My Role as a Stepfather (Gay SPH)

By Babydicklover.

A couple of months ago, my stepson moved in with me due to inflation. I enjoyed my privacy and wasn’t looking forward to living with him again. That may sound harsh, but I am set in my ways as a 62-year-old man. I raised him since he was in diapers. He doesn’t know I am not his biological father, and I don’t plan on telling him anytime soon. Living with him was fun, but I needed to address a lingering issue.

His name is Henry, and I suspected he was sexually inadequate or was too nervous about doing anything around me. I was going to get to the bottom of this because I couldn’t have an incompetent boy living under my roof pretending to be a man.

It was Friday night, and we both didn’t have any plans. It was a cold and chilly night, so I turned on the fireplace. I’d never seen him on a date with anyone, which was heartbreaking. I wanted to know why he never dated anyone. He was an attractive, chubby, and sweet man with a full beard. He was taller and more masculine than me because I am metrosexual. But he was starting to bald, which is his most trivial characteristic. Other than that, he was almost flawless.

He had just gotten out of the shower and wore his boy-like pajamas. He was sitting on the floor and coloring in one of those therapeutic adult coloring books because he was so stressed out looking for a job. I needed help understanding this sensitive millennial generation.

I looked at him worriedly as he played like a little boy with his crayons.

“Henry, it’s time we talked. I thought you were mature enough for this already, but enough is enough.”

He looked at me with a confused look on his pasty face, “Dad, what are you talking about?”

“You are 37 years old, and I know you’ve not been jerking off because I haven’t found a single stained sock or cum rag anywhere in this house.”

I saw his face blush and illuminate. He must be so embarrassed, but he should be able to talk to his old man about his body.

“Is everything alright, son? You know you can talk to me about anything.”

He looked into my eyes with a glimmer and slightly stuttered, “Everything is fine.”

“I don’t believe that. You were never the best liar. You know, my biggest pet peeve is lying. I think you should know better. Come here, my cute cherub, sit next to your grumpy old daddy, and talk to me.

He came and sat on my lap like a good little boy. I rubbed his back lightly.

“I know it may be embarrassing, but I want you to be honest with me,” I said. I looked at my son’s crotch area and couldn’t help but be curious as to why he wasn’t masturbating. “Is everything alright down there? You know, is your dick okay, son? You can tell me.”

“Dad! I don’t want to talk about this with you. My dick is fine.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, boy. For God’s sake, I’m your dad, and I changed your diapers. You don’t need to be embarrassed. You can talk to your daddy about your dick, boy.

I lifted his pajama top and rubbed his chubby belly, “Is there something you want to tell me? Why aren’t you jerking off like other boys your age? I was proud to get my big, thick dick wet constantly. Hell, at your age, I was blowing loads everywhere. What is going on, son?

He couldn’t even look at me, and I don’t blame him. I can’t imagine having a conversation like this with my father, but times are different.

“Do you have a tiny pecker? Are you ashamed of your size? I hope that doesn’t change your curiosity about sex. I’ve never seen your bulge fill your underoos or pants. There is nothing wrong with jerking off. It is completely normal and natural. You should know how to make your dick feel good.”

He looked like he was about to cry, “Yes, daddy. It’s kind of small.”

“Oh! Well, there is nothing wrong with that. You know, most boys your age think their dick and balls are tiny but are just self-conscious. For the most part, they are packing average-sized dicks.”

“No, dad, that is not the case for me.”

I didn’t believe what he said but reassured him, “It can’t be that tiny. I know I haven’t seen it in ages since you were a toddler, but it looked normal.”

I needed to understand what my son was so worried about. I stopped running my hand across his belly. I slowly reached into his shirt to slide it off over his chubby tummy and head.

“I need to know what you are working with to help you. Why don’t you take your pants off and show me? Don’t be shy. I won’t judge you.”

He murmured, “Why do I need them off?”

