My Proper Role (Gay SPH)

By Babydicklover.

I was very shocked and confused. I felt the sharp pain in my stomach as Charlie left my apartment in a hysterical performance of laughter. But no matter how horrible I felt, I couldn’t help but feel aroused and turned on by what happened.

I’ve lived in Denmark my entire life and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s truly a beautiful place, especially during the winter season. I met Charlie online through BiggerCity, a dating app for men interested in bigger men or those looking for someone.

He had an exciting career and was an interesting, unique person. He was an adorable, chubby Latino bear with brown curly hair, light green eyes, and a soft, furry exterior anyone could nest in peacefully.

Charlie and I have been seeing each other for a little over one month, and we’ve connected on many levels. Our beliefs align closely, and we are both hugely attracted to each other.

I’ve given him every excuse in the book to avoid having sex. At 27 years old, I was a late bloomer as a virgin. I’ve always been afraid to express myself sexually, especially being a gay man. But despite my endless efforts, one night, we were hanging out in my apartment. We were watching a boring movie, and he started kissing me.

He gave me a peck on the cheek and whispered, “I love kissing you. You are so hot.”

I kissed him back, and without hesitating, we began viciously kissing like it was the last day on Earth. He took off his clothes until he was down to his sexy underwear. He wore a pair of bright red briefs, and I felt my dick harden at his glorious body. I let him sensually strip me down, and article by article, disappeared until I was only in my underwear, covering my twinky body he solely wanted.

He almost massaged my crotch until I grabbed his hand, “Please, I’m not ready for that.”

He looked annoyed, “Well, I’m ready, and I’ve been ready since we’ve met. I want to have sex with you and your nicely-shaped body.”

Our eyes met, and his look gently held me in a whimsical sensation. But I just looked away uncomfortably from his primitive desires. He wanted my naked body, but I was afraid of being intimate with him.

“Here, this should help,” and he pulled down his underwear, revealing a juicy, mouth-watering thick cock. It was at an average length, and it was a nice-looking dick. I longed to devour his beautiful penis. I had an appetite for this sexy man.

“What is it? Am I just unattractive or something?”

“No, of course not,” and I shook my head at him. “You are very attractive.”

“Then I don’t understand.”

My face blushed as I said, “It’s just that I’m still a virgin, and I don’t know what I’m doing.”

He looked surprised, “But you are so intelligent, handsome, and fun.” He rubbed my stomach and kissed me on the lips. He asked, “How could you be a virgin?”

“I’m just a late bloomer, and I was sexually repressed growing up. I felt inherently uneasy whenever someone mentioned sex. My family treated sex like something people shouldn’t do except for procreation.”

“Hmm. I don’t understand how that psychology mumbo jumbo works, but we can take it slow. I do plan on being fucked by you tonight.”

“Oh, I don’t know if I can do that” —

He shushed me and said with his sonorous voice, “Harjen, you can do anything you want to me.”

I held his big arms and kissed his chest.

“I just want to kiss and cuddle with you.”

His nose wrinkled as he said, “Is that really all you want to do?”

“Honestly, I don’t know about anal sex, but I’d love to suck your sexy dick.”

He giggled and uttered, “Then come here.”

On his back, he spread his legs wide open, inviting me to have a deliciously cooked entreé. My face was close enough for him to feel my hot breath enveloping around his penis. I came closer, and instead of worrying about what this meant, I just confidently placed my lips over his dick. He loudly moaned, and he held my head as I continued to suck him.

After a few minutes of gobbling his savory center, he told me, “That’s good, baby. Now, I want you to take off your underwear. I want a good view of your nude body. Give me a little show.”

I felt more confident and excitedly said, “I’d love to.” I slowly and begrudgingly lowered my underwear, and when my underwear hit the ground, I looked at Charlie’s reaction. I expected him to appreciate my package after finally seeing it, but he seemed morbidly disgusted.

“What the hell am I looking at?”

I looked down at my erect dick.

I winked at him, “A sexy man you are super into,” I joked.

“It’s not funny. Your penis is fucking tiny!” He shouted.

I was always concerned with being a useless virgin, but I didn’t think my small cock meant anything.

“Why are you yelling at me? What’s wrong? You’re being rude and mean.”

