed itself from beneath my foreskin and deepened in color to a dark purple. The blood flowing into my cock started to throb as it grew, arcing upward as it reached its full size.

“Very good,” said Susan.

“There,” said Yvonne, proudly looking toward her father. “What do you think?”

My cock stood firm and upright at 4.5 inches. It had a pronounced upward curve, so the tip pointed straight to the sky. It bobbed lightly with my heartbeat as Yvonne gently cupped my balls.

“It did grow. I’ll give him that,” said Javier. “But it’s still a small dick.”

Susan added, “It’s not big, but it is very handsome how it sits up like that. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dick point that high. Javier’s certainly never done that.”

Javier raised an eyebrow at his wife as she said that.

“I told you,” said Yvonne. She looked back up at me and gave me a big smile.

“It’s still a small dick,” sniped Linda. “I don’t think it’s even as big as Phil’s when soft.”

“It’s perfectly normal,” Yvonne snapped back. “Most erections are this sort of size.”

“I think most guys are bigger than that,” said Linda pointing at my rock-hard cock, which now seemed to be enjoying the attention.

“I don’t think Phil’s cock is that big anyway,” said Yvonne as she ran a finger up and down the top of my shaft casually as if we weren’t standing in front of her family

“Well, as we’ve proven tonight, there’s only one way to sort this out. Stand up, Phil. Let’s show your sister what a real cock looks like,” Linda demanded.

Phil didn’t seem to need any encouragement and quickly got to his feet and pulled his trousers and boxers down, revealing the long soft cock.

“Do we have to do this?” exclaimed Susan. “We know Phil had a big willy. He was always bigger than the other boys growing up. He takes after his father.”

“I’m way bigger than Dad,” said Phil. “I have been since I was a teenager.”

His cock jiggled a bit as he spoke. It hung straight down like before, the same head exposed, glistening from the overhead lights. It had a thin dorsal vein ruining the length of the shaft.

“I’m not sure about that,” said Susan. “Don’t get ahead of yourself, son.”

“Let’s answer the question properly then, Susan. You worried I might be right?” taunted Linda.

Susan looked at Javier with a questioning look, and Javier shrugged as if to say OK. He stood up in front of his wife. She looked at Linda as she undid his belt and said, “This is only going to cause more arguments, you know?”

She pulled Javier’s underwear down to reveal his fat cock. As before, it looked shorter than Phil’s, but it was so thick with the massive glans fully covered with an excess foreskin that it formed a spout about a quarter of an inch long beyond the end.

“You see?” said Linda. “Phil’s is much longer.”

“It’s not all about length, Linda. Javier has the thickness; that’s what I like,” she said while rubbing Javier’s thigh reassuringly.

“I think we should measure them,” said Yvonne from nowhere.

She appeared to be getting quite excited by this family cock competition. Linda looked at Susan, and Susan looked back.

“Fine!” Susan said as she went behind the kitchen counter and produced a tape measure from a drawer.

“Measure your chap first,” she said as she threw the tape measure at Yvonne. “From the state of him there, I don’t think he’s ever going to be much bigger.”

Susan was right. I had remained rock hard through this whole exchange as Yvonne continued to gently tease my cock. I don’t think I’d ever been so horny, so much so that I hadn’t noticed the big drip of precum that was suspended from halfway down my shaft. I could see that a couple of drops had already dropped onto Yvonne’s dress without her noticing.

Yvonne caught the tape measure and said, “Sure thing.”

She unraveled the tape measure a bit and then pulled down my cock gently so that it was horizontal. She briefly looked up before she placed the measure on the top of the shaft and pulled and laid out the measure across the length.

“Four and three-quarter inches,” she announced proudly.

“And girth?” asked Susan, getting into it now.

“Oh right, yes,” said Yvonne as she proceeded to wrap the tape around the base of my cock where it was thickest. “Just over four inches,” she concluded.