“You will learn the birds and the bees today, boy. It’s easier to understand the story if your pants are off.”

“I don’t see the purpose in doing this. I don’t feel comfortable.”

“You already aren’t comfortable in your skin. This should help you. Don’t you trust me?”

“I do trust you, daddy, but I am scared.”

“Aww, bumblebee, don’t be scared. I will always protect you. I think it will help you. Well, I want to look at your dick and ensure there’s nothing wrong. And honestly, I don’t think you know how to jerk off, and that’s unhealthy.

He frowned and snapped at me, “There isn’t anything wrong. I know how to do all that.”

I glared at him, “I’m not going to ask again, boy. Let me see it.”

He stood up, and I pulled his pajama pants down to his ankles in one swift motion so he was completely naked. Inadvertently, I gasped loudly, seeing his pee-pee. I would have never expected the length and size of his penis. When he said he was small, boy, he meant it. I thought it would be on the smaller side, but that would be an understatement of the century for how small his groin was. What happened to my boy? He had the tiniest little dicklette I have ever seen in my life. I just stared at the little guy, trying not to laugh. I didn’t want to hurt my son’s feelings, but I needed to be truthful.

“Wow, my boy. You hadn’t done any growing down there since the last time I gave you a bubble bath and changed your diapers when you were four years old. You forget, but you were a late bloomer. I remember you running around naked with your little penis bouncing around. Not much has changed since then.”

“C’mon, daddy, I’ve grown. You need your eyes checked.”

“You need your reality checked. I would know because I had to change your smelly diapers. Sorry, but your baby balls don’t look like they’ve dropped.”

“Stop it. They have dropped.”

“Not from where I am sitting. If I didn’t know better, it’s probably shrunk a little underneath your big belly. I am looking at a child who can grow a beard.”

He blushed and looked mortified.

“I’m going to touch you, and it will be okay. I’m going to show you how to check your balls for lumps.

I thought he would resist but just gave in to what I was trying to tell him.

“Oh… okay.”

I grabbed his balls and started fondling around, trying to search for his testicles.

“I am having difficulty finding your balls because they are so damn tiny. See this? I can check your balls with only two fingers because there isn’t really anything down there. No wonder you have trouble masturbating.”

He looked away because I could tell he was the most embarrassed he ever was.

“See, you have these little pea-sized balls in this underdeveloped sack. These are your tiny balls, boy, and you roll them around to look for any lumps. But then, yours are so minuscule, you can’t tell. Hell, I could probably fit sets of your whole sack in one hand. Here let me show you something bigger.”

I unbuckled my belt, so my jeans fell. My son looked at the noticeable bulge in my underwear.

“Pull my underwear down, boy.”

He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of my tight underwear and pulled them down. My huge cock sprung close to his curious, drooling face.

“See how big my balls are compared to yours. They are not huge, but they look massive compared to yours. If you reach for them, you will need both hands. Thank you for making me look better, boy.”

I grabbed his hand and gently moved his hand to touch my balls.

“See, you just gently roll it around and look for bumps.”

He did what I said, and I giggled, “Haha, that tickles. Now you understand what a real man’s balls feel like. Do you wish yours were this big?”

He nodded his head with a sentiment of shame.

“Aww. Don’t be ashamed of your small micropenis. There is nothing wrong with having a tiny, baby cock.”

“Why wasn’t I blessed with your genes?

I couldn’t tell him the truth that his birth father left his mother because it would destroy him. I am sure his father had a little wiener too. Too bad my boy has to live with having such a small dick. He won’t be able to penetrate anything with his baby thumb.

“I am sure it’s the milkman’s fault. Anyways, so boy, let’s talk more. You can keep rubbing my balls if you want. I know you are curious. What is the truth? Have you been able to shoot out of your small situation? I can’t even imagine how hard it must be to find a way to grab onto such a little area and go to town.”

“I’ve only masturbated a couple of times.”