“Don’t tell me what’s rude, asshole. You’re the one who didn’t tell me about your fucking tiny ass cock.”

I knew I was smaller, but I didn’t think anyone cared.

“Wait. So what? People don’t really care about that stuff, right?”

“Of course they do. How stupid and naïve are you? That ‘size matters’ bullshit is just to make men like you with sad little willies feel good about their useless baby cocks. It’s a deal breaker for almost everyone. I need a man with a real cock to fuck me. You’ll just tickle me, and that’s incredibly disappointing.”

He spun around, presenting his mouth-watering fat ass to me. It looked amazing, and I wanted to eat it out completely.

“How in the world do you think you are going to fuck me with that pathetic little worm?”

I was stunned but said, “You said you would be slow with me, but you still want that, right.”

“That’s when I thought you were packing something between your legs. You literally almost have nothing.” He walked up to me and looked closer at my small cock. He flicked it and brought it up with his index finger. “That’s fucking pitiful. Look at this little ugly thing. What’s anybody going to do with this pathetic little thing? It’s so small and gross. How could you lie to me like that?”

I had never felt more embarrassed in my life, and my tiny boner only felt more firm and determined to ejaculate a virile seed.

“I didn’t lie. You never asked me.”

“Wow. It doesn’t matter. When you have a very small baby cock, you let someone know, just in case they won’t be okay with it.”

“I didn’t think it was a big deal. I was already scared about being a virgin.”

“Yeah, and now I know exactly why you are a useless virgin. You are just a fucking bitch, aren’t you?”

“I am not at all.”

“Then you are just a devious little liar. You wasted my time for two months when I could have dated a real man, not a little baby boy.”

“Please stop. I’m sure I could try fucking you.”

He was no longer angry and just started laughing at the joke my baby cock was.

“Hahaha, are you serious right now? Even if you could penetrate me, which I doubt, that little nub isn’t coming near me at all. It never will.”

“It isn’t that small, is it?”

“For fucks sake, Harjen, gets your eyes checked. It’s too fucking tiny, small, thin, short, and you don’t even have any balls.”

He was right. When I was hard, my balls eviscerated, flattened and vanished.

“God, you are a moron and have a tiny cock; you are a real keeper,” he said sarcastically.

“Wait, but even if we don’t have sex, we can still have tons of fun? I mean, there’s more to life than sex, right?” —

“Let me stop you right there, you sissy faggot. There is no ‘we’ anymore, got it?”

“Wait, are you breaking up with me?”

“Did I stutter? I made myself perfectly clear, little man. And to answer your dumb-ass question, no, sex is more important than anything.”

“Okay then. It’s just sad you are willing to end it just because of the size of my dick.”

“It’s sad you will be single for the rest of your life with something so impractically small and defective.”

I couldn’t believe how Charlie was treating me. It was like his compassionate facade dissipated.

“You weren’t the man I thought you were.”

“And your sissy little clitty isn’t what I thought it was. And I’m no lesbian. I can’t be with a manlet. What the fuck would I do with a tasteless, ugly mangina?”

“Fine, then you can leave.”

He stomped and grabbed my chin, “I’ll leave when I want to. I own your ass now, you understand?”

I don’t know what was wrong with me, but instead of standing up for myself, I felt cornered and wanted to serve and obey this man.

“Kneel,” he said with a royal-like attitude. “Kiss my dirty feet.”

I fell to the ground, and I did what he said. I kissed and cleaned his dirty, sweaty toes.

“You are my servant for the night, bitch. Suck my cock, right now.”

He shoved and pushed me on the bed and sat right next to me. My still-tiny erection throbbed near his face. He laughed maniacally at my small dicklette.

“Men like you should just be castrated. No one wants to have sex with you anyway. And you don’t want to pass your micro-dick genes to your cursed offspring. Do the world a favor and fulfill your life purpose — serving real men?”

“Yes, Char” —

“Umm. You can call me ‘sir’ now.”

“Okay, yes, sir. I’ll serve real men from now on.”

He just looked at me stoically and lay down next to me.

After a few brief moments, he asked, “Well? I ain’t sucking my own cock, boy. Get to fucking work.”