She pulled the tape away and handed it to Linda, who snatched it from her hand.

Linda turned Phil around so he and his dick faced her. She lifted Phil’s limp, heavy dick in her hand and measured from the base to the tip. Before saying anything, she whipped the tape away, wrapped it around, and took the measurement.

“Five and a quarter inches long and five around,” she said curtly.

“Ha, not much bigger than John,” Yvonne replied. “Not much to be proud of there.”

“Yvonne, you should see it hard. It would dwarf that little dick you have there. Your turn,” she said as she switched her attention to Susan.

Susan took the tape and measured Javier, who was as taciturn as ever, not saying much. When she wrapped the measure around, she took a couple of measurements, one at the base and one at the head.

“Five by Five and three-quarters,” Susan said.

“That is a fat dick, Susan. I will give you that,” said Linda. “Still think it’s the length that counts”

“I want to see how big Dad gets. I know how I compare soft,” said Phil, “I think I’ve got him beat for real these days.”

“If we must,” said Susan, “just to put this to bed. I know this has been bugging you for a long time. Don’t get too upset if you are not bigger, OK?”

“I don’t think I’ll need to worry,” replied Phil.

“To make it fair, I think I should measure and be the judge,” said Yvonne again, showing she was getting into it.

Without knowing, she was stroking my cock harder now with her hand wrapped around it.

“OK,” said Yvonne and Linda in unison. “Get those cocks hard for us, Ladies,” said Yvonne. “Family bragging rights at stake.”

Linda went straight for Phil’s cock, lifting it and putting it in her mouth. Phil leaned back and moaned as Linda began sucking on his big cock while running her hand up and down his shaft simultaneously. He was stiffening up quickly. You could see more of the veins becoming prominent. Linda kept working the cock as it got thicker and stiffer in her mouth. As he got harder, she deep-throated him so her lips were touching the base of his cock. She really can suck a dick.

Eventually, she pulled back and revealed Phil’s saliva-covered cock in all its glory. It was huge. I have no idea how Linda managed to swallow all of it. It bounced in the air, resting just south of the horizontal. It was thick and veiny, with the foreskin fully retracted to reveal a slim glans. The whole cock tapered from the base to the end, but otherwise, it was straight with no curves.

“Look at that, Yvonne,” gasped Linda as she got her breath back. “That’s what you call a cock.” She stroked his foreskin back and forth as she spoke.

“Oh, such a beautiful big cock you have, Phil,” said Susan as she looked over. “Makes a mother very proud.”

She turned her attention back to Javier’s cock. She held his balls in one hand, working the shaft with the other. You could already see that she couldn’t fit her hand around it.

“Takes a bit longer these days,” she said to everyone and no one.

Still, the results were starting to show. Now, with each stroke, the massive cock head could be seen, it flared beyond the width of the shaft, and Susan didn’t even try to get her hand around it, just stopping each stroke below the head. After a few more strokes, Susan let go to admire her achievements. Javier stood their hands on hips with his big thick cock pointing just slightly above the horizontal. The massive head was half-covered with luxuriant foreskin.

“Those are a couple of big dicks,” said Linda, looking at Javier’s log while stroking Phil’s.

“Come over here to get measured then,” said Yvonne beckoning her Dad and brother.

They shuffled round the table, trousers round their ankles, their big cocks waving and bobbing around as they did. By the time they made it over, Phil had looked as big as he ever had, whereas Javier looked like he’d already started to go a bit soft.

“Oh, Daddy, can’t keep it up like you used to, eh?” Yvonne said, and she let go of my cock and turned to receive her father’s monster penis.

I looked in awe as she clasped it from underneath and moved her hand up and down. Her forefinger and thumb couldn’t reach each other. There was a good half an inch between them. They easily overlapped when she put her hands around my cock.

Javier moaned, “Good girl,” softly as his cock resumed its full size.

She grabbed the tape and measured around the base of the head first. “Fuck me, six and three-quarter inches around,” she exclaimed, “And eight inches long.”