“Damn boy, that feels nice having your meaty hands on my balls like that. Let’s go to bed.”

I don’t know what came over me. I knew this was inappropriate, but I had this unexplored fascination. I’d never been sexually intrigued by my son or any man before but seeing his dinky little package, I felt brainwashed to a more primitive lust.

I held his manly hand and walked him to my cozy bedroom. I laid him on his kindhearted back, so his little baby dicklette was sticking straight up. I couldn’t help but lasciviously stare at it. I needed to control myself. My index finger was larger than what my boy was packing. I took off my shirt, so I was also fully nude. I flicked his little penis back and forth and giggled.

“Daddy, stop it. It isn’t funny. It is embarrassing.”

“Sorry, son. It is just so damn cute watching it bounce around like that. Look how mine swings around. Your little acorn bounces back and forth because it is so tiny. Let’s compare our sizes. I know yours is very tiny now, but you’ll get bigger.”

I got between his big legs and rested my cock next to his peanut-like state. His pinky-sized dick was so short I couldn’t tell if it was hard.

“When you are aroused sexually, your penis naturally gets bigger. What will help you become more aroused?”

“Daddy, I am rock hard right now.”

“Oh my goodness. I couldn’t even tell. It hardly grew at all. My poor boy and his pee-wee. It’s just a little dick-do chode.”

My dick stretched between his thighs, which swallowed his under-sized peter. My balls were directly touching his.

“Hmm. I wanted to compare your itty-bitty knob to my cock, but there isn’t anything to compare. Damn, boy, it really is smaller than a mini shrimp. When you used to work out at the gym, did the other boys make fun of your skeletal, pistoled piston? I would have if I saw a manly man you would expect to be hung carrying a little peen like yours.”

“No, because I covered myself before anyone saw me–”

“They probably wouldn’t have seen anything, anyways. I am sorry you are so uptight with your body, but you should be proud to be so freaking tiny. It is truly an honor. Most men aren’t that small, so it is unique and special. I am sure most people wouldn’t care because size doesn’t matter. You are still you. Don’t worry if people say your little thing is useless or pathetic. They are just jealous because they aren’t as tiny as you.”

“I don’t believe that because once, I had to use an open shower, and guys wouldn’t stop looking at me. They smirked at me and told me I had a very tiny dick. My friend also stole my towel, so I had to walk completely naked through the crowded locker room. Everyone saw my little penis and wouldn’t quit laughing. They called me ‘shrimp dick, perpetually single, and even said my junk was polluting the world because there is nothing good about it.'”

“Yeah, guys can be cruel. But they weren’t laughing at you. They were laughing with you because they didn’t know how to react to something so adorable and tiny. They were acting immature, but don’t take it personally. Deep down, everyone loves little nubby nuts like yours.”

“You don’t need to patronize me. I know why they were laughing.”

“Why were they laughing at you, my boy?”

“Because my penis is tinier than a toddler’s.”

I smiled at him, “Good boy. The first step to accepting your shortcomings is acknowledging them. Also, I hope you remind me not to take you around my friends at the swim club. They’ll make fun of your second belly button all day.”

“Is it actually that bad?”

“No, not at all. I mean, you would expect something much bigger on a boy your age.”

“You forget I’m 37 years old. I am a grown man.”

” Haha. I know. That’s what makes it even funnier. It’s easy to forget your age when an adolescent-sized wee-wee is attached to your legs.”


“Sorry, I mean worrisome. Haha, so sorry about that.”

“Stop being so mean.”

“I am not being mean. You are being naive. I can’t have a 37-year-old pretending to be a man under my roof who can’t rub one out. I would like to know if you can. I will touch you again, and you need to lean back and relax.”

He whimpered, “Okay.”