I started vigorously sucking his manly cock. I never knew my masculinity was measured by how big my cock was. Therefore, I was practically a woman with a very small clit-like deplorable wee-wee. Even my skinny frame felt weak compared to his entire beefy body.

“That’s a good little cocksucker. That’s all you’re good for, you hear me?”

“Yes, sir.”

He nodded his head, and I continued.

He grabbed my little boner and giggled, “I’m impressed — not in a good way, that a man could be this stupidly tiny. What a fucking horrible fate. This can’t be bigger than three measly inches. It’s smaller and thinner than my little pinky finger. Imagine that, huh, my pinky finger can fuck an ass better than you ever will.”

He proceeded to degrade me ferociously until he started screaming, and I felt cum shoot out from his thick cock head. It sanitized my dirty throat, and I tasted the oozing leftovers dispensed from his gorgeous urethra.

“Eat my entire load, bitch. I don’t give a shit if it’s your first time. Swallow every drop of my powerful semen.”

I did what he said and swallowed his sour juices. I was so emasculated and dominated. Charlie owned me, and he was an alpha male. His large dick proved that to be a scientific fact.

“That was amazing, but I didn’t expect any less from a man with no cock. There’s just something in the genetics of baby-dicked sissy men. They know how to please a real man — just naturally.”

“You are a good dickless slave.” He pointed at my groin, “Look at your little boner. You want to cum so badly, don’t you?”

I meekly nodded to his question.

He rolled his eyes and proclaimed, “Answer the question. Use your words, little unhung child.”

“Yes, I want to cum so badly.”

“Well, too bad. You don’t get that privilege. Cumming is only for real men. Your punishment is for your desperate toddler-sized boner to remain that way — hard and gravely leaking worthless pre-cum.”

“No, that’s not fair. I want to be sucked, too.”

“What did you say, young man?” He shouted at me, “Get your skinny little ass over here now!”

Without any warning, he threw me over his knee and began spanking me like the little boy I was. Each spank was louder and more painful than the last.

“I’m not a pedophile, so I’ll never suck your little five-year-old cocklette.”

I can’t believe he claimed I was smaller than a toddler. That wasn’t true, or was it? I never actually saw my penis change as I grew up. He grabbed my pinky-sized boner while he punished me. I could barely handle the pain, and he seemed to enjoy hurting me.

“Quit screaming. You don’t want your neighbors to hear how I completely manhandled you, now do you?”

“Not at all, sir.”

He hit my behind harder, and it was unbelievably painful. I let out a few whimpers, but like a good subservient protégé, I was inaudible. After what seemed like hours, he calmly rubbed my assaulted ass.

“Aww. Now that’s what daddy likes to see — a naughty boy with a bubble-shaped white butt redder than a plump tomato. I hope the pain taught you to shut your mouth. You don’t talk back to me.”

“Okay, sir.”

“That’s a good submissive boy.” He gave each butt cheek two forgiving kisses. “You like being humiliated, don’t you?”

I cried and said, “I do not.”

He turned me around to look directly at my pathetic little dicklette standing upright. This piteous scene caused him to laugh heartily.

“Then why hasn’t your boner relaxed once since I first saw that ridiculously skinny baby dick?”

“I don’t know why.”

“What did I say about lying?” He grabbed my tight, abnormally small balls, and I winced in pain. “Because you like it. You like being my little servant and having that little cock humiliated. Admit it.”

I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt emotionally, but I physically felt incredibly hot and horny.

“Okay, yes, I do, sir.”

He shook his head and laughed, “Pathetic cocksucking loser. You are the definition of an inadequate man. Get the hell off my lap.”

I rubbed my burning butt, and he gave me an emotionally-distant hug.

“I won’t say something stupid like that hurts me more than you. It didn’t hurt me at all. I enjoyed punishing you. I love disciplining unlawful men for their bad habits, and your little cock was the icing on the cake. I couldn’t be more amused by that little grape.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“Whatever. Get me a beer, now.”

I ran to the kitchen with my little boner bobbing from side to side and grabbed him a cold beer. I returned to him, looking at my little diminished and diminutive little member.

“Haha. I still can’t believe how tiny your teeny tiny cock is. What a poor excuse for a dick. Now, look at my cock.” I looked right at it. “Look at what you will never have in your life. You are screwed.”