Phil took a step forward. We were now all standing together with our rock-hard cocks. Javier and Phil were on opposite sides facing each other. I stood 90 degrees to them, making three sides of a square. They’re monster dicks, and my little one is inches from their daughter’s/sister’s face. I couldn’t believe how big they looked from here as I gazed down and saw them all together.

My cock was still pointing straight up, so I bent it down for better comparison. It didn’t help. Both completely dwarfed me. They were thicker, longer, and heavier. Phil saw me comparing and moved closer to mine.

“Hey, Dad, let’s show him how small he is.”

Javier moved in closer as well, so the three cocks were almost touching. Javier moved his cock under mine so you could see the difference in thickness. It looked like we were a different species. I looked up at Javier, who had a broad smile.

“Don’t worry, kid. You can still be part of the family. You’ve got some balls to stand here and compare with us.”

I looked at Yvonne, who reached out and gave my cock a kiss and whispered, “So cute.”

“Let’s go, Sis. How big am I?” interjected Phil.

“OK, Phil, chill out,” said Yvonne. She reached out and grabbed her brother’s cock. As if amazed by the length, Yvonne waved it from side to side. “I’ll give it to you, Phil. This is an impressive cock.” She measured the length and girth, and Linda looked on closely. “OK, so Phil’s is eight and a half inches long and five and three-quarter inches around.”

“Alright then, who wins?” asked Phil

“It’s tough, but I must give it to Dad. He feels heavier, and it’s so thick,” said Yvonne.

She grabbed Javier’s dick and waved it in a victory dance while making a crowd cheering noise.

“Don’t worry, son,” said Javier, “I think it could have gone either way.”

“Don’t worry honey, I prefer your big long dick to that fat one anyway,” said Linda.

“Well done, Yvonne,” said Susan. “Well handled.” She paused momentarily and said, ” I think we still have a problem.” She looked at the three of us, gently stroking our cocks. “If John is anything like my boys, these cocks aren’t going away until they’ve cum. You can’t tease them as we have and expect them just to put them away.”

“What are you suggesting, Susan?” asked Linda.

“Well, the fastest way we can get these guys off is to do it for them, then I can get on with clearing these plates and getting dessert served,” replied Susan.

Again, I was amazed, but nothing was phasing me by now. I was horny and had been standing here with a rock-hard erection for nearly 30mins, so I piped up for the first time.

“I find the fastest way to cum is when Yvonne jerks me over her tits” I swallowed, wondering if I was going too far. “Since we’ve all been here with our cocks out, maybe you could all return the favor by getting your tits out?”

“I don’t think so,” said Linda.

“That’s only so you don’t have to show us your little tits,” Yvonne quickly replied, now being the one who was being a bit naughty.

“Boy’s got the point, and you’re right. I’m horny as hell and need to cum,” said Javier

“Right then, girls, get to it,” said Susan as she positioned herself before Javier.

She slipped down the straps on her dress, unfastened her bra, and pulled it out. Finally, she let her dress drop to reveal her large, slightly floppy breasts.

“Fuck, Mum, I forgot how good a rack you have. Dad’s lucky,” Phil blurted out before realizing what he said and gave Linda a sheepish look. “Hey, I love your tits as well, honey. Bigger isn’t better.”

Susan knelt and took Javier’s cock and slapped it against her tits, making a solid noise as his heavy cock caused ripples through the flesh of her tits. Her skin was pale with dark brown nipples that were now all puckered and erect. Her areoles were bigger than Yvonne’s, covering the front of each tit.

“Come on, girls, we haven’t got all day,” she barked as she started to work Javier’s cock against her.

Linda sighed and resigned herself to the task. She pulled off her top over her head to reveal her small but well-formed tits. They jiggled lightly as Linda tip-toed over next to Yvonne and kneeled before Phil. She took his long pole in both her hands and rubbed it across her chest from side to side across both nipples, which were super tight and hard by now. I looked from side to side, seeing these big dicks getting worked on, my cock dripping with precum in anticipation.