“You’ve got to be a tough boy. If you’re going to go through life with such a small willy. Get used to people calling it tiny and useless. It is in the biological nature of men to dominate smaller men and women to disregard men who can’t deliver the goods. It is all about evolution and survival. That’s why men with small dickies are becoming less prominent. Why would a woman want to be impregnated with a tiny, puny man? She wouldn’t want her child to endure such trauma. Don’t throw a tantrum or feel insecure if people laugh at you. It is in their innate makeup.

“It isn’t tiny and useless, though.”

“Haha, sure, boy, tell yourself that.”

I grabbed hold of the little head with my thumb and finger.

“You are hard, which is a good sign, but goodness, that’s all you’ve got to grip onto.”

I began slowly stroking my boy. The length wasn’t long to move because it was erected at an inch. I barely moved my beefy fingers on his mini-weenie.

He moaned loudly, so I asked him, “Does that feel good, son?”

“Yes, that feels good.”

I ran my thumb over his little wet head, with drops of pre-cum forming on the tip. I used my other hand to rub his hairy belly. My fingers were dipped into a pool of pre-cum forming from his child-sized balls. I used his baby juices as lube to stroke his little half-inch boy dick.

“How is that now, Henry? Do you like that?”

“I do.”

Poor boy. He was overwhelmed with feelings of desire and pleasure. He couldn’t even form a complete sentence.

“That must feel good, doesn’t it, boy? If someone ordered a supersized version of your cocklette, it would still be a little kid’s meal. This is fun, which it wouldn’t be if you weren’t a complete virgin with a dick so teeny. Why don’t you reach down and wrap your hand around your daddy’s dick? It will be good for you to feel what a normal-sized, hard dick feels like.”

He rubbed my engorged and puffy dick.

“Ahh. That’s it, boy. Rub it and appreciate how much bigger it is compared to yours. Are you ready to feel something totally nice on your tiny pee-pee, son?”

I leaned back, taking his microscopic ding-ding in my warm mouth. I couldn’t move my head because there wasn’t anything for me to bob on. While he was pleased, I maneuvered my tongue to stimulate his short shaft and pee-pee head. I took my mouth off to giggle at his underdeveloped member.

“Even if I thrust my head as far as possible, I won’t be able to choke on it. Do you like daddy sucking your negligible, insignificant nugget?”

“I do. I’ve never felt this way before in my life.”

“I can taste your pre-cum dripping from your petite glans.”

I stood up and spread his legs a little so I could scoot in closer. I rested my hard, big, daddy cock on his little balls and dinky. I bent by his waist, using both hands to rub his sexy belly. I gently swallowed his nipple in my mouth. It felt no different from his pencil-like stub.

“Boy, I can barely distinguish between your hard dick and flat nipple. I think your nipple may be larger than your newborn penis. Teeny, weeny boys with little hard-ons deserve to be played with by more prominent men who know how to use their cock. I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am.”

“It is embarrassing, but secretly, I like this.”

“Good boy. Now, spread your legs, boy. Daddy wants to rub his cock on your hole while I finger your boy clitty.”

With my cock, I slid it into his scared, little virgin hole while I squeezed his prepubescent cock.

“Mmm fuck, it’s so warm. I can use one hand to rub my slick cock around your hole, adding the slightest pressure, and the other to stroke your stunted piss pole.”

I lifted myself and kissed my boy on the lips to secure his position. He needed to feel safe around me, so I showed him my affectionate side.

“Relax. I swear you are pushing against me as my cock head begins to enter you. I don’t push it in quickly. It needs to happen slowly. I need to take my time.”

I had difficulty getting my cock in his big, bubble butt.

“God, you are so tight. A good pussy boy needs a stretched anus if you ain’t got a dick to use. I know it hurts, but I can sense you want daddy all the way in because your little pricklet feels so hard.”

I grabbed his hips and gently pressed him forward so he could feel my balls make contact with his pudgy rounded ass.

“How long have you wished daddy would feel you up like this?”