He was correct. I knew where I stood compared to a real man like Charlie. If I ever thought differently, my little tee-tee would be a colossal reminder, which is pretty ironic.

“At this point, it’s over between us, but I expect to see you still. I’m coming over next Saturday. You will cook me a nice, tasty dinner, and I will dominate and humiliate the living shit out of you. I’ll also bring you a chastity cage. That little thing needs to be locked up and controlled. I can’t have a horny little boy running around with a little dinky bouncing around. That’s dangerous territory. Who knows what reckless trouble that little guy will find himself in.”

I gulped out of fear, “Yes, sir.”

“Don’t be scared or embarrassed. Like I said, this is your proper role in society, to properly serve in a world of large, more prominent cocks.”

“Thank you, sir, for teaching me.”

He tapped my head, “Good little stumpy bitch boy. Now, I need to shower. Go on.”

I walked to the shower and turned it on. I watched his beautiful, chubby body enter the shower, brushing right past me like I was a stranger. He had no respect for me.

I was about to leave when he interrupted, “Where are you going?”

“To my room.”

He shook his head, “Mm-mm. You need to wash me.”

I knew better than to argue, and I actually felt honored. I entered the shower and felt the warm water drip down my naked body. I washed his body all over, and I scrubbed his wonderous parts, especially his beloved large dick. It was a true testament to his lion-hearted authority and commanding presence.

He looked at me with lust and kissed me on the lips. I looked at him with a little smile and hugged him romantically.

“Don’t get the wrong idea, tiny. You aren’t my type anymore because of your tiny erectile legth. But you are still a sexy motherfucker.”

We kissed passionately, feeling the warmth as we touched and the hot steam ripple across our hot bodies. I never felt more infatuated with someone. We finished, and I dried him off like the king he was.

“And in case you decide to disrespect your superior, I need some insurance. Come face me.”

I did what he said and was disturbed to see his camera pointed at me.

“Smile to the camera for me, pretty boy.”

I smiled shyly, and he snapped a photo of my naked body. He took close-ups of my aching little pee-pee.

“I need to get as close as possible so you can even see it. Turn around so that I can get your backside.”

I turned around and heard the camera click.

“Haha, there we go. I’ll distribute these to everyone you know if you don’t do exactly what I say. Just imagine your family, or even worse, your bosses seeing your tiny little hard cock. How could they ever respect you again, knowing what you lack and pack? I never would ever, and as your boss, I would demote you.”

“I’ll do whatever you say, sir.”

“You better.”

I helped him get dressed, and he was ready to go. I walked him to the door, and he looked at me passively. I felt even more naked now he was covered. He looked down at my little penis and laughed harder than before.

“Oh my god. Your boner finally relaxed. That is so fucking tiny. That must be smaller than an inch.”

I looked down to see it wholly flaccid and scrumptiously tiny pee-pee. He took another photo with his camera. He pushed it in like a clit.

“It’s like a damn pussy. Well, haha, I’ll see you soon, little man or should I say, little girl.”

In a matter of seconds, it grew again, which caused him to chuckle.

“That’s just ridiculous!”

He left my apartment in a disregarding ball of laughter. My boner felt more stimulated than it ever had in my life. I grabbed it with two fingers and jacked myself off until I came all over my stomach and chest. It was the most enormous load I’ve ever had in my life. I saw it shrink to less than half an inch, and now I understood how Charlie felt betrayed by how small and insignificant it was.

I felt ashamed, insecure, and even more reserved than before. But the more negative I felt about myself, the more submissive and subservient I became, and that made me a little excited. I was angry and disoriented from the rejection, but I still wanted to pleasure Charlie. I started weeping like a woman who had been scorned and fell asleep from mental exhaustion and sexual torture.

I’ve been addicted and aroused by the small penis humiliation kink the moment Charlie witnessed my tiny cock. He visited me several times until he moved away. But when he comes to town, he pays me a special visit to have his way with me.

His first reaction still viscerally affects me today, and I often think about how he treated me like dirt. And after an accumulation of more embarrassing events aside from Charlie, small penis humiliation is a dark desire of mine, and I’m searching for a man who will degrade me and treat me like the dickless man I am. It’s my proper role.


The End.


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