Yvonne did the same routine that her mother did to reveal her beautiful tanned tits. She had small areoles, and her tits were rounder and firmer than her mother’s, whose tits were still flopping up and down with every stroke of Javier’s trunk of a cock. Yvonne smiled at me as she popped off the chair she was sitting on onto her knees. She slid my cock between her tits and pushed them together around it, and started the jerk me off with them. It felt fucking amazing, and I almost came there and then.

She looked at Linda and said, “What’s the point of all that cock if you can’t get your tits around it.”

Linda said nothing, just smiled, and looked up at Phil as he began to breathe heavier and moan. “Fuck yeah, that’s it,” he squealed as Linda upped the pace.

“Looks like Phil is going to blow first,” said Susan. “He did always cum a bit quick.”

Phil started to shudder as a thick cum began to dribble from his cock. The thick blobs rolled onto Linda’s tits, and she rubbed it all over them with his cock. “Oh yeah, baby, that’s it, cum on my titties,” said Linda breathlessly.

After a minute or so, Phil’s cock started to subside. Linda continued to stroke it slowly as he bent down to kiss her.

“Is that all the cum you get?” asked Yvonne as she changed position to grab my cock with her right hand and began jerking hard.

“Yes, why?” Replied Linda.

“Oh, nothing, just didn’t seem like a lot.”

As they were talking, Javier started to grunt, showing he was close. Susan switched her grip so her hand was on the big cock head over her juicy tits. Javier shot two big spurts of jizz in quick succession over Susan, hitting her neck and tits simultaneously. Susan kept pumping as the rest of his cum fell out of his cock. She positioned the head on her nipple, squeezing along the shaft to pull the last cum onto her. Javier breathed heavily as his cock almost instantly lost its full rigidity and started to shrink.

“Nice shooting, Dad,” said Yvonne excitedly.

“Still life in the old dog yet,” replied Susan as Javier went to sit down, looking spent.

This left Yvonne working on me. Her hand on my cock felt amazing, and everyone watching me made it even better. ”

Let me give you a hand,” said Linda.

Phil looked like he wanted to object but then let it go. Linda positioned herself in front of me next to Yvonne. She started to rub my balls slightly, tugging on my scrotum. This started to put me over the edge. I could feel my orgasm building.

I started to moan, “Oh fuck,” as I blew.

The first volley was very liquid, spraying everywhere over the faces and tits of the two women before me. They recoiled in surprise, but neither let go of my cock. The second and third spurts were thicker and more direct and shot straight between Yvonne’s tits, dribbling down between them. Yvonne then pointed my cock at Linda, who took shots four and five directly in the face, hitting her cheek.

“Fuck Yvonne!” screamed Linda.

This time she did let go to wipe the cum off her face. I shot a few smaller spurts on Yvonne as she pulled herself closer to get under my cock and receive the cum.

“Wow, John, you may have a small dick, but you can certainly shoot a load,” said Susan.

Now slumped in his chair, Javier just nodded at me as if to say, ‘good job.’

All three of us now sat down, cocks spent.

Susan said, “OK, girls, let’s get cleaned up and get the dessert.”

The three walked to another room, wiping jizz off themselves with paper towels.

Javier looked at Phil and said, “So, you think we let him stay?”

“Sure, he seems OK for a ‘little’ guy,” replied Phil.


The End.


*This story has been edited to fix spelling, punctuation, formatting errors, & basic grammar, but the narrative and plot have remained the same. Even with the limited editing done here, it doesn’t mean any possible major flaws in this story were fixed (That’s the author’s job). The opinions/views expressed in this story (and in any comments) are those of the author and do not represent this site. We support freedom of speech. This story has been previously published on other free sites and is now public domain, which is why we can publish it here because it is now public domain.

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