“I’ve always had a little crush on, even as a boy. I always wanted you to love and protect me. If it was platonic, romantic, or even sexual. The first time I masturbated was a naked image of you when I was 19.”

“I am glad I am fulfilling your pent-up dreams. After this, boy, you’ll no longer be a virgin.”

I made a few hard, smooth strokes and stopped to let him adjust.

“You want daddy to make you cum?”

Nervously, he said, “Yes, of course.”

I started working my cock in and out of his thick, white, smooth butt. At that moment, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was as a daddy to have such a good teeny, weeny cock boy.

“I can’t wait to see the mess your little cock will make once I am finished with you. Daddy wants to cum in you while you cum, boy.”

I aggressively rubbed the head of his dick like a large clit. I needed to pace myself as he felt my thick cock penetrate him over and over. I knew he loved his daddy’s dick in him.

“Tell me what you enjoy doing to your little dinky.”

“I enjoy dressing like a girl and pretending to have a clit. I feel more confident like that.”

“You would look beautiful as a girl, and your nub would fit very nicely in lingerie. Here boy, get up. My old back is killing me. I’m going to lie down, and I want you to get up on both sides of my waist and plant that big ass directly on my cock.”

His huge ass covered my cock easily. He was big in the back; too bad he was non-existent in the front.

“That’s it, boy. Slide down, daddy’s fuck stick.”

His dick withered back to a little, tiny tickle stick. It was bouncing like crazy as he slid on my cock.

“Now, here’s the fun part. Lean forward, so your pathetic baby dick rests in the sweat and pre-cum on my belly.”

Like a good, obedient boy, he obeyed me.

“That’s it. We are going to cum together. Dip your eensy weensy pee-pee in pre-cum boy, and hump that clitty against your daddy’s belly.”

There was something naughty and euphoric about making love to my son.

“That’s it. Fuck daddy’s belly button. Get in there good with your tiny dick, son. You’re working your gorgeous ass on me perfectly while I fuck your little berried twig.”

He screamed, “You are phenomenal, daddy.”

“Daddy’s getting close. Are you ready to cum with me?”

“I’ve been waiting years for this.”

“Thank you. I have a baby dick stud for a son who failed puberty. Thank the lord he decided to endow you with the smallest dick in the world. Nothing is more attractive than a boy’s little man flailing around as he is impaled by a real cock. Now bounce really hard on daddy’s dick while I finish you. I’m so close. I am going to breed your ass. I know you want daddy’s load in your butt and to cum on daddy’s belly with your baby dick. How bad do you want it?”

“The most I have ever wanted anything in my life. I want you more than any man or woman out there.”

“Yeah, because chances are they won’t want you after seeing your little button-shaped sausage.”

“I am close to cumming.”

“I’m right here, so close, boy. Your ass is so tight, and your little pee-pee is exceptionally hot. So small and sexy. Your mother never gave me this kind of pleasure. Tell me when you’re cumming, and daddy will shoot his cum in you.”

Henry screamed at the highest volume. He pumped several long strands of cum that flew out of his baby dick over his belly and my face.

“Aww. That’s it, boy. I am proud of you for fucking yourself on daddy’s cock. You shot your little boy cummies. You had a massive load for those little baby balls. Your grunts were so hot when your tiny ding-a-ling started squirting so much from something so small.”

My boy’s load released my dick’s load in his ass. I screamed and could tell it was one of my life’s most oversized, satisfying loads. Nobody has ever satisfied me as much as my little Henry did. I just looked at his cum-covered cock shrivel up like a raisin and fade back to a nub.

“What a huge mess you made, boy. Clean it up.”

He licked the cum off my face and kissed me all over.

“Thank you so much, daddy, for helping me. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, even though you have the tiniest penis I have ever seen. You are my beautiful boy, and I love that we shared this intimate moment between father and son.”

We cuddled until we drifted into a tender, loving slumber in each other’s arms.


To Be Continued…?


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